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Sep 29, 2017

Tsu S. Chow recommends Ruben Dominguez

Research Scientist

Ruben did a great job in selling our home on time and at reasonable price. He not only set up an excellent plan to market and sale our home but also actively engage in every details to achieve the best result. We appreciate his tireless effort.
Therefore, we strongly recommend Ruben Dominguez to any person interested in selling his/her home
Sep 20, 2017

PG Walker recommends Kerry Harvell


Kerry not only knows the ins and outs of real estate transactions, he's outstanding with people. The seller's agent wrote him a glowing e-mail on how well they worked together to come to an agreement which led to me buying the property I wanted.

Most agents know the business end. Having the people skills is the major edge. That includes being available to brainstorm, discuss how different approaches will work, and his rationales for advising you the way he's suggesting. You're never out of contact, and his prime directive is to protect you, his client. Not many agents will even say, if this deal isn't working as it should, perhaps it's not the right deal for you. That's honesty, and I appreciate it very much.
Jul 24, 2017

Vanessa Robles recommends Ruben Dominguez

Program Assistant

Ruben and Deborah Dominguez were AMAZING. As first time home buyers my husband and I were nervous and had a lot of questions. Ruben and Deborah sat with us and shared their wealth of knowledge. This brought ease of mind.

Ruben and Deborah were patient with us as we searched for the perfect home and they always made us feel like they were looking out for our best interest.

We look forward to working with them again.
Jul 3, 2017

Michael Apra recommends Ruben Dominguez


If you want an enthusiastic and professional real estate team to represent you in buying a house in Sacramento, look no further than than Ruben and Deborah Dominguez. We were struggling to find a retirement house in our price range when a listing appeared in Heritage Park that fit our requirements. We contacted Ruben and Deborah by chance, and they immediately set up a showing and wrote up an offer that ultimately secured our house in a tough market. Ruben and Deborah guided us through the whole buying process without a hitch. As a result, we are happily living in Heritage Park thanks to Ruben and Deborah's efforts.
Jun 16, 2017

Lana and Leo Chan recommends Ruben Dominguez

A Happy Client

We are extremely happy with the interactions / service that Ruben and Deborah had provided from the 1st time we met them to the final parts of closing our house.

There are people who like to talk and there are people who just know how to get things done. Ruben and Deborah have been in the real estate business for quite a while and it shows in the efficiency / quality of work they provide.

Our house was in a retirement community and we knew it might take awhile to sell. It took 2 months (during that time, Ruben & Deborah never wavered from their positive yet realistic view of the housing market and gave us weekly updates during both the busy/slow periods of traffic in our open house).

Closing was flawless and Ruben / Deborah walked us through the necessary steps to ensure nothing unexpected would come up.

We enthusiastically recommended Ruben / Deborah and would use them without thinking twice should we need any type of real estate service in the future.

Lana and Leo
Sep 7, 2016

Nancy Fletcher recommends Ruben Dominguez

Retired/Law Encorement

Ruben and Deborah Dominguez provided exceptional service during my home selling experience.

They were professional, reliable, and easy to consult with. They explained every step of the transaction, and kept me informed of the process.

Their years of experience, superior qualifications, interest/knowledge of the Monterey Peninsula and community were key reasons I chose them as my realtors.

They were highly recommended to me, and I would recommend them without any reservations.

Jul 18, 2016

YOUNIS GILL recommends Ruben Dominguez

Assistant Professor

Dear Ruben Dominguez, you did a FANTASTIC job. You are very PROFESSIONAL.

Younis Gill
Jul 14, 2016

Felice & fermin gonzaled recommends Ruben Dominguez

Home buyers

Ruben did an excellent job along with Debbie they were very friendly. Quick tore sponsor to every phone call and got the job done quickly and effectively. After escrow closed they continue to follow up and be a great help with everything after we moved it. It was a very pleasant and happy experience
Jul 6, 2016

Steven Peters recommends Kerry Harvell

IT Director

Kerry was amazing to work with. He was very helpful with our first home purchase. We had a general idea of what the process looked like, but Kerry really did a great job explaining the ins and outs of the process - especially with things to watch out for.

He never tried to show us houses that were outside of what we were looking for or outside of our budget. In a crazy market (houses were often listed less than a week before going into escrow) his guidance was invaluable in getting a VA offer accepted and getting closed in 35 days.

We will be looking Kerry up again when we decide to sell.
May 20, 2016

Sarah recommends Ruben Dominguez

Ruben and Deborah helped my husband and I purchase our house six years ago. When we were ready to sell our house we knew we were going to go through them. They helped every step of the way. We are grateful of all they do.
Mar 29, 2016

Jeniffer Gomez recommends Luis Cano


Luis is very professional, he made it easy to sell our house and was always available to answer any questions. This was the second time we had him be our realtor and he never disappoints! We will be calling Luis again for sure.
Feb 11, 2016

See shrestha recommends Ruben Dominguez


Mr. and Mrs. Dominquez are very helpful. They help us finding our first and second home. Stay with them you will be happy with ending
Jan 8, 2016

Rudolph Estrada recommends Ruben Dominguez

Lead Director, East West Bank

NextHome Realtors, Ruben and Deborah Dominguez have just closed another property transaction for us. The Dominguez Team represent the highest level of professionalism and have worked tirelessly to locate properties to fit my portfolio. Additionally, the have represented us on the sale of multi-million dollar properties. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for honest, hardworking realtors. Thanks for the great service!
Oct 13, 2015

Ruth T. Merilos-Johnson recommends Kerry Harvell

Assistant to General Manager

I lost my husband in 2014 and had an idea to purchase a home as a legacy to him, and a permanent home for his beloved dogs. Before calling Kerry, I did some research on pricing, location, and what I can afford, then called Kerry. He was always in a great mood and that relaxed my fears that I maybe choosing the wrong home. He would allow me to talk it out, I loved his technique and he's NOT pushy, always kept me appraised of the situation (how the bank works, title companies work, etc.) You might say he kept me in the loop all the way through (beginning to end). I would recommend him whole heartedly to any first buyer or even a seasoned buyer....
Sep 25, 2015

Marcel Bulanon recommends Ruben Dominguez

I can't recommend Ruben, Deborah, and Jaime enough for helping me to sell my father's home. They were so helpful, kind, and professional with every aspect of the house-selling process. These are the kind of people you wish you could do business with on a daily basis - people who still have integrity and professionalism. A+++!
Sep 15, 2015

Jack cook recommends Lauren White


Lauren White was very knowledgeable about the product she is selling. She helps you through the process of buying a home or in my case both buying one home and selling another. She is open to all the questions that come up. I would use her again for one more house I need to sell
Jun 2, 2015

Issac and Marsha Blake. recommends Ruben Dominguez

Home buyers

The professionals at Realty World American Dream are first class. Both Ruben and Debra Dominguez are two of the most knowledgeable realty people on the peninsula. Their attention to detail and comprehensive services make purchasing a home a real pleasure. Purchasing a home can be a very stressful experience but the Dominguez team literally removed all the stress out of our home purchase and did it with a smile. I would only trust all my real estate transactions to the professional team members at Realty World American Dream.
Jun 1, 2015

Pastor Jim Nelson recommends Ruben Dominguez

President Pass The Word Ministry Inc.

Ruben is a natural born real estate agent. He is able to be very personable and professional at the same time. He knows the business inside and out. I highly recommend Ruben Dominguez.
Apr 16, 2015

Rich Villalobos MD recommends Kerry Harvell


We just endured a drawn out closing for a complicated land sale involving a buyer on the opposite coast, attorneys for both sides of the sale, tax people, banks, civil engineers... The list goes on. To put it mildly, there were many hurdles. Kerry stuck with it through the entire process, keeping all parties on task. He was the key in keeping the momentum. I'm very glad with my choice of Kerry Harvell as my agent and will use him for the next project that is gearing up.
Apr 15, 2015

Margaret Camara recommends Ruben Dominguez


Deborah and Ruben are ROCK STARS!
They have sold a lot of my properties so I can retire. Smooth, no drama, transactions are always accurate.
If you want hassle free, no drama, just get the sale done, use them.
They are the BEST!
Mar 27, 2015

Anonymous recommends Ruben Dominguez

Ruben and Deborah are true professionals
It is a pleasure to work with both of them!
Mar 12, 2015

John W. Lee recommends Ruben Dominguez

Asset Resolution Group

Ruben and Deborah Dominguez always provide excellent services and are great professionals. They are very proactive and do their best to make sure everything is taken care of. We appreciate their expertise and prompt repsonses to our real estate needs. It is always a pleasure working with Ruben and Deborah. Thank you both for the hard work on assisting the Bank with our real estate needs.

Jan 9, 2015

Rene Zendejas recommends Ruben Dominguez

I called Ruben , we schedule to meet the next day and found the home we were interested. Deborah kept me posted in every little detail in escrow process. They were both quick with the process, If I buy another house I would defiinatley call them again.

Thank you for your help,
Rene Zendejas
Dec 31, 2014

Anonymous recommends Ruben Dominguez

Deborah and Ruben are two realtors that have all the skills needed for both the seller and buyer. I both bought a home with their help and sold one too through their office since each is complimentary to the other. I enjoyed having the expert advice of Ruben and the constant diligence to keep the wheels turning that Deborah brings to the business of buying or selling a home. They have made both an enjoyable and successful adventure.
Dec 16, 2014

Herson sariles recommends Luis Cano

Retail business person

Luis did a great job when I bought my house in Seaside, from the bigining to the end of the process. He really worked around to make this process a very easy one!!

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