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SmartZip Analytics is a national leader in predictive marketing solutions for the real estate industry. Using patent-pending predictive analytics, automated marketing campaigns and smart CRM follow-up tools, SmartZip makes big data actionable for real estate professionals. Our flagship product, SmartTargeting, helps agents land more listings by identifying and targeting the homeowners most likely to sell in any neighborhood across the U.S.


Aug 7, 2017

Scott Newman | Newman Realty

Scott closed 12 million just on SmartTargeting last year!
Jul 31, 2017
SmartZip makes sense because it targets those who are ready to sell and able to sell. There is less hemming and hawing on the seller's part of if they want to sell. It's never a question of if they want to sell. It is more of a question when and if you can scoop them up at the right moment.
Jul 24, 2017

Steve Johnstone

Steve was able to increase his listings by 12 units each year since discovering predictive analytics.
Jul 20, 2017

Anne Lusk

Anne started using SmartTargeting in 2015 & is still fascinated by the power of predictive analytics! Anne closed 10 listings during year 2.
Jul 5, 2017

SmartTargeting for your Sphere

Dana Hall-Bradley loves SmartTargeting for your Sphere see why!
Jun 29, 2017
I have been a member with Smart Zip for five years or so and very happy with the results it has produced for my business. The platform is very user friendly and informative. The technical support is outstanding and wait times are minimal. My account representative, Billy Caldwell is helpful, professional and respectful of my time and busy schedule.
Jun 26, 2017
Senior Sales Associate
Smartzip is great for an agent just getting started and/or trying to build brand awareness and market share. It's especially helpful when you do not yet have a team or an assistant. It's really pricey, so if you can partner with a lender to share the cost, go for it.
Jun 22, 2017

Dana Hall-Bradley

Dana Hall-Bradley | Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Fine Living
Find out why Dana loves SmartZip and thinks it a has more to offer.
Jun 16, 2017
Agent - Team Freelove
Smart Zip makes contacting and touching my farm area much more manageable. I find concentrating on specific home owners that are predicted to sell helps in not only time but in my marketing budget as well. George
Jun 2, 2017
Realtor consultent
SmartZip has a fantastic support team that gets the ball rolling for you in a short period of time. Very pleased with the results. Thanks, SmartZip!
May 8, 2017
SmartZip handles all my postcard mailings and provides insights for prospective clients both within my farm as well as those who simply add their own home address. It is as successful as I want it to be. The staff is helpful and professional, answering most of my questions in a timely manner.
May 5, 2017
I really like the site, education & mailings. SmartZip is an important part of my business.
May 3, 2017
My background is the Corporate world, 25 years at Eastman Kodak. When I received a call from Smartzip I was impressed with the person on the phone for starters. Since moving to Florida I have been a realtor. I am very impressed with the 'team' concept, I am part of Team Sequoia, they keep in touch with me, even call back when they say they will. They make exceptional effort to help, no question is dumb and will admit if they don't have answer but will find out. Last Feb. I was in Las Vegas for the Keller Williams Reunioin, Smatzip was there. I stopped at booth a number of times, they were very busy, in fact I had chance to talk to potential Smartzip clients. Success breeds success.
Apr 28, 2017
Designated Broker
Smart Zip has been very helpful in assisting me and my team in getting started.
Apr 26, 2017

Kymber Menkiti | Keller Williams

“We have been using SmartTargeting for just over 3 years and can attribute over 30 listings to these efforts.”
Apr 24, 2017
NV & CA Broker
If have been using the services of SmartZip going on 3 years. Not only am I provided with quality listing leads but also name and facial recognition throughout my community. The staff at SmartZip is exceptionally helpful, always available and genuinely invested in my success. I will continue to use SmartZip as a basis of my prospecting activity throughout my career.
Apr 11, 2017
SmartZip has really helped me narrow down my farm to specific sellers who are close to selling. With personalized marketing for each address, along with online marketing and phone numbers, I have been able to put my brand first in my area. Work smarter not harder with SmartZip.
Apr 8, 2017
CEO of North Atlanta Burbs - Premiere Homes
Smart Zip has been a wonderful source for my growing business. I absolutely love the marketing and effectiveness of the mailings. I ended up with 5 closed transactions from one Smart Zip lead. I would recommend Smart Zip to any Realtor who is interested in farming for listings. It's been a great experience!
Apr 7, 2017

Jennifer Radclliffe

In her first year, Jennifer closed 3 listings and the ROI allowed her to expand her territory going into her second year with SmartTargeting
Apr 7, 2017
President of The Baker Realty Group
I use Smartzip as a branding tool thru email and mailings. The analytics have proven to be successful and when I see people on the street or in a restaurant, they are always telling me that they received my postcard.... Smartzip has helped me become the community expert.
Apr 7, 2017
Realtor - Keller Williams Coastal Bend
Great service and excellent support system. This is the only marketing service that I would use that does not have month to month option. I have had many nightmares with other services, but SmartZip is the truly an exception. And, it actually works - big time!
Apr 4, 2017
Team Leader
Everyone has been a pleasure to work with. We are looking forward to our relationship with them.
Apr 4, 2017
SmartZip is proving to be one of my best choices for my marketing plan this year. I like the tracking features on the contact list. The program is designed well to keep organized and provide helpful tools for follow-up. I have recently been successful in landing a listing from the lead file. Knowledge and timing is the key to our business. SmartZip supports the goals that I plan to achieve this year.
Apr 3, 2017
SmartZip Analytics gives me confidence that when I call the people they identify, I am calling the ones that are most likely someone in need of my service in the near future. One of the first calls I made resulted in the owner saying, "It is funny you called, my husband and I were just talking about selling our home this morning." That home was the first home I listed from a SmartZip lead and it was a $1,225,000 home. Trust the analytics and make the calls. You will get results.
Mar 31, 2017
I love being able to focus my efforts on the sellers that are the most likely to list. It has definitely paid for itself this year and I continue to get referrals from it. I admit it takes dedicated follow up, but it helps to keep me on track and I am very happy with my SmartZip marketing tools.