Joel Orr

When you send an email to a prospect, there’s an action you want them to take: You want them to click on a link or fill out a form. The words you use in the email can make the difference between a 0.1% (1 out of 1000) and a 5% (50 out of 1000) response rate.
I’m Joel Orr. I’ve written many such emails (and autoresponders and sales pages). I’ve studied what the top copy writers do. I’ve made lots of mistakes, and I no longer need to make as many as I used to.
Selling is an act of love.


Aug 30, 2012
Interim CMO / Interim VP Marketing
Joel Orr helped me to promote my services as an interim VP marketing / interim CMO by providing a complete overhaul to my web site copy. My content had gotten old and stale (you know, the cobbler's kids have no shoes!). He re-wrote most of the text and also made some extremely valuable (out-of-the-box) suggestions to help me meet my business goals. Now my site,, has a whole new face, with a better representation of what I offer, a stronger value proposition and a more powerfully presented message.

I'm so grateful and highly recommend Joel's work!
Aug 13, 2012
NLP Coach & Master Practitioner, NLP Health Practitioner
Joel has been so helpful with his creative and effective ideas about up-leveling our web site and reaching out to past clients. He is easy to work with and creative and conscientious. I highly recommend Joel!

Alive! Whole-Life Fitness Studio
Aug 10, 2012
Author, Job Interview Skills 101, the course you forgot to take;
I've worked with Joel for several years, and have found that his words lead to sales! I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a great copywriter!

Author, Job Interview Skills 101, the course you forgot to take
Jul 25, 2012
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Joel worked with me on writing ads for LinkedIn. These are a challenge, because the title can be only 25 characters, and the body 75 characters, not words! Plus, several had to be my California license # as required by law for Marriage and Family Therapists!

We had a lot of fun, writing back and forth. He had good ideas, and I implemented all of them. The feedback loop on LinkedIn is very short, so we revised ads quickly.

Also, I took Joel's book-writing class and have since authored two books.

Thanks a bunch, Joel!