Lisa Ledezma

Sr. Loan Officer/ Sales Manager AmeriFirst Financial, Inc. NMLS: 251225
My name is Lisa Ledezma. I've been in the mortgage industry for over 17 years. At a very young age I decided to pursue mortgage banking as a career. Growing up in a Hispanic household, maintaining a safe home for our family was our only priority. So much in fact, that a 1969, my grandparents and my parents came from Havana, Cuba. Within the first two years that my grandparents lived in the United States, my grandparents bought their first home and El Segundo, California. It was then that my grandfather began to invest in property for his family. 40 years later, my family still owns the original home they purchased a 1972.

As a young adult, I was taught the importance of investing in property and maintaining the responsibility of home ownership. Shortly before I got into college, I was introduced into the banking world and fell in love with every moment I experienced. Working with clients is definitely my calling. Problem-solving and helping others is my forte.

In pursuing my career, I dedicated myself to learn everything there is to know about government financing such as FHA and VA loans.

For the last 17 years, I have seen two very strong markets and one very bad market. Throughout these years, my clientele has always remain strong and consistent. I have remain dedicated to helping my clients fit their needs in buying their first, second, and last home.

As a dedicated mommy to three amazing children, a soccer coach, and a professional executive in the banking industry, I've learned the importance of maintaining a strong game plan for our financial future so that our families will always have something to fall back on.

As a first generation born in the United States, I was raised to be independent, strong-willed, and hard-working. All these traits have always been put to the best interest of my clients.
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Plant manager
I have bought many houses in my life and I felt the need to write and let you know what a fantastic buying experience I had using Lisa Ledezma. From the very start, I knew Lisa was different than others - she was clear, organized and full of answers to all of my questions. I knew exactly what information was needed from the very beginning of the process and if I had any questions, Lisa was so easy to contact and her response time was incredible. Our entire process was really kept on track by Lisa with is weekly status updates and constant communication with both buyer and seller. Even my Realtor was impressed and told me she was one of the best he has worked with in the industry and will recommend Lisa again for future clients. I can't say enough great things about Mrs. Ledezma, if you need a mortgage, there is no one better. Highly, highly recommend!!
Happy Home Buyer
How do I begin, Lisa is and always will be my go to loan officer. This last home purchase I actually co-signed for my 24 year old daughter, so she could purchase her very first home (proud mom). My daughter decided on a brand new home purchase and we originally started off with another loan office, who over the span of 4-6 weeks, and very poor communication never obtained the approval or even pre-approval that they said they were working on with no problems. The builder was in the process of canceling the contract if we did not perform. Lisa took loan over and used all the information that my daughter and I had already provided to the other lender and in a matter of 20 days or less, funded and recorded the loan on a Friday before a holiday weekend. My daughter got her keys and is extremely happy making her house a home.
Tyler laster
Lisa was AMAZING !!! She helped me purchase my first home at 24 years old . And she was very helpful and knowledgeable . If you want something to get done , she is the one to make it happen! Once again thank you Lisa . I had a really great experience working with you!
I recently went through the process of purchasing my first home. Choosing a mortgage loan officer wasn't anything I had previous experience with, and I didn't know where to start. A close friend referred me to Lisa, and after our first conversation, I knew she would be the one to support and guide me through the process. Lisa spent quite a bit of time with me to discuss the process and what I should expect step by step. Lisa reviewed various funding options with me, reviewing the pros and cons of each. She got in contact with the Real Estate agent I was working with and was able to coordinate providing all the required information so that I could quickly and effectively submit my offer for the house I fell in love with. There were multiple offers, as well as multiple conditions and contingencies that the seller needed to incorporate into the sale. Lisa was responsive, thorough and a pleasure to work with the whole way through. She ensured all parties had what they needed to move forward without delay. I had anticipated that going through the application and approval process would be cumbersome and confusing, however, Lisa made everything so easy and surprisingly simple. I am so happy that I chose her as my mortgage loan officer, I would recommend her to my closest friends and family.
Lisa was a great help and an awesome person to work with. For this being our first house she was a big help with information about everything. I would recommend her to anyone buying a house.
After several years of being married I found myself getting a divorce. I needed to refinance the house to pay the settlement. I was given Lisa's name from a friend of mine whom I trust. It took several months but Lisa and her team made it happen. Lisa has some spunk in her and will do what it takes to get the job done.
Lisa Ledezma has been in the Mortgage business many years and is a great loan officer. She has great knowledge and willing to go the extra mile.
Insurance Agent and Owner
I've been doing Insurance for Home buyers for over 30 years. I've come to know Lisa thru my line of business and teaming up with Loan Officers, Escrow Officers and Realtors to help their clients. I know Lisa has helped thousands of home buyers to find their 1st home and others their dream homes. She has always gone the extra mile to get the job done. She is quick and efficient. Give Lisa a try and you wont be discouraged.
Ponce de Leon
My experience working with Senior Loan Officer Lisa ,can be summed up with one word, superb! she's been a valuable person for my business. For the past 6 years I have been using her service and I have seen my business increase , because some of them recommended Lisa to another potential buyer . Once they are done , my clients will have the piece of mind to move forward with their finance and buy the home that they have dreamed of. Thank you Senior Loan Officer Lisa.
Lisa is precise and detailed in the education process for the consumer. This is critical for any home buyer, especially new home buyers. Her knowledge in the availability of what types of loans apply for each individual and her patient approach in presenting the information as to why each individual buyer may or may not be able to purchase at the moment, but she takes a step farther and coaches them on how and what needs to be accomplished for them to achieve home ownership. Her capacity in both English and Spanish is most beneficial, being that of course she can deliver all needed information is either language. She is a must for any agent as lending resource.
Lisa is phenomenal! She knows her job well and helps you through the entire process. I wouldn't go to any one else for my home loan needs!

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