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Milestone is a Global Strategic IT Solutions Provider headquartered in Fremont, CA. Founded in 1997 by President and CEO, Prem Chand, Milestone has grown organically and profitably since its inception and has expanded at a 28% growth rate since 2006. With over 200 clients in 18 countries and 1,650+ employees, many Fortune 100 companies rely on Milestone to design, build, and operate critical IT infrastructure. Strategic partnerships with Aruba, Cisco, and Palo Alto Networks.

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Recommendations (98)

Apr 10, 2015

Richard Ainslie recommends Tim Haynie

Lead Network Analyst

April 10, 2015

To Whom It May Concern

My name is Richard Ainslie, Lead Network Analyst for the Information Technology Services at California State University, East Bay. I would like to recommend Mr. Tim Haynie in regards to a recent professional services engagement he provided to the University.

The University contracted professional services via Aruba Networks and Milestone Technologies who in-turn assigned Mr. Haynie to our engagement. The scope of work encompassed enabling wireless gaming device registration and onboarding using our existing Aruba and Clearpass systems

Prior to the actual on-campus configuration and deployment for the desired service, Mr Haynie collected campus requirements and operational details of our existing in-production Aruba/Clearpass configuration. From this he indicated that he was able to develop a test environment of his own. The pre-planning and preparation was evident in the timely and efficient manner in which Mr. Haynie was able to work with our staff in building, testing the desired functionality, and providing some valuable knowledge transfer to our staff. Included in the knowledge transfer was guidance on how to administer and maintain these services, a valuable component in our maintaining these types of services over the months and years ahead.

As an independent observer of our existing enterprise services, Mr. Haynie offered constructive criticism on some configurations which he explained could present future services issues, or were not necessarily consistent with current best practices. A welcome professional assessment on a very complex set of systems.

Tim is very knowledgeable and experienced in both Aruba OS and ClearPass operation and configuration and I would recommend him for any future Clearpass engagement.

Richard Ainslie
Lead Network Analyst
CSU, East Bay
Apr 6, 2015

Kyle Dimmick recommends Tim Haynie

Network Engineer

Tim has been a huge help to our team with ArubaOS & Aruba ClearPass deployments. His well versed knowledge on the Aruba architecture has saved us from multiple headaches and touch situations. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of some assistance with their Aruba product.
Jan 14, 2015

Baris Baser recommends Brett Savelli

IT Site Lead, YouTube HQ

I had the pleasure of working with Brett to meet the custom wireless needs of YouTube developers and testers at the YouTube headquarters. He made major contributions in identifying the pain points of engineers using custom configured wireless lab networks. He conducted weekly surveys, attended meetings with the stakeholders, helped in putting together a proof of concepts for EMF shielded labs, and helped triage and troubleshoot wireless issues between devices and access points. He configured and optimized the already deployed access points and wireless networks in San Bruno. Finally, he wrote a comprehensive diagnosis analyzing the state of lab and corp wireless networks. For the limited time, resources, and information he had, he did a fantastic job. I would recommend Brett's services to others. He's an effective critical thinker and his domain expertise is solid.
Jan 13, 2015

Emmanuel Saint-Loubert recommends Brett Savelli

Brett has done a great job driving our wireless project and tracking its progress. This was complex due to the nature of our environment, the technical requirements and the large number of stakeholder.
I have really enjoyed working with Brett and I hope to have that opportunity again in the future.
Nov 14, 2014

Jun recommends Brett Savelli


Brett Savelli was great on the WebEX meeting for the kick off. He was very easy to work with and talk to.
Nov 14, 2014

Jun recommends Phillip Lu


Phillip seemed knowledgeable and very easy to talk to during our WebEX kick off meeting. Pleasant to work with.
Nov 5, 2014

Robert Lau recommends Brett Savelli


Brett was very helpful during the initial stages of our preparation. He is proffesional and understand his work well
Oct 24, 2014

John Mobley recommends Milestone Technologies

Working with Maheep Singh since the beginning of 2010 has been and is constant a pleasure . Maheep and I have worked together on various Cisco Voice System including, Call Manager, Unity, Contact Center, and Emergency Responder. He is my point of contact for system upgrades and a great resource for information regarding Cisco Voice systems. He is a professional: he is readily available to answer my Cisco Voice questions; make recommendations regarding Cisco best practice; acted as my agent to escalate issue(s) to Cisco. He is dedicated, he will work on issues or upgrades until the issue(s) or upgrade(s) have been completed. Milestone has a very valuable employee and should take great pride in his work ethic, professionalism, and dedication.
Sep 8, 2014

Tom Hodges recommends Tim Haynie

Sr. Network Engineer - Wireless SME

Tim did an excellent job with helping us deploy ClearPass within our medium sized enterprise. He was easy to work with and has an excellent knowledge base in regards to networking in general, but he also can be considered an expert with Aruba's ClearPass product. Our environment has been very stable since it was installed by Tim.
Aug 25, 2014

Vlad Rozic recommends Tim Haynie

Sr. IT Technician

Tim came to assist us with our Wireless Grid a couple months ago.
During his time he was able to draw some solutions from his experience which would help to rectify some of the issues we had with our wireless network during that time.

In the few days that Tim was at our office, I found him to be very knowledgeable about wireless technology in general. He had a good and helpful attitude, and was adept at listening and understanding the issues that were presented to him. He was able to look at all angles of our deployment and provide some key suggestions as well as uncover some critical issues.

Before he left, he also provided a very detailed write up on everything that he had found, and work that we had performed. He provided us all of the different charts and information collected so that we would have it as a reference.

Overall I was very impressed with Tim's approach.. he has a great balance of intelligence, experience, and personality and was a pleasure to work with.
Aug 22, 2014

Kim Beumer recommends Brian Pierini

Office Manager Uber HQ Amsterdam

I worked with Brian for a week in the Uber HQ Amsterdam office. He's a very nice guy. Very helpful and friendly. Every IT problem in the office was solved in just a wink of an eye. Great working with him. Hope to see him soon in the new office of HQ Amsterdam.
Jul 1, 2013

Brian Jones recommends Milestone Technologies

SAP IT Infrastructure Management PMO Project Manager


I have just completed a rather large IT infrastructure migration consisting of 400 servers and storage array devices from Dublin, CA to Sterling, VA. The migration of this complicated landscape required the utmost care disassembling and reassembling on a very aggressive timeline. The Milestone team consisting of Paul Elewski, Derek Victoriano pulled this accomplishment off in eight weeks. Their experience and dedication to this migration made this move successful. They participated in all aspects of the move from project management, building out timelines, resource allocation and joining weekly meetings. They instilled confidence in me the first meeting I had with them. Their positive and can do attitude allowed me to sleep comfortably at night during this eight week move! Lots of skill and experience at Milestone for this size of a infrastructure move. They were focused and very dedicated in hitting their targeted install timelines. Would recommend to anyone! I know I made the right choice.
Jun 27, 2013

Anonymous recommends Milestone Technologies

Senior IT MGR

We have a saying here, “Do something right; thank them” … He is a smart, supportive and customer-focused champion that I wish to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to.

During a recent large-scale project, we again reached out to Milestone for additional IT support and assistance. I have worked with several Milestone employees in the past; Cecilio was by far the best Lead/Supervisor I’ve ever worked with to date. He was truly outstanding. He carried himself with authority, commanded leadership, and exuded charisma. His level of dedication to our project was truly appreciated. As challenges arose, Cecilio was completely successful in removing the administrative burden off of me, thereby allowing my team and I to concentrate on the job at hand.

He is an outstanding employee! Cecilio holds the same attributes and skillset that I require in my own employees and as a result, in future endeavors I will most definitely request Cecilio by name.
Apr 4, 2013

Renee Ralston recommends Milestone Technologies

VP, Operations; Project Manager

I have worked with Will on a variety of projects for more than 10 years. Will proved to be reliable and thorough. I knew that when he was assigned to my projects I had less to worry about.
Feb 6, 2013

Noe Alvarez recommends Milestone Technologies

Lead Facilities Tech for Adobe Systems

David and his team are GREAT! Always a pleasure to work with, and never any complaints from my clients.
Feb 5, 2013

Anonymous recommends Milestone Technologies

WorkPlace Solutions

I would like to take this opportunity to recognize Wilfred Ford & his highly professional team for their IT technical support with our company's office move of personnel, data center & labs.

Wil was a valuable team member through the whole move process from planning to execution. The whole move process was planned & executed seemlessly to our employees.

To Wil & his team, a big "Thank you!".
Feb 1, 2013

Siobhan Tolan recommends Milestone Technologies

Program Manager Visa

I have worked with David on many move projects over the past few years. His is a dynamic and flexible manager and a fast acting and decisive professional with an easy ability to assess, evaluate and act on problems and challenges with consistently successful results. He has strong interpersonal skills and logical, and his solution based thought processes create a powerful team player. I look forward to working with him again.
Jan 18, 2013

Lisa Lloyd recommends Milestone Technologies

Partner, Project Manager

I always request Wil for disconnect/reconnect project teams. He is technically knowledgeable, organized, and pays close attention to details and planning opportunities to improve projects. Most importantly, Wil is calm and careful. Clients are reassured that their requirements and expectations are understood. I can leave the technical details to Wil and focus on the balance of the expectations and planning. I look forward to the next project.
Jan 17, 2013

Anonymous recommends Milestone Technologies

I have worked with Shirish Dharnidharka – Milestone for about 2 years. Shirish is a project manager I highly recommend. I am fortunate to have him as our project manager for our voice conversion to Cisco. Shirish has always demonstrated a professional attitude in leadership and knowledge. As a project manager he has made sure he toughly understands our needs and concerns during conversion process. He is very knowledgeable regarding the conversion requirements to Cisco and utilizes it to answer our questions, offer suggestions and ideas, to meet our goals. He also uses his leadership skills to coordinate with his engineers to quickly resolve issues that have occurred.
His agenda items for meetings are well thought out and well organized. All issues are thoroughly discussed until they are resolved or if need be, pending more information, tabled for future review. Having Shirish as your project manager will help you achieve your goals and mission statement.
Jan 10, 2013

George Kauffman recommends Milestone Technologies

Senior Engineering Manager, LSI

Cecilio was my point of contact to support several lab moves as a part of LSI's corporate relocation to San Jose, California. We had hundreds of rack mounted computers and storage units, mostly part of an undocumented test lab. Frankly, it was a complete mess. Cecilio delivered with a process, a team and tangible results. As issues were discovered, we had to change and extend the plan a few times before we finished, but it all worked out. I credit Cecilio with his skill and experience for making this potential nightmare a move that is now behind us. We would not have been successful without his leadership and team.
Nov 21, 2012

Chris Dana recommends Milestone Technologies

Vice President, IT

Shirish has served as project manager for half a dozen projects that Milestone has worked with us on. I can say that Shirish's organizational and communication skills have been top-notch. He has been very effective in keeping our projects moving, keeping all stakeholders in the loop, and being Johnny on the spot whenever any issue arises.
Nov 20, 2012

Jay Yu recommends Milestone Technologies

Tom is a fantastic network engineer. His breadth of knowledge combined with his persistence and professionalism make him a great addition to any project and team.
Nov 14, 2012

Daniel Guerrero recommends Milestone Technologies

IT Systems Specialist

Working with Victor at Milestone has been a great experience. Victor brings knowledgeable, high level strategic planning for any given IT problem. Here at Quinn Caterpillar, we were delivered with the right tactical, creative technical solution to a Video Conferencing project. I recommend them to anyone wanting stellar service.
Oct 31, 2012

Scott Tran at VMware recommends Milestone Technologies

TechOps IT Move Coordinator

Great account manager to work with!
We had weekly move, M&A and large move here at VMware and Tami is always on top of getting and accommodate on what we need. She is easy to work with and someone that you can depend on in term of getting the move done on time and having adequate staffs on site. I have known Tami for 4 years now and she will help you fulfilled any move (large or small) done the right way. Thanks Tami for your hard works throughout these years!
Oct 30, 2012

Madric Lindsay recommends Milestone Technologies

IT Lead

Tami Lee is one of our favorite account managers that we work great with on company move projects. Her professionalism is portrayed every time we need assistance from Milestone and she goes beyond to assist VMware in other areas that helps make our jobs more smoother. Tami takes good care of our needs and the team looks forward to our future projects with Tami.


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