Reach150 Social, Inc

Reach150 is a referral management system for those in relationship businesses. We help our customers by giving them a systematic and simple way to grow their business through referrals.

Reach150's referral management system helps business professionals in three ways:

- Build their reputation by providing an easy way to collect recommendations, providing online validation of their work.
- Promote themselves to a broader audience including business partners and people in their social network
- Nurture their sphere of influencers to stay “top of mind” by delivering targeted and highly relevant messages.

If you want to see your referrals grow check out Reach150 today!


Recommendations (470)

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Siaosi Liua recommends Reach150 Social, Inc

Customer Success Manager

Chris Grim always has a customer first mentality and has been extremely helpful in taking the Customer Success team in the right direction. Under his leadership, we have been able to rework our processes to better our customers, gain more insight into their status, and increase efficiency. I highly recommend Chris Grim for any and all Customer Success roles.

Jerad Larkin recommends Chris Gallagher

Account Executive, Chicago Title

Chris is very responsive and friendly every time I talk to him! Thanks Chris!
Aug 4, 2018

Anonymous recommends Chris Gallagher

Chris did a great job explaining your product! Thank you
Aug 3, 2018

Marcia Gonzales recommends Chris Gallagher

Loan Officer

Chris has been a wonderful help! He is very thorough with all Reach150 has to offer and makes sure you understand everything completely before he moves on. He listens to your questions and is very encouraging and personable. If you have ever considered Reach150, I would HIGHLY recommend going through Chris!
Jul 27, 2018

Rodney Khoshabian recommends Chris Gallagher

Mortgage Loan Officer

I highly recommend reaching out to Chris and giving him some of your time to allow him to explain all the great benefits of Reach150. He did a great job explaining all the details of how the site works. With my crazy schedule he was flexible enough to finally connect, and when we did he surpassed my expectations! He explained everything thoroughly and recommended some really helpful tips and advice on how to set different options up. Now I got someone I know I can reach out to if I have any questions or concerns, as opposed to a typical 1-800 number. Thank you Chris!
Jul 25, 2018

Tiffany Bullaj recommends Chris Gallagher


Chris was very pleasant to deal with and efficient! I particularly liked the non-pushy approach and his quick responses. I look forward to building my Brokerage with the recruitment platform he is putting together for me. Very Professional!
Jul 25, 2018

Steve Dainard recommends Chris Gallagher

Mortgage Agent

Chris was great at getting me set up with my new account. He was highly responsive to my needs and answered all of my questions so I understood the process. I look forward to our next meeting where I can learn more about this excellent platform.
Jul 23, 2018

Francis Carlo recommends Chris Gallagher


Chris was great. Especially on follow through and persistence as my schedule is so crazy but he didn’t give up on me.
Jul 20, 2018

Irene Villalobos recommends Chris Gallagher

Real Estate Broker

Chris did an amazing job answering all of my questions and never hesitated to re-explain whatever it was I didn't understand. He was very pleasant, positive, understanding and welcomed me to reach out to him with anything else I needed. I must say he is probably the best support person I have ever spoken to. I wish all companies hired people like him.
Jul 20, 2018

Lee Schenk recommends Chris Gallagher

Mortgage consultant

Chris was very patient and answered all my questions during the set up of my account. He is very easy to work with and explained all the details of the product .
thanks again,
Jul 19, 2018

Kelley Cann recommends Chris Gallagher


Chris has been so great in keeping in touch and helping me get set up with all the features on Reach 150.
Jul 10, 2018

Nick Vlasidis recommends Chris Gallagher


Chris did a fantastic job of helping me and educating me about Reach 150. He embodied Zig Ziglar's famous quote "Stop Selling and Start Helping!". This is how I run my real estate I really appreciate working with good people like Chris. Thank you Chris and remember that "your success is a direct byproduct of the service and value you provide." Great Job!
Jul 9, 2018

Jennifer Davis recommends Chris Gallagher

Realtor, Sales

Chris is a pleasure to work with!
Jul 9, 2018

Liz Williamson recommends Barbara Pierce

Realtor Engels & Volkers

My interaction with Barbara was great, she responded to me very quickly, which is key with me. She set me up very quickly was able to answer all my questions. I look forward to working with her and Reach150
Jul 5, 2018

Erin Ames recommends Chris Gallagher


Chris did a great job! Was very friendly and informative and extremely patient with all of my questions!!
Jul 3, 2018

Linda D'Ambrosi recommends Chris Gallagher

Real Estate Consultant

Your rep, Chris Gallagher did an excellent job explaining and selling me on your product. He was helpful and very accommodating. Can't wait to start using the product.
Jun 28, 2018

Barbara Bardach recommends Aaron Nelson


Aaron is amazing - very responsive, helpful, efficient and thorough! He is a great asset to SmartZip and exemplifies the type of client service to which we all aspire.
Jun 11, 2018

Echo Uhler recommends Chris Gallagher


Chris...just wanted to thank you for your special attention to me and helping me grow my business...consider you a part of my team with much appreciation!

Hope you have a Fantastic day!

Thank you,
Echo Uhler
Jun 9, 2018

Anonymous recommends Chris Gallagher

Chris was great to speak/work with. He answered all my questions and gave some great advise.

Thanks Chris!
Jun 4, 2018

Margaret Eisenhauer recommends Siaosi Liua

Real Estate Broker

Siaosi was incredible to work with! He answered every single one of my questions, responded to my every request and his ability to explain the workings was clear and concise. His descriptions, instructions and direction were exactly what I needed during this pre-launch period.
Jun 1, 2018

Michelle Robichaud recommends Chris Gallagher


Chris was great, he was very patient with my hectic schedule and once we were able to connect he explained his company’s services, which he presented so well and knowledgeably that I saw the value and signed up. I highly recommend him.
Jun 1, 2018

Amanda Burkhardt recommends Barbara Pierce


Barbara was very knowledgeable and helpful.
May 31, 2018

Brent Palmer recommends Chris Gallagher

Branch Sales Manager

Chris is very patient and did an amazing job in helping to understand Reach 150's premium product and all that is offered. Very passionate about what he does, thank you!
May 31, 2018

alfredo arteaga recommends Chris Gallagher

Loan Officer

Chris has and always done a great job explaining every detail of the programs. I've enjoyed speaking with him, he's professional and knowledgeable. People buy from people they like!
May 30, 2018

Janice Summer recommends Chris Gallagher

Loan officer assistant

Chris has been so helpful, patient and a wealth of knowledge. He has given me step by step instructions to get me and my branch manager/loan officer set up with Reach150. He makes you feel so comfortable and is encouraging. He also givens you the tools to set you up for success.
Reach150 is very lucky to have a person that is strong in customer service skills. I appreciate you Chris. Thank you and look forward to working with you and the Reach150 team

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