Michelle Paulson

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Silicon Valley resident, Michelle Murnin Paulson is a spiritual medium. Michelle brings through messages from loved ones in spirit, spirit guides, guardian angels and even your own energy or soul.

Helping people is her main priority. Offering comfort to those who grieve while also creating a stronger faith in the afterlife is something that she strives to provide to her clients.

Michelle has experienced spirits since she was a young girl and has continued to encounter them on a daily basis. She is not a psychic, however she is gifted with being able to deliver messages from the other side.

Above all else she loves her family, friends, books, writing, converse and coffee.
Aug 4, 2018
Michelle is a super special person on top of being a very gifted medium. My experiences with her have been not only profoundly healing but a whole lot of fun. I got what I came for and more.
We laughed through the entire reading, even through the difficult parts. If you are looking for a real down to earth, medium who brings out the best in your loved ones, she’s your gal!
Jul 30, 2018
Diversity & Inclusion Manager
What a great and life changing experience! My reading brought me so much comfort to connect with my sister through Michelle. Her gift is exceptional and she's a pleasure - kind, sincere and positive. I highly recommend Michelle to anyone who has suffered a loss or just needs some guidance/clarity in their life. She can present things to you that you never would have known about yourself or the energies around you. Thank you from the bottom of my SOUL, Michelle!
Jul 26, 2018
Michelle has a special gift of healing that has helped me very much, she mentioned things to me that no one else could know, and was very accurate with her description and details. She is very kind, sweet and gentle in her approach and very knowledgeable in the area of being a spiritual medium. I would highly recommend Michelle, as she helps us to understand the process of our loved ones that have passed on and uses her gift she has been given to explain it to us.

I have been to a spiritual medium before, and by far she is the most accurate, not a pushy person at all. Michelle took the time to make sure I understood and listened to my concerns, my curiosity and helped create general awareness.

I hope she can help you too, as much as she has helped me to understand, and continue to learn.

Jul 13, 2018
No waffling, no "fishing" for clues, no hesitation - just lots and lots of visitors, lots of love, a few tears and lots of laughter. Thank you Michelle, even my husband had a nice surprise guest making an appearance!
Jul 10, 2018
I have benefitted from two sessions with Michelle and it has been of great comfort. I can say with certainty that she is seeing clearly into the spirit world and mentioned so many accurate details that she could have no way of knowing otherwise. We talked to my parents both times, and got a very graphic picture of my mother being out of pain – Michelle said she was jumping up and down on the sofa. My father explained my parents’ intentions for their estate that was not carried out in the way they expected. We also spoke with two girlfriends and Michelle explained their death as well as their current activities in heaven. I ended each session with a feeling of joy, that sustained me for weeks afterwards.
Jul 9, 2018
I had the pleasure of spending some time with Michelle and learn more about how she is able to help people connect and find comfort with their loved ones. I also have a daughter that is blessed with some similar gifts and she is learning to how to become open to them and understand them. Michelle offered insight and ideas on how to best help support and understand my daughter. Michelle also comes from a place of love and light and is note guiding your future rather, I felt she facilitated peace. I was always very skeptical to speak with a medium as I am a Christian and we are to seek God and his understanding and trust him with our future. In speaking with Michelle I shared that and our time together did not compromise my faith and that was very important to me. I would highly recommend Michelle if you are seeking some peace and understanding with loved ones and spirit guides that are around you.
Jul 6, 2018
My session with Michelle was remarkable and healing. She was able to connect with my birth father who left the family when I was 2. Two years ago, I reconnected with his side of the family - including cousins, an aunt and 4 half-siblings, which provided me a lot of "missing" information about what his life was like after he left. The messages he gave Michelle to pass on to me were spot on and and reaffirmed my belief that our loved ones are still a part of our lives. I went to another medium last year and that experience was no where near as accurate as Michelle's session. With her, it truly felt like I was having a conversation with my family!
Jul 6, 2018
I first met with Michelle in May of this year. We had a phone session with my mother and my cousin. She was able to connect with so many of our loved ones that are no longer here and helped with a lot of needed healing. She’s an amazing person to talk to and connects with you on a totally different level. I’ve had one more call since then and I see many more calls in our future!
Jun 29, 2018
I can’t begin to explain how warm and generous this woman is. She shares her information from your loved ones as if they were her own family. She has given me so much comfort and I continuously feel love surrounding me from my contacts. She is blessed with this gift and it can bring you so much in your life.
Jun 28, 2018
I am strong believer that our loved ones are with us even after they pass from this life. I lost my sister in 2014 tragically at the hands of another and have never really been able to move past the pain of her loss. I tried to seek professional help but was not able to get the help I needed. I was afraid of seeing someone too soon after she passed also because I wasn’t ready. When I heard about Michelle it was really the perfect timing. My best friend had done a group reading and when she told me about it. I knew in my heart that Michelle was the right person for me and I was finally ready to hear what spirit had for me. I was not afraid or anxious. I prayed about it and asked that my sister and my mom come through. I made a list of questions on my phone as I excitedly awaited my appointment. Michelle has a genuine and calming presence about her. She really helped me to relax and assured me that everything was going to be ok. She explained that if spirit brings through anything futuristically to remember that we still have free will and can change our minds. That was really comforting to me. She also explained that we are spirit having a human experience. I thouroughly enjoyed my reading and hearing from my family. I was really suffering before Michelle helped me connect with my family. She brought through so many positive messages. She let me know that my family is together. That they are around me and my family a lot. That my sister is with my mom in heaven. The most comforting thing was to know that my sister was no longer suffering. That at the moment she passed from this earth and took her last breath she was safe and warm and being accepted my many loving arms in heaven. I was able to let go of so many horrible feelings I had felt after speaking with Michelle. She seemed to me more like a friend and I only wish that I could have had this reading in person so that I could have hugged her at the end. She helped heal me. She is truly a God send. I recorded my session. My husband was not much of a believer in anything like this and after I had him listen to my session he is now a believer. I’m so happy to have had this experience and with the most loving medium. She helped me more than she may ever know. Thank you Michelle. Maybe someday I will have another reading but for now I’m going to enjoy my moments, listen to my intuition and love my family as each day is a gift.
Jun 28, 2018
Michelle truly has an amazing gift. I saw her recently and it was the most amazing experience I think I have ever had. I will definitely see her again. I know the information was coming from my family that has passed and what they said has eased my soul and strengthened my faith. I would recommend her to anyone!
Apr 16, 2018
I first learned about Michelle through a close friend of mine who told me about her gift. I was amazed at the stories my friend told me about what Michelle was able to translate from her relatives who have passed. I first met Michelle at a large group reading and loved her warm, humble, and funny personality. I appreciated being able to witness how Michelle's process works in a low-pressure group setting. Her gift is truly amazing, and I am so thankful that she's willing to put herself out there to share her gift with the rest of us.

Soon after the group reading event, I booked a 30 minute personal session with Michelle. We did it over Skype which worked out really well. 30 minutes was just enough time for me to receive messages from two of my loved ones. But it helped that I had experienced her group reading, so we were able to go right into it. If it is your first reading, you probably would want at least a 1 hour session.

Michelle is a really wonderful person and very approachable. I was anxious and excited leading up to the personal reading session, but Michelle has a calming presence. I was given simple but important advice from my great grandmother that has changed my life in a very positive way. The whole experience was emotional, healing, surprisingly funny (spirits are so funny), and overall has given me a greater sense of peace.

Talking with Michelle isn't just for those who are grieving. If you are considering a reading with Michelle but don't think you "need" it, I recommend going for it! I am so glad I did.
Apr 12, 2018
I heard of Michelle by her Aunt who is a friend of mine. We were talking and in conversation she had mentioned her. I had always wanted to try a medium but was hesitant to search one out . I trust my friend so was excited to finally try it. We connected right away and chatted like old girlfriends so I was instantly comfortable. I had an hour visit and it went by so fast. The information that came through was positive, reaffirming and gave me so much peace. I highly recommend Michelle . I am trying to wait a reasonable amount of time because I’m ready to book a longer appt next!!
Apr 11, 2018
I have been fortunate to have had 2 readings, and they have helped to heal me over the loss recently of loved ones. I hope anyone who has felt a great loss will call her . The things the spirits tell her will put your mind at ease. I believe in Michelle , I know she talks to our loved ones because some of the things she told me she could never have found out. But the most amazing thing is you learn that loved ones are happy and you become validated with the truth they see. And she happens to be an amazing person herself all wrapped in kindness, I highly recommend her.
Apr 10, 2018
I have been fortunate to have had 2 readings, and they have helped to heal me over the loss recently of loved ones. I hope anyone who has felt a great loss will call her . The things the spirits tell her will put your mind at ease. I believe in Michelle , I know she talks to our loved ones because some of the things she told me she could never have found out. But the most amazing thing is you learn that loved ones are happy and you become validated with the truth they see. And she happens to be an amazing person herself all wrapped in kindness, I highly recommend her.
Feb 27, 2018
My friend recommended Michelle to me as she’s seen her a few times already.

The first time you speak with her you’re just blown away how compassionate, nice and gentle Michelle is. First timers usually don’t know what to think of a medium session but with Michelle there’s nothing to worry. She immediately spoke about my relatives and very spsecific details which you can’t just guess - and I haven’t told her a single word about my background. I can highly recommend Michelle as a medium.
Feb 27, 2018
Michelle is amazing! I have had two reading with her and she is spot on. I look forward to meeting with her again.
Feb 27, 2018
Michelle is awesome! She is professional and prompt and a joy to spend time with.
Feb 27, 2018
I have been so blessed to have been introduced to Michelle. She has an incredible gift! My readings with her are insightful, calming & are helping me with my own journey of faith. She has an easy going personality that makes me so comfortable as she delivers the messages from Spirit. I would strongly recommend Michelle as a medium & also recommend going to one of her events if given the chance! Thank you so much Michelle for everything you have done & continue to do for me. Thank you to your family for sharing you with all of us!
Feb 25, 2018
It took me a little while to write my review because I thought I could find the right words to express how much I appreciate Michelle and her amazing gift, but there are no words. My reading with Michelle was amazing and life changing! I will treasure it forever! If you are considering a reading but unsure, don't hesitate, like others said to me "do it it's a gift" you will be so happy you did! I will forever be a client! Thank you again Michelle you are truly an Angel!
Feb 23, 2018
Michelle is phenomenally gifted! I’ve never encountered anyone with her talents before and she converted me to a believer. I must admit I didn’t think what she does is possible. I’ve been present at 4 occasions and each time she was spot on. Not only that, after meeting her, it’s clear she is a kind and caring person and loves to help people. Thx Michelle for the work you do ❤️
Feb 23, 2018
I met Michelle thru a friend of mine one evening. What an experience that was. I later booked a 1.5 hours with her. I came away from that with all my questions answered and a great sense of peace and well being. Just knowing my loved ones were safe, happy and together made things easier for me. I highly recommend you talking with Michelle. I plan to return myself.
Feb 21, 2018
Michelle is the real deal! Not only does she give very detailed information that only your loved one would know, she delivers their messages with grace. I will definitely come back for another reading! She makes you feel very comfortable and is a pure heart!
Feb 21, 2018
Accounting Manager
I had such a great time, it is so interesting seeing how many loved ones reached out. Michelle is very down to earth and is wonderful to watch and listen to.
Feb 20, 2018
I was "gifted" Michelle's card from a friend who knew of my experiences with psychics. Michelle is a Medium who is psychic. This came on the day my fiancé passed away and believing that it was a most certain sign I booked an appointment within days of his passing. Not knowing if he would come through I prepared myself that he may not. However, he came through loud and clear. It was the most comforting experience! Michelle relayed information that only we knew as a couple. He gave me some directives for going on and Michelle's eyes welled with tears as I knew she felt our pain for being sperated, but the love still flows. There is just a veil between us and our loved ones and it helps to know they are at peace and can bring us to a peaceful place as well. I cannot wait for another reading with Michelle to see what what insights I can gain through my loved ones.