David Ramirez

Branch Manager AmeriFirst Financial, Inc. CA-DBO 1327714
May 16, 2019
First time home owner
David did a great job communicating with me every step of the way. His approach is extremely detailed. He made himself available and took the time to answer all my specific question. Thank you David! We truly appreciate your effort and hard work!
Apr 25, 2019
David was very attentive, he is a very good communicator and is always available. I strongly recommend going to him for any mortgage needs.
Apr 24, 2019
In my real estate business and cannot function without a highly efficient and knowledgeable lender who can handle any issue in dealing with financing for my clients, friends and family. I trust David's experience in lending and I am confident he always has my client's best interest when planning out financing options. I highly recommend David Ramirez for any form of financial lending matters.
Mar 30, 2019
Floor Covering Installation Manager
David made our Streamline Refinance experience exactly that, “Streamline”. He made sure we understood exactly what we we were going to save and the potential of paying our house off faster. There’s many options when it comes to refinance yet many home owners feel pressured, not with this guy, he’ll walk you through the entire process step by step. I definitely would recommend David if you’re ready to purchase your first home, buy and additional home as investment or simply take advantage of the available equity in your home. Thanks David!
Mar 15, 2019
Treasury Agent
David, is smart, professional, and well-versed in the mortgage industry. He helped us with a very complex project and provided sound giudance. David went above and beyond to ensure our success. He was kind, courtesy, and very patient even when I had questions after hours. I was super impressed and confident in David’s expertise and his ability to get the job done!
Feb 20, 2019
Home Owner
When you're upside down in a home loan the process of refinancing can be quite challenging and very stressful not to mention the complexity of navigating the process in a knowledgeable manner. David Ramirez not only put my mind at ease by simplifying the language of each processing step by laying out all scenarios he also put me in the most favorable position possible not only with the present loan but for future home Endeavors as well. I would highly recommend David for any home loan advice and or transactions in my experience his knowledge and personal professionalism are unsurpassed.

Thank you David!
Feb 5, 2019
Home Buyer
In 2016 Jose and I decided it was a good time to purchase a home, our realtor got us in contact with David. José and I were a bit nervous and had a lot of questions, David took the time to answer each and every question, he was very patient with us. David is very professional and helped us through the whole buying process which made it easy. When we are ready to purchase our next home we will definitely be calling David. David still keeps in touch with us to see how we are doing, I would recommend David to family and friends.

Josie & Jose
Feb 3, 2019
Home owner
One day I crawled out of bed and said “you know what,I want to buy a home.” Being from San Diego and it’s expenses I knew challenges would be near,Temecula and murrieta homes was an alternative for me although I really did not want to due to the separation I would have from my family and job. Went as far to get lenders and agents out there until a family friend/realtor caught wind and referred me to a David Ramirez ( it was all she wrote from there ). Being young and naive I thought I would get a loan and live where I choose,David humbly woke me up from that dream and had me realize the loan amount will tell me where I will live. It is difficult to put your faith in another persons hand but that was something I had to do, and it turns out with no regrets. Sometimes you’re so worried about the what if’s that you can not see what’s on the other side of this pain. I remember being at the doctor and they were going to put my right pinky finger back in place on the count of 3, but on the count of 2 I was healed and repaired,I was so focus on the “what if’s” what if it hurts at 3. Same as homeowner ship,nothing in life is guaranteed but you hire professionals in these regards . David is a numbers guy and very good at it. Fast forward 2 years,I sold my first home, and it worked as plan if not better. On my way to my second purchase we put a plan together and stuck to it. At times I got excited on a home and Dave told me “no.” What he meant is,that is not what we talked about,again,numbers guy. We put together a comfortable plan and he sticks to it and will blow the whistle if something isn’t right,now you can always modify if need be but the talk will be had rather than assuming and the respect is mutual because of that. At 33 I am a 2 time homeowner,it is an amazing feeling,I would not be here without David and his persistence because I made it difficult for him as I didn’t take everything to seriously,but David calmly reeled me back in to reality. He is now a friend and will always be. No other person I would trust with the password to my bank account,not even my girlfriend ( hopefully she doesn’t read this,in fact I may have to discard the post in fear of her seeing this ). As I sit comfortably in my second home at the conclusion of this years Super Bowl, o thought I would acknowledge Mr David . Speaking of sports,the Great Michael Jordan once won 3 Championships in a row,they called it a 3peat. Again this is my second home and in 2 years ( less now ) I will ( through Dave ) obtain my 3rd my 3peat. That is a strong statement but I have no doubts,accountability is all you need,do YOUR part and Dave is working/thinking in your best interest even when you are not. I can go on and on even more than I have,but Dave is the man and I am positive that not only my future but financial future is BRIGHT with him. I thank and appreciate him tremendously,what he done for me I witnessed do for others. But don’t take my word for it,venture out if you need to first to see what is out there,but once you come to David you are now family,to this day I do not feel he is a business partner,he is and has been a friend,I think he’s been also studying to be Dr Phil,because he listens when I’m having relationship problems...The stars aren’t enough, I hope my testimony was,good luck in everyone’s endeavors.

Feb 3, 2019
We enjoyed our loan process experience with David Ramirez for a couple reasons;
1) He was honest and straight forward about the facts.
2) He anticipated most of our questions and was able to provide us with a comprehensive plan.
And most importantly he kept us informed and made us feel like our loan was most important to him.
Our loan process was completed in the timeframe he gave us and we would most certainly call him again if or when we decide we want to secure another loan.
Great customer service!!
Jan 22, 2019
In 2015, my Son decided to become a homeowner. To make sure he was placed with someone who would have his best interest in mind. I reached out to a Family Friend/Realtor, whom we've known for over 30 years, & he referred us to David.
Upon meeting David, it was immediately clear that he have a lot of experience & knew the San Diego Market well. David made the house -buying process simple & stress-free, by making himself available at all times & by keeping us informed on the daily. Even when there were obstacles, aka hiccups (as he would call them) he stayed transparent & positive & assured us that there was nothing that he couldn't handle.
David not only helped him buy his first home, he assisted him in selling that home, as well as help him buy a second home. David is an important part of my Son's financial planning & have become my financial planner as well. He is now preparing me to become a homeowner. From Day One, he treated us like Family & he will Forever be a part of Our Family.
Overall, if you are looking to buy or sell your home, contact David Ramirez. He is Experienced, Efficient & most importantly Trustworthy. He is "THE REAL DEAL".

Jan 21, 2019
Very professional and dedicated to helping clients achieve their dreams of home ownership. He literally worked around the clock to support, and when roadblocks presented, he demonstrated extreme resourcefulness. Many late night and evening hours. Was very satisfied with his services.
Jan 21, 2019
Accounting manager at APS Lighting and Safety Products
We were looking for a house back in 2016 and after contacting several professionals, thru a friend recommendation we got in touch with David. He made the process smooth and painless for us. We were living in our home sooner that we expected. The big surprise was that two years later, when we took all our papers to our tax accountant and asked if would be convenient to refinance. She looked at the documents and after study them in detail she told us that David landed us with such a good loan that would be very difficult get a better rate for a while. He is simply the best, we recommend him highly.
Jan 21, 2019
respiratory therapist
We met Mr Ramirez in 2017 when we wanted to refinance our home. David was very thorough with us, especially with the paper work. He informed us what options we had and how they would help us. We were able to close in less than a month just like Mr Ramirez promised. So if you are in the market for a new home or refinancing, you will be in good hands.
Jan 21, 2019
Home Buyer
I met David In 2017, I was preparing to purchase my first home. David was incredible he guided me through the process he made me feel comfortable and showed me that I could trust not only him but his word. He directed me and followed everything he said and I closed on my home in December of 2017. I'm so happy that I had David on my side, he is truly dedicated to the people he work for. I still call David when I have any questions and he's always there. Trust me he gets the job done and he doesn't stop until you have the keys to your new home. I really appreciate him and I would refer him to anyone looking to buy a home...
Jan 20, 2019
I met David in 2016. I was a first time home buyer and did not know anything about the home buying process. David explained the process to me and made sure all my questions were answered. Fast forward to today he is still helping me with all my home financial needs.
He is kind and caring. He treat you as if you are family. He go above and beyond to help in every way possible. He make sure everything you are wanting to do make sense for you and your future. He is part of my family now!!!!!!!

Thank you David.

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