Kevin Sykes

Loan Originator Residential Home Loans NMLS #187681


Jul 19, 2017
Retired Military
Mr. May,

After unpacking the last box (#59) yesterday and feeling my best after packing up and moving three separate households, mine to my sister's garage, moving her in to her house, and moving my household from her garage to 4844 XXXX Drive.

Thank You for accepting my offer to purchase the residence at 4844 XXXX Drive, Sacramento, CA

Kevin Sykes is TRUELY responsible for making the process happen. When I first approached Residential Home Loans and met Kevin for the first time, I knew that I had made the correct choice in selecting Residential for my mortgage.

Kevin and I explained our positions and determined the parameters by which I would accept a mortgage loan from Residential.

After many meetings and conversations, calls from Kevin on mornings and late evenings, I tried to modify my position, but Kevin held me to my original request which later we both felt was best for me. Wanting a house I couldn't afford was not reality.

After too much frustration, I decided to suspend (stopped) my quest for a home purchase and with a recommendation I decided on a mobile type home that I could afford, but the same problem I had with Condos, came up with Mobiles, HOA/Property Rent Fees.

After a conversation with an acquaintance who is a VA councilor at Mather Field, I was convinced that the VA (no down) was the best way for me to afford the home I wanted. Kevin and I discussed the VA option at our first meeting, agreeing that was the only way I could stay with my original payment limit with no down, except for Title/Inspection/Closing, which I could accept.

My sister introduced me to an Agent friend, Angela, and just as I had totally accepted Kevin's advice and guidance, I trusted Angela.

No particular house interested me as much as 4844 XXXX Drive, even though we had viewed many in all areas. Angela issued a statement to me: "This is your house." I replied that I would believe it when I had the keys to the front door!

The Kevin team, Cassandra, Roxanne and Piper went to work at Residential Home Loans and after more confrontations by me, we were able to achieve the acceptable figures.

Mr. May, I am very Proud that I was able to have Kevin Sykes at Residential as my Mortgage Agent. I do not honor praise that is not earned!

Kevin earned my Praise! Cherry Creek Mortgage is fortunate to have Kevin in their employ in Residential.

Thank You Kevin for allowing Angela to hand me the keys to 4844 XXXX Drive. Edward S
May 25, 2017
Technical Consultant
Kevin was very patient with me on my home purchase. I asked a lot of questions and Kevin would always take his time and answer all of my questions. I would absolutely recommend Kevin for your home purchase.
Mar 21, 2017
Real Estate Agent Keller Williams
Kevin is awesome!! He actually met me sometime ago. He called me out of the blue one day about 2 years ago. Since then we have built a very good working relationship. He has sent me several pre-approved buyers ready to purchase. I am really sad he went to California. I would recommend Kevin as an excellent Loan Officer.
Mar 21, 2017
Software Developer
Kevin helped me with my purchase. I needed to take care of some of my credit. Kevin explained to me how to do this. This took me one week to do all while I was putting a contract on the home I loved. Kevin is very professional and I would recommend him!
Mar 21, 2017
Production Printing Manager
I am so happy with Kevin. I so wanted a house of my own as a widowed mother. Kevin explained the whole buying process. I needed a grant to be able to purchase a home. Kevin helped me get signed up for education class. He also was able to help me get a higher credit score which helped me receive a lower interest rate and saved me money on my house payment. I would absolutely recommend Kevin 100%

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