Sharad Gupta

Real Estate Consultant Keller Williams Realty 02031749
Keller Williams is a full-service Real estate brokerage in the bay area. We sell 48% more homes than any other competitor. We are a full-service brokerage.

Over years, I have built my real estate practice to be an expert in the bay area neighborhoods. My clients consult me on the residential real estate as investors, first time home buyers, pre-foreclosures, probates, divorce sale, and various tax deferral real estate sales.
Nov 3, 2018

Selling is Not Easy

Selling on your own is not easy. Hire the right professionals.
Where do we start
Sarad is very helpful , knowledgeable and professional working with him it’s been great honor, he got us the home within a week and the processing was smooth like silk, he went out his way to help us close the deal without him helping us it might be different ending I will take this review as another opportunity to thank him and his name will be there for life in our book
He is the man for the job
He is a man with passion and sincerity. You will hear a straight talk and not beating around the bush. He will make no false promises, he walks the talk and what you hear is what you get.
Software Engineer
Sharad is highly proactive and through out the buying process he was short listing properties for us on a daily basis. He would then follow up every Friday to make sure we attend the open houses for that week, or if we are not able to make it, then he would take us personally at a time of our convenience.

When we were finally ready to make an offer he made sure that we had the right bids and never pressurized us to over bid.

In short he always made us feel safe and comfortable with both our time and money.
Oct 13, 2018

Your Dream our Mission

When it's time to find them a real home..
Jul 2, 2018

We'll find it together

Looking for a perfect fit home? Let us find it together.
Home Seller Evergreen
Sharad helped us sell our condo in evergreen. The process was very smooth. We got our home sold in 15 days and got $20k above asking. He is great at finding buyers.
Home Buyer Morgan Hill
We met Sharad Gupta in one of the open houses He offered to help if we needed any. We ended up buying a home that we were renting and didn't use an agent since the seller didn't want to work with an agent. Still Sharad helped us with the process answering questions and providing us with helpful materials. He went beyond his call of duty. He is very friendly and knows the area. We will definitely recommend Sharad.
Home Buyer South Bay
Sharad was a great help in showing me around homes that matched closely what I had in mind. He goes out of his way to provide the best service and was relentless in providing me something within my expectations. I cannot recommend him any more
Jun 21, 2018

Don't wait to buy Real Esatate

Buy Real Estate and Wait.
Home Buyer
Sharad is very practical and understand ones need very well. He is very methodical in his approach and evaluates all the options carefully considers pro's and con's as well as long term impact of a options before giving any advice., patience is one of his key virtues and makes working with him a very pleasant and excellent experience.
Home Buyer, Fremont
I am glad to find Sharad who has helped me find a right investment property. Sharad was very prompt his communication with seller's agent. I highly recommend him.
Home Buyer
Sharad is knowledgeable and competent. He goes beyond his call of duty to help. A true professional - it has been a pleasure to work with him. You can count on him to deliver results. I would highly recommend him.
Jun 16, 2018

Step to Home Ownership.

Helping Clients with Home Ownership. You are in safe hands.
Home Buyer, Milpitas, CA
Sharad is a very knowledgeable and professional real estate agent. His work ethic is amazing and is very responsive to the client's concerns. I was able to get into my home with his guidance and great service. I highly recommend him and will definitely work with hime for all my future real estate needs.
San Jose, CA
Sharad Gupta helped us sell our two-bedroom condo efficiently and above market price. He also helped us in identifying the right house for our growing family. He took special care to prioritize our needs, such as home location, school district, renovation considerations, et cetera. He was excellent and served as a one-stop-shop for all our needs. He was courteous and professional and never pushy. An excellent bonus was that he was extremely accommodating, understood how busy we were, and worked flexibly with our schedules. We are so happy and fortunate to have worked with Sharad and will continue to work with him in the future if we ever want to purchase/sell another home.
Los Osos, Los Osos, CA
I worked with Sharad for many years during his previous life in the tech industry, and saw him socially from time to time as well. Always the professional, Sharad has an extremely strong work ethic and always gets the job done on time and right. He is serious, organized, focused, and has a terrific personality as well. If my wife and I were thinking about selling or buying a home in the bay area, our first call would be to Sharad!
Software Engineer
Sharad Gupta helped us sell and buy new property. The best part about our experience working with him was that he made the whole process seem effortless for us by doing all the work behind the scenes and we can't thank him enough for it. He is a thorough professional, He is very resourceful and knows what it takes to put in a winning offer. He did extensive research about the property and kept us honest about the true value of the house. We were very fortunate to find a trust worthy, friendly relator who kept our best interests in mind. Thank you Sharad!
I have worked with Sharad in the past. He genuinely cares, is honest and has solid work ethics. Would love to work with him again.
Jun 11, 2018

Transactions to Relationships

It's very gratifying helping new buyers/sellers and creating lifelong friendly relationships with them.
Home Buyer East Bay
Sharad Gupta is an excellent realtor and more of a friend in this profession. He helped me and my family meeting our dream home. In the first meeting itself he understood what we need. He gives a lot of suggestions based on his great insight and understanding our requirements with the finer details. I always refer my friends and family for real estate needs.
Home Buyer East Bay
Wow!!! Sharad is really good. Couldn't believe we can own house. It was my and my husband's dream to have house in USA. Sharad made the whole process so smooth and easy. He is THE best.
Jun 11, 2018

Dave just closed on a home.

Just helped Dave get into his first home.
Danville, CA
It is a pleasant experience to work with Sharad. On time and professional.
Software Engineer - Nimble
Having known Sharad for a long time,. I can vouch for this work ethic ! . boy does he get the job done in a quick and efficient matter,. he is smart shrewd and very hard working., has helped me navigate through some tough choices in both personal and professional endeavors.
would highly recommend sharad !

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