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Nov 14, 2017
From the very beginning of our search for a new home Mathew showed great eagerness and drive not shown by other realtors. This drive continued through all the ups and downs of the home selling and buying process to the final signings. Mathew was a pleasure to work with even though our demands and limits were high.
Jun 8, 2017
Matthew Stewart is amazing. In every way he went over and above to ensure that I got the house I wanted. I would never consider using another realtor again, he is very talented and always thinking several steps ahead in every part of the transaction. I am so grateful that a friend recommended him to me and I would be happy to recommend him to anyone that is serious about purchasing a new home. He did the job of both sides of the transaction for at least 70 % of the time. The other realtor was not experienced and the deal could have fallen through had Matt not been so capable. Please reach out to Matt for my contact information if you have two or three days to listen to me extol about how awesome he is.
Mar 22, 2017
In 2011, Matthew Sewart helped us short sale our home. The market had tanked, we were extremely upside down, and down to one income due to the crashing market. Matthew turned what we thought would be a hopeless situation into an easy process (at least on our end), and brought us out on the other side with great success. Short sales in 2011 were NO JOKE! The process took about 6 months, and he stuck with it, kept us informed, and encouraged our worrying selves all along the way. We found great comfort in knowing that we were in such successful hands. Matthew's short sale track record was 100%, and he wasn't going to let us be the first one to get away. He is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and works like a shark to get the job done well. We highly encourage you to utilize his services in the sale or purchase of your home!

Thank you for all you did for us, Matthew!
Mar 22, 2017

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