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Security Title offers our customers the very best and most complete service in title insurance and other related escrow services.

Our professional staff is widely recognized for the depth of knowledge and experience brought to each transaction. Our commitment to customer service is exemplified by our constant refrain: “Attitude is everything.” With 40 offices located throughout Maricopa County, Security Title is the premier choice in Arizona’s escrow and title insurance industry.


Recommendations (491)

May 15, 2018

Ray Strahl recommends Tony Scardina

Sr. Mortgage Banker

I have considered Tony as a dear and best friend. Beyond that, her has been a pillar in the community and the Real Estate industry. Not only is he knowledgeable but he has supported our industry for many years. A true professional and colleague, but also a good friend that has always had my back!
May 7, 2018

Sharri Weinberg recommends Susan Cunningham

REALTOR® Inhabit Phoenix

I can’t say enough about working with Susan! Her knowledge, support, coaching, tools and training are unparalleled. Not only that, she has a huge heart and is smart as a whip. Susan rocks and her partnership is priceless!
Apr 26, 2018

Whitney Zamá recommends Shari Griffin, AVP

Real Estate Agent, Leading Luxury Experts

Positive, get-it-done Shari Griffin impressed me with her ability to generate and execute ideas to enhance my own success, and my team’s business in Real Estate. Her knowledge, smile, and reliability are true assets for anyone considering increasing the quality of their client relations, and requiring someone who understands the market.
Apr 24, 2018

Paul Eide recommends Shari Griffin, AVP


I have had the pleasure to know Sheri Griffin over the past few years. She is a dedicated AVP for Security Title, who is focused on exceeding her client’s expectations. Sherri consistently strives to improve the customer experience. Her years of industry knowledge, makes her an invaluable partner. She makes everyone around her better.
Apr 24, 2018

Holly Marcus recommends Shari Griffin, AVP


Shari Griffen is an excellent business partner. She has a great eye for detail and can really help you take your marketing to the next level. She also is on top of it every step of the way!
Apr 23, 2018

Monica Manning recommends Susan Cunningham

Associate Broker at EPIC Home Realty

Thank you for REMA! I love the information provided. I also appreciate your motivation, passion and drive to better us as agents.
Apr 20, 2018

Tammy Alme recommends Shari Griffin, AVP


I can't exclaim enough how much Shari has helped me to keep my business going strong. She manages to get things done quickly and efficiently and I can’t thank her enough for her help! She is the best!
Apr 18, 2018

PJ Caruso recommends Tony Scardina


Tony, my friend, and a resource for just about anything needed in real estate and beyond. If you need something, somehow Tony either knows how to get it or do it and if not he doesn't or cant he knows someone who does. There is so much information stuffed in that brain of his, I don't understand why he doesn't have big bulging bumps all over his head. He is an all around good guy . And, he always has a smile. Thank you Tony for all you do for us realtors and the community at large. PJ
Apr 16, 2018

Jeff Cayton recommends Shari Griffin, AVP


Shari is a wonderful person and a great Rep. She's honest, trustworthy, professional, and friendly. She has been a fantastic asset assisting us with our CINC CRM platform. Also appreciate the invites to the local Masterminds, very enlightening and inspiring. I'd hire her with any company I had:) Jeff
Apr 16, 2018

Jeff Cayton recommends Shari Griffin, AVP


Shari has always been very professional, timely, accessible, and friendly. I know my needs are being handled when she's involved. Thanks to her help we are using CINC at a much higher level. Enjoy the masterminds we get invited to as well. Great office, great staff, great employee. I'd hire her in any company I owned:)
Apr 11, 2018

Toni Froese recommends Tony Scardina


Tony is an asset to Security Title. He is always there for his customers. The CE classes he puts together are amazing and ongoing. The technology he brings to us is always the best. To top it off.....his never ending smile is contagious. Thank you Tony, for all you do for us.
Apr 8, 2018

Shanon Patterson recommends Susan Cunningham

Financial Professional at Prudential Financial

Just so you know, you have inspired me with a drive.
Apr 5, 2018

Steve & Mary Casillas recommends Tony Scardina


Tony is the go-to guy for any of your Title and Marketing needs. If you have an idea, Tony will help you make it a reality. He is on top of the newest technology and marketing methods that will help you build your business. Tony is an asset to every Realtor.

-Steve & Mary Casillas
Realtors in the Valley for 23 years
Apr 5, 2018

Cherir Cameron recommends Tony Scardina


Tony, has been and is VERY helpful and very knowledge about so many aspects of marketing, Your success is his success, He really does care!!
Apr 4, 2018

Diane M Alexander recommends Andrew Greaves


Andrew is an outstanding person to work with. He has great attention to detail and is a very good communicator. Andrew is always looking for ways to improve the client experience and he goes above and beyond to provide A+ service. I highly recommend him!
Apr 3, 2018

Brett Sponsler recommends Tony Scardina

Associate Broker, WEICHERT, REALTORS® - Peak Performance

I've known Tony for as many years as I've been in this business, you won't find a more dedicated business partner anywhere, proud to call him a friend!
Apr 3, 2018

Michael Wolf recommends Tony Scardina

Vp Mortgage Lending

Definitely recommended, I have been using them for over 10 years now.
Apr 2, 2018

Sally Liddicoat recommends Tony Scardina

Designated Broker

When you are looking for someone to be in your corner and take great care of you and your clients, make sure Tony is the first one you call. He is amazing and always goes above and beyond!
Apr 2, 2018

Brian Forsberg recommends Tony Scardina


I’ve known Tony for many years, both professionally and personally. I previously used him and his team personally on my Re-Fi several years back. Because of the professional service and experience he provided, I now recommend all my clients exclusively to him and his team!
Apr 2, 2018

Larry Ackerman recommends Tony Scardina


Tony has helped with with my marketing needs for several years and has always proven friendly, knowledgeable, and resourceful in the marketing tools he can provide me to enhance my business. His escrow officers have handled several transactions for my clients which all have gone smoothly and displayed true professionalism and care to do their best. Tony also is a very safe driver when touring communities ,and is wonderful offering assistance to those agents who are not very "tech savvy".
Mar 27, 2018

Barbara Egbert recommends Andrew Greaves


Security Title has been intricate in helping my real estate business grow since 2004. Elva and Kristen have always been more than friendly and professional when it comes to my clients and my closings. Sue, Andrew, Jeremy and Yami have provided me the tools I've needed to help keep in touch with my clients and help to keep me on track. If there is a tool out there to help, they'll find it! I truly appreciate my Security Title team!
Mar 26, 2018

Danette Earnest recommends Andrew Greaves

Associate Broker

I have always been able to depend on Security Title for the best service and care for my clients. Their customer service , professionalism, and knowledge of title makes me look great to my clients. Thank you for all that you do.
Mar 23, 2018

Melanie White recommends Susan Cunningham

REALTOR® at My Home Group

I started receiving Susan’s emails after a seller requested Security Title. Once I opened them I realized how helpful her information was for staying in front of my clients. Since then, she has helped me with a business plan and has invited me to her REMA Masterminds. They’ve been incredibly helpful and insightful. Susan is generous with her time and information and genuinely cares about the success of my business. She is full of fun and positivity and has far out-shined some of the other title reps I’ve met with.
Mar 19, 2018

Tami Bayer recommends Andrew Greaves

Real Estate Agent

Andrew has amazing follow through and always wants me to succeed! He is creative in what he has to offer me to make my job successful.
Mar 19, 2018

Michaelann Haffner recommends Andrew Greaves


I love working with Security Title! Elva & Kristen are the best! Always on tops of things with quick responses and coordinating everything. Signings are always seamless, always willing to accommodate offsite signings when needed, they are there for my clients to answer any questions they may have. I don't know what I would do without them.
Jeremy and Yami are always there for us too! All the help they offer from marketing to coordinating printing and mail-outs make my life that much easier.
Its really wonderful to have this fantastic Team to work alongside with!
Thank you everyone!

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