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SolarCity has revolutionized the way energy is delivered by giving homeowners in Colorado a cleaner, more affordable alternative to their monthly utility bill. They are the nation's leading clean energy company, managing more solar power systems than any other in America. They proudly service Aurora, Boulder, Denver and Littleton. They put solar power and energy efficiency within the reach of everyday homeowners, businesses and government organizations by removing the high upfront cost.


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2 days ago

Tyler Hunt recommends Jordan Ramsey

Senior Event Manager

Jordan was fantastic to work with!
From start to finish she was incredibly helpful and a great resource for any areas of the process that we either weren't understanding or just needed more clarity.
She was great with communication and getting back to us quickly with any questions/concerns we had.
Her regular check-ins helped to make us feel at ease throughout the process.
We felt very comfortable with everything thanks to Jordan. If it weren't for her guidance and assistance the process would have been stressful.
2 days ago

Ann Martin recommends Jordan Ramsey

We worked on our SC project with Jordan for more than a year, due to hail damage to our roof. Jordan was always very responsive to our requests for information or assistance and always patient, professional and fun to work with. Even several months after installation, Jordan promptly responded to our questions regarding our current energy bill. She is a great Solar Ambassador for Solar City!
3 days ago

James Nnaji recommends Megan Dunne

Enterprise Cloud Architect

We are really impressed with Megan Dunne. She was very professional, reachable and available to assist and answer any questions we had. She also displayed great knowledge of solar technology and how it works, and her explanations of the entire process and advantages was part of the reason we decided to go with solar.
Thanks Megan, keep up the good work
3 days ago

Anonymous recommends Jordan Ramsey

Jordan was an excellent supporter. I and my family were very apprecitated for her.
She always helped to get understanding for processes.
3 days ago

Ken Robinson recommends Jordan Ramsey


We are up and generating solar power now. Jordan played a key role in helping us select Solar City from several choices. She moved us through the purchase and instillation stages, always keeping in touch and remaining available to answer questions.

We highly recommend Jordan Ramsey and Solar City !!
Jan 17, 2017

Randy and Traci Rinker recommends Paul Madden

We have really enjoyed working with Paul! Very friendly, very knowledgeable, always quick to answer our questions. It was an all around great experience.
Jan 17, 2017

Stephen Culler recommends Paul Madden

Stephen Culler

Paul is the type of salesman you wish you could deal with for everything you ever need to buy. I wish he could get jobs based around my personal needs. I need a car, I'd want Paul to sell it to me. I need new windows, same thing. Paul is an informed zero pressure leader who truly just wants what's best for his customers, even if that means losing business. He has the forethought to understand the importance of word of mouth and how it strengthens his role in the long run.
Jan 16, 2017

Audrey Zarr recommends Jordan Ramsey

Software Engineer

We wanted Solar and she got it for us! There were a few minor bumps in the way and Jordan powered right through them for us.
Def great communication. Will absolutely recommend Jordan and Solar City to anyone with a house and who likes the sun :)
Jan 15, 2017

Jordan Shuford recommends Jordan Ramsey

Jordan was wonderful! She helped explain the process of going solar very thoroughly, and stayed in touch to answer all of our questions throughout the purchase, installation and start up of our panels. We are thrilled to be "producers" of energy now, and Jordan made it all quite easy! We couldn't recommend her more highly! Bring on the sunshine!
Jan 13, 2017

Nick Perugini recommends Andrew Ehrnstein

Director of Business Development

Kind of like home grown tomatoes, home grown energy just tastes better!

I work for a Solar company that only installs commercial and larger systems. I have a lot of industry contacts that wanted to help me go Solar on my home, yet I chose Andrew and SolarCity. This says a lot.

Andrew is a true Solar professional who ALWAYS delivers!
Anyone behind the curve who doesn't have solar on their home yet should call him. I'm a difficult customer and hard to impress, so I know you'll be pleased. Here's why...
Andrew (and the entire SolarCity team) are professional, responsive, knowledgeable, efficient, and keep you informed thru the process. Of course they have great financing, too!

Call him and find out what Andrew can do for you. You have nothing to loose except the money your already wasting buying someone else's dirty energy. You own your home, own your energy.
Jan 12, 2017

Jay Lane recommends Erik Jonsgaard

WTP Operator

I feel like Erik is a very good sales rep for Solar City. I have had sales reps from other solar companies approach me with aggressive sales tactics and I felt that they were rude and pushy, Erik is neither of those. One of the things that I liked most about Erik is that he is a Local rep who takes his clients interests personally. He always responded to my questions or concerns in a timely manner and even stopped by a few times to discuss any information that we needed to go over. I would recommend him to any of my friends or family and know that he would give them the same personal treatment that he gave me. A+++ In my book. Thanks again Eirk!
Jan 10, 2017

William Harper recommends Erik Jonsgaard

Assistant Chief Pilot

Erik is the best! He made the process of learning about and buying solar a lot of fun. He accommodated my crazy schedule and responded very quickly via email or phone when my wife and I had questions. I can't overstate my appreciation for Erik Jonsgaard and his approach to his job. Thanks!
Jan 9, 2017

Shirley recommends Erik Jonsgaard


Erik was great to work with, very responsive to all our questions, even went above and beyond to help us out. Panels are being installed tomorrow, and looking forward to saving money and helping the environment! Definitely would recommend Erik and Solar City!
Jan 9, 2017

Peggy Nickeson recommends Erik Jonsgaard


We very much enjoyed working w/ Erik Jonsgaard. He is friendly, personable & most importantly, he know his product & very efficiently answered all our questions. It was a good experience! :)
Jan 2, 2017

Mindy Obando recommends Allie Sherman

Skeptic Turned Believer

My husband has always wanted solar panels and I have always been skeptical due to the financial commitment. However, after meeting with Allie and discussing the process and reviewing the hard core numbers we made the decision to move forward with the project. Allie is wonderful. She is very down to earth and during our first consultation with her, it felt as if we had known her for years. She is very knowledgeable about the process and product and is able to answer all of your questions. She keeps in touch from beginning to end and ensures you are on schedule and happy with everything and everyone you deal with. I would highly recommend working with Allie.
Dec 31, 2016

John Turner recommends Andrew Ehrnstein

Director of Project Engineeing

Andrew Ehrnstein fantastic representative of SolarCity. Having spoken with several different companies, and as many different sales representatives for those companies, Andrew was a total breath of fresh air, vs some of the smoke blowing I saw from other offerors. His knowledge, integrity, and eagerness to help were unparalleled. Andrew believes in his product and answers all questions fully and honestly. I recommend Andrew without reservation to anyone seeking to understand the benefits of solar power, and the strength of the SolarCity offering in particular. Andrew is a superstar!
Dec 14, 2016

Adrian Oxton recommends Allie Sherman


Working with Allie was great. She went above and beyond to answer our questions during the install process. Even after the installation was complete she continues to answer any questions I might have l.
Dec 13, 2016

Aaron Hawkins recommends Allie Sherman


Allie was great. It was found out that our electric panel (federal pacific) would need to be replaced before SolarCity would install solar on our house. Solar City gave us $2,500 towards a new panel and through Allie's help i was able to find a local electrician that would install the panel that I wanted. She was available through the entire process - before, during and after the solar was installed. We are off and running now, about 85% of our energy offset!
Dec 12, 2016

John Lund recommends Allie Sherman

Allie is a very easy going extremely informative, she walked us through the entire solar installation process. She is very proactive when it comes to keeping your solar project on tract and moving forward.

Thanks Allie.
Dec 10, 2016

Kelly Daugherty recommends Allie Sherman

Happy Solar Owner

I randomly met Allie at the conclusion of the Carbon Valley Half Marathon. She had a tent at the post-race finish area. I had looked into Solar City previously, but never followed through on a commitment to solar energy, let alone Solar City.

Allie was a completely engaing, yet low-pressue person. She and I connected on several topics that did not involve solar energy or her desire to convert me to solar producing, clean-energy household. That was enough for me to look into the opportunity further.

Long-story short, I talked to Allie, crunched the numbers, and made the decision that solar energy was the right decision for my family and household.

The real recommendation for Allie comes from installation day. On August 28, 2016, we had our solar system installed. My 5 year old daughter quickly bonded with Allie. Allie was kind and patient with her. She let my daughter play with many of the solar knick-knacks available on the table. She also let my daughter walk around to some of our neighborhhod houses to talk about "celery," (solar energy, green energy).

If you have the opportunity, work with Allie Sherman for your solar needs. She is so much more than a solar energy salesperson. She is a real person who really cares who happens to really care about clean, green, solar energy.
Dec 10, 2016

Harvey Morgan recommends Erik Jonsgaard


I don't often take the time to reply to these messages but this time I will take a few moments to reply. Erik was very cheerful and cordial. He answered all our questions and was very knowledgeable about solar and how it applied to my wife and myself and our home.

Thanks, Erik
Nov 30, 2016

Thomas Hartman recommends Erik Jonsgaard

Erik was friendly, accessible and took the time to answer our questions. We never felt pressured and he wanted what was best for us. Solar City wasn't the first company we talked to, Erik had the plan that fit our needs so Solar City is the company we chose to work with.
Nov 29, 2016

Kurt Bonam recommends Andrew Ehrnstein


I am an engineer and I was very impressed with Andrew's depth of knowledge regarding solar panels. I had a large number of technical questions during the process and he addressed every one with ease. Not only is Andrew a pleasure to work with, he loves what he does for the environment and it shows in everything he does. Solar City also had by far the best warranty of any solar panel company that we spoke with (which is very important with all the random hailstorms we get in Colorado) and I couldn't be more pleased with the process, mostly because of Andrew's continued involvement throughout. I had an issue with Excel and sent Andrew one email, and before I knew it everything was solved.
Nov 29, 2016

Jacquelyn Cox recommends Andrew Ehrnstein

SolarCity Customer

Andrew didn't pressure us into a sale, which many other solar company representatives tried, instead he offered us options and presented the benefits. He walked us through every step of the process instead of disappearing after the sale was made. He always was happy to answer any follow up questions (he even responded on weekends!). Andrew is a wonderful professional and an amazing source of information. I have highly recommended him to all my family and friends interested in getting solar on their house.
Nov 16, 2016

Becki Moessner recommends Erik Jonsgaard


We worked with Erik on our new solar system and he was wonderful. Very knowledgeable, professional, and made the whole process painless.

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