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Founder Reach150 Social, Inc

Reach150 helps you generate more referrals and close more business. We provide a single place to simply and systematically capture, create, and distribute content that conveys your industry excellence and unique persona to the people you want to reach.


Jun 30, 2016

SolarCity Loving Reach150

Positive client feedback is as good for customer service improvement as negative. Know what you're doing right and do more of it.
Jun 20, 2016
AVP/National Business Development
Dan Your knowledge and persistence is amazing, Thank you for sharing such an amazing tool and all that it provides, looking forward to our future presentations.
Fidelity National Title
Jun 13, 2016

Geoff Clark - Optimus Group

Geoff is an SEO expert in Sacramento. He and his clients are growing their business with Reach150! 2 referrals in his first 2 weeks!
Jun 10, 2016

Hybrid Brokers Realty + Reach150

Launched Hybrid Brokers Realty on Reach150 in Sacramento today. Thanks for the help Angela Rigdon and Olga Bula. You've been great!
May 31, 2016

Top Agent at KW LV + Reach150

In 5 months, Joan and Todd Kilton at Keller Williams Las Vegas have closed enough deals with Reach150 to pay for Reach150 for 20 years!
May 31, 2016
May 27, 2016


Apr 28, 2016

Robyn Yates @ Windermere + R150!

Robyn from Windermere in Las Vegas is now a Reach150 client. Looking forward to helping her recruit and grow her business through referrals.
Mar 29, 2016

Signed up The Moser Team!

Donald Moser and Sammi Moser from The Moser Team (KW Los Gatos) signed with us today. Klaus Borho from DWM (relocation) did as well.
Jan 21, 2016

Training SolarCity Energy Pros

SolarCity energy consultants are using Reach150 to convince clients they are worthy of their referral.
Dec 18, 2015

NARReach and Reach150

NAR's Reach program was key to our success in real estate. If they ask you to apply for this program, do it! They are still great partners.
Dec 18, 2015

Vintage Wine Merchants & R150

I love that this great wine store in Santana Row, San Jose was our first client. Thanks, Brent Runyan, for getting us started years ago.
Nov 15, 2015

Lawyers and Chicago Title at NAR

It's great to meet up with some of our Title partners at the NAR expo in San Diego. Looking forward to working with you guys more.
Nov 14, 2015

RealTrends and Reach150 at NAR

Had a great conversation with Deirdra Lapera and Tracey Velt from RealTrends. If you work with them, ask them about Reach150.
Nov 13, 2015
Manager, National Field Marketing
Dan has been great to work with. His team at Reach150 have been very helpful in setting up the Reach150 system in my organization, and has been instrumental in educating my sales teams. I highly recommend Dan and Reach150.
Nov 11, 2015

Tara Sembrat and Karen Pinkston

Ran into Tara and Karen from Chicago Title Danville at CAR. They are valuable partners and customers of Reach150.
Nov 10, 2015

CAR show was a success!

Thanks to all who came to talk with us at the California Association of Realtors Expo in San Jose. Come see us at NAR Annual in San Diego.
Nov 10, 2015

One of our great title partners.

Carey Gorgolinski from Lawyers Title Northern California is seeing a lot of excitement from real estate agents and lenders about Reach150.
Nov 10, 2015

Perillo BMW - Chicago

Trish Perillo from Perillo BMW just launched Reach150. We are excited to help them grow their business.
May 31, 2015
Sales Manager, FNT Sacramento
Dan has been a very valuable and resourceful business partner for myself and my team. His forward thinking approach has continued to keep Reach150 evolving and creating more value for our agents and lenders. The technology they offer is truly cutting edge. If you are looking to recruit, create visibility with your sphere of influence, generate rave reviews from your past clients or brand yourself within a specific geography, Reach 150 and Dan can help you achieve maximum results!!
Mar 2, 2015
Real estate executive
Dan is a bright mover & shaker, Silicon Valley-style. His Reach150 referral concept will spread fast & wide, for everyone's benefit. It is a reminder that whoever we are, we are only as good as what people think of us.
Oct 25, 2013
Sales Executive, Fidelity National Title
I met Dan at a sales rally in Portand in early 2013. I had just learned about Reach150 and had not used it much. I sat with Dan at dinner and he really explained the benefits of his program and why it was so useful. This reputation management system is great. I was new to Idaho and sales is a tough business to break into in a new area when you don't know anyone. After I got some clients that I was able to help out I asked them for a recommendation and they wrote them for me. I was able to cold call more people and they would meet me just because they saw I worked with someone they knew who wrote something good about me. Reach150 helped me get in front of people much quicker and helped me build my business. Dan was pivotal in this and I can't thank him enough.
Sep 14, 2013
Realtor/Broker Associate
Providing equity to investors that seek the most professional and highest quality of services is what Daniel and Reach 150 can provide.

I am excited about sharing the level of training and professional services that our CENTURY 21 team will be providing to those who seek to "invest".

Congrats Daniel to you and your team! Reach 150 will be money to your users.
Sep 5, 2013
President/Managing Broker, CENTURY 21 Maselle & Associates
We just recently rolled out Reach150, and I already believe this is going the most effective listing tool we have ever had at our disposal. Instead of dropping off a prelisting package the day before with a bunch of old stale marketing materials, now we just send from our agent a link to their Reach150 profile page, saying “I Looking forward to meeting with you tomorrow, and knowing how important it is to you to choose the right agent, I thought you might appreciated hearing what my past clients are saying about me. Just click on the link below, and I will see you tomorrow”. Now how powerful is that!

I am also working on my own Reach150 profile to use for recruiting. In a matter of a few days, our agents had accumulated 180+ client recommendations, and I had 28 from my agents. This week I met with 3 prospective agents who were interviewing with multiple brokers, and using Reach150 I hired all three. It was so easy, it is like taking candy from a baby. I actually feel sorry for the other brokers, because they didn’t stand a chance.

Dan and his staff are incredible to work with, and implementing Reach150 was a breeze. Without hesitation I recommend Dan and Reach150 to anyone concerned about their online image, and/or putting a very powerful sales tool in their tool box.
Aug 7, 2013
Founder, COO - Intero Real Estate Services, Inc.
When Dan first introduced me to Reach150 my first reaction was… there's already testimonial sites out there like Yelp, and our own agent websites host testimonials so why would our agent's need another space to manage? But unlike most brokerages at Intero we are forward thinkers, we believe in technology and are often willing take the leap of faith even when we still have questions. Although, within a couple of months our initial concerns were eliminated. In fact, to our surprise hundreds of clients were responding with GLOWING reviews about our agents off of a single simple email request. Nothing fancy, no pictures, no begging. Not only have the results been great, but the entire process has taken no effort on Intero's part at all! Dan Hodges and Dan Lindblom helped us roll out Reach150 by attending manager meetings, setting up accounts, sending out emails and have kept us knowledgeable on their product. We're happy but better yet, our agent's couldn't be happier! Again effortlessly each individual Intero agent is being found more often via browser searches with content that is most beneficial to their business. All I can say is that our work with Reach150 has been a great experience.

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