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I am committed to the education of the reverse mortgage and retirement and financial applications that these loans can offer. Call me to learn more about this loan. I will give you the very best of service and product choices.
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Sep 10, 2018
Robin did my first reverse mortgage years ago and she went way beyond to help me understand the way it worked. She is the most patient person I ever worked with , explaining every detail and getting the best deal for me. I have never met a person with more integrity and moral values in the financial business then Robin . I can highly recommend her and wouldn't go anywhere else myself.AM Jansen
May 5, 2018
Home owner
Robin Faison did a fantastic job for me on my reverse mortgage. She was very professional and personable. She always answered any questions I had. She was always on time with her appointments and was prompt in returning my phone calls. On a scale one to ten she rates an eleven. Robin rates my highest recommendation. Thanks again Robin, respectfully, Michael P. Keller.
Apr 11, 2018
Retired and loving Arizona!
I found Robin online.... reading all of the personal testimonies of other clients.

We had a negative experience with another Reverse Mortgage Finance Company... via telephone... who tried pushing us into a loan that was to their benefit - not the consumers.

Robin is experienced, prompt, personable and honest to the core. She came to the house and explained all options to John and I. Robin's goal is what is the best fit for her clients.

Rest assured - Robin knows the Reverse Mortgage Industry!!
Jan 27, 2018
Nice guy
Robin has given me new insight to people that truely care about helping out the clients. She really cares, very unusal these days. She truly is an asset to your company. Thanks
Dec 2, 2017
Retired Military
Well everything finally worked out and we are well on our way to taking care of a few things we have been wanting to do for a while,  the efforts to do what was required was tough but in the long run it helped us grab our problem areas and fix or eliminate them.  Thanks again.
Tom & Cheryl M
Sep 11, 2017
In this very difficult financial environment, Robin was able to get our deal (reverse mortgage) closed. Our kudos to Robin and Open mortgage. Thanks.
Dec 29, 2016
Hey Robin, the money was transferred into my checking account on Tuesday, just as you said. It's been a whirlwind for me taking care of all of those who helped us getting things up to spec!

I'm so grateful to you for your very special attention to my situation and the great help you gave me thru it all! I'll stay in touch. I'm going to continue making the adjustments in my thinking as so much of my situation has changed. Even my work is beginning to suggest new directions!!

I'm making sure as per your suggestions that my insurance for the house and the property tax issues are properly handled. Stay loose Robin, and enjoy the beautiful Fall weather. Tom
Dec 29, 2016
Retired Retail
We couldn't have done this without you. You are a wonderful person and we appreciate all you have done for us. With our deepest thanks. M and S
Nov 16, 2016
Retired Attorncy
Robin Faison worked with me in my application for a reverse mortgage and I found her to be the most professional, knowledgeable and particular kind person I had the pleasure to work with.

I would without reservation recommend her to anyone requiring a similar service.
Aug 7, 2016
Retail Manager
A reverse mortgage is an important decision. I wanted to find a really smart professional to help me understand each step.

From the application to counseling and the loan closing, Robin Faison worked with me. She answered all my questions and efficiently covered all the details.

Robin is the real deal- genuine and honest- she will work hard for you.

I am very happy I found her and you will be too. Judith

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