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Rosland Capital strives to educate the public on the benefits of buying gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and other precious metals in physical form, and through Precious Metal-backed IRAs. Rosland Capital focuses on providing excellent customer service and satisfaction.

Rosland Capital has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

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Recommendations (555)

Feb 14, 2018

Phil Keeling recommends Heather Ho - Direct: (800) 662-8929

I had my first experience dealing with Heather yesterday. After two brief conversations and reading the information she provided by e-mail, I made my first investment with her in the gold and silver markets. She spent an hour and five minutes on the phone with me making sure I was happy and understood exactly what we were purchasing. She left the undeniable impression with me that she was completely honest, forthcoming, and cared that I was doing what was best for me. I will highly recommend her to any of my friends or relatives. I would advise anyone, regardless of previous experience, to talk to Heather before your next investment move. Thanks again, Heather.
Feb 13, 2018

Joe & Nora recommends Heather Ho - Direct: (800) 662-8929

Sales Professional

My husband and I researched online for weeks and talked to several agents at other gold companies. We finally decided and bought from Rosland Capital because of Heather’s vast knowledge of the industry and her excellent customer service. She is extremely detailed oriented and has great communication etiquette. She has been in constant communication with us regarding market updates and the status of our account. We feel comfortable knowing that we will have someone on the phone that knows our names and has our best interest at heart. We bought twice already and each time the service just gets better and better. We are happy with Rosland Capital and happier working with Heather Ho. We highly recommend her to you and all of our friends and family. Joe & Nora Conza from NY.
Jan 26, 2018

Jon & Toni Rossa recommends Heather Ho - Direct: (800) 662-8929

It's always a pleasure speaking with Heather. She is very knowledgeable, very helpful, and most importantly she returns calls quickly, and is quick to offer help when needed.
Jan 5, 2018

Dianne Varnadoe recommends Heather Ho - Direct: (800) 662-8929

I just want to say if it were not for Heather, I would not be saving and investing period. She is so knowledgeable and so in tune to the person, I just cannot say enough good about her. I never thought that a poor farm girl from Georgia could ever invest in gold, but Heather showed me different. Now I am so more into saving and investing. Can not THANK HEATHER enough! She is so great I am talking to other family members to do likewise.
Dec 15, 2017

Jack rogers recommends Reggie Johnson Direct (800) 662-3168


Reggie and Steve have done a great job keeping me informed throughout the process!!
Dec 12, 2017

Don Miser recommends Heather Ho - Direct: (800) 662-8929

Retired Realtor

Nov 17, 2017

John Seil recommends Reggie Johnson Direct (800) 662-3168


Reggie was extremely helpful and patient with a neophyte precious metals buyer like myself. He walked me through everything especially the things that I was skeptical about regarding a long term investment from which I had no experience and little practical knowledge. He made it understandable and calmed my fears as this was a sizeable sum of money to invest in something I knew little about! Great job Reggie!!
Nov 1, 2017

Jon Preach recommends Heather Ho - Direct: (800) 662-8929


It has been a real pleasure working with Heather Ho and I appreciate all her time and effort in explaining the value of premium coins. I wanted to do something different for Christmas gifts for my Children, Grandchildren, and Great Grandchildren. Heather walked me through the choices with excellent results for me. She also reminded me that precious metals are an important factor of my IRA investment which I am presently reviewing. Heather Ho is a special person who is very knowledgeable about the precious metals industry and I am happy to recommend her to all my friends. Thank you, Heather.
Nov 1, 2017

Paul Michaels recommends Heather Ho - Direct: (800) 662-8929

Project Manager

Heather impressed me so much with her patience, follow up, and attention to detail in my customer service experience with her.

She also looks ahead at possible decision points that may need to be made in the process flow and gives you detailed information on how to best make that decision you will face in the future.

We need more Heather's out there in the customer service world! Best, Paul

Oct 31, 2017

P. Coates recommends Heather Ho - Direct: (800) 662-8929


Heather Ho is the best! Three years ago I rolled over an old IRA into a precious metals IRA with Rosland Capital. Heather is so knowledgeable and is able to explain all aspects of diversifying your portfolio. Heather arranged a conference call with the representative from my old investment firm and in just moments she was able to initiate the transaction. I feel a sense of calm when I speak with her as she handles all my concerns in such a warm professional manner. Though we haven't yet met I feel like we are friends through our various communications and holiday greetings. Just last week Heather once again helped me with a problem I had with a technical issue that was preventing me from viewing my account. In no time she had me up and running. Any one who is thinking about buying gold should know that they are in good hands with Heather Ho, she is such a delight!
Oct 29, 2017

Brian Lepro recommends Chase Greenich - DIRECT (800)662-7353

I opened an account with Rosland Capital in 2008 after having lost approximately 35% of my IRA retirement funds due to the crash of that year. I became interested in Rosland after hearing ads on the G. Gordon Liddy show. I called the company and Chase Greenich was the account representative that talked to me. He answered all of my questions in a straightforward manner and was patient with my complete lack of knowledge regarding precious metals investment. Chase followed up with phone calls to me explaining my options and offered some suggestions. I felt confident that I was not receiving a sales pitch and decided to trust his recommendations. Chase helped me with the paperwork involved in transferring funds from my then current custodian to the new custodian for the precious metals. I recently contacted Chase to discuss selling some of my holdings and he helped me with that in his usual professional manner. I have been very happy with his handling of my account and look forward to working with him in the months and years ahead. Thank you Chase!
Oct 25, 2017

Charles Shephard recommends Heather Ho - Direct: (800) 662-8929

Retired Letter Carrier


Writing you to say thank you for helping me to make my first purchase of gold. I could not purchase a large amount but you spent a great deal of time helping me understand how to go about buying gold.

Oct 23, 2017

Dale Anderson recommends Heather Ho - Direct: (800) 662-8929

Retired Production Control Manager / Retired Emergency Medical Technician

To say I was pleased with my dealings with Heather would be a gross under statement. My background was totally out of place, dealing with the precious metals. Dealing with a person of Heather's knowledge and personality was very helpful in making the what I believe to be a very wise and proper decision! I do not believe anyone could make a bad decision with Heather Ho as their investment counselor.
Oct 9, 2017

Michael Kephart recommends Heather Ho - Direct: (800) 662-8929

This is to comment on the ability of Ms Heather Ho to perform the duties of representing Rosland Capital. I submitted an inquiry sheet to Rosland and within 24 hours, I received a call from Heather and she started me down the road to complete my objective to change part of my IRA investment to a precious metals (Gold and Silver) IRA. I was impressed by her knowledge of the market and she explained in detail what to expect as an investor. I felt very comfortable as she went through examples and historical trends to give me a very complete background. She sent me comments from different "experts" that continued to increase my knowledge. At no time did I feel rushed and she completely answered each question. When it came time to work with the IRA holder, she actually prepared all the documentation for the transfer. Later she followed up on the timing of actions for the completion of setup of my account by the holding company. I look forward to working with Heather in the future. She is responsive, very knowledgeable and a top professional. I will definitely recommend Heather to others!
Oct 7, 2017

R. O'NEILL recommends Reggie Johnson Direct (800) 662-3168

Retired teacher

My contact with Reggie Johnson has been very uplifting. He is a consummate professional. Reggie outlined the best investment options for me. He was candid, succinct, and did not pressure me at all.
Sep 23, 2017

Jan gardin recommends Reggie Johnson Direct (800) 662-3168

Reggie Johnson is a great guy. Very personable and friendly. He answered all my questions and calls. I actually called him about 3 times and he was very polite and patient each time.
I will be ordering again!
Thank you Reggie!!
Sep 21, 2017

irma ramirez recommends Brian McDonald

Brian McDonald

i was very please with the help Brian gave me, he was polite and answer all my questions , i would deal with him again . very friendly as well . thank you .
Sep 15, 2017

John Dash recommends Heather Ho - Direct: (800) 662-8929

Immersive Specialist

I am happy to say my experience in dealing with Heather Ho - Rosland Capital - was a very good one. She was courteous, knowledgeable and deliciously upbeat. As such, I would highly recommend her to anyone wishing to buy precious metals.
Sep 9, 2017

Mark Harmon recommends Reggie Johnson Direct (800) 662-3168

Self emplyoed

Reggie has done a great job of following up with me on special items I am looking for. Always personable and professional.


Sep 8, 2017

Brenda muller recommends Heather Ho - Direct: (800) 662-8929

Heather Ho helped me through every step so even a dummy like me could understand. She took the time to even teach me a few things to look for and stay out of trouble. Heather did not pressure me after she showed me the options I had. I think she went above and beyond what I expected and made sure I understood everything. Thank you Heather, looking forward to doing business with you in the near future.
Sep 8, 2017

Robert Deeth recommends Reggie Johnson Direct (800) 662-3168

Air Traffic Controller/Ret. GS/12

From the second that I called rosland and Reggie answered the fone I knew I had someone that would be of help. He never tried to push me in one direction or another. He gave me all the facts of what I was interested in and was a big help. Without ReggieI would have ben lost an probably have bought the wrong thing. I you need someone to find what you want ask for Reggie Johnson.
Aug 28, 2017

Eric and Raeanne Curtis recommends Reggie Johnson Direct (800) 662-3168

Our thanks to Reggie for all the help, and explanations we received when making our purchase.
He was very efficient, understanding, knowledgeable and courteous with his time and explanations.
It was pleasure to deal with a person of his caliber and professionalism.
Eric and Raeanne Curtis
Aug 26, 2017

Ron & E recommends Heather Ho - Direct: (800) 662-8929

I would recommend Heather Ho for 1st timers. She talks you through whatever you want and how to do it.
Aug 10, 2017

Craig Mac Millan recommends Blaise Moriarty

semi retired

Blaise helped me start my first investment's in gold. I was always a Silver buyer but after talking with him and with his direction steered me to what so far has been quit beneficial to me. He has called me more than 3 times since my investment and says he will stay in touch. Quit the classy man and enjoyed his knowledge of where I want to go. Thanks again Blaise
Aug 1, 2017

Robert Nikoley recommends Blaise Moriarty


I recently called Rosland Capital to place an order and Blaise Moriarty answered the phone. He was pleasant and helpful in answering my questions and I was able to conclude an order in a minimal amount of time. I am busy and I appreciate anyone that can facilitate my business for me. I would be happy to recommend him for other new clients of Rosland Capital.

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