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National Sales Leader (Reverse Mortgage) Open Mortgage, LLC #2975 NMLS #374658
Thank you for visiting my customer experience page. I specialize in Reverse Mortgages and properly utilizing home equity in the context of retirement income solutions here at Open Mortgage. I have received top producer awards every year I have been in this business with some of the top lenders nationwide and for good reason. I abide by the same ethical and moral standards set in place by the National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association (NRMLA), also help educate loan originators and business partners on this extremely important retirement planning tool. There is nothing more gratifying than getting to work in a field where I can truly make a difference in others lives. I absolutely love what I do and look forward in working with you! Please visit my personal webpage @


3 hours ago
Financial Advisor
Mr. Greg Laks is a true professional. I originally contacted one of his ex employees and learned that they left the business. I’m glad I met Greg to handle my clients Reverse Loan process. We had many title and living trust issues that he handled very professionally. The end result will allow our mutual client to stay in her home. Great work!
Feb 14, 2018
I would like to recommend Greg Laks to anyone seeking a HECM. I was referred to Greg through a friend of a friend. I was looking to refinance my existing reverse mortgage and thought it couldn't be done. Greg put me into a wonderful and fairly new instrument that I will be happy with for a long time.
He was thorough, professional, and fun to work with. Put your faith and trust in Greg Laks, You will come out on top!!!
Cheryl Davidman
Nov 8, 2017
Greg Laks won my business out of four Reverse Mortgage Lenders that I pre-screened. Throughout the screening, the loan application, and the closing processes, the following traits are what impressed me about him:

Greg has proven himself to be professional, kind, helpful, patient, smart, attentive, very knowledgeable, a good listener, and a problem solver. He was also engaging, personable, and easy to work with ~ basically, everything you could want in a Reverse Mortgage Specialist!

Retirees, if you are contemplating a Reverse Mortgage or RM Refinance, or perhaps you would just like to speak to someone who will provide you with honest input, then you would be lucky to have Greg Laks in your corner.

I recommend him highly.

In addition, I look forward to reading Greg's informative eNewsletter with very helpful Homeowner and Reverse Mortgage tips.
Nov 3, 2017
Greg Laks helped me with my reverse many years ago and helped me again prior to recent changes. I trust him wholeheartedly and all worked out. We were able to elongate my monthly premiums and add to my nest egg. All at minimal cost! Amazing and glad I picked up the phone when I did.


M. Dean
Nov 2, 2017
I have been doing business with Greg for a few yeas, and I extremely happy with his straight forward, and honest way of doing business with me.
Nov 2, 2017
Greg was wonderful as he walked us through the process of our
reverse mortgage. He was patient with us, answered all of our
questions and with us throughout the signing of the documents.
I have and will recommend him to any of our friends interested in
a reverse mortgage.
Sep 28, 2017
This my second encounter with Greg Laks, he made the HECM process clearly understandable to me 4 years ago, so much so, that I pretty much ignored all the pitches I was getting when it was becoming time to re-finance until I got the email with Greg's name on it! And again, I got the best service in the world, every phone call was answered promptly as was every email. As before, he demonstrated patience with all my (sometimes stupid) questions and came to my house to be familiar with what I've got before promising anything. Even on a holiday he made himself available to me immediately when I had a question. Only downside? Well, now I expect to be pampered by everybody!
Sep 15, 2017
Greg refinanced our reverse mortgage we initially took out several years ago. The cost up front was minimal and are position better. Thanks Greg!
Aug 11, 2017
Greg Laks helped my sister with her reverse mortgage. Their efforts did not go unnoticed and can't thank him enough! If you are someone you know are ever thinking about a reverse mortgage then please contact him. We wholly recommend Greg and his team.
Jul 7, 2017
Greg was introduced to us through our financial planner. We wanted to opt for a monthly payment and learned it wasn't great enough. Greg brought to all of our attention that our monthly need will be there eventually. We placed all monies into a growing line of credit and will convert the funds to a monthly payment at a more appropriate time. All worked out and brought to our attention by Greg Laks. Can't thank u enough and highly recommend.
Jun 23, 2017
Greg Laks oversaw our reverse mortgage loan when one his loan officer's went out of town. They both did an excellent job and completed our transaction timely without a problem. I highly recommend Greg and his team! Our future will be less stressful thanks to them.
May 23, 2017
Greg Laks helped me with my HECM 2+ years ago and again this past month. He's excellent and I highly recommend him. He explained the growth factor with our new Line of Credit which I was most attracted too. Keep up the great work, Greg!
Apr 21, 2017
I had the great pleasure of working with Greg Laks on my reverse mortgage loan. The assurance that he gave me from our first meeting carried throughout the loan process all the way to the closing as well as kind follow ups after. He is calm, confident and professional in every manner. There is no doubt that he couldn't address any question or concern myself and my family had without hesitation. This was stress free and peace of mind to work with him. I would recommend Greg Laks to anyone for their home loan needs.
Mar 22, 2017
Greg Laks performed an outstanding job with our HECM. I couldn't imagine beginning and ending this process anywhere else besides with him. He was very communicative and spot on with expectations! My family and I recommend Greg.
Feb 21, 2017
I can't tell you how appreciative we are to have met, Greg Laks. He is kind, considerate and over the top in how he enjoys his work. We had a complex transaction and he handled all moving parts with ease. We felt he took on some of the work himself that others should have completed. That's what you get with Mr. Laks!
Feb 3, 2017
I can't say enough good things about Greg Laks! Knowledgeable, professional, polite, caring, honest and efficient are just a few words that immediately come to mind. Everything turned out exactly as we discussed. In addition the whole process through closing was less than a month. I am so glad that once I decided to go through with the Reverse Mortgage I went with Greg. I very highly recommend him!
Jan 23, 2017
Greg did a tremendous job for us! This is the second time we have used Greg Laks' services. He is honest and tells it like it is. We wholly recommend Greg to anyone in need of a reverse mortgage!
Dec 1, 2016
It was a pleasure to work with Greg Laks. I appreciated his knowledge, his
patience, and his friendly character. The whole process was very easy and stress free..and fast. Greg is very professional but at the same time he made the experience comfortable through his interaction of conversation. I would refer his service to others. Thanks Greg!
Nov 2, 2016
Greg provided full services in our loan process. He was very patient with me and my family. He understands the needs of his customers. He was clear in his directions and helped us collect any information that we needed. I would recommend him to other members of my family.
Oct 25, 2016
I was referred to Greg through our real estate attorney. He worked with us through the process and exceeded all expectations. Our mothers home was paid off for many years and we had issues with her title. Greg worked tirelessly (we think) to clear up any discrepancies. Now we won't have any issues later when we have to do something again with the asset. We have my mother set financially and now we are "worry free". Greg is #1!!
Oct 25, 2016
Greg did first RM. Excellent work. Just did a Re-Fi. Same great service and persistence. If only he was doing the appraisals. If so I'd be wearing a new watch. He's the bomb. Booyeh.
Sep 9, 2016
Greg Laks refinanced our reverse mortgage he provided to us for the 3rd time. All were completed satisfactory. We trust Greg has our best interest at heart and would never go to anyone else for our retirement needs. Each time he has exceeded expectations.! Thanks so much Greg!
Aug 30, 2016
Greg Laks completed our refinance of our existing reverse mortgage. My mother needed additional fund access to allow her to receive the care she's been receiving for years. This second "go around" really helps the family. I don't trust anyone else with these matters more than Greg Laks. He is the consummate professional throughout every step of the process. We just simply trust what he explains and he even helped us identify areas of her home that needed attention prior to the appraiser coming over. This made a difference to our end result. Can't thank you enough!
Jul 5, 2016
Greg Laks completed my refinance of my reverse mortgage. He initially completed the original reverse mortgage while at MetLife years ago. He helped me get my property up to a maximum appraised value which allowed us to take advantage of the current interest rate protections and add to my line of credit. There is no one better than Greg when it comes to this financial tool! thanks for all your help and happy to recommend to anyone I see fit as usual!
Jun 29, 2016
Greg Laks helped thru the reverse mortgage process with great skill and patience. He was able to reduce the paperwork to a minimum. We felt very comfortable with his expertise and guidance. Thank you Greg.

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