John Koger

Senior Account Representative Rosland Capital
Dec 23, 2014
We would recommend John Koger to people when it comes buying gold or silver from rosland capital. He has a good knowledge of what he does with money. Has helped guide us in getting started in buying silver and gold. Very happy with his attitude toward us, not pushing at all. Just seems a down to earth person doing his job teaching people like us what we can do.
Nov 17, 2014
Sales Professional
Dear Fellow Investor:
John Koger is an honest broker. I’ve been around the barn several times with investments and advisors, and analysts and sales folk of every stripe; and I can assure you that John will listen to you and help you achieve your goal.
Nov 6, 2014
John is a great sales person with the people in mind. I have used him a number of times for purchasing metals and he remembers my likes/dislikes and situations.
I hope there is no problems with him, I feel that his is of good charactor and although has stuff to sell, keeps his customer in mind.
You should have high expections from him and his results.

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