SolarCity Arizona

SolarCity has revolutionized the way energy is delivered by giving homeowners in Arizona a cleaner, more affordable alternative to their monthly utility bill. They are the nation's leading clean energy company, managing more solar power systems than any other in America. They proudly service Flagstaff, Phoenix, Scottsdale and Tucson. They put solar power and energy efficiency within the reach of everyday homeowners, businesses and government organizations by removing the high upfront cost.

339 Recommendations

Steve Finney recommends Brad Crohurst
Retired Old Person
Everything he said came true. Great guy, great deal, what more can I say? I trust him, and recommended him to my friends. Who also got solar trough him!
Suzy and Sean Irwin recommends Brad Crohurst
We sure enjoyed working with home overr the last 2 years. Honest, stand up guy who didn't try to upsale us. Explained the whole process and gave us different cost savings plan and helped us pick the best one for our needs. We have referred many people to him who have also all been happy with his cuutomer service. Keep up the good work.
David Sheehy recommends Brad Crohurst
My wife, Jodi, and I enjoyed working with Brad in developing our Solar City system. He answered all the questions we had and helped us understand exactly how it worked and how we would save money. Brad is very personable and was not pushy in any way. I would recommend Brad Crohurst to any of my family and/or friends who were interested in going solar. He helped make the entire process worry free!
James duff recommends Brad Crohurst
Airline Pilot, homeowner, customer
I very much enjoyed working with Brad over the past couple of years. I had many questions about solar, some of which were very technical. Brad quickly and thoroughly provided all of the information I needed. He has been very courteous and reliable, following through promptly on every request and commitment. Overall, I have been very pleased with everyone I've dealt with at Solar City and Brad has been one of the most exceptional. I highly recommend Brad Crohurst as your solar consultant at Solar City.
Geri Barabin recommends Willie Watson
2 days ago
Working with Willie Watson was really great. He took so much time with all of my nervous questions and was very patient with me. I am giving out his cards to all interested people I meet. I can't wait to go on line. He is a five star representative for your company.
Roger Del Fiacco recommends Brad Crohurst
2 days ago
Brad explained everything to us, helped us through the paperwork and the construction. We've had the panels humming along for 3 years and they are saving over 75% of our electric costs. Our average bill is 100 per month for a 3,100 square foot home in Phoenix, AZ.

We did our research and had a few different companies give us their dog and pony show. Brad and Solar city were the only ones that took care of everything from start to finish. We did not have to deal with subcontractors , or SRP or the City of PHX, or the Trailside Point Home owners association. Brad took care of everything for us.
Kelly and Marie Gage recommends Brad Crohurst
2 days ago
Thanks for the help with our solar system! Our highest bill has been $13.96. Over the years we will be able to save so much money. Thanks for your help Brad.
Alex recommends Brad Crohurst
2 days ago
Brand was very professional and informative. Provided us with options and recommended the best fit for our needs even though this meant a lesser commission for him.
Jesse & Celeste recommends Brad Crohurst
2 days ago
Brad was very thorough and knowledgeable answering all our questions and concerns during the entire process. He was patient and made sure evening made sense to us. He was pleasant and professional at our solar party.
Scot & Sharon Cinnamon recommends Brad Crohurst
2 days ago
My wife, Sharon, and I met Brad Crohurst in April 2014 at our home in Maricopa, AZ. Brad is very professional, knows his product inside and out, and is very courteous. He did not push us to make a decision, but, rather helped us through the process of deciding whether it would benefit us. He explained the entire process in detail and was very easy to reach if we had questions. We are so glad we decided to work with Brad and Solar City because we have already seen great results. Solar City certainly has a wonderful employee in Brad!
Connie Sperrazza recommends Brad Crohurst
Disabled, Retired, and Mother.
3 days ago
I have had my Solar panels now for two full years and have been happy with them. In fact it has a lot to do with Brads help in showing me how I would save being on a fixed income and sharing with me his knowledge about Solar and how it would impact my lifestyle. He showed me how it worked in the summer and winter to my advantage and how I needed to stay on the time of use to help me out further. He took the time not only as a sales person but as a friend would do in showing me advantages and disadvantages to Solar.. The advantages won out but I needed time to consider it before I signed on the dotted line. When I final agreed he was with me from the beginning to the end and after that with my questions for him. He always has time for his clients. I would recommend him to anyone interested in Solar. I also would say he is a family man interested in people and making there life's more into the future without all the stress of large summer bills that we do have living in Arizona... When you see a bill in May of 40.00 you no you did the right thing going with Solar. Thank you Brad Crohurst.
Sue Root recommends Brad Crohurst
3 days ago
Brad was easy to work with and not high pressure. He explained the product and how it would help us and the environment. We highly recommend him. We have had several friend meet with Brad and have purchased Solar from Solar City through Brad.
Ray Dahdal recommends Brad Crohurst
3 days ago
Great person to work with, prompt, straight forward and honorable.
Calvin B recommends Brad Crohurst
3 days ago
I enjoyed working with Brad and appreciated his honesty. His follow-up and communication was good and he was very patient with all of my questions and concerns.
Ciera Jackson recommends Willie Watson
Dec 16, 2014
Willie was an acceptional representative and I would recommend him to any and everyone that I know. He explained the process to me very clearly and precise. He mad my experience a very pleasant one and I am glad that I had the opportunity to meet such a personable individual who is passionate about what they do.
Deborah A Hughes recommends Brad Crohurst
Retired USAF
Dec 16, 2014
I had contacted Brad as he was the person who coordinated with my sister when she had her solar panels installed. He discussed the program with me and the financial requirements. When I was not approved for the financing, we terminated our contact. Several months passed and then I got an email from Brad explaining a financing option that might work for me. We processed the paperwork and I was approved. The panels were installed within a 2 week period. He was knowledgable, courteous, and looking out for ways to help me go solar. I was especially impressed that he had not written me off but continued to watch for a program that might be of benefit for me. I have been very impressed with all steps of the solar program from the initial contact to the follow up maintenance, if required.
Tom Chenoweth recommends Brad Crohurst
Dec 16, 2014
Our experience with Brad was the way we wanted it to go. Very thorough, with in depth answers to all questions. We weren't exactly a tough sell, but he helped convince us that this choice is really a no brainer. You won't have to worry about the "hard sell" with Brad's presentation.
Ken & Cindy Bieth recommends Brad Crohurst
Dec 16, 2014
Brad was great. to work with. He is very knowledgeable and did an excellent job of explaining how solar works and what our options were. He was always there for us
.when we called him with a question and always pleasant and very helpful. We would highly recommend him.
Susan Briner recommends Brad Crohurst
Home Co-owner
Dec 16, 2014
My husband and I leased a solar system from Brad. We found him to knowledgeable re: both the solar system and the lease information. In fact, another company we interviewed called me and I informed them we were going with Solar City they said Solar City has the best leasing program available. We are both satisfied with the Solar system and with Brad. Even after our system was installed I called on Brad and asked him questions. He always had the answer and if he didn't he would as another employee who would know the answer.
David Henderson recommends Brad Crohurst
Solar Fan
Dec 16, 2014
Brad will be very helpful and thorough when he explains solar. He not only took his time but was very patient with us. My wife and I decided to go solar to try and save money. Not only do we save money but the entire system has exceeded our expectations. going solar is a no brainer for sure.
Sign up with Brad and solarcity today! Do not wait, do not think it over, ACT now!! It will be the best choice you have ever made.
Thomas Pierce recommends Brad Crohurst
Dec 16, 2014
Brad representing Solar City presented a program that allowed me to feel comfortable dealing with them on a large expense item. My relationship with SC/Brad had been nearly flawless in its execution and customer service. The installation of my system was completed as scheduled without complications and the service has been the best I have ever had with any service provider.
Everything was done as Brad had represented and he was available to answer any questions I had during and after the installation.
I offer my highest recommendation for Brad and Solar City.
Dennis, Sharon Legler recommends Brad Crohurst
Dec 16, 2014
It made the party of 15 or more a pleasant time, with Brad around the questions all answered and they mostly have their solars put up and are saving money and helping the enviroment. So would suggest you whom haven't decide, take a chance and have him at your phone.
Julie Quan recommends Brad Crohurst
Dec 16, 2014
Brad was most helpful in my decision to go solar. I had contacted other company's ,they were to pushy, one called me three times in one day! None of the others came to my house,Brad did.

When Brad came to my house he was able to answer all of my questions, showed me where the panels would go, how they would be put up, when they would be put up. Everything was done as expected and on time.

Thank you brad, I would recommend you to anyone.

the Solomon's recommends Brad Crohurst
Dec 15, 2014
Did a good job presenting the solar city product!
Sharon Cockerham recommends Brad Crohurst
home owner
Dec 15, 2014
I am an Arizona homeowner. My.ASP bill used to be.over $120.00 a month before installation of our solar. System. Now my bill is down to 40.00 a month after only a few months of use. And will eventually be paying me for the extra electricity produced by my system. That sure will be great. Especially during the hot summers. Solar City is a great company to work with. I am so glad to know them. Their representative Brad was and is so helpful. I am so glad I went solar.
Gail Scott recommends Brad Crohurst
Dec 15, 2014

I have been on the phone with Solar City and SRP trying to get answers as to why my bill is STILL the same as before. So far, I have not gotten a good, clear answer. When the total cost for 2013 is a few dollars less that 2014 and the usage is down, it does not make sense to me. My bill for Aug was 88.08, Sept $141.00 and Oct. $156. PLUS the cost of Solar City. To say I am disappointed in the unit is an understatement.

If you can help me understand this better, I would listen. The videos, etc. you sent did not help me at all.
Wayne beck recommends Brad Crohurst
Dec 15, 2014
Brad was very concerned about my Solar System install from the initial "Gathering of Information" proposal process, contract negotiations and options thru contract signing. Brad followed up during the install process and was always very responsive to answering ALL my questions during and after each phase of the Solar Install Process. Brad is not a salesman but a partner thru your adventure in receiving a great Solar System at a reasonable price.
Steve Petreshock recommends Brad Crohurst
Commercial real estate
Dec 15, 2014
My experience with Brad from day one has been a pleasure. It's nice to work with someone for a change that really knows their profession. He made the process, which is pretty technical, easy to understand. He has always been very professional and always returned my calls in a timely fashion. I think Brad is definately try an asset to your organization. And the best news of all, is that this system is doing what he said it would. In fact, I think it may even be more efficient than his original predictions.
Jeff Baker recommends Brad Crohurst
Dec 14, 2014
Brad is an awesome sales person!! He is very knowledgeable about Solarcity, answers all questions and follows up promptly. His style comes across as low pressure but very effective. I have sat in with a few friends who have also purchased solar and they all feel the same about his sales technique. I have nothing negative to say about this great guy!
Eric Coakley recommends Brad Crohurst
General Contractor
Dec 14, 2014
Hi, My name is Eric and I am a licensed General Contractor and a certified Home Inspector. I had Solar City install 39 solar panels on my roof 4 years ago and have been enjoying all the benefits that come with it ever since! First, the monthly savings. We save over $100 every month from our previous electrical bill prior to having the panels installed. Second, the great feeling we have knowing we are helping to offset the enormous energy demand by going Green! Third, complete peace of mind knowing we went with the best company out there doing business in this growing industry. Solar City has been very professional throughout the entire sales and installation process and Brad has been the one behind all of it. His expertise helped to bring my knowledge about solar up to speed and made the decision about going solar extremely easy. No high pressure sales tactics! He put together a solar package that fit our energy needs and then presented that package in clear simple terms that was easy to understand and has been right on target with his estimates about the yearly cost savings. In my line of work referrals can be costly and damaging to my overall reputation if those referrals don't deliver as promised. I can say with complete confidence that I highly recommend Solar City to install your solar system and Brad Crohurst to be your solar expert throughout the entire sales and installation process. He was there at the beginning of my solar journey and he's still here now four years later. Thanks Brad, your the best! If you have any concerns regarding your solar decision feel free to contact me. Eric Coakley (480) 262-1267
barbara & tony velez-vanore recommends Brad Crohurst
Dec 13, 2014
brad is great as a person, forgot he was a salesman for solar city, very thorough & his explanation of the solar contract & it's benefits were made very simple to understand without the confusion we usually expect from other companies trying to sell their products & the added benefit is we are saving SO MUCH money by having solar installed, so for us, having solar & brad as our representative is a bonus & a win, we would suggest brad all the time to get others interested in solar, solar city is LUCKY to have BRAD in their team & will be suggesting other homeowners to call him specifically to get solar installed on their homes
barbara & tony velez-vanore recommends Brad Crohurst
Dec 13, 2014
brad is great as a person, forgot he was a salesman for solar city, very thorough & his explanation of the solar contract & it's benefits were made very simple to understand without the confusion we usually expect from other companies trying to sell their products & the added benefit is we are saving SO MUCH money by having solar installed, so for us, having solar & brad as our representative is a bonus & a win, we would suggest brad all the time to get others interested in solar, solar city is LUCKY to have BRAD in their team & will be suggesting other homeowners to call him specifically to get solar installed on their homes
Joseph Kezele recommends Brad Crohurst
Dec 13, 2014
Brad Crohurt was so easy to work with, was fully informative, accurate and a pleasure to do business with. Everything happened just as he said it would, and when there was a leak after installation, Solar City jumped on it without any hassle at all. We are so pleased with our system from Solar City. The savings are real.
Lynda Nelson recommends Brad Crohurst
Dec 13, 2014
My name is Lynda and I would gladly take the time to write a recommendation for Bradley Crohurst.
Brad is very knowledgeable, personable and so pleasing to talk with. He was never one of those High Pressure Salespeople. I remember talking and laughing and enjoying our time, while at the same time, learning all about the solar program. I love my solar! SolarCity is incredibly professional, a High class product and the people who do the installation are top notch.
One day Brad stopped by just to say hi and visit briefly. All in all, he is a very good salesman and I have recommended him to many people.

Edward McGann recommends Brad Crohurst
Retired federal (supervisor)
Dec 12, 2014
I highly recommend that Brad Crohurst with Solar City because he helps deaf people to understand how the solar city tech./panels work, etc with the interpreter for deaf people, we the deaf people really need Brad and he is very good with deaf people. There will be more deaf people from across United States to move to Arizona in future. We are very pleased with Brad's lecture. We the deaf people thank Brad.

Edward McGann

Ronald Rich recommends Brad Crohurst
Retired CEO
Dec 12, 2014
Brad was knowledgable, responsive and provided great service in helping us make our decision to go solar. Thanks to Brad we've been up and running with zero issues since May 2013. I'd highly recommend him if you're exploring your solar options!
George Cannelos recommends Brad Crohurst
Dec 12, 2014
We highly recommend Brad for all your solar needs. He was a truthful and accurate salesman, a watchful inspector during installation, and an ongoing colleague as we enjoy production and occasionally need advice concerning how to interact with the power utility.
Mark Walkosz recommends Drew Manusharow
Dec 12, 2014
Drew is an excellent solar consultant and really understands the product. Would certainly recommend him to any of my friends or family.
Gladys Windham recommends Brad Crohurst
solar city customer
Dec 12, 2014
I enjoyed wirking with Brad Crohurst. He took the time to explain the solar solution to me and my husband. When ever I had questions about my account he was prompt at getting back to us ans even came back out to show me what to look at on my APS bill to understand the savings.
Marc Rougee recommends Brad Crohurst
House owner
Dec 12, 2014
Excellent advisor and very Professional follow-up.
Our experience with Brad is very positive and we are fully satisfied with the resulting Solar installation , after 1.5 years into it.
Anonymous recommends Brad Crohurst
Dec 10, 2014
I love my solar. Its the best decision I ever made.
Jess recommends Jim Gackle
Dec 4, 2014
My experience with Jim Gackle and Solar City was very enjoyable. Jim answered all my questions and give me all the information that I felt I needed. I know there are a lot of options out there to choose from when it comes to solar but it did not take me long to choose Solar City. Jim didn't make me feel like he was a usual salesman I felt that he was warm and understanding and cared for what he was doing. We appreciated him very much.
Thank you.
So far a satisfied client.
Diana Ervin recommends Drew Manusharow
Nov 30, 2014
Drew was fantastic to work with. He took the time to come to my house and walk me through the whole process of getting solar. Drew showed me where the panels would be located and how much money it will save me a month. Drew was knowledgeable and answered all my questions and concerns without making me feel uncomfortable or that I was a burden to him.

Once we agreed to move forward (a no brainer once Drew walked us through the savings) Drew was in regular contact with me letting know what to expect next in the process. As the process goes along I have told others in my neighborhood of how easier the process was and how simple Drew made the process.

I will continue to recommend Drew to all my friends and neighbor.
Gene and Diane Dull recommends Cara Sherman
new clients
Nov 28, 2014
People friendly, helpful, very knowledgeable, professional, respectful, detailed oriented!
Cynthia Carranza recommends Jay Cavrell
Nov 27, 2014
Enjoyed working with Jay very good at know the product and benefits of having Solar would highly recommend him to others
Melissa Fulton recommends Jim Gackle
Nov 25, 2014
Mr. Jim Gackle was great to work with. He was very knowledgeable about the service and how the process works. He was so patient with answering all of my questions. Whay I appreciated the most was I did not feel pressured to commit to anything. I was given time to make my decision and he has been available for any other questions.
Anonymous recommends Jim Gackle
Nov 25, 2014
i would recommend Jim Gackle as a solar city sales person he was very friendly and he has a lots smarts with the product he stuck it out with me until the end plus he still answers question i i need something.
Alison and Eric Van Brunt recommends Jim Gackle
Nov 25, 2014
Jim Gackle was amazing! He truly took the time to explain everything in detail, answer all of our questions, and go above and beyond to make sure that we were happy. I would definitely recommend him as we were so very pleased with him! Thank you Jim Gackle for all of your help!
Gary Timmons recommends Jim Gackle
Nov 21, 2014
Jim Gackle with solar city is very thorough and diligent in getting the solar job completed. He is professional and helped me to understand the savings and benefits of going full solar on my home.
Mark Jungwirth recommends Jim Gackle
Retired but active geek
Nov 21, 2014
Jim is an enthusiastic and talented SolarCity customer and representative. He did a great job of giving us all the facts and options. He was very low pressure, which is a requirement for us. His initial panel design turned out to be exactly as devised by the engineering folks. We enjoyed working with him very much.
Kathie Grant recommends Jim Gackle
Happy Customer
Nov 21, 2014
I really wrestled with the decision to go solar. As I thought about it, I realized no matter what I do, electric bills will continue to go up. I decided going solar made sense.
Every person I met that works for Solar City was polite, friendly, and willing to answer every question I had. I never felt pressure to sign up.
Premnath Sundharam recommends Drew Manusharow
Home Owner
Nov 21, 2014
Drew was fantastic to work with. He provided clear direction and helped us understand the benefits of their service and how they differ from their competition.
I would truly recommend Drew for your next solar installation.
Catherine Monaco recommends Jim Gackle
Home owner
Nov 19, 2014
Solar City, and Jim in particular, were honest and informative every step of the way. All my questions were answered, even after the installation was completed. I feel I have been delt with fairly with total transparency. My goal was two fold: reduce my carbon footprint and stabilize my power bill. Mission accomplished.
Rick Pendykoski recommends Jim Gackle
President Self Directed Retirement Plans LLC
Nov 18, 2014
My neighbor decided to go solar and chose Solar City. He was pleased with the sales representative Jim Gackle. I respect my neighbor's choices and I in turn contacted Jim. Jim was punctual, courteous and experienced. My situation was unique in the fact my wife and I were such prudent users of electricity with APS we only used 14% on peak power. Jim was honest and explained to us our new system would not be able to cover all of our on peak power but he would design a system to cover a majority of if. Our particular savings will not be tremendous in year one or two BUT it allows us a better comfort level of life in the hot summer afternoons because that was where we used to turn off the AC units under the plan we had with APS.
APS drags their feet with minutiae and Jim is very quick to respond when we receive another email from APS asking for this and that.
If you are thinking of going solar, you have may choices but I highly recommend you talk to Jim before making such an important decision.
Alison recommends Craig Schmidlin
Nov 13, 2014
We recently had our solar system installed, and all early indications are what Craig had predicted as to energy savings. Craig was meticulous and diligent in following our solar process from start to finish. We highly recommend Craig.
Josh Griggs recommends Jay Cavrell
Nov 6, 2014
Honestly did a great job and was not pushy for us to pick a system that we were not sure about. Gave us step by step instructions as far as the next steps in getting our system installed and running. I enjoyed you sitting down to see what system was going to be best for us and making sure we were going to have the most savings.
Murs-Ann Harbaugh recommends Drew Manusharow
Nov 6, 2014
If you're considering going solar please talk to Drew and tell him I sent you. He did a great job of walking us through what would take place if we opted in and letting us know what our options were for purchase or lease. He was a pleasure to work with and the process has moved along rapidly. We're installed and waiting for final approval from SRP. Thanks, Drew, for being a great representative for Solar City!
Carl W. Rhodes recommends Craig Schmidlin
Retired Civial Service, wirter, Engeneer.
Nov 5, 2014
Knowledgeable of the solar field and helpful with information. I find Craig to be outstanding in working for me. He is a great advocate for solar power and for me with his company. he also was very helpful in dealing with the briar patch of APS paperwork. Solar city and Craig did it all or helped me do it.
Mrs. Tammy McClintock recommends Drew Manusharow
Nov 1, 2014
Drew was amazing, he came to our home late in the afternoon to answer all of our questions. He was very polite and courteous. I would recommend Drew to anyone who is looking for an amazing business partner.
Mrs. McClintock
Prasan recommends Drew Manusharow
Venue Manager
Oct 29, 2014
Drew was great. He was very professional, courteous and very informative. As a result, I ended up getting a system. During my installation I had questions, he was very quick to get me answers. Thank you for your help throughout the installation process.

Don recommends Willie Watson
Oct 23, 2014
Willie was excellent. He answered all of my questions and was very knowledgeable about the process. He was prepared, organized and friendly. I am so excited to be generating my own power!
Anonymous recommends Caleb Antonucci
Oct 21, 2014
Caleb did a great job informing us about Solar City's product. He spent a lot of time working numbers and showing us how much we could save. He has done a lot of follow-up throughout the process and has answered any question we have had, along the way!
Also, all the Solar City people we have had contact with (workers and customer service folks), have been very helpful and very professional
Robert Ferrin recommends Drew Manusharow
Oct 14, 2014
Drew is very knowledgeable and understands how solar can save you money. He takes time to answer all your questions. He is not the typical high pressure in your face sales guy. Very refreshing. Highly recommend you won't be disappointed.
Paul Spatz recommends Don Harris
Solar City customer
Oct 11, 2014
It is seldom that one can say more than the normal nice things about a salesman-consultant, but this is one of those times. I have called Don Harris on several occasions, even two years after our solar purchase. He has always responded promptly and cheerfully. His knowledge of the product and the politics and policies involving solar in our area are tops. I have recommended Don to a number of prospective solar clients and they have all told me of a wonderful experience. When you use your name you don't want to be embarrassed and I am happy to say I've never been.
Larry Hall recommends Drew Manusharow
Sep 30, 2014
Outstanding saleman. Very intelligent. Knows product and believes in the product. All around nice person.
Stephen Massey recommends Drew Manusharow
Sep 29, 2014
Drew is very well mannered and a gentleman...He knows his product inside and out and stands by order to sell a product you need to believe in it and understand it...the decision to go ahead with solar was all mine, Drew lets you decide whether to go ahead with it or no hard feelings if you dont. He is not a pushy car salesman .SolarCity should be proud to have a person like him representing them.
Phoenix homeowners recommends Drew Manusharow
Public Service
Sep 29, 2014
We highly recommend Drew. We were always apprehensive to put solar on our home because we thought it would break the bank and quite frankly, our roof! After meeting with Drew Manusharow, we couldn't feel more comfortable about our decision to go solar! Drew's well prepared and knowledgeable consultation made our decision to go solar a no-brainer. All it took was meeting with the right person to show us that it would be a pain-less transition. Drew showed us how we would have a lower cost of electricity for CLEANER energy. And the roof is insured through SolarCity, so now we have the peace of mind we needed to move forward with putting solar on our home!
Thank you Drew for sharing your passion for clean energy and positive attitude about SolarCity to us and our community.
Christopher Lee May recommends Tami Prentice
Primary decision maker
Sep 29, 2014
Tami Prentice provided us with an easy to understand, sensible solution to our desire for a residential solar power solution. The level of professionalism combined with a genuine desire to find what was best for both Solar City and our home was noteworthy. I'm glad she was our sales rep. You rarely enjoy such a strong team player.
Anonymous recommends Drew Manusharow
Sep 28, 2014
Drew was a knowledgeable and passionate representative of solar city. He was personable and easy going and answered all of our questions. There was no pushy salesman attitude. I Highly recommend if your considering going solar talk to Drew at solar city. A+
Anonymous recommends Cara Sherman
Sep 15, 2014
Overall you seem to do a great job with presentation, but the system has not been connected yet, so I cant really give a completed recommendation till I see how it works and the savings start coming. But overall, presentation and install was good.

Fernando Coronado Jr.
Anthony recommends Cara Sherman
Sep 13, 2014
Very down to earth. Very easy to feel comfortable around and makes you feel like you can ask any questions comfortable.
Dave Miller recommends Cara Sherman
Retired Aero Engineer
Sep 13, 2014
Cara is a natural communicator and did an excellent job talking with an engineer (me) who has interfaced for over 30 years with similar engineers installing solar panels on many different types of satellites. Cara did not try to baffle me with the usual "sales-speak". She focused on the facts and advantages of the PV system without any high pressure sales. So refreshing in this day and age.
Dave & Bonnie Evans recommends Cara Sherman
Solar City customers as of June 2014
Sep 12, 2014
Cara Sherman represented Solar City well by clearly presenting options, answering our endless questions in a timely manner, researching questions she couldn't answer, connecting us with the correct people throughout the installation process, and conducting herself in our home in a professional and positive manner. Thanks to Cara, we can and will recommend Solar City to our neighbors in the Rio Verde Foothills.
Tim Miller recommends Cara Sherman
Sep 11, 2014
Cara was very professional with her presentation at our home.
Cara was very informative about the details of how solar would benefit us.
She shared all critical and pertinent information with us to help us make a good quality choice.

Most importantly at no time were we ever pressured to make a choice.

SolarCity was prompt with the installation and handled all paperwork to the city of Phoenix and with APS. It was a simple process.

We are very happy wit our solar system.
Dennis Bschor recommends Cara Sherman
Sep 11, 2014
Cara is very thorough, competent and smart. She has a delightful personality and her sales approach is low pressure and knowledgeable. she's welcome in our home anytime.
Cheryl Bschor recommends Cara Sherman
Owner of The Image, Skin and Spa Centre, LLC
Sep 10, 2014
Cara is a natural born sales person with a down to earth approach, which I personally enjoy. She does her due diligence and researches all the data to get the answers.

Her personality is light and fun, but persistent.

I would highly recommend her for any position that she is interested in.

She is a dedicated professional.
Richard Gordon recommends Jay Cavrell
Solar system customer
Sep 10, 2014
Jay was very diligent in arranging and meeting with us. He did an excellent presentation and completely explained the necessary details for our best value.
Lenna Hermiz recommends Jay Cavrell
Sep 9, 2014
Jay is very knowledgeable about Solar City and the product in which they offer. He is a very sweet person with a great personality! I would definitely recommend Jay to all my friends and family.
Gail haupt recommends Cara Sherman
Lady of the house
Sep 9, 2014
Cara was the person that came to our home to talk to us about solar. We found her to be very knowledgable and excited about the product too. She always got right back to us when I called her with questions and put us in touch with the right people to satisfy our needs. Thanks cara and we love solar !!!!
Sharyl Patton recommends Michael Fanizza
Sep 4, 2014
We have throughly enjoyed working with Mike. His professionalism and personable manner made the whole experience very pleasurable. Mike was always quick to respond to emails and find the answers we were looking for. I would highly recommend Michael Fanizza if you are looking for a representative to talk to about solar panels for your home.
Lawson recommends Michael Fanizza
Sep 4, 2014
Mike explained to us clearly that how the panels work, how the process goes, etc. He is professional and very good to work with. We definitely will recommend him to our friends.
Larry Y recommends Michael Fanizza
Sep 4, 2014
Going solar is a no brainer in AZ but Mike Fanizza from Solarcity is the primary reason we've decided to go solar with Solarcity.

He is very easy to talk to, explain everything in the easiest way possible and take his time to answer every question I have (during the initial at home visit and the many emails I sent his way).

His initial solar system design is extremely close to the final design so there is no surprise there. We are very happy to have Mike to work on our system.
Nichole Clinger recommends Michael Fanizza
Homeowner, Solar City Customer
Sep 3, 2014
Michael was great to work with! He answered all of my questions, was patient while I did research on the product and never made me feel pressured. If he didn't have the answer for us, he would contact his supervisor and get an answer for us. I highly recommend Michael and really enjoyed working with him - he is a great to Solar City!
Veronica Mutka recommends Jim Gackle
Owner of home
Sep 3, 2014
I would recommend Jim very highly. He is very knowledgeable and personable. Easy to talk to and very truthful.
Nick Gombar recommends Jim Gackle
Aug 29, 2014
Jim Gackle was very professional and helped me out in making the great decision to go solar. I recommended Jim to several of my friends and family members and a few of them purchased units. Jim was more then helpful through out the entire process and continues to check on things after the purchase was made. He had outstanding customer service.
Rex and Darcy Snyder recommends Chaz Totschek
Regular ol' couple
Aug 28, 2014
In June, Chaz came knocking at our door. My husband answered the door and was outside talking to him for several minutes. I thought he needed rescue so I went to tell him he had a phone call. He came inside and told me it was a guy from Solar City and he was getting some paperwork for us. I went to the door and ask Chaz, "how much" and Chaz said it costs us nothing. That got him inside. We sat and talked to Chaz and not once did we hear "I'm not sure" or "I don't know" or "I THINK so". Chaz knew all of the answers to our questions and he explained everything very well. He made sure all paperwork was completed and that we are excited about becoming Solar City customers. What a wonderful experience and it made it even better with Chaz! We had our panels installed and are now waiting for APS to get their "blessing of the controls" completed! Thank you Chaz for helping us save money, the environment and lots of water!
Kenneth Adams recommends Jim Gackle
Home Owner
Aug 26, 2014
To whom it my concern:

An appointment was set up with Jim on August 14, 2014 for 3:00 PM. Jim was very prompt and on time for the appointment.
Jim met with my wife and I, he gave a brief introduction of himself and how he became involved with Solar City as an employee.
Jim further begun telling my wife and I about how the solar systems worked, what we could expect from the system. Jim was able to answer all of questions and provide us with examples of what our saving would be. Jim spent about 2 hours going over all the aspects of installing a solar system on our home, I informed Jim that we would get back to him within a couple of days as to what we had planned on doing.
On Monday, August 18, 2014, I called Jim to tell him that we wanted to move forward, at which time all the required paper work was sent to us, an audit was scheduled, the design has been completed and we are now waiting for the final designs to be sent to us to present to our HOA.
e have been very pleased with Jim and all of his help with the process, we have recommended Jim and Solar City to several of our friends who are also interested with the solar systems.
Jim has done an outstanding job.

Kenneth and Delores Adams
16400 W. Pierce Street
Goodyear, AZ
Marinor recommends Jay Cavrell
Aug 22, 2014
Jay did a great job explaining the solar process with us. We did not feel pressured at all. Thanks Jay!
Sherry Harris recommends Chaz Totschek
Vice President, Bevintel Arizona
Aug 22, 2014
Chaz Totschek, sales rep with Solar City, has been amazing to work with over the past 6 weeks! We first contacted Chaz because he was referred by friends to take advantage of Solar City's 20 year lease with no out of pocket costs. We have looked into getting solar panels before but the price was just too high. Through this plan we have paid $0 and our energy bill hasreduced by about $175/month! The entire process has been very easy and the time invested for the process has been minimal. Chaz has taken care of all of the paperwork and expertly guided us through each step. He is very informative and easy going which has made it a very pleasurable experience. I would highly recommend Solar City and especially Chaz to anyone!
Jason & Nancy recommends Drew Manusharow
Aug 18, 2014
Drew is an awesome guy. He understands and fully believes in the work he does. Whenever we have had a question he has always been able to answer it. He is very reliable and great with his communication skills. We knew about solar before, but he has taught us so many different things about it. He takes the time to explain things and does not pressure you into going with solar unless you understand it and believe in it.
Don Hall recommends Drew Manusharow
Ramp Lead
Aug 17, 2014
If it was not for Drew and his professional way and excellent personality I might not even given getting solar another chance. Drew is very proffesional and is not this hard sell type of guy. He informs without being pushy.And is willing to take the time and explore every possible option to save you the most money. The final decision is what you want... By the way a pushy salesman would not even get his big toe into my house!!!
He is very knowledgeable in his field and continues to follow through with every phase of the project. I actually consider him a new friend .
Anonymous recommends Drew Manusharow
Aug 16, 2014
Drew has been very helpful, attentive to our needs and questions, and has been friendly throughout the process of getting solar panels on our home. He is highly recommended due to the professionalism of his work, and courtesy of his customers service.
Cory Kahabka recommends Jay Cavrell
Aug 1, 2014
Jay made the whole process very easy. Once he came over and met with my wife and I, it was really an easy decision. We don't have our panels on yet, but the process has been going smoothly. We are super excited to be getting solar. Thank you, Jay!
Yvonne Lampi recommends Jay Cavrell
Jul 30, 2014
Jay has been great from the start. He has kept us informed and has answered our questions very promptly. We appreciate his help with our solar project.
Robert & Jackie Peterson recommends Jay Cavrell
Jul 28, 2014
Jay Cavrell was wonderful to work with,he explained every thing about the system.He made the process easy. Would recommened Jay to all are friends and family.
john cavallo recommends Don Harris
Retired Financial Services industry exec
Jul 28, 2014
Don has been extremely helpful in allowing us to become energy efficient and less reliant on the utility. I will, and have recommended Don to all those who want to accomplish this goal.
Wade recommends Drew Manusharow
Jul 17, 2014
Drew did a great job and answered all out questions. He was on time and professional. I would recommend him to anyone lookin to go solar.
David Vaughn recommends Drew Manusharow
Senior Manager
Jul 17, 2014
I have been considering Solar Energy at home for some time. Drew not only has breen highly informative with every step in the process but he has also thoroughly explained how solar energy for the home works. He has stayed constantly connected with us so we are fully aware of what will happen next and when. He has made sure that each process step is completed in a timely and professional manner. Drew and solar city exemplify professionalism from the very first contact all the way through each subsequent step. There has never been a minute that we were not aware of what was happening as why. I would highly recommend solar city, especially Drew as your choice to move your energy Consumption to a more green process.
J. Glavan recommends Drew Manusharow
Jul 15, 2014
He was very friendly and knowledgable about solarcity. He truly had a passion for the business. During his time at my house he advised me on the different solutions for my house. He wanted to educate me more than anything to ensure I understood my decision. He was not overly pushy or salesmen like, it was like having a friend tell me about their new television. I enjoyed having Drew to my house and will recommend him to my friends and family that are considering solar power.
G&G recommends Drew Manusharow
Jul 7, 2014
While we ultimately decided to push off getting solar panels until we fix our rooftop air conditioning, we were very impressed with Drew's salesmanship and knowledge of his product. He sat with us and patiently explained everything until we understood. He spent a lot of time preparing for our meetings and took our questions seriously. He made sure to follow up with us. We are definitely referring him to our friends and hope to get our own solar panels one day!
Tara Gregor recommends Jay Cavrell
Jul 2, 2014
Jay was very knowledgeable and friendly when it came to explaining the benefits of getting solar panels through Solar City! He was very accommodating and we appreciated his patience when answering our questions. We would highly recommend Jay Cavrell!
Jackie Gandara recommends Drew Manusharow
Jul 1, 2014
I am recommending Drew Manusharow Sr. Field Energy Consultant from Solar City
He is very knowledgable and helped my husband and I as customers better understand green energy and solar . He also was very professional and personable at the same time and took the time to answer all our questions in a helpful manner. We look forward to continue working with him as we move forward in our journey going solar and are very excited to have him continuing to help us along with that journey. I would recommend Drew to any friends and family as well and look forward to doing so.
Sergei recommends Drew Manusharow
Jun 28, 2014
Great service. Fast response to any and all questions. The process was extremely easy and smooth. Highly recommended. Thank you!
Pamela Spence recommends Drew Manusharow
Solar power customer
Jun 18, 2014
Drew is professional in his customer interaction. He is knowledgable about solar power and follows his customers through the whole process with lots of patience.
Ronald Lee Phillips recommends Jay Cavrell
Engineer Technician, Intel Corporation
Jun 13, 2014
Jay, I am so glad I met you, besides being professional, knowledgeable , about a great product, it was like you were a long term great friend, even though we had just met. You were very easy to talk with and patient with answering my never ending question my wife and I had. I thought old fashioned customer service was a by gone era until, Solar City sent you as our consultant. If I ever got in the business I would want to emulate your style, because it is the way I love to do business. , Thanks again, and don't change a thing. Take Care Ron and Gwen Phillips
Paul and Rosemarie Kelly recommends Jay Cavrell
Happy new customers!
Jun 12, 2014
Jay was great. He answered all of our questions and he answered them promptly.
He was very knowledgeable of the product which also helped us in making our decision.
We highly recommend him to anyone!
Shelby recommends Jay Cavrell
homeowner and accountant
Jun 11, 2014
Jay answered all of our questions and went through all the costs and potential savings with us.
Perry recommends Drew Manusharow
Proud New Solar City Customer
Jun 10, 2014
Drew is awesome, and honest. His passion is unbelievable! you can't go wrong with him. I consider him more than just a salesmen, but a friend. I'd recommend him any day of the week. He rocks!!!
James Daab recommends Drew Manusharow
Jun 7, 2014
Very professional and knowledgeable about his job. He breaks everything down for you so you understand.
Linda and Howard Zell recommends Drew Manusharow
Jun 5, 2014
Drew, it was a pleasure to meet you and you certainly did offer us exceptional service and great explanations. you are very well versed in the solar panel field. linda and howard zell”
William recommends Drew Manusharow
Jun 5, 2014
Drew was well spoken in the energy field. He did a full walk through of our current energy consumption, engaged in conversation about what we are currently doing and how we use energy. While we were in the house he packaged it all up and showed us how he put everything together. We were impressed with the customization that SolarCity has to offer as well as thrilled to spend time talking about how everything ties together for us. Not to mention he took time out of his day to sit and talk afterwards with us. We recommend you have a consultation about SolarEnergy with Drew Manusharow.
Noel Saverino recommends Jay Cavrell
Retired teacher
May 30, 2014
Jay was very thorough and clear in his explanation of each step of the process. His enthusiasm was there without being "pushy." The presentation was not too long as to get boring.
Bianca & Hal Archamnbeau recommends Jay Cavrell
May 13, 2014
Our new solar experience with Mr. Jay Cavell was awesome!

He came to our home last Saturday and thoroughly explained our new adventure into the solar panel world! He is very patient and knowledgeable of this great product that we hope the world will grasp very soon!

It is not only great to our environment but will save us in the long run over time with our electricity bills. Our only regret was not hearing about this great system years ago!

If you are interested in this great experience, I highly recommend talking with Mr. Jay Cavrell and he will answer EVERY question you may have and will take away all the DOUBTS that you may have in thinking about getting this great system.

Thank you so much again Jay for your time and knowledge. We so look forward to our new system being installed very soon.! :) Keep up the great enthusiasm and work that you do in order to make our environment one great place to be!!
David Ray recommends Jay Cavrell
May 10, 2014
Jay was very professional and presented the material in a very understandable way. His prior research on my property and energy usage was very well done.
David Rasley recommends Doyle Dreesen
Apr 29, 2014
I would highly recommend Doyle Dressen and Solar City to anyone considering going solar. Doyle completely described what we would save and the complete plan of action to get us up and running using solar energy. Doyle and all of the staff at Solar City that we dealt with were friendly, informative, prompt in their action, in short, true professionals!
Apr 24, 2014
Thank you for all your help in getting our solar up and running. We are looking forward to helping with our footprint and a savings of our resources financially. Thanks again for your diligence and positive attitude.
Anonymous recommends Chris Maddox
Apr 15, 2014
If it wasn't for your sales man I wouldn't have order the solar system without his knowledge and expertise.
Apr 14, 2014
The entire experience with Jamie and Solar City was Great! Jamie did a great job with getting me signed up and getting the ball rolling. She was there every step of the way to answer any questions I may have had. The entire process went very smooth and flawless.

Thank you Jamie and the entire Solar City Team.

Apr 12, 2014
Jamie has been very cooperative and supportive during the initial phase of our research for solar installation at our home in California. She explained the system well, arranged for house inspection and then followed up until the installation was completed. Part of the reason we have the system is because of her support and honestt approach.
Debbie Layton recommends Jamie Eldrett - Sr. Energy Consultant, SolarCity
Dog Palace Event Coordinator
Apr 11, 2014
Jamie was great. Not pushy at all, just very helpful and knowledgeable. When I had questions she couldn't answer, she didn't "bluff," but rather FOUND the answer and got back to me later. (As a side note, a friend of mine in San Diego dated a guy who sold SolarCity systems, and he was a shameless shark, saying whatever he thought would make a sale!)

Jamie stayed in touch once she sealed the deal.

I have always wanted to have solar panels on my roof. And now I have them!

I will certainly recommend Jamie to anyone interested in solar power. After enduring a string of pushy contractors giving me outrageous quotes on a new roof (some over $20k), it was awesome to hear some reasonable prices, which certainly seemed in line, according to people I know who have solar systems.

I will certainly send some business your way if I have the chance!
Lanora Smith recommends Doyle Dreesen
Apr 11, 2014
Doyle has been wonderful to work with. He is friendly and professional and definitely "no pressure". Because he is so knowledgeable, questions are easily answered. Doyle took care of the few questions that came up during the installation process by forwarding my email to the proper person. I would highly recommend Doyle and Solar City!!!!
Fred Spriester recommends Doyle Dreesen
Home Owner
Mar 31, 2014
Doyle was very patient and explained all questions we had both before and through the entire installation process. This is our first experience with Solar and we are thankful we had him to work with. He is customer focused and a pleasure to work with. He stepped in on our behalf when changes were suggested by solar city corporate and he was our go between to resolve any issues. We are happy to recommend Doyle.
Bill and CJ W recommends Chris Maddox
Homeowners who want to be green
Mar 25, 2014
Jay has been awesome to help us out with our solar panel project. We love the fact that SolarCity will help us have solar power on a lease basis when we've heard how much neighbors have paid to have solar panels.

Jay had the facts and answered all our questions, calmed our fears as he let us know how much money we would be saving each month. When it came to any after-the-sale questions or help with our HOA, Jay was there for us to take care of things. A quick email or call, and things were done.

We know we can call or email Jay at any time with any question, and all will be well.

Kudos to Jay!

Mary Ann Bolyog recommends Doyle Dreesen
Feb 28, 2014
I was very happy with Doyle's presentation for Solar City. He was very informative and knowledgeable about the system. He took time to answer my questions and explain the contract. He also was helpful with questions I had after the contract was signed. He has always been available for any help that I needed,
mhk recommends Jay Cavrell
Feb 22, 2014
Jay Cavrell is very professional and knowledgable. His presentation was thorough and answered all my questions. I also appreciate his follow up emails asking if I had any questions, all done with a no-pressure attitude.
Derek Smigiel recommends William Moskalik
Commercial Real Estate Broker
Feb 13, 2014
Will did an excellent job in facilitating a smooth transaction. There were many road blocks to getting my system set up but Will was always on top of the best solution. he was very responsive if I ever had any questions and I would highly recommend him to any future clients. I am very satisfied with my system and the quality of work on all ends.

Thanks again!
Satish Namjoshi recommends Don Harris
Feb 12, 2014
Don Harris our Solar city consultant sales person is just amazing , he is sharp ,knows his stuff explains the Solar jargon well and is very prompt getting back as far as any questions about the process of getting the solar system up and running . My experience of the solar city lease is very positive because of Don.
Pam Thompson recommends Jamie Eldrett - Sr. Energy Consultant, SolarCity
Feb 11, 2014
I still hate APS but i love the fact we dont have to send them so much money i tell everyone about my solar panels i tell them how much i save and tell everyone how easy it was. Thanks again you guys were great!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brea Moore recommends Brian Dietz
Cosmetologist/Small Business Owner
Feb 7, 2014
I really enjoyed working with Brian. He was very professional, knowledgeable and patient. He listened to and made sure he understood all my questions and concerns and was very thorough in explaining everything to me. If there was something he wasn't sure about he made notes to get the answer for me. And even after meeting with me he has still been available to me for any further questions or concerns and is extremely prompt in responding to me.
Mary Jane Loudenburg recommends Brad Crohurst
Solar City new customer
Jan 27, 2014
Brad knows his stuff! He also is there to help you or explain anything you don't understand. He was able to show us the savings on his computer, but also he made it very easy to understand how it works. Brad is truly professional and caring about his clients.
Ronald Rich recommends Brad Crohurst
Jan 27, 2014
Highly knowledgable and very responsive
Novelle Ballard recommends Jay Cavrell
Retired attorney
Jan 22, 2014
Jay was punctual, made a very comprehensive and easy to understand computer presentation. He allowed me to ask questions and responded to my questions and concerns. His follow up has been very helpful and professional. He has kept me in the "loop" as I have progressed in the process. I will happily recommend him and Solar City to friends and contacts.
Rowland Prestwick recommends John Urban
Jan 18, 2014
A great presentation. Answered all questions clearly
Terry& Marilyn Eickstaedt recommends Lena Davenport
Jan 16, 2014
Wife and I have had a great experience with Solar City and it started with Lena Davenport and continued with the rest of her company . including installation and final assembly, this is one of the best companies I have ever dealt with..My system is working and saving us money,.Thank you
Bob Feddersen recommends Doyle Dreesen
Jan 10, 2014
Doyle is a straightforward, no pressure sales rep who follows up with his clients to ensure that their expectations are met or exceeded.
Cheryl Jensen recommends John Urban
Dec 12, 2013
I had the privledge of meeting with John in regards to having solar as an energy source for our home. He was very informative and helpful in our desire to use solar power for our home, I feel if you are seriously interested in understanding what options are out there and information on how it will benefit you, John is the go to man.
Anita T Craig recommends Chris Maddox
Dec 6, 2013
My entire experience with Chris Maddox and Solar City has been nothing but professional. It's amazing to believe, but it's true that they do everything for you. From start to finish I have been educated about solar energy and I can honestly say that I am excited and very pleased.
Sharon & John recommends Ken Celebucki
Dec 6, 2013
Dealing with Ken is a pleasant experience. There is no 'hard sell' with Ken and his calm demeanor is refreshing. Ask questions, ask more questions, call him, email him and you will always be responded to in a very timely manner and he'll never treat you like you are too bothersome. If there is something he can not answer, he will find out the answer for you. Ken is honest in his approach to you and the product so you can trust what he says.

You can't miss with Ken and Solar City!
Douglas Palmquist recommends David Kingston
Retired Airline Captain
Dec 4, 2013
David is a person who consistently demonstrates unassailable integrity and honesty. I have come to have a great deal of respect for his high standards of personal character. It is without hesitation that I recommend David and am honored to do so. In todays world it seems people like David are a bit of a rarity. He sets a enviable example for young and old.
Gina B recommends Don Harris
Nov 19, 2013
Don was fantastic and a great resource in helping me go with solar! He was friendly, approachable and very low pressure. He answered all my questions thoroughly and completely. He empowered me with all the material I needed to make the decision to go solar ... and I'm glad I did!
Dan M recommends John Urban
Nov 16, 2013
John Urban clued me in to the benefits of a contract with Solar City; how I could lock in savings over a long period of time, and the process involved. Thanks John!
David Hope recommends Chris Maddox
Home owner
Nov 8, 2013
I highly recommend Chris Maddox, he explained all details of our solar installation including answering all of our questions. He was very through in his presentation.
Lance & Gail Cansdale recommends John Urban
Home owners
Nov 5, 2013
To whom it may concern
Recently we had an oppertunity to unite with one of your represenativs, regarding Solar Care. Altho we are elderly and live on a small pention. your representive John Urban spent time and information with us. What a pleasure to get complete information to answer all penetrating questions. You should be proud of your reprasenative who will go a long way forward. People say I am thankful to have a job, altho while I am sure John is thankful to have this job, you should be thankful and proud that you have him working for you. It has been a real joy working with him.
Ed Force recommends Don Harris
Nov 3, 2013
I highly recommend Don Harris who is an outstanding sale person who understands the solar industry. He friendly, sincere, easy to work with and helpful in determining your solar needs.
Suzanne Michaels recommends Don Harris
Nov 1, 2013
Don Harris helped us to understand what purchasing solar would mean to us now and in the future. Our purchase of solar is one of the best investments we have ever made. I appreciated our contacts with Don because it was not a one time deal. He has been accessable to us during the whole process. We trusted his expertise and the answers to our many questions. I always felt Don was here for us.
Steve L recommends Don Harris
Valley Fire Captain
Nov 1, 2013
I am impressed with Solarcity's professionalism from start to finish of my solar project. They are responsive, efficient, keep an open line of communication, and are easy to work with for your solar needs. The process has been fluid, with all deadlines met. I look forward to seeing future saving as we move forward to flip the solar switch.
Paul Spatz recommends Don Harris
Solar City user
Nov 1, 2013
It is rare that when dealing with a company representative it can be a rewarding experience. From the moment Don entered our home my wife and I were impressed with his knowledge, demeanor and willingness to answer any and all questions no matter how trivial they may have sounded to anyone in the industry. I have also called him when a problem arose with my going offline and he quickly responded and provided a rapid solution to the problem. It is a privilege to write a recommendation for him.
Peggy and Dick Staples recommends Ken Celebucki
Educators, Happy Solar Home Owners
Oct 30, 2013
We give Ken our very highest recommendation. He is both extremely professional and personable. Ken is available when needed; his follow - up is quick and thorough. In addition to doing a great job, he is just a really nice, honest person. We couldn't ask for more in helping our solar installation come to fruition.
Roberto Reveles recommends Lena Davenport
Dedicated to improving everyone's quality of life
Oct 29, 2013
Lena Davenport is a most welcoming and informative resource for anyone interested in using a solar system for their household energy needs. She explained the system in a credible and understandable way that helped me decide to go solar. I had for some time been thinking of the environmental and economic reasons why I should consider using a solar system. Lena provided me with detailed information that helped me make an informed decision which I celebrated with today's commissioning of my solar system. It's on and I'm thoroughly satisfied with the process that led me to this exciting day. Let our Arizona sun bring you the energy you need, and let Lena guide you to celebrating a solar system in your household.
Michael F. Riley III recommends Kevin Brownsey
Retired Lawman
Oct 23, 2013
I purchased 48 panels for my home in Sundance Adult Community here in Buckeye, AZ. It was the best investment that I have ever made regarding my home. I have saved money and have a great feeling about helping my community and state with clean energy. The SolarCity Company has been great to work with and I have recommended them to all the residence in our Adult Community. During a big wind storm that hit our area two months ago there were several other solar companies panels that were ripped off the roofs due to faulty installation. However, all of the work done by SolarCity stayed perfectly in place. They were very professional when they installed my panels and their Service Dept was exceptional to work with. They kept us informed at every step of installation and have always been there to answer my questions...24/7. I would highly recommend this company and it's sales representative, Kevin Brownsey, to everyone.
Matt Steele recommends Kevin Brownsey
Sr. Vice President
Oct 23, 2013
I recently had Solar City install solar on my house in Scottsdale. Kevin Brownsey was great throughout the entire process. He is passionate about solar, and builds excitement for solar and Solar City. He is definitely a great ambassador for your company and has me excited to track my solar production and savings. I am looking forward to it.
Dennis and Susan recommends Doyle Dreesen
Homeowner and solar customer
Oct 23, 2013
Yesterday, I wrote a recommendation for SolarCity and forgot to mention the wonderful work done by Doyle Dreesen to get the ball rolling on this project and to provide input and assistance along the way. Doyle first worked with my parents and other family members on their installations so I already had good recommendation for both SolarCity and Doyle. I would like to add that Doyle offered up his expertise from beginning to end of this installation and he offered a great welcome to the SolarCity organization.
Thanks Doyle and I wish you the best for your future.
John & Verdie Blevins recommends John Urban
Oct 23, 2013
John is a very pleasant, thoughtful person, willing to answer any questions you might have. We appreciated doing business with him
Dennis recommends Doyle Dreesen
Home Owner
Oct 22, 2013
Even though my answers show directly that I had an excellent result, I think that I should add that I am not easily impressed and that I am very impressed by the quality of your organization and the delivery of this product. I have been in the energy business for over thirty years and never have I seen such excellence coupled with high standards and an energized team. My background is in SCADA/EMS systems and I have recently (the past 5 years) had the opportunity to work on large scale wind and solar projects around the United States including various mid-size to large scale utility connected solar sites in my home state of Arizona. With my background I am involved with the interconnection process along with turn-up and commissioning. In my experience, your company has shown me that this process can be done much better by both utility companies and the various companies that build and operate these independent generators. Your model from sale, design, installation, inspection and commissioning is very tight and the results are very good. Thank you for your support and I am glad that I have chosen a high performing company to manage my solar installation.
Leo recommends Doyle Dreesen
Oct 21, 2013
Doyle was very helpful in explaining the solar system to us. We were happy for his help and honesty in helping us get our solar system set up and answered our questions when we called for more information. We would recommend him to anyone interested in looking into solar systems.
Sheila recommends Ken Celebucki
Forest Service
Oct 17, 2013
I highly recommend Ken Celebucki to facilitate going solar. It was the easiest thing I've ever done, and I was spoonfed through the entire process. There was absolutely no burden on me because of Ken's knowledge & guidance. Ken is very quick to respond to all my questions, and there was no such thing as a 'stupid question'. Ken is highly professional, and is a true asset to Solar City. It's all been a very positive experience.
Dicy Apperson recommends Ken Celebucki
Oct 16, 2013
Ken is a very personable sales person, knowledgeable about Solar and very helpful in the negotiation process as well as afterwards. We had a leak in the roof after Installation of the panels, SC followed up, fixed the roof and the drywall. I feel confident in recommending him and Solar city for your solar needs.
Lisa Pewe recommends Doyle Dreesen
Solar City customer
Oct 11, 2013
Doyle was a pleasure to work with. He was extremely knowledgeable of all aspects of the product and the service. He continued to work out options until I found on that worked best for me. I would highly recommend working with him and Solar City!
Jeanne V. recommends Ken Celebucki
Oct 10, 2013
Ken is a very well informed agent for Solar City.
He was punctual, and got right to the point during the time set aside for his presentation.
He has a good personality, easy to talk, and listen to. He answered all questions as they
were thrown at him.

Betty Henderson recommends Ken Celebucki
Rev. Dr.
Oct 9, 2013
I know Ken Celebucki to be a very informative and knowledgeable concerning Solar Energy. His explanation concerning the cost, installation, and benefits was both interesting and convincing. I believe Ken is an excellent example of a young man who "walks his talk," and is both compassionate and supportive to those who need a little extra help in getting what needs to be submitted in for installation. I highly recommend Ken as an excellent and honest representative for Solar City.
PALMER & SALLY kAIL recommends Ken Celebucki
Oct 8, 2013
Ken was very nice, knowledgeable and helpful in obtaining our solar system, which is great! He took his time and explained everything clearly. Kudos to you Ken!
Shari & Bill Hill recommends Ken Celebucki
Solar City Customers
Oct 7, 2013
Ken Celebucki is the Solar City representative through whom we leased our photovoltaic system. We had lots and lots of questions and Ken very patiently walked us through the entire project. The entire process exceeded our expectations. In fact, we were so pleased with the results, that we have continued to work with Ken using Solar City's refrerral program to help other folks start saving money on their electricity and enjoy the benefits of using solar power.
bill pierce recommends Ken Celebucki
Oct 6, 2013
Ken is a breath of fresh air! He arrived at our home in an energy efficient vehicle and focused on our needs and questions from the start! He is a consummate professional who knows solar energy and is willing and able to explain all the factors in clear english to us. There was no sales pitch nor pressure, just a great review of our energy use and the options that were available to us with Solarcity to save our energy costs while helping the environment. I highly reccomend Ken for his honesty, communications skills and knowledge of solar energy!
Rita recommends Ken Celebucki
Oct 5, 2013
I really enjoyed working with Ken. He was very helpful, professional and always available to answer any questions I may have had. Ken made this major purchase for me very easy.
Nancy Gravelot recommends Ken Celebucki
Retired, keeping busy by Long-arm Quilting and Wood Carving
Oct 5, 2013
If you are interested in "Going Green", you could not find a better person than Ken Celebucki to explain what Solar equipment can provide for you. Here is a low key, none pressure representative of Solar City, who will walk you through what it is all about. The decision to choose this product is left up to you.
Should you choose to do so, Ken will be available to answer any questions you may have, not only before, but after installation of the product. He is one of the most helpful representatives of a company that I have ever encountered.
We are very satisfied with our solar system.
Larry and Jean Snyder recommends Ken Celebucki
Oct 5, 2013
A very pleasant and efficiant company to work with. Ken was an excellent representative who we feel did a good job for us.
Debbie Flores recommends Ken Celebucki
Oct 5, 2013
My husband and I had Ken come to our home for a consultation in order to understand the pros and cons of having solar installed on our home, this was in December 2012. Ken was very articulate and he spent a long time explaining how solar works. Ken has a thorough knowledge of solar and you couldn't ask for a more informed person. In May 2013 we had our solar installed on our RV garage. Ken was easy to work with and answered our questions promptly.
Charles and Deanna Poston recommends Lena Davenport
Oct 3, 2013

We invited Lena Davenport to our home to discuss obtaining solar power. We felt we were too old to buy as we would never see the benefits, but since we lease the lines from APS, we decided to lease the panels from Solar City. Lena answered all our questions before we decided, and the company followed through on everything as they had stated they would. We have been very pleased with the reduction in our energy bills.

What is so great about Lena is her follow-through. Not only does she answer all your questions up front, but will continue to answer questions one might have after beginning to use the solar.

We have been most pleased with her helpfulness and with Solar City. If only all salespeople were as courteous and informative!!!

Ed Wise recommends Doyle Dreesen
System owner
Sep 26, 2013
To whom it may concern,
I am very happy to recommend Solar City to anyone considering to purchase a solar system for their home.
And, I also recommend Doyle Dressen as the perfect sales person to work with you in defining the optimum system for your needs and the best financial package available to you.
As an electrical engineer, I had many question about the optimum setup for each home's solar system. Doyle worked close with me in defining each homes system and physical layout to meet my request and meet the APS requirements. The Solar City installation teams for both systems were very personable, polite, and always left a clean work area. My wife and sister greatly appreciated that.
To date, both systems are working flawlessly, and are offsetting 100% of the KW usage.
Best regards,
Don recommends Doyle Dreesen
Sep 17, 2013
Doyle was easy to work with, he answered all of our questions, and he was knowledgeable about his product. He has a high level of integrity, and we would encourage anyone to work with him. We are very pleased with Doyle and Solar City.
Dr. Russell Barnes, PMP, SDI recommends Doyle Dreesen
Executive Project & Program Manager
Sep 7, 2013
From the very beginning of our business relationship, Mr. Dreesen was the consummate professional. He was technically knowledgeable, articulate, approachable with my questions, thorough with his answers and consistent with feedback when promised. I have no hesitation recommending Doyle as your SolarCity representative to get you started with your solar opportunity.
Sep 1, 2013
Jamie was excellent to work with. She was very professional, friendly and very knowledgable about the product she sells. It was a pleasure working with her!
Steve& Margaret Hall recommends Jamie Eldrett - Sr. Energy Consultant, SolarCity
Sep 1, 2013
Jamie and all the Solar City employee's were wonderful to deal with the hole process was very long but everything went smooth. Jamie has gone out of her way to make sure I have Solar information to give out to people that are interested in Solar. We are recommending Solar City to anyone who will listen
Patrick Coons recommends Jamie Eldrett - Sr. Energy Consultant, SolarCity
Aug 31, 2013
Jamie Eldrett was our first contact and person who informed us about everything a person would want to know regarding the use of solar panels. She was very informative and helpful every step of the way without ever make us feel pressured. At the same time, she was ready to guide us through any of the various steps if we needed her assistance.

I would highly recommend Jamie to anyone who would like to receive information regarding Solar City and the use of solar energy.

The process so far has been very painless and very well coordinated, not just by Jamie but by each person who has had a role representing Solar City.
Susan Frederick recommends Doyle Dreesen
Jul 29, 2013
My husband and I met Doyle through a friend of ours. He was professional and very knowledgeable. We were so impressed that we signed up for solar immediately. Thanks, Doyle.
Rocco & Wanda Christofaro recommends Lena Davenport
Jun 26, 2013
We were very pleased with the solar presentation that Lena gave. We had several other Solar presentations and Lena's was by far the most professional and informative. She explained everything so it was understandable and her estimate of costs appears right on.
From her first visit till the solar was connected Lena and the Solar City crew kept us informed of the status of our project and answered all our concerns.
We would highly recommend Lena.
Rick recommends Lena Davenport
Jun 25, 2013
I got my first real electric bill last week. What I mean by real is that it is the first one where I can do a real comparison from last year to this year. The results were right on target with your projections. Last year I used around 2400+ KW and my bill was 352.10. This year my KW usage dropped to 1400+ KW. My APS bill was 78.00 and some change and after taxes/fees was a total of 87.55! When I add both the rental amount and electric bill together my total out of pocket was 179.67 for a total savings of 172.43 for the month of May! It is exactly what I was hoping to accomplish. I know the next three bills are always the highest and I am tracking each month relative to the previous year. Right now based on my overall experience, I can not say enough about Solar, Solar City and I recommend you/Solar City to anyone who is interested! Seems like there is more interest as the APS bills start to rise in the summer months. So I will keep recommending you both! I have no complaints. Both Solar City and you took care of any issues and the Solar panels are doing just what they were intended to do. One other last little thing I did, I moved all the lights that are used regularly to LED’s. That made a small difference as well so everything together is helping keep the electric costs to a more reasonable level.

Thanks Lena!

Margaret Hall recommends Jamie Eldrett - Sr. Energy Consultant, SolarCity
Jun 23, 2013
I was very pleased with Jamie and whenever we talk with someone we tell them to contact her.
Jann Gaige recommends Jamie Eldrett - Sr. Energy Consultant, SolarCity
Jun 22, 2013
Jamie gets things done. Any gliche in the system, call Jamie and it is immediately fixed. She is always kind, prompt and a great listener. She is the reason we moved forward with our decision to get solar panels thru Solar City. This was a great decision that we are so happy we moved forward on. Jamie made the process a whiz. THANK YOU, Jamie!
Gwen Mastin recommends Jamie Eldrett - Sr. Energy Consultant, SolarCity
Home Owner and certified "Snupervisor"
Jun 20, 2013
Jamie was very patient with helping us figure out our solar needs. My husband is very fussy and tends to "over think" the process and is demanding. My husband and I tend to ask "way too many questions", but by doing so, we learn about the product and how much the representatives also know. Jamie was able to answer all of our questions and get the answers if we "stumped" her. She developed a great system for us and it will serve our needs well into the future.
Solar City was easy to work with, starting with Jamie all the way to the install of the panels. Everyone we came in contact with was personable and a pleasure to work with.
The install crews were clean and professional and when asked " our many questions", were able to expalin the system and how it worked and why things were done the way they were. Refreshing to have company representatives from top to bottom who know their company and product.
Ken Hart recommends Jamie Eldrett - Sr. Energy Consultant, SolarCity
CEO/ Chris-tech Communications, LLC
Jun 19, 2013
This individual is sharp, sharp, sharp. Totally on top of the entire process. Cudos Jamie; cudos.
George Guthro recommends Jamie Eldrett - Sr. Energy Consultant, SolarCity
Jun 19, 2013
Jamie has been top shelf all the way. She is there to answer questions. Jamie kept me informed so that I never wondered, "What's happening here?"
Mark Edgerton recommends Kevin Brownsey
Jun 9, 2013
Kevin is very knowledgeable about the solar industry in general and of course his own product and services at Solar City. He lays out the economics of the solar proposal in a straight forward manner and can answer any questions in an easily understood manner.
He is passionate about solar energy.
Jack recommends Kevin Brownsey
Arizona Home Owner
Jun 4, 2013
Kevin Brownsey is a true professional that is honest and upfront about the facts of going solar. Kevin is a true consultant and not a pressure salesperson in the slightest. It was amazing listening to the other contractors saying things differently or not disclosing all the facts of going solar. I have compared SolarCity’s lease to many of the other companies and SolarCity spells everything out. The production guarantee is spelled out with no room for ambiguity. The warranty is a true 20 year warranty on everything and their “repair promise” is unmatched to any other contract I read in going solar. The install time was around a 68 days from signing the lease and APS to turn the system on was 17 days after inspection. I could not be more impressed with the customer service, installers, SolarCity and obviously Kevin. I will recommend SolarCity to all my friends and family moving forward. Especially, since they are willing to pay me to pass the word along. There are very few companies in the world today that can perform at all levels like this one. The choice in choosing SolarCity as your solar provider is a true “no brainer”, All I can say is “Bravo” SolarCity, Keep up the Amazing work!!!
E Allen Hemenway recommends Doyle Dreesen
May 29, 2013
To Whom it may concern,
My wife and I decided to investigate adding solar to our home about two years ago. We called Solar City and worked with Doyle Dreesen. We are accustomed to one service standard during the sales phase and a different and much lower service standard afterward. But in this case we were pleasantly surprised as Doyle and Solar City delivered on every promise, kept us informed and ensured the job was completed as promised. We could not have been happier. So happy in fact, we are now investors.

E Allen and Cynthia Hemenway
Sue Murray recommends Doyle Dreesen
Home owner
May 26, 2013
My solar system has been up and running since August 2011 and I love it! Doyle Dreesen was my first contact with Solar City and I was very impressed. He met all of my qualifications...did as he agreed do, had answers to all of my questions and if not was able to get the information in a timely manner. He also followed through after I signed the contract and was easily accessible throughout the process. Since I have installed my system my largest electric bill has been $28 and that was within the first month after installation. Since then I have only paid the monthly electric company service charge and had 3 months where I paid nothing because of the extra electricity I have made. Can't get much better than this and can't get much better than Doyle.
Lindsay Gatti recommends Doyle Dreesen
May 21, 2013
Doyle was great to work with!! Very educated on his products, he answered all of my questions right there the first day. He updated me on the next step in the process the entire way through. I even recommended my sister and her husband talk to him and they signed up with him as well. Thank you again for everything Doyle. And thank you Solar City.

Lindsay Gatti
Bob and Joanne Luttrell recommends Kevin Brownsey
May 13, 2013
Kevin was so helpful, patient and informative when we spoke with him about installing solar panels on our home. He gave us a wealth of information to consider when making our decision and wasn't pushy in any way. He is clearly an industry expert and I would be comfortable recommending him to anyone. Everyone at Solar City was great to work with!
May 8, 2013
I'm so excited! My electric bill for our all electric home was as high as $360 level pay per month. I now pay $128 per month for my lease, guaranteed stable for 20 years and my monthly electric company access charge of $7.51 per month. I've generated 1133 kWh more electricity in 6 weeks than I've used. I'm building a bank for the high usage months. Almost to good to be true. MZ
Patrick Larkin recommends Kevin Brownsey
Project Manager
May 6, 2013
Kevin Brownsey is a consummate professional and a Solar Expert. I worked with
Kevin on a number of projects with the City of Phoenix and he provided
outstanding customer service with designing and installing great solar systems.
He informed me of the new Solar Lease program and I got a great deal on a PV
system over a 15 year period. I have referred him to 2 friends who now have PV
systems which are thrilled with - I sure liked getting the $800.00. Kevin is a
friend and a great person to work with.
> Patrick Larkin
Bob and Gerry Fischer recommends Kevin Brownsey
May 5, 2013
My wife and I appreciated the way you took the time to explain how by going solar we could "go green" with no inconvenience to our lives and at the same time reduce our electric bill.

Kevin walked us throiugh each step of the installation and shared with us where the panels would be placed on the roof leaving plenty of room for the technicians to service our refrigeration unit.

The installation has been completed and the workers went about their work in a very professional manner finishing the installation in one day just as Kevin had told us. The only inconvenience was being without electricity for a better part of the day.
Jeff Maze recommends Kevin Brownsey
I'm 41 years young. Been married for 17 years and have a 9 year old daughter.
May 5, 2013
When we decided to go solar we contacted Solar City about a consult. There are many solar companies to go with but for Solar City was the biggest name we have heard of. We were contacted by a consultant (Kevin Brownsey) rather quickly, I believe it was the next day after contacting them. Kevin took some info from me and requested that I send him some energy usage numbers so that he could start the process of setting up my system prior to our meeting to save time. Kevin was very nice on the phone and answered my question thoughroly. I still had my doubts at this point so I was anticipating this meeting to se the prove. Kevin met with my wife and I on a Friday evening. Kevin showed up to our home very prepared. He broke out his laptop and had a break down of our energy use for the year, based on the info I sent him. As well he had satellite photos of my home so he could show us what it would look like with panels on our home. Keep in mind I'm still very skepitical about what I'm hearing but Kevin was very patient with me and all the crazy questions that I was throwing at him. We went over several different systems for my house and where the panels might be located at on my home. When we finally decided on right system for my home it was time to sign paperwork. Kevin has a program on his computer that he is able to send through e-mail to have everything signed digitally. This may not be a big deal but I was impress with it and it also meant I had a copy right away. Now this is the part where Kevin really shined. He left and we had the system that we picked but in the back of my mind I started to doubt the system that I picked. We went to dinner and I really started to doubt what I had done. Basically my system was going to create 73% of my energy but I was wondering if 100% would be better. I contacted Kevin with my concern at dinner (keep in mind that this is now after 7 p.m. on a Friday night). He did not come across put out at all when I called and was very helpful and said he would mock up a model for my home and e-mail me. He also said he would give my a couple of days to decide before he submitted my final plans. To my surpise when we got home the e-mail was already there waiting for me with all the answers to my questions. I was not expecting this e-mail till Monday just based on the time of night that I called him. To me it showed awesome customer service from Kevin. In the end I went with the 73% system based on Kevin's recommendations, which again impressed me beacause if I went witht the bigger system Solar City would have made more money. Go with Kevin when you choose solar. He is very knowledgeable about solar and very easy to work with. I'm positive you will not be dissappointed in what he has to offer. My system was installed Nov.2012 and is now May 2013. I still contact Kevin from time to time for various question about my system and he responds that day with all the answers. I hope my testimony helps you in your decision to use Kevin Brownsey when you decide to go solar!!
Don Bruneman recommends Doyle Dreesen
Home owner
May 3, 2013
I had made an arrangement for a system with another company, but after many months of delays and excuses they summarily dropped me. Solar City came to me very soon after that, and after a very thorough explanation by Doyle Dreesen of what leasing could do for me as well as how big a system would be needed I felt much more secure knowing I was finally being dealt with by people who know what they're doing. I ended up with a much smaller system than the other people tried to arrange, and Doyle explained very carefully why it was to my advantage to opt for the smaller system. Now that everything is done and the system is turned on I'll be in a position to experience the results many of my friends with solar have been experiencing, and I look forward to it. I have at least one person to recommend to Doyle as very interested, and will do so as soon as he contacts me.
Janet Rogerson recommends Jamell Rassas
Apr 25, 2013
My husband and I would like to highly recommend working not only with Jamell Rassas, but SolarCity as whole. We have had nothing but a wonderful experience, any thing that came up was answered or handle immediately. We are thrilled with our system,
Lucy Gardner recommends Jamell Rassas
Home Owner, Corte Bella, AZ
Apr 25, 2013
I've had Solar panels for close to a year now, choosing the 'no extra payment' plan. The system has reduced my normal electricity bill to under $20 a month. This means that even with my monthly solar payment, my electricity costs only about 2/3 of the bill I had considered cost effective. Once the panels are paid for, I will have saved nearly $1,000 a year on all the electricity I want or need! Knowing APS approved the system was comforting.

Jamell not only knows his product, he presents himself and it in a positive way that gave me the confidence I needed to try this "new living". It's just great!!
Jason recommends Jamell Rassas
Apr 24, 2013
Going into large home projects is generally ALWAYS a stressful and confusing process. Not in this case. From start to finish was amazing! Jamell was outstanding. He was extremely thorough and explained every process until making sure I understood every detail. Each interaction during each step of the install was great. I never experienced worry or confusion or stress. This entire solar experience was amazing. Thank you Jamell for all your knowledge and help in saving me money!!!
Michael Lonc recommends Doyle Dreesen
Solar Customer
Apr 15, 2013
I would like to recommend any future customer of Solar City to work with Doyle Dressen. Prior to selecting Solar City as my provider I attended 2-3 other solar seminars. All seemed similar in their presentations to the groups. When it came to the one on one sharing of knowledge about solar, Doyle was above the rest. He answered all the questions we had honestly and professionally. He was very clear in all the offers and how my final decision would pan out. During the process there was a glitch with one of our scheduled appointments, which when Doyle found out about it, promptly corrected the situation. Installation and start up after that went very smoothly even amazing other solar customers in our area how fast our system was up and running. I'm sure Doyle will work with all his customers the same as he did us.
Sandy and Prosper VanMeulebrouck recommends Doyle Dreesen
Homeowners in Sun City West, AZ. 85275
Apr 12, 2013
Our experience working with Doyle Dreesen of Solar City when purchasing solar energy for our home was a very comfortable one. He explains the whole concept of solar well, showed much patience working with two seniors, and kept his sense of humor while doing so. Thank you again, Doyle.
Ralph Thompson recommends Doyle Dreesen
retired engineer
Apr 10, 2013
Doyle gave us a system which is of the correct size for the electric usage we have. He did not attempt to sell us a larger system than needed. He gave us all the information so that there was no surprises during installation.

The first year our system made 19.4% more energy that what was guaranteed.

We are all electric and our bills and almost nothing.
Michael Stone recommends Doyle Dreesen
Apr 9, 2013
Doyle has been great! Even after we had our solar panels installed and working, he has always been prompt in response to any questions I had. I only wish I could convince some friends and colleagues to go solar and give him some more business!
gary and charlene hall recommends Doyle Dreesen
Retired General Contractor
Apr 9, 2013
I was impressed with the way Doyle came to the house and gave us all the information we needed. Within two weeks we were able to ask questions about the Solar system,payments etc. I liked that it was a no pressure sale,just all the facts. When we decided to go with Solar I liked that we pretty much didn't have to do anything, Solar City took care of everything from engineering ,permits and installation. Everyone was helpful and did a clean and professional job.So far we are very pleased and happy with the results. We highly recommend Solar City.
Dianne Robinson recommends Doyle Dreesen
Apr 9, 2013
I highly recommend Solar City's Doyle Dreesen. He was helpful, thorough and very pleasant to work with.
Mary and Brad Bish recommends Doyle Dreesen
Apr 8, 2013
Doyle made every thing so easy and when ever we needed help he was there to help us we have recommened Him to our friends.
Jim Hayes recommends Doyle Dreesen
Home owner
Apr 8, 2013
Solar City has a great way for you to save money. Our sales person was Doyle Dreesen. He was very knowledgeable and was very professional. Go Solar. We have had Solar since January of this year. My APS bill has been $8.90 for February and $13.05 for March. You need the take time and see how much money you can save.They have several options for you to choose from. To me it's a win- win situation.
Gay Zawatski recommends Doyle Dreesen
Resident, Sun Lakes, AZ
Apr 8, 2013
Doyle was great throughout my solar purchase and installation process. During the initial consultation, he was professional, courteous and very helpful in explaining the program. After the installation, his follow-up was timely and efficient. I have referred him to two friends who have gone with Solar City!
Anonymous recommends Doyle Dreesen
Apr 8, 2013
Great guy. low pressure salesman. Very knowledgeable of solar topics. Always responds back to later inquires after the sale.
David Jewett recommends Doyle Dreesen
home owner
Apr 7, 2013
Doyle Dreesen Was very helpful during the visit to our home,
To tell about Solar City, the installation and the savings.
What ever questions we had he had the answers.
When ever I called or e-mailed him after we signed up with
Solar City, he would always call or e-mail me back.
The whole process was handled in a very professional manner.
I have been recommending Solar City to my friends and neighbors.
vern martin recommends Doyle Dreesen
home owner phx az
Apr 6, 2013
we are really pleased with the results we are having with our new solar system. We had it installed in august of last year and so far our electric bill has averaged under $15 per month! We have always had a good working relation with Doyle and SolarCity and would give them a high recomendation.
terrance j.lavender recommends Doyle Dreesen
Apr 5, 2013
It was the outstanding professionalism that Doyle exhibited in all facets of his presentation that convinced me to sign on with Solar City. Having been a Sales Professional myself for over 30 years I appreciated the organised and understandable presentation that Doyle delievered.I have already recommended several of my friends to call Doyle with all of their solar energy quetions.
Douglas Hartwick recommends Doyle Dreesen
Ambassador (ret.)
Apr 5, 2013
Doyle Dreesen has been a pleasure to work with since we considered going solar for our electricity needs. He is well informed about Solar City's programs and options and knowledgeable about the solar industry and its interface with the utility companies. To his credit, he did not try to convince us to go with a more expensive set up given our particular needs but actually advised us against taking on a system that would not be economical for us. He is particularly well versed in explaining the financial aspects of the program and, after all, the financial aspects of electricity pricing, rebates, and long term leasing are at the heart of this program. I would recommend Doyle as a patient, qualified, and professional representative of Solar City with whom it is easy to work.
Harold and Margot Allen recommends Doyle Dreesen
Retired , living on a fixed income and going green.
Apr 5, 2013
Doyle was very professional, knowledgeable and helpful in presenting Solar Citys solar program. We were equally impressed with Solar City in keeping us informed of the progress of our system once we signed the lease agreement.. We are very happy with our solar and with the very low electric bills we're receiving now. We would recommend solar to everyone living here in the southwest. Solar City and Doyle Dreesen would always be our first choice if you're thinking of going green.
Ron Davidow recommends Doyle Dreesen
Apr 5, 2013
Doyle provided quick and knowledgeable information so that I could make a decision to install a solar power electrical system.
Terri Richards recommends Doyle Dreesen
Apr 5, 2013
Doyle was a pleasure to work with. He really knew the product and had all the answers easily at hand. We would work with him again in a minute. He is an asset to the company and the solar industry.
Hap & Martha McGill recommends Doyle Dreesen
Apr 5, 2013
The Solar City experience was extremely pleasureable. Doyle Dreesen was professional, thorough, understanding and explained everything in a way that was very easy to grasp. His presentation of the Solar City product was perfect in all ways. As promised, Doyle followed-up with an expert coordination of documents, installation and project completion. We would highly recommend Doyle and Solar City to anyone that is considering solar for their home or business.
Bob and Sylvia Collins recommends Doyle Dreesen
Apr 5, 2013
Honest, straight-forward, and clear in his explanations, we found it a pleasure to work with Doyle. He delivered as promised, and was prompt in answering any questions we had regarding Solar City.
Bobby Kniffin recommends Doyle Dreesen
Apr 5, 2013
Professional and knowledgeable around the benefits of solar and the reason to sign up today to start saving on your energy bill and set yourself up for even more savings down the road.
Jon Sneddon recommends Doyle Dreesen
Project Manager
Apr 5, 2013
It really great working with Doyle, while going through the process of getting Solar installed on our home. He explained the entire process very clearly with us, and answered any and all questions as they came up. He took the time to go over the various options we had for payment, which was done very clear and to the point. Doyle was super responsive to our emails and calls, when communication was necessary with Solar City. He in fact helped the process from stalling in a few cases, which was over and above what he needed to do. For anyone who wants solar installed on their home, we would definitely recommend Doyle. It was great working with him!
Rick and Pam Kopp recommends Doyle Dreesen
Surprise AZ homeowner
Apr 4, 2013
We have had our Solar City system installed and turned on since February of 2012. We opted for a 120% install and have had about a $9.00 monthly bill until the end of December. at which time it was adjusted and put to $0.00 for four months. That is the truth and we have the paperwork to back it up. All of this is possible because of the dedication and honesty of Doyle Dreesen. What a straight shooter he is. He was competing with the other top two Solar dealers/installers in the Phoenix area and he beat there best deals hands down. We have not had a minute of remorse dealing with Doyle or Solar City. Doyle has my permission to use us as a reference at any time. Rick and Pam Kopp
Mary Ann Barlowski recommends Kevin Brownsey
Retired in AZ Sun & Fun
Apr 4, 2013
We joined the Solar City family in February 2010. We interviewed 3 solar companies and found Kevin Brownsey of Solar City to be the most upfront, honest and professional of the 3. Everything stated has proven accurate. In the first 10 months of having solar, we saved $1,000.00 from the previous year. From sales to installation to customer service to billing, they have been the nicest group of people, professional, and always helpful. They took pride in installing our equipment, ensuring not to cause any damage. I recommend them to everyone I speak to. I truly believe Solar City is the best solar company around.
Bridget Lam recommends Doyle Dreesen
Apr 3, 2013
Hi - Doyle is great and no nonsense. His sales presentation is factual and he is a very pleasant and knowledgeable person to deal with. We love our solar system and the forecast savings is very accurate. We have converted our gas hotwater to electric as well as our system is producing enough power to also handle the hotwater heating. A great savings not having to pay for gas bills anymore. Our monthly utility bill totals less than $10 a month now. Highly recommend a solar system for anyone.
Sharon Wieser recommends Doyle Dreesen
Educator, mother , wife
Apr 3, 2013
Prompt, thorough, kind, personable, knowledgeable.
Jerry and Lani Shaver recommends Doyle Dreesen
Happy Homeowners
Apr 3, 2013

Lani and I are very satisfied with the 6KV installation by Solar City. Our home is 2 story, 2500 sq ft, 4 years old, all electric, and was designed for Solar in that the construction is very solid with thick walls, lots of insulation and E glass on 52 feet of south facing sliding doors. We have 28 3 'x 5' panels and generally produce 5KV on a sunny day.

This translates into a big saving for us. Last month we used 970 kwh from APS, and produced 339 kwh from the solar system. The 339 kwh was credited on our bill so we were charged for only 339 kwh. The bill was $50.40. Last year the system produced 80% of our electrical requirements for the 12 months ending 12/31/2012.

We chose to rent the system as we were not in a position to buy it at the time of the installation. The rental fee varies, as I understand it. Ours will rise about 3% per year versus an estimated rise of 6% in the utility rates. We are in the third year of our 20 year contract and are paying $84.53 per month. Given the size of the home and the fact the cubic foot volume is high because of the 10 foot ceilings on the second floor, we are very happy with the total cost. Our neighbors tell us of bills over $500 as we are at 6,000 feet altitude and the air is quite cool, especially in the winter.

That is the end result, but I should start back at the beginning. The planning was a real surprise as we had 4 other organizations give us quotes. All were cheaper. None of them were based on the analysis Solar City did. As it turns out all were designed wrong. The measuring and drawing process took time but was well worth it. The evaluation of the house structure, the analysis of the home orientation and trees, etc was professional and the result was a properly sized unit.

The part I was especially impressed with, as a former insurance underwriter, was the care and safety precautions taken during the work on the roof. The workers tied themselves to the top of the roof and demonstrated a caring attitude instilled by management in this important area of their operation. I searched diligently for debris after the work was done and found 4 stainless steel nuts on the ground. That was all.

I especially appreciated the way the men worked with me to locate the metering system and controls to minimize the impact on our new home. Do you wonder why I bought them lunch?

Now the process of working with the Utility and the rental process required some patience, but we were kept informed and things moved along as good as could be expected. We were happy when it was done and look back with good thoughts.

You asked me what time it was and I told you how to build a watch. However, I would have enjoyed this sort of information when I was considering the system so here you are.

Kindest Regards,

Jerry and Lani Shaver

Dennis Driscoll recommends Doyle Dreesen
Apr 3, 2013
When I first had a contact with a Solar City rep. and had a call back from San Mateo ofc they said NOPE we won't do a ground mount PV system. When I contacted Doyle Dreesen he said WE WILL DO IT!! He was so great to work with from his inital visit to see what I wanted then again with the proposal and spent lots of time answering my quesions. I've gone to him with questions after the system was up and runing and he always has the quick and knowledgeable answers. I have and will refer my friends to Doyle Dreesen because I've had the opportunity, after my install, to see and hear him do an honest and professional proposal to my friends. I'd TRUST Doyle for the facts and honest answers to your interest in a Solar PV system.


Ray WIlkins recommends Doyle Dreesen
Home owner
Apr 3, 2013
Mr. Dreesen's Solar City program presentation was extremely informative and professional. He answered all twenty of our questions to our complete satisfaction and was polite and personable. We would highly recommend him anyone considering solar energy for thieir home or office.

Thank you,
Ray Wilkins
Ric Hinkie recommends Doyle Dreesen
Retired Corporate and Military Officer
Apr 3, 2013
I did a lot of comparison shopping and since I had been in professional sales and a sales VP at one point, I also wanted to be comfortable with the sales person. Doyle Dreeson and Solar City were number one.

Doyle heard my concerns in every area and researched the answers I needed. No hustle at all. He new his product, his installation personnel (also very strong and professional) and he knew how to address my issues.

I have recommended him to everyone I know that is interested in Solar.
william k reisner recommends Doyle Dreesen
Apr 3, 2013
doyle dreesden did a fantastic job we will be using him again on our new house after we vsell this one. solar works great saved lots
William Heiser recommends Doyle Dreesen
Apr 3, 2013
My experience dealing with Doyle Dreesen and solar city has been quite satisfactory. The installers of my system were very efficient and professional. So far since installation nearly 2 years ago I have experienced no roof problems. Also electricity generation has been slightly better than projected. In summary I am a happy and satisfied customer.
Ford Rollo recommends Doyle Dreesen
Apr 3, 2013
Doyle was well-informed, courteous, on time and helpful with all my questions. He took care of appointments and scheduling so I didnt have to be concerned about it.
Doreen & Phil recommends Doyle Dreesen
Retired seniors
Apr 2, 2013
We are more than satisfied with our solar installation.Our house is over 3,000 sq ft, last summer the highest APS bill was under $30. The last bill was in Dec. it is now Apr. and we still have a credit at APS.
What more could you want.
Randy Sell recommends Doyle Dreesen
Home Owner in Cave Creek, AZ
Apr 2, 2013
I work in Sales support, and tend to be less than impressed with most salespeople I come in contact with. Doyle was an exception. He was attentive to my wife and I's need for information, was enthusiastic about the products he was selling, and gave us the time and space to come to the conclusion that buying solar panels from Solar City was the right choice.

My wife and I have sent several prospect customer's Doyle's way, with at least one neighbor of ours also making a purchase decision for Solar City. I will continue to send business his way.

Randy Sell
Jack Marquette recommends Doyle Dreesen
Apr 2, 2013
I enjoyed working with Doyle when we decided to add Solar Electric to our home. Solar City was very easy to work with and if I contacted Doyle for information I received an answer quickly. I highly recommend Solar City and Doyle especially.
Maria Rosalen recommends Kevin Brownsey
Apr 2, 2013
Contemplating going green on a significant level has been my priority for a long time. Living in the sunshine state of Arizona makes it a natural progression for a solar energy conversion. My first contact with SolarCity was with Kevin Brownsey one of their Solar Energy Consultants. I was impressed with his knowledge and enthusiasm and explained the process in a clear and concise manner with respect to the many concerns and questions I had. He was always available even when on short notice, I asked to have a meeting in person. He addressed my various concerns to my satisfaction and I'm now moving forward with the actual installation, scheduled the first week of April.
I highly recommend Kevin on all levels, he is knowledgeable, caring and very professional and gets the job done!
Ron Martens recommends Kevin Brownsey
Senior plant operations superintendent
Mar 28, 2013
We were uncertain about solar power and even more uncertain about how the leasing worked with Solar City. After sitting with Kevin and getting him to explain the options we had including playing with the spreadsheet we became more comfortable. I did more research on the Internet and that gave me the comfort to make that decision. After that the process went very smoothly and we now have an operating system. I guess time will tell whether we made the right decision but we can most certainly feel good that we are now part of the ever growing people who are using solar to power their home.

Kevin was very knowledgeable and what we most enjoyed was he didn't use "hi pressure" sales technique. If that would have occurred I am not certain we would have proceeded. So far so good.
Brian A. Clingerman recommends Kevin Brownsey
Home Owners
Mar 28, 2013
Kevin is one of those guys that you really wonder if he is full of himself or is he really that knowledgeable about Solar. It turns out that he is the most knowledgeable Solar Professional that I have ever met. I have been shopping Solar for some time and have talked to many different so called experts. Kevin far exceeds anyone that I have encountered. Kevin is a true professional in his approach, knowledge, follow up and really does what he says he will do. I am quite impressed with Kevin, his company and the way he provides customer service. I would recommend, and have, this gentleman to anyone seeking Solar.
Leo Buffa recommends Kevin Brownsey
Customer, home owner
Mar 28, 2013
I signed up with Solar City late on New Years Eve, 2012. I had a very pleasant experience with Solar City, and specifically with Kevin Brownsey, thus far. Kevin responded to all of my request and questions immediately, within minutes of my inquiries. Most of which occurred on a holiday where the typical employee would expectantly wait till the next work week to respond. He was very thorough and informed on the issues, and the few things he was uncertain, he researched and provided feedback the next day. No games, very professional, and I very much recommend Kevin as a point of contact for going with Solar City.
Demetrios Sitaras recommends Kevin Brownsey
Mar 28, 2013
Kevin Brownsey and Solar City made this a very enjoyable experience!
Anonymous recommends Kevin Brownsey
Mar 27, 2013
So far Kevin Brownsey has done a terrific job with setting up our solar project. It will be installed in the later part of April and then I'll know exactly how well things are and wether or not Kevin gave us the right advice.
James Martin recommends Mike Richter
Home Owner
Mar 13, 2013
After looking for many months into the pros and cons of solar as an energy source for our home, we decided to contact three of the largest solar companies in the Phoenix, Arizona area. The most impressive of the three was SolarCiy. Why, first of all the salesman (Mike Richter) knew his product, as well as his competitors product. His presentation was far better than the other two companies and he answered almost all of our question, before it was our time to ask questions. He explained the entire process and time frame from HOA submission to final completion and turn-on of the system. A company is only as good as the people they employee and Mike Richter is one of those outstanding employee's. Further to that, the entire team from the installers to customer care did an outstanding job throughout the process. Customer service seems to be the number one goal from Mike Richter and throughout the entire SolarCity team.
Philip Watson recommends Jamie Eldrett - Sr. Energy Consultant, SolarCity
Asst Mgr. Frys Foods, do it your selfer
Mar 8, 2013
I would recommend this system to anyone who wants to save money and help clean the air. I am very happy with the service I recieved.
Jamie Eldrett had a very informative presentation via the phone and internet which sold me on it right away. She was with me every step of the way, answering all my questions.
From start to finish it took 4 months, all the planning and permits were handled by SC to put the 13 panels on our roof. They are now putting out appx. 16.34 kWh a day.
My first electric bill with solar was $92, without it, would have been $216. My second bill was only $55. Yes, you could say I'm very happy with solar!
Thanks again Jamie for all your help. You are the greatest.

Phil Watson
Tucson Arizona
Rosemarie Prelock recommends Jamie Eldrett - Sr. Energy Consultant, SolarCity
Certified Case Manager Registered Nurse
Mar 1, 2013
Jamie is a knowledgeable, patient sales woman. She was thorough and helped me every step of the way. I will be recommending her to all my friends!!
Feb 21, 2013
Thanks Jamie! My solar installation went just like you promised and finished ahead of schedule. Multiple lease options, answers to all my questions, no pressure.
My system was activated Dec 11 after some complications with the local power provider but Solar City handled it well. The installation crews and project supervisors were all great to work with and accommodated my preferences. It's mid-February and I'm still waiting for a $10 electric bill but it has been cold with a lot of cloudy days. The credits are catching up so I should be there in another month. I can't think of a better investment than a solar system from SolarCity.
Richard and Rita Buck recommends Lena Davenport
Home owners
Feb 20, 2013
Lina was very helpful through out the entire process. From out initial meeting of explaining what our options were, thru the design, planning and installation phase and the final inspection process. We contacted her several times with questions and she either gave us an answer or researched the issue and got back with us in a timely manner. She was a pleasure to do business with!!
David Howell recommends Jamie Eldrett - Sr. Energy Consultant, SolarCity
Jan 28, 2013
My wife and I knew that we wanted to go with solar power, however, we did not
fully understand how to do this. We began looking into different companies
that offered Solar Panels and there were many different ones some that cost a
great deal and would have increased our budget per month spent on Power. This
option was not one we wanted we were looking for two things:

1: Decrease our monthly power bill
2: Flexibility and ease

We must have talked with at least seven different solar companies in the
beginning. It was overwhelming to consider all of the different options. One
of the key points that they kept saying was how much this would increase the
value of our home. We didn't want to sell our home we wanted to increase our
efficiency and decrease our cost per usage.

Jaime Eldrett of Solar City stuck with us for a year while we dug through all
options and it was her patience and willingness to go over any detail as well
as the fact that it cost us no money out of pocket to get Solar Power, with
the plan that we got we pay less a month for our power and our home is
entirely electric and it fits well with our needs.

Solar City maintains the Solar Panels so we don't need to know how they work
or how to fix them, there will be no repair bill for us as they take care of
it all. Now this is not a purchase that you make and the next day or week it
is delivered. This decision does require patience as it could take up to six
months from start to finish before your solar panels are installed.

So far we only had to make the decision and sign the contract and Solar City
has been doing everything else. I can't tell you at the moment how the solar
works for us as we are still in the design and install stage. However, if
everything goes according to plan than when it is installed I may just add to
this and tell you how it works that however is still a few months out before
that will happen.
Steve and Jackie Zapp recommends Lena Davenport
Jan 25, 2013
Lena Davenport was a great person to work with. She explained everything to us in detail, and did a wonderful job of working with us to achieve our goal. She is a very hard worker, and a very detail oriented girl, who will do well working for anyone who is interested in solar energy. Thank you Lena for all your support and help in choosing our Solar Lease.

Charlene J recommends Jamie Eldrett - Sr. Energy Consultant, SolarCity
Jan 24, 2013
Very pleasant and dependable.
Jan 24, 2013
Jamie was great she knew her stuff. She was helpfull and funny to. We enjoyed working with her. The Seibert house Can you call us?
Jim Gaffney recommends Lena Davenport
Jan 16, 2013
Lena has shown us extreme professionalism as we are in the process of getting solar power. She represents a good company with a great product, which is financially affordable.
Mike and Tarrin recommends Lena Davenport
Jan 14, 2013
We met with Lena 6 months prior to making the decision to go solar, to get the facts/figures. She presented the information clearly and answered every one of our many questions. We were very interested, but still unsure so spent 6 months researching, looking at cost options and sending questions Lena's way. She patiently answered all of our questions and reran numbers for a variety of scenarios. Not once did we feel pressured or hounded to make a decision. When we did finally decide to go solar, we were able to contact Lena and start the process. Once again she ran numbers, answered questions and sent us in the right direction. We couldn't be more appreciative of Lena's role in this process - we truly feel that she played a huge part in our decision to go solar!
Dennis recommends Lena Davenport
Jan 14, 2013
Lena was great to work with. She was responsive and was always willing to answer questions and help after the sale. Would definitely recommend Lena and Solar City.
Robert Rapp recommends Lena Davenport
Jan 14, 2013
Lena was very knowledgeable and helpful. She showed great interest in setting up a system that was right for us. We did not feel pressured into making a deal and was comfortable through the whole process. Lena was up front with us about the extended time line that it would take to make our solar system up and running. We are looking forward to the new solar system hope that the professional and friendly costumer service continues through our use of the system.

James Schween recommends Eric Lee
Senior Software Engineer
Dec 11, 2012
Eric Lee is an exceptional energy consultant who is a pleasure to work with. He is a professional that: (1) knows his job well, (2) works with the customer to determine the needs and system required and, (3) quickly responds to both questions and email inquiries. In addition to his professional skills is his exceptional personality. Eric is always corteous, upbeat and friendly. There is no doubt of his honesty and integrity and I would not hesitate to have him be a consultant to anyone I know. Overall, Eric builds confidence and trust between the customer and Solar City.
Garth Brown recommends Eric Lee
Dec 6, 2012
I have to say that it was great working with Eric Lee. Not only was he personable and courteous, he was extremely prompt and responsive in answering my questions, and he provided me with the information I needed to make an intelligent, informed decision. Eric set the tone for my experience with SolarCity, and it was a good one!
Nov 26, 2012
I have rarely dealt with a company about whom I feel so good about referring to others. From Jamie in sales, the crew who did the energy audit, to the guys who installed the meters and panels - your people were unbelievably professional, courteous, intelligent, patient and kind. They cleaned up after themselves and were unfailingly conscientious.

Also, I got a $95 CREDIT from PG&E this month. OMG!!
Jack Akers recommends Mike Richter
Nov 25, 2012
We are very happy with our Solar System and especially pleased with our
sales representative Mike Richter.
Nov 17, 2012
Jamie is a reliable person that can be counted on to keep you informed of what options are available and the progress of your order. She always quickly answered our questions when I sent E Mails. We sent an E Mail on Saturday, asking a question, not expecting an answer until the following week. She apologized, with an explanation, for not getting back with us the same day.

Our project is almost complete which is sooner that we were advised.

We seriously looked at solar electric because investing $7,000 initially would save us $15,000 to $20,000 or more over the next 20 years.

Jamie is not your typical used car sales person. She did not force her self upon us and let us make our own decisions on our own time table without pressure.

We looked at another company also to compare costs. The other company was considerably more expensive and what turned us off was the sales technique. We were not going to be pressured by anyone or any ideology.
Nov 16, 2012
Ms. Eldrett was recommend to us by friends who worked with her on getting solar panels for their house. Our experience with Ms. Eldrell was excellent.

First, I was impressed with the online/telephone conference to introduce us to the product. The online presentation was impressive in its own right and Ms. Eldrett supplemented the presentation, totally engaging my partner and myself in the presentation and making sure all of our questions were answered. She was the consummate professional during the presentation and her engaging skills were such that I forgot that this was a telephone conference. She presented the information in a clear, straightforward manner. answering many of my questions before I had a change to ask them.

The aforementioned friends experienced some problems during the installation of their solar panels. Ms. Eldrett contact Terry and myself BEFORE our friends told about the problems. Ms. Eldrett described the problems being encountered and what Solar City was doing to remedy the problems. She still retained a professional posture during these situations, nor pointing fingers or laying blame, but calmly and clearly describing the nature of the problems and what was being done to alleviate them. On the other hand our friends were quite emotional about the problems.

Terry and I were concerned when our friends first told us about the problems they were having and we were considering not to get the solar panels but Ms. Eldrett's handling of the entire situation and the way she kept us informed of the progress in remedying the problems restored our confidence and we are having solar panels installed on our house now; this might not have happen but for the way Ms. Eldrett conducted herself as a truly professional representative of Solar City.
Richard Womacks recommends Jamie Eldrett - Sr. Energy Consultant, SolarCity
Home Owner
Nov 13, 2012
Jamie is a very professional sales person. excellent communication skills and cares about how things are actually going.
One of the best to deal with
Mario Di Pesa recommends Jamie Eldrett - Sr. Energy Consultant, SolarCity
Game Designer
Nov 13, 2012
Jamie has been providing me with great service all along the way. Switching to solar is a big project, but Jamie and her team made it effortless. I highly recommend her and I recommend anyone to consider making the move to solar. Thanks Solar city, and thank you Jamie, you rock!
Gene and Joan Camarigg recommends Jamie Eldrett - Sr. Energy Consultant, SolarCity
Nov 5, 2012
It has been a pleasure to have JamieEldrett working with us on this project. Jamie is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of getting this job started and guided us through all of the paperwork making the process a breeze. We are grateful for her help and can not wait to start using the power of the sun.
Roy Drexel recommends Jamie Eldrett - Sr. Energy Consultant, SolarCity
I'm a retired mech. constuction mgn.
Oct 31, 2012
Jamie Eldrett has been a joy to work with. She was/is timely with her responses, she has been pleasant, and polite. I have recommended several people to use her as their contact.
Irma Sommerfeld recommends Jamie Eldrett - Sr. Energy Consultant, SolarCity
Oct 30, 2012
We spoke with Jamie many many times with all our questions about solar. We originally were going to go with another company, but Jamie was so professional and informative about solar and SolarCity, that we cancelled our other contract. The price was also cheaper than the other company. We haven't had the panels installed yet, but as far a responsive and helpful salesperson, Jamie is the one! She was referred to us through another friend, who also recommended her.
Jason Kometer recommends Jamie Eldrett - Sr. Energy Consultant, SolarCity
Head of household.
Oct 30, 2012
I highly recommend Jaime as a friend in any aspect of life, especially with solar energy. She made the process flawlessand actually enjoyable. Getting solar was the best decision I have made in the last several years...
Robert Hall recommends Jamie Eldrett - Sr. Energy Consultant, SolarCity
Home Owner
Oct 30, 2012
Jamie and all the folks at SolarCity have been most helpful with the process and installation of our SolarCity system. Jamie explained each step in the process and was good enough to use "layman terms" so my understanding of what was to come was very clear and understandable. I appreciate Jamie's professional help along with the other employees I worked with. Thank you all for making the process as easy as it was.
Richard Palmberg recommends Darin Bernstein
Oct 22, 2012
The information was straight forward and easy to understand, we asked every question
that we need answered and you accomplished a professional answer and was very
knowledgeable on your product. We felt you took away any fears that we expressed
and comforted us in all aspects of the solor realm. You as a representive gave us a
new and clear vision of how this whole system will work and made use secure on how
this product will be placed on our roof and how the preformance will work for us in our life. . You also fully explained how the billing will work, with the lease and the power
company for this project, also the options of transfer of lease in every scenario.

We also felt at no time talking to Darin did we feel pressure or munipulated in any way. This is a good sign of a wonder representrive, and how everyone should feel in every
business dealing.

Thank you - Darin for the great experience and for being the stand-up
guy you obviously are.
Francine Shacter recommends Greg Darland
Purchased solar for my home
Sep 25, 2012
Greg was great to deal with, an excellent reprsentative for Solar city. He patiently answered my questions - all of them and outlined my options. I so valued his work that I have recommended him to my friends, one of whom hads already signed up for solar for her home. He is responsive, informative, patient without being patronizing - in short, an excellent representative for any company. Solar City is lucky to have someone of his ability and intelligence. I call his style the Dragnet approach: the facts, ma'am, just the facts!
Rick Zapp recommends Doyle Dreesen
Happy Customer
Sep 21, 2012
Doyle really knows about solar! He helped me and my wife Sandy, every step of the way from inception to installation. We are very pleased with SolarCity and Doyle in particular.
He explains all the technical information and makes it easy to follow and know what the finished product will do for you.

I recommend him highly!
Kathleen Harbeck recommends Doyle Dreesen
Retired Firemans Wife
Sep 14, 2012
Doyle came to our house and was very good in exlaining how Solar City works and how it would benifit us to have solal installed..
He was very curtious and has always returned my calls in a timely fashion whenevere I had questions.
We had solar installed in our two houses as a result of our meeting with Doyle. One
house is all connected and up and running, the other one is due to be running by the
end of next week. I have not recevied a bill yet so do not know how well they are doing
and how much money we have saved.
Chrystalyn Trimble recommends Doyle Dreesen
Proud Solar Leaser
Sep 13, 2012
We were so pleased with our Solar City Representative Doyle Dreesen. He was so patient with us as we gathered information to make our decision on going solar. He was very knowledgeable and gave us all the information we needed without being pushy. We felt so comfortable with him as a Solar City Representative that we hosted a solar party. You could tell everyone was comfortable and enjoyed and appreciated the information he shared with them. I've recommend Solar City and especially or representative Doyle Dreesen to many neighbors, family and friends. Thank you Doyle!
Bob Winkler recommends Doyle Dreesen
Sep 13, 2012
excellant and informative presentation, sold me!!!
Jennifer and Heath Flicker recommends Doyle Dreesen
Sep 11, 2012
Doyle was our salesman that came to our home to explain Solarcity's services. He found him to be thorough and professional and explained our options to us in detail. So we ended up going with Solarcity over the competitors and are pleased so far.

J. D. Hunt recommends Eric Lee
Sep 1, 2012
Eric Lee did a great job educating us on the system. He was well versed in technology, process and financials. More impressive was the prompt follow ups to any emails. My wife and I were very confident in our decision thanks to Eric. A true asset to the company.
Steve Ceriani recommends Darin Bernstein
Aug 28, 2012
Darin was very polite and helpful in walking us through the process of the design of the system and also explaining the contract.

He was also very helpful in answering all our other questions.

At no time did me or my wife feel pressured to agree to anything.
Leslie Berlot recommends Greg Darland
Homeowner, retired engineer
Aug 28, 2012
I recommend Greg as a provider of Solar Panels and installation information. He is very knowledgeable and his information has proved to be accurate. This is an area that is filled with misinformation and exaggeration. He is able to separate truth from fiction. He was involved with my installation throughout the process and was very helpful at times needed.
Diane Galea recommends Darin Bernstein
Aug 28, 2012
Darin did an excellent job in patiently and thoroughly explaining Solar City's program and how it would benefit us to have solar installled. He was very knowledgable and answered all of our questions. When it came to signing the contract he was there hands on to help us through the process using the computer meeting program to explain everything to us. It was a pleasure working with him and I highly recommend him .
Alex Karahalios recommends Darin Bernstein
Home owner selecting a solar system
Aug 28, 2012
Darin helped me configure my solar system. He was extremely helpful and went over the entire solar installation process explaining each step thoroughly. The whole question/answer process went quickly and I had a solar system proposal in no time. He followed up with me several times and provided allot of information that I had requested.
Phong Tran recommends Eric Lee
Green consumer
Aug 24, 2012
Eric is prompt, on time, and follow up immediately on any request. He takes time to explain the program in detail, including pros and cons and what works best for the individual customer. He is a professional.
R Brindle recommends Jamie Eldrett - Sr. Energy Consultant, SolarCity
Satisfied Solar City customer
Aug 21, 2012
Jamie Eldrett was with us every step of the way during our solar experience. She was always available to answers questions, was incredibly knowledgeable about every aspect of the process and was always prompt in returning phone calls and e-mails. We could not have asked for a better representative from Solar City. We would highly recommend her to anyone considering going solar!
Rich & Cathy Cabral recommends Mike Richter
We both are RN's
Aug 14, 2012
Mike s a real good salesman. What we liked was that he did not push his product. He did not have to. Mike is very knowledgable and extremely helpful throughout the whole precedurei and stays in contact with you keeping you informed and up to date as to the progress of things. We highly recommend him
Gary Petersen recommends Jamie Eldrett - Sr. Energy Consultant, SolarCity
Jul 30, 2012
Working with Jamie Eldrett was a pleasure. She is knowledgeable, friendly and prompt to respond to follow-up phone calls. I had lots of questions and some unusual concerns, and Jamie was very good about getting answers from others when she didn't know the answer. She was helpful with my request for having the PowerGuide monitoring system included with my installation. The service provided by Jamie was a key factor in my decision to go with SolarCIty as my solar panel supplier.
Jul 18, 2012
Jamie was a pleasure to work with throughout our entire process. My wife and I took a long time to make any decisions and had a ton of questions, but Jamie was there for us the whole time. She answered every question we had quickly, and was available at night and on the weekends to call us and go over things with us. She was great.
Terry Chen recommends Jamie Eldrett - Sr. Energy Consultant, SolarCity
Future solar system owner
Jul 15, 2012
I highly recommended Jaime from SolarCity as your solar project consultant. She is very knowledgeable and right to the point on why I should get the solar and what my system should be. She helps me to balance the cost and saving rather than selling more that I don't need. She also responses to my questions/requests very fast. This is my best service experience ever. You should contact her and won't regret to work with her.
Bruce Orach recommends