Ricky Khamis

Branch Manager AmeriFirst Financial, Inc. AZ, CA, TX
A veteran loan officer and an innovator in the real estate industry, Ricky Khamis is the branch manager in the corporate office of AmeriFirst Financial, Inc. where he oversees an annual loan volume of $200 million. His in-depth understanding of bond markets and ability to accurately gauge the direction of interest rates has helped him consistently rank within the top 1 percent of lenders for the past 10 years.

Ricky is also a subject matter expert who assists real estate professionals and executives with growing their businesses. He is an instructor at the Arizona Academy of Real Estate where he has taught hundreds of realtors and loan officers how to develop high-yielding internet marketing campaigns. His innovative system allows them to create a prominent presence on the World Wide Web using proven tactics. He has taught classes in Arizona, California, Colorado, Texas, and Utah. Additionally, he coaches and consults with business executives through his company, Barrier Breaker Coaching, LLC (est. 2014). He also conducts presentations and publishes articles about internet marketing development and sales tactics.

Ricky attributes his success to discipline, dedication, and drive; commitment to continuous education and growth; and an exceptional ability to open doors others cannot. These traits coupled with technological, web site building, and social media expertise allow him to provide high-level advice, tools, and resources for his clients.

Ricky received training from The CORE Training, Inc., a premier real estate and mortgage coaching company that serves top producing loan originators and real estate agents throughout the country.

Earlier in his career, Ricky served in the US Army as an infantryman with the 3-505th 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg North Carolina. He was awarded the Army Achievement Medal and four Army Commendation Medals, and he was named Soldier of the Month.


Aug 4, 2017
Ricky and his team went above and beyond to make sure our house closed on schedule. Just talking to Ricky you can feel his passion for getting you into the right mortgage. I would highly recommend Ricky and his team. Thanks for getting us into our house.
Jul 28, 2017
Team made the whole process such a great experience, they were there to answer all our questions. I would recommend them to anyone looking to buy a home. ( I actually told my sister as she is thinking about buying a home)

Thank you to the whole TEAM!!!
Jul 27, 2017
I never wanted to be a home owner but because rents were getting outrages and my vehicle was being vandalized, we decided it was time. With the help of Ricky's team, we found a house with all we wanted for under what our rent was and got us a closing within a month. I am beyond thankful to them.
Jul 27, 2017
Working with Ricky and his team was very rewarding. Ricky is not only a professional in his line of work, but forth-right in honesty and diligence to get the job done. His positive and dedicated approach is exhibited as well in his office staff. We came to Ricky with a problem and he worked through it. He tells you straight up and keeps his word. I would recommend him and his office with solving and providing a loan that meets your goals. He was refreshing to work with.
Jul 25, 2017
Customer Service
Ricky and his team were absolutely phenomenal. Heather was exceptional. She was very patient and extremely helpful and supportive during the loan process. I highly recommend this company.
Jul 24, 2017
Head Baseball Coach
We purchased a home recently and met with Ricky early in the process to secure a loan. The first meeting with Ricky was very, very good. He made my wife and I feel like he both knew his business and that he cared about us.

During the process his team was outstanding. Chris Arbuckle was the person we dealt with the most and he was both kind and considerate. He was also available for questions and answers.

I recommend Ricky and his team as they executed a difficult process in a short time period and made us comfortable in the process. They were direct, knowledge and kind in all conversations. The process was not easy for us or them, but it was done well by Ricky and his team
Jul 17, 2017
Ricky and his team were great as first time home buyers ! Helped us get all the paper work we needed were efficient in every way. I really appreciated their ability to work fast and hard to get us into our house by a certain date ! Thank you so much !!
Jul 11, 2017
Game Designer
Ricky and his team at Amerifirst did a fantastic job making sure that everything went smoothly with my purchase. This is the second time I've used Amerifirst, and each time has been quick and painless. If I'm ever in a position to purchase another home, then I will definitely be using them again. The whole process was smooth and painless.
Jun 13, 2017
Ricky and his team were awesome, this was our first time experience and it was so easy. Any question we had at any time of day(literally any time of day) they were back with a quick response. I would recommend Ricky for there any next step of mine and my families lives. Thank you so much!!!!!
Jun 10, 2017
Ricky and his team are awesome! They made a challenging process less painful. I am very happy with the outcome and results of buying my home with Ricky . I highly recommend that you use the great skills and special touch for your home purchase. They are thorough and kind. They exhibit humanity and assist you all the way through the home buying procedure. And, I like their special touches and considerations through out the process including at the end upon concluding the deal.
May 31, 2017
Partner Pallas Consulting Services, LLC
Ricky's entire team made the home buying process very quick and simple. The technology used made it easy to always be informed of the status of the loan process and to quickly review documents and provide necessary verifications. We will definitely use Ricky and his team again and will recommend AmeriFirst to all our friends and family for their home buying.
May 22, 2017
I honestly thought buying a house would be a memory that encompasses hedonism and great achievement, sadly this was not my experience. In the future I hope Amerifirst engages in communicating open and effectively with clients, with a myriad of people working on a file and everyone tells you something completely different it's egregious! Chris Arbuckle is the man and saved me from walking away from the deal. His due diligence is impeccable and knowledge surmounted my expectations!
May 18, 2017
Case Manager
I would like to tell you about the awesome job Ricky and his team did for me and my family, I still can not believe we close within a month, the customer device they provided is priceless, They would take my calls late at night and answer my questions and help me trough the proses, a proses unknown to me and chalanging, but not only that, I want to tell the world what Ricky did for us, at the end, and just before closing, the title company found out that the property had a lean on the house, by the city, we were so upset over the increase that Ricky paid out of pocket for the lean, my husband and I are so greatful to him and his team that we recommend them to our family and friends. Thank you!!!!
May 12, 2017
Ricky and his team worked
Me through some complicated credit history and through using their predictor software they were able to qualify me and get me into my dream house! His team of jordon CJ Chris and others worked with me and communicated each step along the way. Great customer service follow through and teamwork!
Thank you!
Apr 6, 2017
Sheetmetal Worker Safety Professional
Ricky Khamis and his team did an outstanding job getting me through the whole process of buying a home. I was very impressed on how professional everybody was and how quick everything worked out with no real issues at all! I turned other people on referring them to your branch for assistance in buying a home as well. and I just wanted to thank Ricky and the rest of the Khamis team at AmeriFirst Financial for a job well done. I LOVE my new Home......thank you!!
Mar 31, 2017
Buyer Assistant
Ricky and his team were wonderful to work with. They took the time to explain things to me, whenever I had questions, and went above and beyond to make sure everything went smoothly. I even closed almost a week EARLY!

I would definitely recommend the Khamis team, and Amerifirst to anyone looking to purchase a home. Even my real estate agent was impressed!
Mar 27, 2017
I highly recommend The Ricky Khamis Team for their phenomenal service, great communication skills and always "staying above the rest" with having the right program to fit each unique buyer's needs! These together, make for a very smooth close and very happy clients and agents!! :)
Mar 13, 2017
Small business owner
I would like to start off by saying I would highly recommend Ricky Khamis and his team at AmeriFirst financial I'm a small business owner I went with a different mortgage lender and it was the worst experience I've ever encountered it took over five months to try to get this loan for a house needless to say I didn't get the house I lost my earnest money my appraisal money my inspection money my termite inspection money I lost a lot and my realtor Amy Pekula introduced me to AmeriFirst and their team and it was that easiest transaction ever even closed two days early there is many loan packages out there for everyone in the team at AmeriFirst found me the right one that saved me a lot of money less down payment less headache less worry it was so smooth I so highly recommend this team Ricky put a great team together thank you so much Michael Gurto
Mar 7, 2017
Ricky and team did a great job of getting everything put together. They were great communicators and I liked them all, even Chris. Unfortunately rates went in the wrong direction while we were waiting to get into the 30 day window (not Ricky's fault, outside of our control) but those things happen. Ricky does a good job of motivating his team and they seem genuinely committed to the customer and his way of doing business. I can't wait for Ricky to take my wife and I out to dinner to celebrate the move.
Feb 20, 2017
Designated Broker - Devstar Realty
After 25 years a real estate broker I can enjoy stating that Ricky Khamis is the BEST loan officer I have EVER enjoyed doing business with. I recommend to my clients to contact Ricky and from there it is "poetry in motion" as he and his very professional team take the client from "scratch" to loan approval and COE. - and - keep them calm and comfortable along the way (it is a definite talent to keep a client in calm mode during the moving and loan process and again I acknowledge Ricky and his team' s ability to do just that.)
I look forward to more of the same and I continue to recommend Team Ricky to my agents.
Jan 30, 2017
As a first time home buyer, I was TERRIFIED. Then, I was introduced to AmeriFirst. They have answered my 1000 questions right away and made this process simple. I never thought it would have been this easy. Thanks a lot Ricky!
Jan 23, 2017
Ricky and team were fabulous! They helped me close on a house in two weeks so that I could take advantage of a year-end opportunity, which reduced the amount of the house I was buying. Well done!
Nov 7, 2016
USPS Carrier
Ricky did fantastic job securing me financing for my home purchase. Being from Colorado and buying a home in Arizona, I didn't know what to expect. Ricky was so knowledgeable in the Arizona law and he took the time to make sure that I understood all phases of the financing. All his people at AmeriFirst were so friendly and courteous. Doing the entire loan process via online I was very nervous, but Ricky and his people made everything so easy. Would definitely not hesitate to recommend Ricky and his crew to anyone. I am considering another purchase in Arizona and will most definitely be using Ricky again.
Thank you so much,
Mike Sodikim
Oct 20, 2016
Ricky and his team did an excellent job with getting me in the right program and getting me financing with nothing out of my pocket!! They worked with me and asked me if I needed help finding another realtor when my first one was made some huge mistakes that could have cost me a lot of money. They kept me informed throughout the whole process. They even called me 3 weeks after closing to make sure everything went well. They have proven to be a class of their own when it comes to customer service and proven they do care! I highly recommend them if you want to have the personal touch! Thank you Ricky and all of his team!
Oct 17, 2016

Recently I downsized my home in Mesa, Arizona. At the time I started the process I was working with the lender originally used to purchased the home I was selling. However, the realtor listing my home for sale suggested I let Ricky Khamis run the numbers for the new purchase. I did, and was extremely pleased.

Ricky was friendly, knowledgeable, efficient and went the extra mile to facilitate my needs! Ricky went above and beyond any lender I've ever done business with during my 35 years of buying houses! I am so pleased with the services that Ricky provided me that I'm continually shareing my experience with anyone who listens. If I was to buy another home I would definitely use Ricky Khamis and Amerifirst Financial again.

Thank you, Ricky!
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