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SolarCity has revolutionized the way energy is delivered by giving homeowners in Arizona a cleaner, more affordable alternative to their monthly utility bill. They are the nation's leading clean energy company, managing more solar power systems than any other in America. They proudly service Flagstaff, Phoenix, Scottsdale and Tucson. They put solar power and energy efficiency within the reach of everyday homeowners, businesses and government organizations by removing the high upfront cost.


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Nov 1, 2015

Barbara Finer recommends Caleb Antonucci

Caleb was very knowledgeable & very easy to work with. Whenever we had any questions or concerns, he would get back to us immediately to answer any concerns that we had. He explained everything in detail and made the process of working with him very enjoyable. We would definitely recommend Caleb anytime and I feel you're very lucky to have him working for your company.
Oct 23, 2015

Tony Rodriguez recommends Erik Chambers

Erik Chambers

Very professional /respectfull/helpful /honest & not pushing great asset to your company. Keep up the good work Erik. ...Tony Rodriguez
Oct 20, 2015

Ted Bradshaw recommends Erik Chambers

He did a great job explaining solar power and the advantages of it...He explained well the installation of panels and the premise of how it can save me money. He got me to thinking of actually purchasing the product for my mom and me......will think about it, but would not even have considered it had it not been for Eric...He did a great job!
Oct 19, 2015

Shelli Ferguson recommends Erik Chambers

Erik is very professional and personable . He arrives well prepared and on time for the appointment, as well as, being very well informed about the company and solar. He is not pushy but explains the options and gives you all the time you need to make your decision. If you opt for it, He walks you through the application process with ease.
Oct 6, 2015

Mabel Staton recommends Caleb Antonucci

I love Caleb! He is an intelligent and talented young man. You are fortunate to have him on your team. It was a pleasure dealing with him, sincerely.
Oct 5, 2015

Dante Antonucci recommends Caleb Antonucci


To Whom It May Concern:

I have had solar now for approximately 16 months. It was Caleb that came to my home, reviewed my utility bills, and showed me how I could gets some really good savings. Since that time I have save about 25% on my utility bills. During this time Caleb showed incredible follow through, answered all my questions, followed up with engineers, customer service, and was honest in all of his dealings. You cannot go wrong by using Caleb as you Solar City representative, and customer service agent. I highly recommend that you call him within the next 24 hours!! By the way, when you call him, ask him to bring you one of those delicious apple caramel desserts that he makes.

You will not be disappointed!


Oct 5, 2015

Douglas and Leslee Moulden recommends Caleb Antonucci


There are not enough positive adjectives to describe Caleb Antonucci. The day he rang our doorbell, we said we were not interested in whatever it was that he was selling. He very politely said, "You are not interested in saving money on your home utilities?" He had us there, so we invited him into our home and we sat down and talked.

He explained Solar City's program in such an honest and forthright way, we decided to give it a try. Since that day, Caleb continued to call upon us just to make sure everything was going well and to see if there was anything further he could do for us. We have not found his sales pitch to be false in any respect.

Even one year later, he stopped in again and asked if everything was working properly. Caleb genuinely cares about his clients and we will consider him a lifelong friend (like a son) forever! We are hoping Solar City will bring him back to Arizona where we will look forward to his visits once again. By the way, did I mention that My wife can't tolerate sales people in general. Caleb is definitely an exception to the image most sales people portray.

Thank you Caleb Antonucci just for being you. God bless you and your family!

Oct 5, 2015

Marni Sandberg recommends Caleb Antonucci

Surgical tech, homeowner, mother of three

Caleb came to our door at a time when my husband and I were actually considering solar as a way to keep our summer bills under control. Great timing! Once we did our research and decided solar leasing would work for us, he was always available to help work out a problem or answer a question. Even when an issue was discovered six months after we went live, and he was in another state, he fixed the issue promptly. Caleb, you're a great asset to Solar City. Thanks!
Oct 1, 2015

Russell DeVriendt recommends Caleb Antonucci

Retired College Administrator

I found Caleb to be an extremely honest and straight forward person. He was a good resource and would always find an answer for you if he didn't know it at the time. He was good about getting back in touch with me either by phone or by text. He was always professional and a good listener. He certainly is trustworthy and willing to put the customer first.

Russell G. DeVriendt, Yuma, Arizona
Oct 1, 2015

Christopher Hefley recommends Caleb Antonucci

Sole Proprietor

When meeting with Caleb he has been extremely knowledgeable and helpful with all of my questions and concerns. He still responds to all of my calls or emails in an extremely timely manner, even though my solar panels have been installed for over 6 months.
Caleb took the time to build a relationship with me and my family. That really brought about a strong bond for our future SolarCity partnership.
Oct 1, 2015

John & Debra Newton recommends Caleb Antonucci

Caleb is a Excellent Representative for Solar City , Caleb has a great personality, very friendly and knowledgeable about the Solar City Business .My Husband John And I totally enjoy working with Caleb, he's a very pleasant and patient young man .Caleb explained exactly how our Solar Panels would work and save us money .The overall Experience working with Caleb has been Wonderful and joyful ,Caleb is a very Professional ,Qualified, Friendly, Customer Service Consultant. When ever I talk to people about Solar Panels I always mention Solar City and give them Caleb Antonucci name .Caleb is like family to us .Thank You Caleb For All you did, It was great to work with you !God Bless John & Debra Newton
Sep 30, 2015

Joyce Patton recommends Caleb Antonucci


Caleb Antonucci was an excellent salesman and contact person for us. He was readily available to respond to any questions by phone and/or text. I highly recommend him to my family and friends who are considering solar power.
Sep 30, 2015

Bradley Carroll recommends Caleb Antonucci

Retired military

Caleb has helped me throughout the whole process. He is very personable and gets things done as soon as you ask him. There's no waiting around for an answer. He is very informative and explains everything you need to know. I would recommend him to anyone. Thank you.
Sep 27, 2015

Thomas Fanelli recommends Caleb Antonucci


Caleb was an excellent representative for Solar City. He was very detailed in his description of the program. He also did something I like in a sales rep, he seemed very genuine and open in responding to my questions. When he thought he didn't have an answer he would contact someone to get it or get back to me later. He always followed through on his promises. When I speak with anyone about Solar City I specifically mention Caleb by name. He is a credit to Solar City.
Sep 26, 2015

Anonymous recommends Caleb Antonucci

Caleb was very knowledgeable and friendly. Made it comfortable to work with him. The job was well done in the time promised. We would recommend him to everyone!
Apr 24, 2015

Gary Loper recommends Drew Manusharow


Drew Manusharow is possibly the best company consultant I have ever worked with. He explained every phase of our SolarCity solar panel installation in great, easy to understand, detail. He was able to answer all my questions easily. He went over all of the material like the warranty, and lease agreement with the knowledge of a true professional that really loves his job. I would recommend Drew to anyone considering SolarCity as their source of solar power.
Mar 15, 2015

BIll Kiefer and Ken Schultz recommends Caleb Antonucci


First, let us say that Caleb AND Solar City were recommended by two of our neighbors. Caleb Antonucci did a terrific job for us on our solar home conversion. He was extremely patient with us senior citizens and took time to address all of our questions about the feasibility of solar as it relates to our circumstances. His counsel was invaluable while we were in the decision-making stage of how much or how little solar we needed. Upon our review with Caleb of the economics of the initial proposed installation, we changed our minds and decided to add additional panels. Caleb was very understanding of our wishes and expedited the re-design. Also much appreciated was Caleb's continuing timely updates on the status of our project. It should be no surprise to anyone that we recommend Caleb highly.
Mar 13, 2015

Bob Benell recommends Caleb Antonucci

Caleb is very personable and most professional. He has helped us with every step of the process to become solar. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Caleb.
Bob and Avalon
Mar 9, 2015

Sommer Decker recommends Drew Manusharow

client and Realtor

Drew is a fantastic Solar rep. He helped my husband and I determine the right sized system to meet our electric needs and maximize the system impact for our home. He completed a detailed, pre-sale review of the potential panel locations while meeting my desires related to visual impact of the panels. Drew didn't try to over-sell us and advised us on positive and negative aspects of different system options. Additionally, Drew has acted as a resource for fielding my questions related the transfer of SolarCity system on one of my listings. I trust him as Solar technology resource and as a recommended contact for my clients exploring their solar options.
Feb 17, 2015

Anonymous recommends SolarCity Arizona

Friendly, knowledgeable, always happy to answer questions. Very nice to work with!
Feb 13, 2015

Andrew Strom recommends SolarCity Arizona

Mathematics Teacher

Mariah was wonderful to work with. She was very knowledgeable. I felt like I was making an informed decision when she was finished with her presentation. Mariah was also very enthusiastic. She felt strongly about what she was presenting. I appreciate her knowledge and attitude!
Jan 27, 2015

Jenn recommends Jake Pennell


Easy to work with and very professional. We were always able to reach Jake with any questions or concerns right away. I would definitely recommend him to friends and family.
Jan 26, 2015

Anonymous recommends Jake Pennell

I would highly recommend Jake Pennell as your Solar City representative. He is very professional and knowledgeable. He answered all of our questions promptly and professional.
Jan 26, 2015

Mitch Atkinson recommends Caleb Antonucci

Mr Antonucci has been most helpful and is knowledgable with all aspects of Solar. He has been kind, answered all of our crazy questions, kept us up to date, and never pressured us in any way. He even went out of his way to make sure all things were done correctly and on time. Caleb has been a pleasure to work with!!
Jan 26, 2015

Michael Simpson recommends Jake Pennell

Happy Solarite

This was a major commitment for our family and I did not take it lightly. On any investment I do a lot of research and talk to a lot of owners or users of that product or service.

I talked to several (about six) solar companies and invited three to make a presentation. I did not want my chosen solar contractor to subcontract the installation of the system. I felt that if there was a problem with the system years down the road, where would I stand if the subcontractor said that the problem was an equipment issue not an installation issue and the equipment people saying that the problem was caused because it was improperly installed. Or worse yet what if the installer was out of business?

The first two of the companies did an OK job but I felt that they were both more interested in closing the sale then creating a relationship that would last 25 years. The first two pushed hard to close on the first meeting, which I didn't like and both subcontracted out the installation. Fail.

In my research on Solar City I learned a lot about Elon Musk and felt that he was a visionary who was more interested in customer satisfaction and not an immediate spike in his bottom line.

Jake Pennell was the sales rep who presented the Solar City solution that worked for me. He totally explained with clarity the benefits of solar and how both the purchase or lease programs worked. I felt comfortable with him from the start and after several meetings and revised proposals we chose the lease option.

Many times when a deal of this size takes place the sales guy vaporizes and you are left to deal with down line personnel who you must educate as to what to agreed to. Not with Jake. He was involved all the way, and I mean all the way.

From signing to powering up the system Jake was there letting me know what was going on. It took about five months to power up but that was no fault of Solar City's. Our utility in this part of Arizona is APS. For years they have been promoting solar by offering rebates and other incentives. But now that rooftop solar is taking off they are really dragging their feet in cooperating with the solar companies. They were the biggest stumbling block, then it was the city of Peoria who only had one inspector for solar. Then there was the HOA who said I couldn't put the panels where they would be most efficient. Jake even met with the HOA board (who btw treated him unprofessionally) and showed them the Arizona Revised Statutes allowing rooftop solar. Everything approved, installation scheduled.

Three trucks arrived with about nine technicians and installation proceeded like a military operation. I was impressed with not only the efficiency of the operation but their obsession with safety. Installation was to be only one day but because of last minute tweaking of the design another half day was required.

Then the wait and more foot dragging by APS to have the installed system inspected. It all passed and we energized the system

That was in March and my first full month's bill was about $27. Previous month last year was about $250. We live in AZ, have a 2700 sf house, two AC units and a pool. We always have a $600 electric bill in August. The first August my bill was $160.

If we get a lot of sun over the winter the solar builds up money in the bank to be spent in the summer.

Would I do this again? Absolutely and cannot say enough about Jake Pennell, his professionalism, his commitment to detail and customer satisfaction. You need to get in touch with Jake at Solar City, you will not be disappointed.

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