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Phil Pustejovsky is North America's leading real estate mentor, best selling author, extremely successful investor with 1,000s of deals under his belt and the founder of Freedom Mentor, the most results producing real estate mentoring company ever created. The reviews of Phil Pustejovsky and Freedom Mentor are enormously positive because him and his team have transformed the financial lives of people from all walks of life through innovative real estate investing strategies and techniques. Phil's rags to riches bio is an incredible wiki read in and of itself, where you'll discover how he went from homeless to having an extraordinary net worth living the life of his dreams with the help of a mentor. Today, he carries on that tradition mentoring others to financial freedom.


Apr 7, 2016

Karin Cruz

German Immigrant Real Estate Investor
I wanted to write you this email to tell you that everything you said came true. It has been a tough journey with many ups and downs, but I finally closed a deal yesterday and I will be making roughly $11,000. I also took over a duplex last September with a monthly cash flow of almost $700 per month! I couldn't have done any of this without the program and I just want to say THANK YOU.
Have a great day!
Apr 6, 2016

Shannon Hart

Creative Real Estate Entreprenuer
Phil and Freedom Mentor,
I cannot thank you and your staff enough for all you did for me.
May the Lord continue to bless and favor you and your family. Thank you so much!
Mar 29, 2016

Zach Napolitano

Nightclub Manager / Newbie Real Estate Investor
So here's a summary of my story so far...After careful consideration, I decided that Freedom Mentor would be my best option. Fast forward 2 1/2 months and I'm well on my way. I'm in the midst working on 4 deals in my new real estate business along with growing my Real Estate "Dream Team". One deal I'm working on is a "Golden Goose" (fingers crossed).
As for a testament to Phil Pustejovsky and Freedom Mentor, I have personally seen nothing but success. I was able to kick start my Real Estate career in the midst of managing a nightclub full time, and eventually taking over ownership of it.
I have so much momentum thanks to what I've learned from the program, but it wasn't easy. It only works if you work it! The program contains an immense amount to learn, and a very direct route. It is the key to a path you have to be willing to travel, but with will there is always a way.
This has been an awesome start to a great future of learning with the team at Freedom Mentor.
Feb 8, 2016

Mary Ellen Dapkus

Independent Real Estate Professional
Phil, thank you for all the work you've put into this program. I've gotten farther in 2 months with Freedom Mentor than I have in years with all the other programs combined.
Jan 6, 2016

Nathan Watkins

Believer Husband Real Estate Apprentice
Thank you very much for all the insight Phil. I love learning all of this, every step, and I am very much looking forward to becoming an expert and having that kind of discernment and ability to assess situations.

I am looking forward to sharing my story with you someday, and hopefully sharing a great success story one day about overcoming. My wife and I have been through some very very tough challenges over the last coupe of years, but we have leaned on God, prayed and prayed and prayed. I am very passionate about this program and I think you have an incredible system that provides so many opportunities! Not only opportunities of financial success and freedom (which is huge!) but also opportunities of building a community, culture, and team! I think a lot of people are longing for that these days, myself included!

Thanks so much Phil!

Oct 13, 2015

Pierce Deaton

Aspiring Billionaire
I watch Phil Pustejovsky's videos on YouTube and I have done some research on the company. I am really impressed with how many people the company has been able to mentor and lead to financial freedom. I plan to apply for the Freedom Mentor Apprentice Program this November, and get involved with the personal mentoring and learn as much as I can through your teaching. Your company has taught me a lot so far, especially about creative real estate investing. I recommend your stuff to anyone I talk to!
Oct 12, 2015

Philip Porter

Investor in Training
This purpose of this message is just to say thank you. I have learned so much about real estate and how to go about it. I have no doubts that you, your team and this program has greatly expedited my journey to financial freedom by putting me on the write path. Its like I was walking in the dark with a small flash light and suddenly you come and turned on all the lights.
For all this I say thank you. I am not yet sure what form it will take, but I will return the favor.
Best wishes to you and your family
Oct 7, 2015

Gary Van Atta

Basketball Coach and New Real Estate Investor
Got accepted into the Freedom Mentor Apprentice Program and several months into it, I can say that doing deals happened exactly as he and his team said it would. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't easy, but it works. Phil and his team are the real deal. I'm so happy I got the opportunity to work with Mr. Pustejovsky. Doing deals and loving every minute of it.
Sep 16, 2015

MD sagor

he is awesome
Sep 16, 2015

Joyce Ayotte

Aspiring Real Estate Tycoon
Just wanted to thank you Phil for your help and tell you how much I love your program! The coaches are great, the information and resources available to us are amazing. Wish I found you 10 years ago!
Jul 27, 2015

Julie Casil

Phil Pustejovsky Mentee
Freedom Mentor is incredible. The mentors don't just answer your questions; they feel them. They know how to really relate to what is going on for you. They know how to touch you in the part of you that really needs that encouragement. They clarify all of the little details that you run into.
Phil is very, very real. He has such an amazing amount of knowledge and while he's very careful in how he communicates it, he really just pours it all out to the people he is mentoring. And he is just great with timing too. Freedom Mentor is incredible.
Jul 24, 2015

Mahmoud Aqqad

Freedom Mentor Apprentice
I'm very blessed to be one of Phil's apprentices and to have him and his other coaches in my life. I wouldn't have been able to accomplish any of my real estate success with out them. It's a little embarrassing to get all sappy like this but the Freedom Mentor Apprentice Program is just incredible. THANK YOU PHIL!
Jul 7, 2015

Tania Christensen

Real Estate Agent and Investor
I want you to know how I appreciate you doing this program. When I first considered your program, I read some Phil Pustejovsky Reviews and I knew I wanted to be a part of it.
I believe it is going to change my life around..for me and my family!
I am excited with every deal and possibility...and the fact that someone is "holding my hand" so that I don't do mistakes and learn how to do this is priceless...
Thank you for thinking this one of kind program through and building it the way you did.
Apr 13, 2015

Foluke Blackwell

Atlanta GA Real Estate Investor
Phil Pustejovsky and all the people at Freedom Mentor are incredible. My latest deal had a net profit of more than $90,000. I had done several deals prior but that's the biggest one and it's a complete game changer for me. Working as an over the phone customer service rep has been drudgery and thanks to Phil and his team, I now have a new career that I love and it makes a tremendous amount of money. There are so many great things I can say about Phil and his company but perhaps the best way to say it is that their mentorship has produced enormous results! Sure, I've learned a gigantic amount about real estate investing and operating a successful business, but all the learning doesn't necessarily mean anything unless it creates lasting benefits in my life. And being mentored by Phil has. Real money. Real closed deals. It's the real thing. I only wish I would have found them and started working with them earlier. If you are considering joining the Freedom Mentor Apprentice Program my thoughts are that you will be joining the greatest real estate investing mentoring program that exists. Thanks Phil and Thanks everyone at Freedom Mentor for all that you have done for me!
Apr 6, 2015

Stefanie Ornelas

Ohio and Florida Real Estate Investor
Phil is a remarkable individual that has made a extremely positive impact on my life. I sure wish he would have been around when I was first raising my kids because I worked really hard in construction to make ends meet and those ends barely met! Once my kids were all grown up and out of the house, I began putting more thought into what I wanted to do with the rest of my life and my father suggested I get into real estate investing and he turned me on to Phil's stuff. Watching his videos, reading his blog posts; man, he was speaking my language!
I was quite relieved his team accepted me in the program because I didn't have any experience in business; just waiting tables and running a jack hammer. But I was determined to make a go of it and I guess they could sense the commitment I had into being successful.
The beginning was a little rough for me because I wasn't the best with computers and Phil and his team were very computer savvy, many of their best techniques for finding the best deals involved using the computer and communicating through the ePartner software system required I be able to input information online and upload my documents. After a nephew taught me the ropes of what to do, I was off to the races.
I feel like I ran into every conceivable problem anyone could have run into when they are first getting started. But one by one, Phil helped me solve those issues and it sure was amazing to close my first deal and make some real money. After a few more deals, I had saved up enough money and had enough of a cushion in the bank; I bought my own little place oceanfront on the island of Jamaica. It was a dream come true! So that became my winter home which each season is a terrific reminder of just how incredible Phil and his program have been to me.
The business has changed drastically from when I first started with Phil, back when we were doing short sales. Today, it's all about who can get to the best deals first and how creative can you be with structuring deals for maximum profit and minimal risk. And there ain't no one out there who has that mastered better than Phil and Freedom Mentor. No one. I was recently asked to join the team and have had the privilege and honor to work along side Phil in mentoring new people and helping with the closing of deals. Phil is as authentic in person as he is on his videos and in his book. Just a salt of the earth kind of guy who is extremely passionate about what he does and someone you can trust wholeheartedly.
One little tid bit about Phil you probably won't read in other reviews is that he is not always overly nice when you make a mistake or are whining and complaining. Sometimes he can be down right tough. At the time, I would get upset and defensive, but in hindsight, looking back, I realized that he was doing that for my own good. He doesn't baby you. He really does want you to become an independent, extremely successful real estate investor and it's a dog-eat-dog world out there and you better be prepared or others in this business (agents, other investors, attorneys) will run all over you. I see newbie investors all the time that assume that everyone they meet is out there to help and guide them along their path to success; they have no idea how cutt throat real estate investing can be. That's why you need to be mentored by the best; not only the best at investing in real estate but also the best at how to mentor others in that business. And Phil Pustejovsky and Freedom Mentor is that mentor.
Apr 6, 2015

Susie Thomas

Northern California Real Estate Investor
Phil Pustejovsky is a first class real estate mentor and has completely changed my life. Prior to joining the Freedom Mentor Apprentice Program, I had tried to invest in real estate on my own. But I just bumbled around for a very long time. I would go to the free seminars, attend the webinars, even purchase a course here and there, but no matter what I tried, I always seemed to come up a day late and a dollar short. Either other investors would bid me out and get to the deal before me or the ones I could actually get to were already too over priced.
I decided to join Phil's program because I knew that I needed a true blue mentor. Someone who could guide me step by step through this jungle of a business and help me achieve the results I knew I was capable of. To be clear, I was no idiot. In my corporate career, I had spent several years towards the end in training the next generation. I had a ton of different skills that should have translated into immediate success with real estate investing but it didn't. What I discovered was that flipping houses was not easy like it shows on TV and their is enormous amounts of competition, especially in my area of Northern California.
When I first got started, I was very nervous because even though I got through the interviews and was accepted, there was a substantial upfront investment and I was agreeing to share in the profits. But from watching Phil's videos, reading his book and checking out reviews from others who had been a part of the program (not to mention his own life bio going from rags to riches and a huge net worth starting from being homeless), I knew that I was making the right move.
Once I got started, I hit the ground running and every road block I was presented with, Phil (and his team) helped me overcome them. Honestly, I have no idea how any newbie stands a chance in this business without someone like Phil's program to be there for them. The way we closed my first deal I had never read about before, never learned from a local investor at a local club, nor was there a video about it. Phil literally invented it. But it allowed me to earn a little more than $18,000 without using any cash or credit or anything. It was remarkable. The other people in the deal (agents, title company, etc) couldn't believe it either. They were all still scratching their heads at what had been accomplished too. That's when I realized that Phil was a real estate genius. He was operating on an entirely new level and allowing to come along for the ride.
Some personal tragedies struck and I had to take a brief hiatus. When I returned to action, Phil was right there to help get me back in the swing of things and boy had the business changed. But Phil had a kinds of new approaches and sure enough, they worked like gangbusters.
I don't know if Phil will ever read this but I am just so appreciative of what he has taught me and I hope this review shows my thanks for a job well done. For those of you looking to truly become a successful real estate investor, the Freedom Mentor Apprentice Program is as good as it gets out there. I've seen a lot of other programs and nothing comes close to comparing with it. Phil is absolutely wonderful to work with and is far more knowledgable than anyone else you will deal with in real estate; it's amazing how much more him and his team knows that agents, title companies, mortgage brokers, etc. Like I said before, they are on a whole different level. Phil Pustejovsky, keep up the good work!