Frank Curtin

Management Consultant The Smart Guides LLC
I help professional practice owners (dentists, orthodontists, chiropractors, etc.) and real estate investors get the most from their business. I do that by implementing simple tools and facilitating strategic plans along with assembling strong leadership teams that all focus on the same thing. The WHY!

Every business has a WHY! But not all businesses are driven by their WHY! At the very foundation of any business are people, processes and products. A WHY driven business has WHY at the top. What brings that WHY to life is a strong Vision created by a unified leadership team, not the owner by themselves. What links that Vision to the foundation are key performance indicators or KPI's. When taken as a whole, a WHY driven business gets more done by people who share in that purpose because they do it for more than just the money. A WHY driven business has it's people, processes and products all built around that WHY and all the activities of the business support it, fulfill it and ultimately fulfill those on board with it.
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