SolarCity Colorado

SolarCity has revolutionized the way energy is delivered by giving homeowners in Colorado a cleaner, more affordable alternative to their monthly utility bill. They are the nation's leading clean energy company, managing more solar power systems than any other in America. They proudly service Aurora, Boulder, Denver and Littleton. They put solar power and energy efficiency within the reach of everyday homeowners, businesses and government organizations by removing the high upfront cost.

308 Recommendations

Keith Barr recommends Andrew Ehrnstein
Homeowner--Erie, Colorado
Aug 23, 2015
Working with Andrew through the process of adding Solar to my home has been a pleasure. I am an engineer and I was very picky about how the system was installed and what type of performance I would get. Andrew worked with me through every step of the process to answer any questions I had and to ensure my requests were integrated into the project plan. The time frames Andrew told me of were realistic and throughout the entire process the information provided to me by Andrew was correct and timely.
Tushar Mhatre recommends Paul Rhien
May 21, 2015
I met Paul at Earth week event at my company. I attended his presentation at that time. We invited him to come to our place to show us how we could go Solar. Paul is very easy going person and very knowledgeable. The last thing I want is a sales man getting on my nerves. He provided all the information and showed us our options. Being an engineer, I did lot of research on my own and asked Paul plenty of questions to see what is best for my family. Paul was always there to answer the questions. Though we decided not to go with SolarCity out of personal choice (the system I was looking for was different), I would highly recommend Paul to anyone who wants to go with a reputable company like SolarCity.
Bill Pike recommends Paul Rhien
May 21, 2015
We have been very happy ith out experience with Solar City. From the initial consultation to the final install of the panels, Solar City has given us top notch service. They filed all the paperwork with our HOA and electric company, installed so that we did not have to miss work, and kept us informed about the process every step of the way. We are loving out solar panels and love that we did not have to spend any money to help the environment and lower our electric bill. Thank you Solar City
Anonymous recommends David Gamburd
May 11, 2015
Great to work with , very responsive!
Emily Drolshagen recommends David Gamburd
Happy Customer
May 11, 2015
David was easy to work with, flexible, informative and low pressure. He never moved forward until we asked him to and always encouraged us to ask more questions so he could answer them. It was a pleasure working with him and I would recommend him to anyone!
Tad recommends Ed Dugan
Happy customer
Apr 24, 2015
It has certainly been a pleasure to have worked with Ed Dugan. Very knowledgeable, and professional, in addition to being great during the entire process. We are very pleased with the level of production and everything about dealing with Solar City.

I would highly recommend Ed. I am grateful to the person that referred me to him. He has handled everything with the highest amount of professionalism and courtesy.

Chris LeClair recommends R Levi Laine
Mar 23, 2015

Levi has done such a good job at making the process super easy. He even took care of all issues immediately. I am so happy to get to work with Levi and solar city.
Colin and Nancy Conway recommends David Gamburd
Solar City Customer
Mar 17, 2015
We are new to the concept of solar energy and its potential for residential customer usage.
From the beginning of our involvement in the Solar City process with David Gamburd through this latest stage we have been thoroughly pleased with not only the product but the service provided by David and the others with whom we have come in contact. David has been informative w/o being pushy; knowledgeable and understanding of our naivete and lack of experience and readily available to answer our questions. He has provided us with resources to expand our knowledge base and followed threw with any concerns we have raised.
David Gamburd's people skills make him an excellent person to purvey this concept to those who have little or no background in the area of solar energy.
Tim Schwickerath recommends David Gamburd
Mar 17, 2015
David was very friendly and able to explain the details. It's nice to know that even though I'm paying for solar panels, the amount I'll be paying a month is still lower than what I'm paying now and in doing that, I'm raising the value of my home.
Kent Deslongchamp recommends David Gamburd
Mar 17, 2015
David was prompt, professional, courteous and through. We have been looking foward to getting solar and are so excited to begin our journey together for a greener tomorrow. David made the process seamless and as convienent as possible from scheduling to completion of installation. If David is only the first example of customer service our relationship will be long and happy for a long time. Thanks David for the intriduction into the solar city family.
Tim M Hovey recommends David Gamburd
Field and Design Consultant, Colorado Manager, Curtainwall Design and Consulting, Inc.
Mar 13, 2015
After a little bit of a rough start with Solar City, David has managed to jump in and provide me with some exceptional customer support with our system. we have not yet reached the install phase, but at this time he is being very helpful as we work through some design and architectural issues.
Derek recommends David Gamburd
Mar 12, 2015
It was very pleasant working with David. He kept in contact throughout the whole process and let us know the status of our system. I am very excited to I have our new system and I would definitely recomend anyone that is unsure of solar to speak with David.
Kyle Haver recommends David Gamburd
Mar 11, 2015
David knows his stuff! And he is genuinely excited to be a part of it. After hearing what he had to say about solar energy and his company Solarcity, it wasn't only easy to to make the decision to install solar at my home, it was a no-brainer! I HIGHLY suggest you take the time to speak with him. I'm glad I did. I would recommend him to anyone!
Adam recommends David Gamburd
Mar 10, 2015
David is calm and professional. He answered all my questions and had no problem when I slowed down the process to do my own research. He did not pressure me at all. It's also quite apparent that David enjoys working for SolarCity and knows he is making a difference as an environmental optimist.
Roy Lippelt recommends R Levi Laine
Mar 9, 2015
Was very helpful through the whole process. Great job!!
Kevin recommends Ed Dugan
Mar 8, 2015
Ed is awesome. I grilled him hard on many unique questions before I proceeded and he always researched it and got back to me rather than bullshitting me.
Amanda K. recommends R Levi Laine
Home Owner
Mar 6, 2015
Smart, thorough and makes the process extremely easy.
Vance recommends R Levi Laine
Home owner
Mar 6, 2015
Straight up guy with lots of energy.
"Apple" Santistevan 303-937-7037 recommends R Levi Laine
property owner
Feb 25, 2015
I highly recommend Solae City, I have been very happy with their service. My solar unit was installed in the mid year of 2014 and I did realize a savings on my electric bill during the summer, not so,much this winter due to the snow covering the unit, but I due feel that this coming summer I will see a real savings. I thank Mr. Levi Laine for his service and friendship, super person.
"Apple" Santistevan recommends R Levi Laine
property owner
Feb 25, 2015
I highly recommend Solae City, I have been very happy with their service. My solar unit was installed in the mid year of 2014 and I did realize a savings on my electric bill during the summer, not so,much this winter due to the snow covering the unit, but I due feel that this coming summer I will see a real savings. I thank Mr. Levi Laine for his service and friendship, super person.
Jim Douglas recommends R Levi Laine
Feb 25, 2015
The "going solar" experience was even easier than Levi made it sound. The installation process lasted less then a day. It's a win-win. I get cheap electricity and Solar City gets twenty years of dependable cash flows.
Bethany Brown recommends R Levi Laine
Instructional Designer
Feb 24, 2015
To Whom it May Concern,

Levi was wonderful to work with to get me set up with solar power. He walked me through all of the steps and answered all of my questions.

I received my first bill from Solar City and it's $19.76!

I couldn't be more happy with his service and his helping me to go solar!

Bethany Brown
Anonymous recommends R Levi Laine
Feb 24, 2015
Levi was great to work with. He made the process very smooth and gave us a great product. We have really enjoyed the process of going solar and Levi was a big part of that. I would highly recommend Levi and the Solar City team.
Eli recommends R Levi Laine
Feb 24, 2015
Levi was enthusiastic and supportive. He offered his personal time to answer our questions and pointed us to the resources we needed.
Over all he helped the solar installment to be an easy process.
David Spires recommends Jay Treat
Jan 29, 2015
When I considered going solar with Solar City, Jay Treat came to my house to explain the process and long-term benefits. Jay is extremely knowledgeable, personable, and responsible. The Solar City installation occurred just as he outlined, and Jay has remained available to answer promptly my every question long after I signed on and the system has been up and running. Jay Treat is an outstanding representative for Solar City and the solar industry; I could not be more pleased with his work on my behalf.
Tara Hammar recommends Jay Treat
Lecturer, Great Dane enthusiast
Jan 26, 2015
Jay Treat made the process of "going solar" so easy for myself and my husband. He was professional, attentive, courteous, and competent. We have made several referrals to him and each of our friends has confirmed our point of view.
Terry Stenlund recommends Jay Treat
Channel Sales Manager
Jan 26, 2015
I highly recommend Jay Treat. He was professional and informative and was not a high pressure sales guy. I appreciate the way that he answered all of our questions and gave us the information to make an informed decision. We have been impressed with his follow up through the installation process and making sure we have been happy with our Solar System. We have had a great experience with Jay and with Solar City.
Michael recommends Chris Ebersberg
Jan 23, 2015
I am pretty sure I am one of the more detailed customers out there. I did tons of research (down to calculating the pv output and anayzing code for the inverters). Chris hung in there with me and answered my questions quickly.

Because of his dedication to answering my questions I ultimately chose to proceed with him over a couple different PV providers.

He is knowledgeable and great to work with. Highly recommend him.
Kemble Widmer recommends Jay Treat
General Manager
Jan 23, 2015
I worked with Jay Treat to select a Solar Solution from Solar City. I found Jay to be very knowleadgeable, responsive, and a pleasure to deal with. I highly recommend anyone seeking a Solar Solution work with Jay.
Ron Deitchler recommends Jay Treat
Jan 22, 2015
Jay Treat has been a "treat" to work with. In the two years I have known him he has been both honest and helpful in my transition to solar. As an example, last year I mentioned squirrels had built a nest under my solar panels. The very next day some guys came out and installed a net over the panels and I've had no problems since. I would highly recommend Jay for dealing with solar in general and Solar City in particular.
Daniela recommends Chris Ebersberg
Jan 14, 2015
We loved working with Chris. He was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I recommend everyone that I know to work with him. We love our solar panels - and saving money!!!
Thomas L. Epting recommends Chris Ebersberg
Homeowner and solar advocate
Jan 14, 2015
Chris Ebersberg is an individual who knows solar. He is not only passionate about solar and its many benefits but can explain solar to the homeowner or business professional. Chris walked us through and answered the many questions we had concerning solar panels, on grid versus off grid, net metering, etcetera. Totally professional in his approach to presenting and selling solar. Chris is armed with the facts and explains all the many facets of solar versus traditional methods of supplying energy to ones home. Always called us back and answered any additional questions that we might have concerning installation, metering, and procedures that we and his company had to complete. And yes, I do recommend Chris and would not hesitate to buy solar from him again. Tom Epting
Steve Humphries recommends Chris Ebersberg
Business owner and home owner
Jan 14, 2015
Adding solar to my house using Solar City and Chris, has been a wonderful experience. Not only do I save money, but I am helping conserve our precious natural resources. I would recommend going solar with Solar City to anyone. It's a win win!!!
Tom recommends Ed Dugan
Jan 6, 2015
Ed Dugan was my Solar City sales/contact person in arranging for solar panels on my house this past fall. He is knowledgeable, helpful, responsive to emails and concerns, and a personable. I recommend him to other prospective customers.
KAA & DJG recommends David Gamburd
Dec 22, 2014
David was wonderful and professional from start to finish. We met him at the Louisville Farmers Market and he arranged a time to come and speak to us about Solar City. Not only is he extremely knowledgable, he is also passionate about solar energy. Throughout the process he made himself available for any questions or concerns we had. We have recommend David to our neighbors and friends.
Anonymous recommends David Gamburd
Dec 22, 2014
Very professional and great to work with!
Mark and Cathy Scheitlin recommends David Gamburd
Dec 13, 2014
We couldn't be happier with our Solar City installation and operation. David did a great job throughout the process - from our initial meeting through the day we turned on our system. His explanations were thorough and complete and he always responded to our emails and phone calls promptly. David is a great asset to the Solar City team!
Celia Zaharas recommends Andrew Ehrnstein
Dec 5, 2014
Andrew was very knowledgable about all aspects of our solar project. This was something we did not find with another company. He was able to immediately answer all of our questions and also make some recommendations. Andrew is professional and personable. I highly recommend him for any solar project. Working with such a qualified professional took the stress out of the project and made is quite pleasant.
Bret M. recommends David Gamburd
Small Business Owner
Nov 21, 2014
We had a great experience with David! He was very professional, experienced, consultative, and easy to work with, and he put us at ease with our great decision to go Solar with the new My Power program! Thanks!
Michael recommends Jay Treat
Homeowner - Real Estate Developer
Nov 17, 2014
Jay Treat was our Solar City sales rep and he was awesome to work with. He was incredibly knowledgeable, insightful, friendly and professional.

Jay was always and continues to make himself available if we have any questions or concerns with our solar system. The customer service we experienced from Jay is one of the best we have experienced in any trade.

We have had our solar system for over 1 year now and the entire experience with Jay and Solar City has been great. I continue to recommend Solar City and Jay to all of my friends and family.

- Michael
Robert Verquer recommends David Gamburd
Nov 15, 2014
From the very beginning of the process to purchase solar in our home David was very up front, honest and most important to us was very knowledgeable and informative. He returned all of my many phone calls very promptly. He has very good customer skills. We felt very comfortable through the entire process. We will definitely do business with David again.
David S. recommends David Gamburd
Nov 14, 2014
David was very courteous and friendly. He explained the contract very well and I thought he did a great job. Overall solar city did everything very professionally I would highly recommend them.
Joe Martin recommends Andrew Ehrnstein
Home owner
Nov 14, 2014
I highly recommend Andrew and Solar City for planning, installing and running a solar system for you. Everything went very, very smoothly with our installation and coordination with Excel getting the system up and running. Andrew was always on top of everything and did excellent follow through on aspects of the system.
Anonymous recommends Andrew Ehrnstein
Nov 13, 2014
Working with Andrew to set up our SolarCity solar was a great experience. From the initial consultation through installation, Andrew guided the entire process and competently answered all of our questions. We're grateful for his help.
Justin recommends David Gamburd
Oct 6, 2014
I would highly recommend working with David Gamburd if you are considering solar energy. He is knowledgeable, personable, and makes the entire process incredibly easy to understand and stress free.
David BObko recommends David Gamburd
Oct 6, 2014
David is a pleasure to work with. He is very knowledgeable regarding the product that he supports and is very personable. He has a lot of integrity and is passionate about the environment.
Steven & Donna Cristobal recommends David Gamburd
Satisfied customer
Sep 23, 2014
One of the "Best" personal experiences we have ever had. We have thought about having solar power installed at our home for a long time,and new nothing about it.David came to the house and very simply explained the entire process to us,we understood fully,and he left the final choice up to us.No pressure ,just a kind exchange of information...If you want to understand what it is to convert your energy needs to solar,just ask David .He can walk you through it and in no time you can begin experiencing the benefits of solar energy.
Brian Mahanke recommends David Gamburd
Medical Practice Manager
Sep 11, 2014
David Gamburd was awesome to work with. He thoroughly explained the whole process and answered all the questions I had. He was an absolute pleasure to work with. I referred a good friend of mine to Solar City and he had a similar experience.
Carson recommends David Gamburd
Sep 7, 2014
David was very helpful and always available to answer my questions throughout the process.
Rebecca Oliva recommends David Gamburd
Aug 22, 2014
David is extremely organized, professional and responsive. He has been following up consistently to keep our process on track, without being overbearing or annoying. He is just really great to work with overall!
Eric Bliss recommends Jay Treat
Director of Religious Education at First Unitarian Denver
Aug 20, 2014
To whom it may concern:

Jay Treat was our Solar City salesperson and we were thrilled with his professionalism, follow up, and friendliness.

Jay obviously believes in what he does and exhibits an enthusiasm for clean energy which makes him a pleasure to engage with.

Mr Treat was exceedingly knowledgeable and was ever present to answer our questions and address any of our concerns.

We have had a 5 star experience with Solar City and I would attribute much of that exceptional service to Jay.


Paul Soroka recommends Andrew Ehrnstein
Jul 12, 2014
Andrew was truly a consultant versus a salesperson. He was exceptionally helpful in educating us about the benefits of solar and which plan would be best for us.

Before we could get started, we needed to get new roofing and he recommended a contractor for us to consider. After getting 3 bids (also recommendations from others), we selected his recommendation. A big thanks to Andrew for providing someone to work with who we could trust and do excellent work for the value.

When we decided to move ahead with the solar (and there was no pressure), he made the process from start to finish very easy, as he did most of the work! He also stayed in touch with us periodically to give up status updates, so we knew what to expect and when. In addition, all the individuals at Solar City who did the inspection and installation were very professional, just like Andrew.

We are so pleased to have solar electricity and Andrew made the experience worthwhile. We now enjoy living in a home that fulfills our values about being good stewards of the environment and finances!
The Quinlans recommends Paul Rhien
Jul 10, 2014
Paul was integral part in our decision to convert our home to solar power with solarcity. Paul answered all the questions we had and showed up to our home everytime we needed to discuss the process - he even assisted in turning the system on with our computer. We are very pleased with the entire process and highly recommend Paul - and solarcity - to anyone interested in converting to solar power.
Marie Myfanawy recommends David Gamburd
Jun 17, 2014
To Whom It May Concern:

I recommend David Gamburd as a respectful representative of Solar City. David clearly explained the Solar City program and business model. He answered all my questions and even good humoredly listened to my political statements as we went through the process of finalizing my decision to install solar panels on my roof. I believe if you listen to him describe Solar City to you, you will be persuaded that solar panels are an effective and inexpensive way to make a difference for reducing our environmental impact while simultaneously saving you money.
Tim Hayes recommends Chris Farnsworth
Solar City Customer
Jun 16, 2014
Chris is very knowledgeable and very easy to work with. He answered every question I had and was very polite and professional. I would highly recommend both Chris and Solar City as a great team to work with.
Cathy and Perrie Collins recommends David Gamburd
Owner of property in Thornton Colorado
Jun 16, 2014
We were so happy with the service David Gamburd provided! He was very knowledegable with every question we had, and was very attentive to our needs and questions. He provided great references, and there was no pressure from him for the sale. We definetly will refer him to our friends and family.
Lotus Alexander recommends Andrew Ehrnstein
May 31, 2014
One day last Feb. I opened my door to find a flyer hanging on the knob. I opened it and it was all about solar, how it could save me money on my excel bill and wouldn't cost me anything to install. Ya right, I thought you don't get something for nothing. Arousing my curiosity I called Andrew and make an appointment . I believe he came the next day..
He introduced himself and before he could go any further I stopped him and asked him about not costing me anything. I didn't have money to invest right now and didn't want to waste his time or mine if that wasn't true. He was so patient with me, explained everything to me and the best of all was that all I had to do was sit back and wait, that SolarCity would do everything. Sure enough a little over 3 months my solar is up and running. I would highly recommend Andrew, he's my kind of sales person, never pushy
because if he would have been he would have bee out the door in a flash.
Jeff Hansford recommends Keith Igoe
IT Professional, SolarCity Customer
May 22, 2014
Keith is extremely personable and friendly. His attitude towards SolarCity, solar power and your home's solar setup is positive, trustworthy and kind. He is extremely knowledgeable, communicative throughout the process and follow-ups proactively. A win-win scenario.
John J Kregarman recommends Keith Igoe
retired psychologist
May 18, 2014
Keith sold us our solar system. He represented it fairly and was always available for consultation during the various steps leading to its installation. So far our system has worked very well.

He is a good salesman and knows what he is talking about. And, taking our case, he cares about his customers even after the sale has been made.
Josh G. recommends Andrew Ehrnstein
May 8, 2014
It was a pleasure working with Andrew on setting up Solar City at our house. While we had looked at putting solar panels on our house in the past, it wasn't until our conversation with Andrew that we moved forward. Rather than a regular sales person just looking to close a deal, Andrew has been by our side through the whole process and even stopped by while they were doing the installation.

Andrew's expertise and passion for the solar industry helped us choose Solar City and we will continue passing on his name to our friends and families to let them know how easy it is to set up solar. Thanks for all of your help in providing us another way to support our environment.
Bill Carley recommends Paul Rhien
May 6, 2014
To Whom It May Concern,

I am pleased to write this recommendation for Paul Rhien, and the larger Solar City team. Working for an Energy Company, I am keenly aware of the long-term projections for our energy future. Paul and his team made my decision 'easy'. They were great to work with at every phase of the decision-making process. They were polite, professional and highly technical when the questions came up. More importantly, we live in a Covenant Controlled area, and the team worked with my HOA to ease the concerns of the Design Review committee. In my case, I opted for a lease. I am quite certain that a future buyer of my home will welcome a PV system as a real asset to the property.

Whereas, solar technology is making improvements every year I felt it was timely to take advantage of this 'window of opportunity' with Excel Energy who is cooperating with firms like Solar City to ease the overall burden on the energy grid.

I encourage you to investigate the opportunities to work with this team.
LARRY COOK recommends Keith Igoe
May 2, 2014

Josue & Alexandra Lopez recommends Chris Farnsworth
Apr 23, 2014
Chris was great to work with and made everything about the paneling process easy & understandable. He was with us through the entire process & made sure all our questions were answered quickly, even when he didn't know the answer he found the person who would.
We have everything installed now except the last meter from Xcel. Everything happend in great time and as it was explained by Chris. We are excited to start using our panels and being GREEN!
Angelina recommends Nick Naegele
Apr 18, 2014
Nick answered all my questions and everything went smoothly I am very happy with the new Solar panels and the whole process was free and easy! Looking forward to the savings!
Thanks Nick and Solar City!
Anonymous recommends Nick Naegele
Apr 18, 2014
Nick was extremely clear with his presentation, he answered all my questions and educated me on the benefits of Solar Energy, I am excited that I will be saving money on my electricity bill while going green. Everyone should contact Nick to find out how they too can have solar panels installed, all for free!
Randy Greenwood recommends Chip Bergman
Apr 17, 2014
Chip Bergman did an excellent job throughout the entire process, he is a top notch professional. I wish I could talk him inot coming to work in sales for me!
James Ries recommends Chris Farnsworth
Apr 15, 2014
Chris assisted us on getting our solar system installed smoothly . Prior to working with Chris, we tried getting our system installed by real time solar. They drove us crazy with changes and having to sign for changes. We gave up, until Chris came along and everything went smoothly.
Mary Parker recommends Keith Igoe
Apr 10, 2014
Working with Keith has been wonderful. He has just the right mix of technical information and customer service. I've been thinking of going solar for a long time but I didn't really know how easy it would be..... or I would have done it long ago!
John Amico recommends Keith Igoe
A home owner
Apr 10, 2014
Keith was very professinal and explained everything in lay mans terms. I hae already told several pesons of my experense with Solar City and one has already bought into the system the other has the commercial side of the house talking with they.

John Amico
West Roxbury, MA
Don G. Sperber recommends Keith Igoe
Retired Clergy
Apr 8, 2014
Linda and I had been thinking Solar sounded like what we should consider, as our house
is at the back of the col de sac and the rear of our home faces virtually south. While
thinking it was out of the question for us to afford a Solar System we became aware of Solar City as an option.
After making contact with Solar City, Keith Igoe made an appointment with us to share how Solar City might provide the Solar system, if we made it possible for them to place the system on our roof! We agreed!
Now we have a Solar system that adds us to the Xcel grid and produces a benefit to us, too.
Thanks, Keith Igoe...We are glad you stopped by to give us the good news!
Bob and Marianne Stofac recommends Keith Igoe
Home owner
Apr 7, 2014
As our sales rep we found Kieth to be knowledgeable, honest, and virtually immediately available by phone and e-mail to answer any of questions and resolve any concerns we had during the whole process of our solar installation and getting onto the grid. We have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone.
Patricia and Michael Streight recommends Chris Carvalho
Simulator Instructor
Apr 7, 2014
We worked with Chris on our 10K solar installation at the house. He was very through in the explanations of the systems and options we had to make it available to us. Follow up was great from Chris as well as Solar City as a company. Any questions or concerns were addressed promptly and answered completely. If the answer was not readily available a return call or email was always received with follow up the ensure complete understanding. My system is up, running, and producing energy at a financial savings to us. Thanks Chris for helping us get the system for our home.

Patti and Mike Streight
Lynn Bittel recommends Keith Igoe
Potential customer
Apr 7, 2014
Keith provided a detailed and complete presentation in
a very professional manner providing for me the means
to completely understand the advantages of installing
Solar Energy equipment.
He answered all questions in detail and explained all
the advantages of generating your power with Solar.
Lynn Bittel recommends Keith Igoe
Potential customer
Apr 7, 2014
Kieth provided a detailed and complete presentation in
a very professional manner providing for me the means
to completely understand the advantages of installing
Solar Energy equipment.
He answered all questions in detail and explained all
the advantages of generating your power with Solar.
Brandon Wellcome recommends Andrew Ehrnstein
Nonprofit Entrepreneurship & Communications
Mar 25, 2014
We really appreciated Andrew's friendliness and patience, particularly as we threw quite a few questions at him! He's very knowledgeable not only about solar energy but about the entirety of the energy sector. His wisdom and expertise come across simply as a natural extension of who he is and what he cares about - responsible, sustainable energy!
Joan Troy recommends Chip Bergman
Mar 22, 2014
Great personaliy, so very helpful, and sold a wonderful product. One of the best sales persons I have ever met!
Heiko Meyer recommends Andrew Ehrnstein
Retired and need to hold on to my money
Mar 14, 2014
To whom it concerns:
I learned about Andrew from one of my neighbors. We met for about 30 minutes and Andrew
made a great presentation, in detail but not boring. He had our full attention.
After we signed up - I thought it was a no-brainer - we checked his references, checked
with a bank and the insurance company. All signals were GO.
The follow up of the Solar City team was fantastic. Any promises made about installation
etc. where kept, and where weather was a handicap, they called and rescheduled.

I can highly recommend Andrew and his team.
Robin recommends David Gamburd
Mar 13, 2014
Very professional, great follow up and follow through, easy to work with!
Sam and Debby Chapin recommends Ed Dugan
Mar 12, 2014
We would strongly recommend Ed Dugan to assist in meeting your solar needs. He has guided us expertly from the beginning of our solar quest through the installations and to the activation of the system. Our many questions were answered to our satisfaction in a very professional manner. Solar City is very well represented by Ed!
Steve Bell recommends Ed Dugan
Mar 11, 2014
Ed was very solid with his knowledge and follow up. I never felt pushed and he was always willing to help me get a form or assist with inspecting the process. I would recommend Ed to anyone considering solar power and looking for a consultative approach.
Amanda Olenberger recommends David Gamburd
Mar 10, 2014
David has a lot of knowledge regarding solar and was great to work with during our process. He guided us through the process and answered any of our questions.
Kenneth recommends Nick Naegele
Mar 7, 2014
Nick has been great to work with. He has responded to our questions promply and honestly.
Anonymous recommends Ed Dugan
Feb 23, 2014
Ed Dugan has been great through out this project. He has helped answer questions and resolve some issues. I am recommending him to family and friends and anyone interested in solar.
Don Nelson recommends Chip Bergman
Feb 4, 2014
Chip did an excellent job explaining the benefits of going solar, and the benefits of using SolarCity. In one simple hour presenrTation I was on my way to getting panels installed on my house. The entire process has been clear and efficient as possible over the past few months. Chip onward has been impressive!
Michael Longhurst recommends Greg Richter
Jan 27, 2014
It was a pleasure working with Greg to get solar panels for our home. Even though we only needed a small system, he went out of his way to make sure I was taken care of. In addition to the "selling" aspect of the process, Greg was there to answer questions and keep me on track throughout the process. I definitely appreciate all of the help he provided and highly recommend working with him.
Troy B recommends Greg Richter
Home Owner
Jan 23, 2014
Gregory was very knowledgeable in the filed of Solar! I am a detailed individual and he was able to answer anything I threw at him without hesitation. Gregory was able to walk us through each step and in the end made us feel good about the path we took.
Anonymous recommends Ed Dugan
Jan 22, 2014
Ed was a great to work with. He was extremely knowledgeable about all aspects Solar Panel purchasing/leasing - from a design standpoint, to energy savings and costs. There was no high pressure sales pitch. He presented his product simply in easy-to-understand terms and let the product speak for itself. After we decided to lease solar panels from Solar City, he was with us every step of the way. He answered any questions we had the same day, usually within the hour! We would highly recommend him to anyone looking to install solar panels. He made the whole process easy and even enjoyable!
Larry Gerfen recommends Chip Bergman
Solar City Customer
Jan 22, 2014
I would like to commend the excellent service Chip Bergman provided throughout the proocess of having a Solar City system installed on my home roof. From the beginning of gathering information, checking on status, and answering my many questions Chip was quick to respond with thorough answers or he ensured the proper authority was informed of my request. He made the whole process very easy, stress free, and even exciting on having the excellent Solar City system installed. Thank you.
Kevin (Casey) Cahill recommends Ed Dugan
Jan 22, 2014
My best description of Ed is he is a professional in all aspects of the process. Whenever I had a question he was always quick to respond and follow-up to make sure I was satisfied. I would 100% recommend Ed to all my neighbors and friends.
Natalie recommends Greg Richter
Home owner
Jan 21, 2014
We enjoyed working with Greg. He was very prompt and was able to answer all our questions.
Brynna Montano recommends Greg Richter
Program Manager
Jan 20, 2014
It was really easy to work with Greg to get solar and I was very impressed with how little effort it actually took on my part =) Greg is very honest and wonderful to work with.
Richard McCarthy recommends Greg Richter
Medical Technologist (ASCP)
Jan 19, 2014
I would recommend Gregory Richter to anybody who is interested in solar energy. We made an appointment and he came over to my house to explain how solar energy would work for me what would be involved. He was not pushy and answered all my questions as well as explaining the costs and savings to me as well as warranty in formation on the work to be done. I am looking forward to becoming somewhat green in my energy use.
Ron Merten recommends Greg Richter
Retired chemist
Jan 17, 2014
If you want solar power, Greg Richter is your man and Solar City is your company.
Greg is reliable, honest, and gives you the complete, straight story on what is involved
in getting solar into your home or business. He will return your calls in a timely manner
and make himself available when you need him. Greg and crew made our installation
Mike and Kelli Jelen recommends Greg Richter
Jan 17, 2014
Greg definatley knows his solar! I have recommended Greg to several of our neighbors and he is has been a pleasure to work with.
Keri Carland recommends Greg Richter
Jan 16, 2014
Greg was very thorough and professional. He answered all of our questions clearly and concisely, and most of all - quickly.
We are happy to provide our recommendation for Greg.
Brad Schick recommends Chip Bergman
Solar City Customer
Jan 5, 2014
Chip is great. He has been upfront and honest throughout the whole process. He has really helped with the referral aspect as well as with unknown items like pest abatement. He is also very knowledgeable about the product and issues that may arise. I would happily recommend Chip to anyone.
Bryan Brown recommends David Gamburd
Special Education Teacher
Jan 2, 2014
David Gamburd and one of his associates politely stopped me in Home Deoot a few weeks to present their company Solar City. Although I do not normally respond to this type of sales venue, based on their appearance and the set up of their station, I listened. I made an appointment with David Gamburd to come to my home to further discuss the possibility of solar energy in my home.

Upon arriving at my house, David was very courteous, yet confident in his product and presentation. He knew his product and was able to answer all questions that I directed at him. He was most professional throughout the meeting. I have full confidence that I am proceeding with this venture with a full anticipation of a positive outcome. This is due, in large part, to the presentation that Mr Gamburd gave to me.

Based on this initial meeting, I would recommend that homeowners should at least listen to this concept. I am sold and excited to be doing this for the environment and my budget!
Ben Reeves recommends Andrew Ehrnstein
Senior Network Engineer
Dec 31, 2013
Working with Andrew has been a pleasure. Throughout the process of getting our solar panels installed, he kept in touch and even worked outside his sales and design role to help move the process along. His courtesy, professionalism, and attention to detail were very much appreciated and I would highly recommend working with him.
David Hood recommends Ed Dugan
home owner
Dec 11, 2013
I really enjoyed working with Ed . Anytime i needed his assistance he was right there. I've never met anyone so willing to go above and beyond like Ed does. Eds knowledge and experiance in the solar industry is unsurpassed and I would recomend him to anyone...
The Wilkersons recommends Ed Dugan
Dec 9, 2013
Ed has been a wonderful consultant for us. Not only has he answered our multiple questions on late nights and weekends prior to installation, he continues to be available for us whenever we have new questions or concerns. We have never felt like we were no longer a priority, as you often do once deals are made and sales are finalized. This has not been the experience with Ed. Thank you Ed!
Sebastian Eschmann recommends Chip Bergman
Production Manager
Dec 9, 2013
Chip did an awesome job. I had a ton of questions and I got all of them answered right away. After signing the paperwork, it took them just 6 weeks to plan and install the system on my roof. It works and looks fantastic. I also love how they handled the process, it is very easy to go true all the steps with Solarcity until you can turn it on.
John S Moss recommends Andrew Ehrnstein
Dec 3, 2013
Andrew is the best! He was very helpful during the process and I would highly recommend him. I was turned down by another solar company and when I initially contacted Andrew I told him of the problem and he said he not to worry. I am quite satisfied with the product and love the side benefits.
Valeriy and Irina recommends David Gamburd
Happy customers
Nov 22, 2013
David is a great representative. He was very professional and involved in the presentation. Also, he paid attention to all our needs and answered every question quickly and accurately. We have referred him to several of our friends and would recommend him to anyone interested in SolarCity!
Connie Beach recommends Chip Bergman
Nov 13, 2013
Chip was wonderful and helped us every step of the way. He did a great job explaining things and helped each and every time I had a question. HE'S TERRIFIC!!
Doug Maben recommends Chip Bergman
Nov 10, 2013
Chip did a great job of laying out the benefits and plan for us to move to solar. he was knowledgeable and forthcoming about how the process works, the different ways we could approach it and what ever ups or downs might occur along the way. there were no surprises and everything went just exactly the way he said it would.

We are delighted that we made this decision to add solar to our home, and deeply appreciate the guidance and professionalism with which Chip got us to where we are today.
Dave Cooper recommends Andrew Ehrnstein
Owner of property in Colorado
Oct 25, 2013
Andrew rules! A fantastic sales and customer service professional. Was on top of the complete order, from installation to activation. He was responsive, returning all calls promptly and following up on any small problems that arose. He customer service staff, out of Phoenix, was also of the highest caliber, continually in communicate with us during the complete install.
I would recommend Andrew and Solar City without reservation.
John Hemmeter recommends Andrew Ehrnstein
Oct 24, 2013
Andrew Ehrnstein has, throughout the whole procedure, not only been extremely knowledgeable, but also extremely patient. There were a few bumps along the way, and Andrew handled everything without a whimper. We are highly satisfied with all phases of the installation, and would recommend Solar City and Andrew to anyone who asked.
Bryan Ratanasin recommends Chip Bergman
Oct 22, 2013
Chip was a pleasure to work with. He was always accessible and was very informative. I know I'm a difficult person to work with because I am anal retentive but, he was always patient with me. He did a great job!
Stepan recommends David Gamburd
Oct 20, 2013
David Gamburd presented and sold us the solar panel system in a very professional and kind manner. He listened to and answered all of our questions. His presentation was interesting, informative and made a lot of sense.
Eric Hall recommends Chip Bergman
Oct 17, 2013
Chip did a great job of informing us about solar energy options up front and checking in throughout the process.
Bill Wieder recommends David Gamburd
Oct 13, 2013
I recently signed up with solar city not so much for the savings on my utility cost but rather my belief in our need to have more renewable energy and to reduce our carbon footprint. It is difficult to justify out of pocket buying of solar conversion but with Solar city I can have solar without having to pay $20 or $30,000 as I lease the equipment and pay for it instead of p
paying Exel. I have talked with others that have the system and all have spoke very highly of the system and it's benefits. Feel free to call me if you have other concerns. Bill Wieder
Amy Riter recommends David Gamburd
Oct 10, 2013
Our experience with SolarCity was stress-free and simplified because of David's involvement. David was very attentive, informative and responsive. He came to our house to explain the SolarCity concept and technology. He also coordinated follow up appointments and emails and made sure that all of the forms were filled out and submitted. He was a great liaison.
Dan Riter recommends David Gamburd
Oct 9, 2013
David does a great job. He is on top of all the details and is available to answer questions readily. Thanks for the continued great service!
Pete & Jill Wood recommends David Gamburd
Homeowners / Solar Power newbies
Oct 9, 2013
David is knowledgeable, thorough, and persistent. He visited our home no less than 3 times, each session lasting well over an hour, to answer our questions and address our concerns. In the end his persistence paid off and we decided to go ahead with SolarCity. He is a credit to the company.

--Pete & Jill Wood
Brad Warnick recommends David Gamburd
HomeOwner SolarCity Customer
Oct 8, 2013
David was first class all the way. He was very pleasant to work with and did a great job communicating throughout the entire process. Anything I needed was handled quickly and efficiently. I've been impressed with everyone at SolarCity and David is at the top of the class.
Earl Bastian recommends Keith Igoe
Facility Maintenance I, In the Commercial and Residential field over 40 years
Oct 5, 2013
Keith was very professional, answer all my concerns and in a way that was easy to understand. I'm able to explain this system to others. ease call Terry 303.261.4424
Chaz Martin recommends Andrew Ehrnstein
Sep 12, 2013
He was clear and very helpful.
Asif Husain recommends Andrew Ehrnstein
Sep 12, 2013
Very professional and easy to work with
Jim & Marla Myers recommends Greg Richter
Aug 24, 2013
We were very impressed with Greg's knowledge & professionalism of the SolarCity program. Greg Richter is also very personable and we enjoyed our consultation.

Thanks Greg!
Melissa Wills recommends Greg Richter
New Solar City customer
Aug 21, 2013
Greg was very pleasant and easy to talk with. He obviously believes strongly in the benefits of solar power, but he didn't push his point of view; rather he let us decide if it was right for us. He came prepared. He patiently answered all of our questions, addressed our concerns, and contributed to our strong comfort level in Solar City. I am very happy to recommend Greg to my friends and neighbors.
Jt Sayotovich recommends Greg Richter
Jt Sayotovich, Owner / Husband
Aug 21, 2013
Great to talk to, and explained the system very well.
Alexi Molden recommends Greg Richter
Aug 20, 2013
Greg is great to work with, no pressure but has all the answers. He helped me make an educated decision. He is also good at responding to any questions you may have in a timely manner.
Wendy O'Hara recommends Greg Richter
Aug 20, 2013
I have been thinking about going solar for a long time, after meeting Greg, I knew I had found the right person. His knowledge is impressive, he is professional, always prompt regarding anything that he says he will do, I couldn't be more pleased! If you are thinking about, or want to learn about Solar, you have found the perfect person.

Annie Lappe recommends Greg Richter
Aug 20, 2013
Greg was so helpful, and always responded to my questions within minutes. He made sure we had everything we needed to make an informed decision about investing in solar energy.
John E. Bowness II recommends Ed Dugan
Aug 15, 2013
Working with Ed was a pleasure and he always got back to me right away when I had a question.
Stephanie Chancy recommends Ed Dugan
Stay-at-home-and-work-from-home solar-loving mama
Aug 14, 2013
When we met with Ed Dugan about potentially putting solar panels on our home, we knew we were in good hands. Ed was not only extremely knowledgeable about the solar industry and environmental and financial benefits, he was very honest and genuine throughout the entire process. My husband and I felt as if we were working with a good friend who had only our best interests in mind. Ed is not pushy or salesy, which made us feel very comfortable working with him. Ed was also very prompt and thorough with responding to our questions when we researched panels. I highly recommend giving Ed a few minutes of your time. You will quickly realize how wonderful he is to work with and how he can help you save money on your energy bill by showing you concrete data on your energy usage. Ed is a perfect reflection of how all of the employees at Solar City work with the utmost professionalism, integrity and respect for their clients.
Wayne Griess recommends Ed Dugan
Home Owner
Aug 13, 2013
Ed and Solar City were easy to work with, professional in their roles, and clear in their responsibilities. As a consequence, we have installed Solar and are very pleased with the results. Ed was so very helpful in the beginning by giving us all the information we needed. He was thorough and never pushy, which we appreciated, as we needed time to think everything through. Ed is a great person to talk about solar and the opportunities.
Jerry Stigall recommends Ed Dugan
Home owner
Aug 12, 2013
Ed Dugan was our first contact with Solar City and he guided us seamlessly through every step. We're proud Solar City customers and Ed's help and expertise and 'went solar' on June 28th. The timelines Ed gave us were reasonable but they actually surpassed most all deadlines. There was never a time that we did not know where we were in the process. Their communication was superb and all crews extrely professional. Highly recommend Ed and Solar City!!!
Michael Grazi recommends Ed Dugan
Aug 12, 2013
I worked with Ed Dugan to have SolarCity install solar panels. He recommended a setup without making us tear down a tree we wanted to keep. Because these panels work so well, I save 200-300 dollars per month. I recommend Ed highly because he will work with you no matter your budget. I always see him at the farmers market and he always sais HI to me. I highly recommend him to work with anyone interested in Solar.
Tom Conroy recommends Kevin Galvin
Facility Manager
Aug 11, 2013
We really enjoyed working with Kevin. We have really wanted to look into getting Solar for quite some time but were worried about the pressure of having a salesman in the house. Kevin was not like that, he took the time to make sure that we got the information that we needed and did not leave anything out. When it came time for us to make a decision he did not pressure us, he gave us the space we needed in order to make a comfortable decision. When we did decide to do it. Kevin made sure to follow up with us throughout the project, he even made sure to follow up with the crew lead that was installing my panels when I had some concerns. I would recommend Kevin to anyone that was looking to get information regarding Solar panels, he will not leave any stone un-turned and he really wants to make sure that you make a comfortable and informed decision. Thanks Kevin.
John Berger recommends Kevin Galvin
Aug 6, 2013
Kevin is a STRAIGHT SHOOTER. Everything that he told us has come true. The only thing we are waiting for is Xcel to put in the meter and activate the system. God only knows when Xcel will do their SIMPLE job. Kevin knows what he is talking about. I will yell you more when our system has worked for 10-12 months......
Cathy and Randy Harju recommends Andrew Ehrnstein
Recently retired and new to Colorado and Solar
Jul 26, 2013
We enjoyed having Andrew as our sales rep for Solar City. Why?
- clear honest approach
- knew the product and program
- was very patient - not pushy and would answer the same question twice
- he wanted to make sure we were comfortable, we understood everything and that we would be satisfied with Solar City's products and service
- he got back to us in a timely manner
- he had good follow up
Mark Manning recommends Andrew Ehrnstein
Homeowner , Solar enthusiast
Jul 16, 2013
Andrew was a great source of information and understanding who helped guide me through the solar leasing process from site survey through installation and start up. His knowledge was especially important during the switch over of Xcel incentives from 2012 into 2013. I recommend him for your solar project
John McAfoos recommends Kevin Galvin
Construction Manager
Jul 16, 2013
We started the process of getting solar several months ago. We have enjoyed working with Kevin and the entire Solar City staff. Everyone we have worked with has been courteous, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. We have just turned our system on (remarkably close to the initial estimated date) and are excited to see the results.
We highly recommend Kevin and Solar City.
C. Benson recommends Jacob Jenkins
Jul 15, 2013
Dealing with Jacob and Solar City made the process of getting solar installed very easy.
Gerald Caspe recommends Jacob Jenkins
Jul 14, 2013

We worked with Jake on our home leased solar system, and are very happy with the financial results to date. He was good at helping with the process , which could have been stressful for a novice with government agencies.
Tim and Kim Keeler recommends Andrew Ehrnstein
Jul 13, 2013
My wife and I happened to come upon a Solar City representative in our neighborhood Home Depot and my curiosity was peaked due to our home being entirely electric. I was concerned about solar energy costs in terms of owning, installation,etc. We had no idea that we could LEASE solar until Andrew Ehrnstein (Solar City Energy Consultant) came out to our house to explain the benefits of solar and what Solar City had to offer. We were immediately impressed with Andrew's knowledge and professionalism. To have a system of our size we are extremely happy with the monthly solar lease payment, the customer service and expertise that Solar City and Andrew provided. We have been telling everyone we can about Solar City and what it has done for us...having a baby in our household now (as of 7/6/13) we are excited to not only save money on our monthly electricity/heating/cooling costs but also to reduce our carbon footprint and take care of the planet for our sons future!
Gary Svoboda recommends Jacob Jenkins
Home Owner
Jul 12, 2013
My system was installed in August of 2011. It's worked great and was a positive factor in selling my house as I move to Parker, CO (where I plan to arrange for a new system.) Jake has been a big help throughout ownership of my system and into the transfer arrangements for the house's sale. (The new owner of the home will take over the lease.) I couldn't be happier with my decision to work with Jake Jenkins and SolarCity.
Stefano Chioetto recommends Jacob Jenkins
Jul 12, 2013
Jake made the contracting phase easy and quick, but more importantly, he remained engaged after the sale, and supported me in the resolution of technical problems as they arose. This is not so common among salespeople and I have really appreciated it. Thank you, Jake!
Drew Hughes recommends Jacob Jenkins
Jul 11, 2013
The sales process was very easy and Jacob was very responsive to our questions that we had prior to agreeing to solar. The whole process(from booking to being off the grid) and I would highly recommend Jacob and Solar City to anyone who is looking for a solar solution.
Amy and Michael Keating recommends Jacob Jenkins
Jul 11, 2013
Working with Jake and Solar City was an absolute pleasure from start to finish. There was not a single glitch along the way, at least none that got to us. Everything was smooth and very fast. We been completely satisfied with the service and we love being 'off the grid'! Thanks Solar City and Jake
Rick Miller recommends Jacob Jenkins
Jul 10, 2013
It was great working with Jake throughout the entire process. The details of going solar were clearly communicated to me, clearly defining the milestones and Jake laid out the options and educated me as to the system that would be most beneficial. The process ended up being exaclty as Jake had communicated and it was all hassle - free. The folks at Solar City were great in informing me of what steps were next, and if my involvement was required. I would highly recommend Solar City, and will call on Jake for my next home.
Robb Robichaud recommends Bjorn Thorsland
Retired Government Employee
Jun 25, 2013
What can I say!!! An unbelievable professional who takes pride in working for Solar City. Bjorn knows his stuff, and survived an intense interrogation from my wife and me prior to us signing up. He never him-hawed and answered our questions without hesitation. Solar City's program is without a doubt the best program out there. We know because we checked with several other companies. After they did their presentation, and I mentioned that their program didn't compare to Solar City's savings for us, they actually agreed that they couldn't compete.

The installation team was also awesome. They walked me through each step, explained exactly how the system worked, cleaned up and even painted the conduit pipes to match the house we just had painted.

When Excel showed up to install the meters, bam, there was Bjorn tagging along and he turned on the system. Next thing I see, my electric meter is running backwards.

So, we are thrilled that we are now saving big time on our electric bill. Get on board and contact Solar City!!!!!
Brian Mackey recommends Andrew Ehrnstein
Jun 25, 2013
Andrew was very responsive to our requests and provide a clear presentation about our system and option.
His professionalism, and that of all the Solar City staff, has made getting solar a great experience.
A. Beatty recommends Andrew Ehrnstein
Home Owner
Jun 24, 2013
After buying a new house, I got to talking to a neighbor about their solar system and it seemed like a good idea. I knew that Andrew worked for Solar City and had him over to discuss what we could expect for the costs and benefits of getting solar for our house. Andrew methodically went through the process and options that were involved in getting solar and precisely what we could expect benefits-wise from the system and made sure that we were comfortable with them before proceeding giving us a detailed plan of the proposed system.

Once we agreed on the solar system, all of the interactions that we had with other institutions in getting solar set up went amazingly smoothly, from our HOA, our power company, to the county inspectors. Each of these could have been a possible headache had we had to deal with them on our own, but due to Andrew and Solar City; they took the pain out of it for us and kept everything on track.

Our system is now up and functional and we couldn't be more pleased with it. I am always happy to recommend Andrew to my friends and family who show an interest and are good candidates for having a new solar system installed as it really is a no-brainer...
John McVey recommends Greg Richter
Home owner, Music Producer, sound engineer
Jun 21, 2013
Greg is wonderful. He's very personable and knows so much about solar power. He obviously loves his job and the product he's selling. He made 'going solar' a very easy and delightful experience.
Jacob H. Norton recommends Andrew Ehrnstein
Jun 10, 2013
My wife and me would like everybody to know that Andrew help us with all of our solar and we sure would recommen him.He gave us the information we needed . are solar is working and saving us money. thanks
JK recommends Greg Richter
May 29, 2013
I am very happy to write this letter of recommendation for Greg Richter. We had a great meeting and we all really appreciated Greg's knowledge, information, and heart for our environment. It has been a pleasure working with him, he is easy to work with, very personable, witty and professional. We all felt very comfortable with his presentation and all of our questions were answered completely. Greg is a tremendous asset to your company and I have and will continue to recommend him to all of our acquaintances. Everyone is very excited about sharing more about the opportunity with our friends and family. I am sure we will have more referrals for Gregg as soon as everyone can see the solar panels up and running. The whole experience to date with Solar City has been outstanding. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to go solar.
michael sarche recommends Andrew Ehrnstein
husband of Carol, 71 year old semi-retired physician, in the same well-maintained house for 40 years
May 28, 2013
As I've already stated in the customer satisfaction survey, Andrew was an outstanding salesman for us. He had helped our son and daughter in law with acquiring solar electricity, but met different concerns and needs on our part. He was attentive, a good listener, and most importantly was every bit as accessible as he promised to be as we went through the whole process and some questions arose . Interestingly, there were not that many questions because everything went exactly as he told us it would in exactly the time-frame we expected. Because Solar City has to interact with XCel Energy in Colorado, some of the timing with XCel was less predictable...something Andrew informed us about and over which he had very little control. We got exactly what we expected, no more, no less and there was ultimate honesty throughout our relationship. We are 100% pleased with Andrew and the company he represents and would not hesitate to recommend him to others as we already have. Sadly, none have moved ahead in meeting with him yet, but we plan to keep trying.
Claire Barta recommends Greg Richter
Home Owner
May 22, 2013
Greg enthusiastically introduced me to Solar City. I could tell he is committed to bringing this technology to ordinary home owners and that it is something vitally important. We can change the world one home at a time. He was knowlegable and friendly. I respect his passion for bringing about a greener world.
Betzi Barrett recommends Greg Richter
May 22, 2013
Greg has been great to work with and took the time to make sure all of my questions were answered. He is enthusiastic and knowledgable. We are still in the process of getting our system installed but I anticipate that everything will go smoothly.
Ed Bates recommends Andrew Ehrnstein
May 21, 2013
Andrew was great to work with everything went like clockwork we are now up and running.
I would highly recommend working with both him and Solar City!!
Thank You Andy.
Jill Stedronsky recommends SolarCity Colorado
May 17, 2013
Kelly Collins sold me my solar system through Solar City. She did a great job explaining and simplifying what could be a complicated process and contract. Kelly was personable and great to work with in every way.
Ted Tsumura recommends Bjorn Thorsland
May 10, 2013
Bjorn, I am very impressed with your communication skills. Whenever I had questions during the planning stages to installation and modification, you responded quickly. In fact the entire Solar City staff communicated well. The Solar City business concept allows citizens to be "green" and the people they hire are trained to be efficient and dedicated. Just look at the Solar city stocks that have gone from 15 to 27 per share in the last three months. Customers, like us, are very satisfied with the end result of watching the green lines on the graph go up each day and realizing that the sun is providing the energy for our electrical needs. Thanks Bjorn and Shari.
Craig Brown recommends SolarCity Colorado
May 8, 2013
I was very pleased with the professionalism during the entire process. I expressed what the desired output of the system would be and the design was established and fit perfectly.
The follow up and customer service during the entire process was commendable.

Greg Russo recommends Andrew Ehrnstein
May 7, 2013
Andrew was extremely knowledge and professional from the start. He answered all of my questions and was there for me throughout the entire experience. I would highly recommend working with both him and Solar City!
Kevin Minch recommends John Kristjanson
home owner
May 2, 2013
John convinced me to go with solar at my house. He is knowledgeable and patient. He took the time to walk me through everything..... twice! He has continued to answer questions that pop into my head. I enjoyed working with him. I hope the rest of the company is as easy to work with as he is.
Jonathan Miran recommends Cheril Willson
President, Denver Computer Repair
May 1, 2013
Cheril Wilson came to my home at my request to talk about Solar City's plan. We knew absolutely nothing except that we had a roof and our Xcel bills were higher than we liked. From the getgo we knew that she knew her stuff. She had a Google maps satellite image of our roof with her proposed system. She had analyzed the Xcel Energy historical data I gave her and customed designed a system to replace the electricity that Xcel was supplying. I was impressed. And she knew the material intimately. We had another solar guy come by to talk to us and when we would ask him a question that was off of his script, it threw him. Not Cheril. She could talk knowledgeably about any aspect of the whole thing. I have agreed to have them supply solar and am thoroughly pleased with how our introduction to solar was accomplished.
James & Anne Johnson recommends John Kristjanson
May 1, 2013
We thoroughly enjoyed meeting with John! He is knowledgeable and enthusiastic. Fortunately our roof is perfectly situated for solar. He presented our various payment options clearly and was very helpful with our decision-making. He is a great representative for SolarCity!

Thanks John!
David Herron recommends John Kristjanson
Medical Physicist
May 1, 2013
Only call on John Kristjanson if:
1) you don't want a pushy salesman,
2) you want someone who knows his product,
3) you want someone who will seek other resources if he needs them to answer your questions, and
4) you like someone who is prompt and courteous.
Kim Watts recommends John Kristjanson
Colorado Homeowner
Apr 30, 2013
I must admit that my husband and I are not the easiest customers and John has been nothing but kind and patient. We are both Virgos and very picky. Husband is an engineer and we love data. After multiple emails filled with my questions, John got me all the info that we needed (wanted) to make an informed decision about what level of down payment worked best for us.

We are scheduled for our audit and eager to get to the install portion. If the rest of the team is as gracious as John, it will be smooth sailing!!!
Mark Tidd recommends John Kristjanson
Founding Pastor of Highlands Church
Apr 30, 2013
Our project with Solar City is now complete. From the beginning, John explained every aspect, answered all my questions and never once made me uncomfortable that he might be trying to sell me something I didn't really want or need. John has stellar integrity toward his work. Without hesitation I have recommended John and his work with Solar city to several important friends and family members . It is rare to have a sales experience and installation experience that were all non-intrusive, done well and on time by knowledgable, friendly people. John sets the standard. Mark Tidd
Jackie Tidd recommends John Kristjanson
Dyslexia Specialist and Tutor
Apr 30, 2013
Working with John Kristjanson was an absolute pleasure. I knew very little about the solar options and John was so clear in explaining the system and the process I felt well invormed in a very short time. John's manor and presentation were very friendly and imposed no pressure of any kind. John is so knowledgable with an excellent teaching style that really helped me understand all that was involved in going solar, and what my options were for the next 20 years. I feel he is an excellent representative for the company, and will be referring my neighbors or other interested people to John without hesitation.
Holly Wilder recommends John Kristjanson
Home-owner, realtor & property manager with Visionary Properties
Apr 30, 2013
I've really enjoyed working with John Kristjanson at SolarCity. His knowledge of the field is immediately apparent, and his ability to explain things in layperson's terms was extremely helpful. He answered all my questions promptly and professionally, and I felt very confident in my decision to sign. I have referred several of my friends and they have all had a similarly pleasant experience. He also stepped in and stayed involved with my project after contract-signing as need arose. John spent a great deal of time with me and really took care of all my needs and I'm very pleased with my experience.
Darell McKean recommends Andrew Ehrnstein
Real Estate Broker
Apr 26, 2013
Thank you Andrew, we are now up and running. This has been a great experience and everything went like clockwork, just as you said it would. I know several people I will referring to you.

Thanks again,

Gabe recommends Andrew Ehrnstein
Customer - Solar City
Apr 25, 2013
Responsive, provided all information requested. Services as advertised.
Bryan recommends Chip Bergman
Mar 31, 2013
Chip has been incredible. The customer service thus far has been really good and do not think we would have moved forward if it wasn't so. Very detailed / thorough and very patient.
Sandry Corazon H recommends Ed Dugan
homeowner who make good choices in life
Mar 29, 2013
I can say thousand words to express how great it was to work together with Mr Ed Dugan and I know is not enough to describe his profesionalism and expirience, I have many questions before I decided for sure to go Solar 100/00 but he help me out and informed with exactness and patient all my doubt questions, beside that this is the more amazing thing happen after excel came to connected the electrical meter, I have to turn on; the solar equipment, honestly that make me nervous, I call Mr Ed and inmediate he answer I can go today, what an answer for me, so he came one hour later, and not only help me with the turning on, he helped me to connect the Solarguard and the router into my computer because I used only a Modem before, so please if you read about my experience give to him 100 * stars. I want to thank Solarcity for choose the best people to work in this fiels. Ed Dugan you should be cloned you are a wonderful person thanks for all your help.
Angele Sjong recommends Bjorn Thorsland
Home Owner
Mar 23, 2013
Bjorn Thorsland was a huge help to us in deciding to get solar panels. He was patient in explaining all aspects: technical, financial and paperwork. We had solar panels installed late last year and they're now up and running. It is great to see the meter outside registering the power we generate on our roof. I highly recommend getting solar panels because it's very affordable, and highly recommend talking about it with Bjorn.
John Dandurand recommends Bjorn Thorsland
Executive Director, Human Services Network of Colorado
Mar 20, 2013
Bjorn has been a pleasure to work with. My fiancee and I purchased our photo-voltaic system through him and he made sure we were treated right throughout the process. When the new electric panel that Bjorn had said we would be getting failed to materialize, a call to him took care of it--even though the contract we'd signed did not actually stipulate the panel being replaced. When the inspection team wanted us to replace our shingles, Bjorn went to bat for us and revised the contract to cover system removal and re-installation costs in case the shingles failed during the lease period.

Additionally, I run a small nonprofit. Bjorn brought his Solar City display to our conference and sold a system while there--which netted my organization $400 for the referral. We're going to try it again at our next event.

I trust Bjorn, I like working with him. I would recommend him to anyone.
Jason Christenson recommends Cheril Willson
Mar 14, 2013
Cheril was awesome!! She took her time to do her presentation twice because my wife was feeding our daughter and missed most of it. She also answered every single question we had, which we plenty. She is the reason we decided to go with Solar City, and we don't regret it at all.
Al & Karen Cappella recommends Andrew Ehrnstein
Mar 11, 2013
From the time we met Andrew we knew that we met someone who cared about Solar Energy. He explained the entire process from the beginning to the end on installing the system on our house. Whatever questions we asked he was able to answer them and if he didn't have an answer he would find it and quickly forward it to us. The whole project went smooth and we are very pleased with the systems that was designed and installed for us. Thank you for you help Andrew.
Irv & Donna Reinke recommends Ed Dugan
new solar subscriber
Mar 8, 2013
We were quite impressed and comfortable with Ed's low pressure presentation. Since we are novices to the solar industry, we took great satisfaction in Ed's being able to answer our questions immediately, plus he thoroughly completed all things specific to our situation. His fafter-the-sale attention has been highly satisfactory. We looked at two other companies and easily concluded that Ed and Solar City best fit our needs.
Weston recommends Cheril Willson
Mar 6, 2013
Cheril was extremely knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. Her patience and expertise allowed us to make an informed decision in the time-frame we desired. I'd recommend her to anyone looking into solar as an option for their home.
Scott Christensen recommends Andrew Ehrnstein
Feb 26, 2013
We met Andrew at a neighbor’s solar party. I've always been intrigued with the potential of solar and wanted to learn more. Andrew was very informative and answered everyone’s questions on how the system works, how the project progresses, and payment options. So much so, that we made an appointment to take a look at our home. Again, he was very helpful on how our particular project would unfold that we signed up at our first meeting, and we did not have to select our payment option until the work began, which provided some time to plan on our end. The project progressed just as explained and all reviews and approvals were completed via email so there was little delay unless we dropped the ball. Even though Andrews work was done he regularly checked in with us to see if we had any questions or issues. Once everything was installed and approved we flicked the switch and off we've gone. The online monitoring is very easy to understand as you watch how much power your system is generating at any interval of your choosing. We plan to schedule a solar party of our own to spread the word on solar and to introduce others to Andrew and his excellent customer service.
Anonymous recommends SolarCity Colorado
Feb 20, 2013
"I have enjoyed every aspect with Solar City. My sales rep Steve Gabel keep me informed and educated throughout the entire process. I can't wait for the turn-on day!

Every member of the install team were kind and efficient. I recommend solar power through Solar City to anyone interested. It's affordable too!

Alan Hubert
Evans, CO
Anonymous recommends SolarCity Colorado
Feb 20, 2013
I was very impressed with everyone's effort. At times I was trying to keep up with you (Solar City). I work as a woodworking specialist, I need to make things look perfect. I don't think they (installers) could have done a better job, all the equiptment and conduit was installed in a very un-noticable fashion, the system looks dynamic.

Steve Gabel was very helpful answering questions that arose during this process, and your crew leader, Lee, is someone you don't want to lose.

Michael G.
Anonymous recommends SolarCity Colorado
Feb 20, 2013
Steve Gabel was always ready to answer questions, especially in the beginning when we wanted to understand what we were getting into.

I called Steve a bunch of times and he patiently answered each issue.

Also, the installers were quick, and friendly. They answered any questions we had.

Terry J.
Chris and Lee Maher recommends SolarCity Colorado
Happy homeowners
Feb 19, 2013
From the time we first discussed solar with a representative of SolarCity at the local home improvement store to the ‘flick’ of the switch turning the system on, every encounter with the SolarCity staff was a rewarding experience. Cory Close, our energy consultant, demonstrated his knowledge of getting a PV system designed for our particular situation – discussing our site layout, designing a rough layout of the system based on our power usage and providing multiple lease options. He explained in detail the terms of the options and answered our questions and made sure we understood what the process would be from start to finish. The personnel who conducted the site audit, the engineers who designed the system, the office personnel who scheduled the installation, and the installers were all extremely courteous, professional and knowledgeable - first rate all the way. Thanks for making this experience a good one.
Rod and Barb Stutzman recommends Andrew Ehrnstein
Feb 12, 2013
We found working with Andrew to be helpful. He helped guide us through the process. When questions arose, it was nice to have a contact within the system that we'd met face to face. Everyone at Solar City seemed to work hard to answer questions, but we came to view Andrew as our consistent point of contact in Solar City.
Scott and Amy G. recommends Andrew Ehrnstein
Feb 11, 2013
We have known Andrew for many years and trust him implicitly. When he came to our house to do the solar analysis and showed us the results, it was a no-brainer. We were able to add solar AND save money on our bill every month (even after the lease payment). Andrew walked us through our different options which allowed us what works best for our situation. He was able to explain how Solar City is able to provide different options to allow for financial flexibility on our part. Andrew is a professional who upholds the highest of standards. We highly recommend Andrew!
Genie Lawler recommends Kevin Galvin
Feb 11, 2013
I have been very pleased with the Professionalism of All the SolarCity employess that I have talked to, or had work on the Installation. They have been very thorough in explaining every step of the process and what to expect. If I have any questions they provide answers. I can't wait to have everything up and running to reap the benefits of solar energy.
Jason recommends Kevin Galvin
Feb 8, 2013
Kevin was really great and helped explain the in's and out's of solar. We highly recommend Kevin.
Hao-Chih Yuan recommends Jacob Jenkins
Research Scientist
Feb 6, 2013
Jacob is very easy to work with. He prepared couple of recommendations for solar leasing and I picked the one that fits our need the best. Contract signing was a bliss and the rest process went smooth as well. Now we have the solar system generating clean electricity every day!
Anonymous recommends SolarCity Colorado
Feb 5, 2013
Steve was excellent to work with during our exploration of solar for our house. I highly recommend Steve's attention to detail and knowledge of the solar industry.

The installation crew was very professional and respectful of our home during the installation. It was interesting to see the care taken for safety of the guys on the roof and those on the ground.

Our installation including the panels on the roof, the conduit runs, and placement of the inverters and disconnects were very attractive.

Thanks SolarCity.

Dan Miller recommends Jacob Jenkins
customer -- homeowner
Jan 25, 2013
Jake was very helpful, friendly, efficient and knowledgeable throughout the whole process. He explained the benefits of solar leasing in a clear manner. When I had questions, he listened carefully, and was prompt in responding. He I thought he did a great job.
Shaun Becker recommends SolarCity Colorado
CEO Twin Helix Design Studios
Jan 24, 2013
Cory Close was very personable and after our dealings with him we can see that he is a valuable asset to your organization. My wife and I had been thinking that solar was too expensive to invest in and that the startup costs would be exorbitant. We magically stumbled upon Corey and he quickly changed our minds. His friendly, energetic and compassionate personality allowed him to be more than a sales person in our eyes, earning our trust thereby helping us become educated consumers.

Solar City provides a great platform for people looking for clean energy without the scary installation costs. Our family was skeptical that such an opportunity would be available but Corey's reassurance and knowledge about solar energy not only changed our minds but got us excited as well. I cannot stress how mindful I am of gimmicks, schemes and anything else that sounds "too good." I gave Corey a virtual barrage of questions and traps and he is SOLID, definitely nothing to hide and no reason to not switch over. We hosted a solar party and after spreading the word two of our friends have signed up!

As I mentioned before, Corey is an asset to your company and will most definitely change the minds of skeptical consumers like myself, giving them only the facts to make an informed purchase. He is more than a sales representative, he is now our friend.

Thank you,
Reuben Vyn recommends SolarCity Colorado
Jan 23, 2013
Cory explained the benefits of solar very well, and got us a great deal. The installation process went very smoothly and finished ahead of schedule.
Loren Floming recommends David Sheridan
Home Owner
Jan 23, 2013
We are thrilled with our Solar City solar system. The company has been very professional and responsive throughout the design process and install. Dave Sheridan has been exceptional as a point person for making sure everything ran smoothly from start to finish. I highly recommend Solar City for all your houses solar energy needs.
Jim Bonk recommends Jacob Jenkins
Jan 1, 2013
I was interested in using solar power for my new home. I saw other homes in the neighborhood with solar panels so that spiked my interest even more. While at Home Depot one day, I stopped by the table where Jacob J happened to be. We struck up a conversation about Solar City and set an appointment the following week. Jacob came prepared with information and allowed me the time to review the materials and he explained the process and the advantages of going with Solar City. He was very patient with me in terms of allowing me the time to do further research and to study the materials. The references he provided helped me a great deal in making the decision to go with Solar City. Jacob was always available to answer any questions I had and would follow-up on things in a very timely manner. I greatly appreciated his patience, experience, knowledge and resources in making the final decision to move forward with solar energy for my home. In addition, I know if I had any questions or concerns, Jacob would be there to answer them.
Andrew Billings recommends Chip Bergman
Dec 30, 2012
Chip was very helpful in providing detailed information about every aspect of going solar. I asked a lot of questions and he always knew the answers. He cheerfully worked up multiple options for me to review. He was very patient.
Larry Finlayson recommends Chip Bergman
Home Owner
Dec 30, 2012
It was great working with Chip.
He was very professional and informative.
He responded quickly to any questions or anything else that I needed.

Thanks Chip!
Stacey Remer recommends Andrew Ehrnstein
Dec 23, 2012
Signing up with Andrew for Solar has been an awesome and easy experience. We attended a Solar Party and followed it up with a one on one with Andrew. After that we had communication the whole way through. It was a great experience and I can't wait to see all the savings to come in the future.
Dr. Calvin L. Owens, III recommends Chip Bergman
Homeowner and recent resident in Colorado
Dec 21, 2012
RE: Chip Bergman December 21, 2012

I have been thinking about solar since locating in Highlands Ranch, CO in mid-summer and moved on the idea when son-in-law Mark Schaaf decided to proceed.

Chip came to our home yesterday, explained the options clearly and no pressure tactics and was professional in every way. The process of moving forward was fast, easy and very well organized. I have been impressed thus far with my relation with Chip and Solar.

Many thanks.
Roger Brucks recommends Bjorn Thorsland
Retired Homeowner
Dec 20, 2012
I had been researching solar for a couple years before I became serious about getting my electrical bills under control. Utility rates are increasing yearly it seems. I had 3 estimates on installing solar. The first 2 estimates left me frustrated and somewhat confused. Bjorn Thorsland came to our house and explained the instalation process and different ways to finance in a simple to understand manner, how solar worked and the financial rewards that we get instead of the utility company. Within a week after our meeting we decided Solar City was the best for us. Bjorn came back to the house and we decided what would fit on my roof and would work best. We signed a contract and were looking forward for the install to begin. All Solar City personnel involved were courteous and had answers to all my questions. It took 2 days for them to finish installing all the panels and electrical. It has been operational since mid July 2012 and am happy to see the savings on my electric bill. Thank you Bjorn and Solar City for your professional services.
Paul V recommends Andrew Ehrnstein
Home owner
Dec 19, 2012
I was contacted by Andrew after talking with a couple of SolarCity representatives at a local supermarket. In our initial meeting, Andrew patiently talked me through the SolarCity process and made sure I understood the different lease options available to me. He answered questions I had during the installation process and called to congratulate me when my system was turned on. The entire process with Andrew and the SolarCity team was stress free and my system is now generating green energy.
Anonymous recommends Bjorn Thorsland
Dec 13, 2012
Bjorn was a pleasure to do business with. He had a comfortable knowledge of the solar product, his initial system design worked well for us. I was much more comfortable with him than I was with some of the other salesmen I talked with while making my decision. He was upfront and honest with all of the options.
Ryan recommends SolarCity Colorado
Dec 13, 2012
Cory did a great job explaining all the details of our solar package and patiently answering all the questions I had about the agreements and the process. I was skeptical at first, but Cory put me at ease and addressed all my concerns. Now I'm really happy I decided to move forward with solar. Cory was also very patient during his visit with our two young children running around and causing distractions. Thanks for your help, Cory!
Sarah Ault recommends Jacob Jenkins
Dec 13, 2012
Working with Jake, and the whole Solar City team, was a great experience from start to finish. Jake responded almost immediately to all of my questions. We never felt like we were being pressured into making a decision about the solar program. The panels are up and running and earning just as much power as Jake said they would!
Carol recommends Ed Dugan
Stay at home mom
Dec 10, 2012
Ed Dugan was extremely informative and easy to reach. The entire solar system installation and set up went exactly as they said it would.
Avi recommends SolarCity Colorado
going renewable, one home at a time
Dec 10, 2012
Its been a pleasure to work with Cory on setting up my solar system. He is knowledgable on all technical aspects of the solar system setup from A-Z. I had lots of questions and he was able to answer ALL of them, in a reasonable amount of time, and address my concerns and issues. He is also very personable so that made the communications very easy. I'd highly recommend working with Cory for anyone considering going solar.
Melissa Bennett recommends Jacob Jenkins
Dec 7, 2012
Jake has been a joy to work with. He is professional, knowledgeable, responds quickly to calls, and yet very easy-going. You don't feel like you're dealing with a high-pressure sales person. Jake genuinely seems concerned with making sure solar is the right fit for you and your house; if it's not, he'll tell you.
Martha Turner recommends Jacob Jenkins
Dec 5, 2012
Jacob helped us begin the whole process of getting solar panels installed. He was very professional and was never pushy like some sales representatives can be. Jacob was very thorough with his explanation of the project and made sure we understood each step of the process. I appreciated how friendly, honest, and knowledgeable Jacob was. I think he would be a great asset for any business.
Shayna Reibman recommends Jacob Jenkins
Dec 5, 2012
Jacob Jenkins was our first contact with Solar City. He was prompt, courteous, professional yet personable, and was able to answer all of our questions and help us make decisions without being at all "pushy." I would highly recommend him and the rest of the solar city team. I had nothing but positive experiences with Mr. Jenkins, the design team, and the install team. Everyone seemed to work hard and take their jobs very seriously and were also open to customer questions, feedback, and keeping us involved in the process. I have already given Mr. Jenkins' info to several friends and neighbors. Mr. Jenkins' skills, his committment to his job, and ability to relate well and communicate with customers made him a pleasure to work with and I know that if I have any issues in the future he will be there to support me in any way that he can. I very highly recommend him, the team, and the company in general.
Jamie Sarche recommends Andrew Ehrnstein
Dec 4, 2012
Andrew is phenomenal. He is passionate about solar power and helping people get it. He is completely trustworthy and I have recommended him to numerous friends!
Zach Moody recommends Jacob Jenkins
"Husband" & "Father"
Dec 4, 2012
Jacob was very helpful in making sure we got what we needed! He responded quickly to all my questions and followed up with us on the process. Thank you Jacob for making our solar experience quick and painless, everything went as planned, maybe even quicker than expected!
Richard Bettinger recommends Jacob Jenkins
Retired professional photographer
Dec 4, 2012
Solar city and Jacob Jenkins both performed as promisec. I am very pleased with my savings since we went solar.
mark battersby recommends SolarCity Colorado
Dec 3, 2012
its has been a experience wonderfull experience working with Cory and Solar city. No surpises excellent customer serevic and all questions answered in a timely fashion.

David Sauder recommends Andrew Ehrnstein
Nov 29, 2012
Without any reservation, I wholeheartedly recommend Andrew Ehrnstein. He was very knowledgeable about the solar system technology, plans, installation process, and was very patient with me during the dozens of questions I asked about different aspects of the program and system.
Laurel Dale recommends Andrew Ehrnstein
Solar City customer
Nov 28, 2012
Andrew and SolarCity made going solar painless and cost free. For my house, there really wasn't any reason I could think of for NOT installing solar panels. Instead of paying Excel for the electricity I use, I now make a payment to SolarCity. My payment to SolarCity stays the same whereas the cost of Excel's electricity will increase over time. The amount of paperwork involved was minimal and I didn't need to do anything during installation except be home for the installers a few times.

I also bought a home energy evaluation from Andrew. He said it would help us improve the comfort level of our home as well as educate us about how we can save energy. I'm really glad we purchased this. We're now going to incorporate improving our insulation and a correctly sized furnace/air conditioner into our remodeling plans. These improvements never would have occurred to us before and I think they will greatly improve our comfort in some rooms that always seem to be too hot or cold.

Andrew is great to work with and so were all of the other SolarCity employees who serviced our house.
Steve Smithers recommends SolarCity Colorado
Nov 22, 2012
I worked with Cory Close on a solar panel installation for my home and am very pleased with the results now that the panels are installed. The process was smooth from start to finish and Cory and Solar City lived up to their promises. I can recommend Cory and Solar City without hesitation.
James Ott recommends Andrew Ehrnstein
Home Owner of a new solar system
Nov 22, 2012
Andrew did an excellent job working with me on getting our solar system going. He was very professional even helping me get things straightened out when I had a glitch in the installation. I would recommend him highly.
L. Janssen recommends Andrew Ehrnstein
Homeowner - 11/21/2012
Nov 21, 2012
We have had a great experience with our solar installation. From the first sales contact through the purchase process and the installation, Andrew stayed in touch with us and answered all our questions. We were very comfortable with his up front and honest approach as we decided if solar was right for us.

Andrew was able to move our purchase along very quickly, so that our installation would be completed by our requested completion date.

The entire process was very easy to do with Solar City taking care of all the details and sending us e-mails to keep us informed and letting us know when we had to do something.

With all the different options for installing solar, we found a plan that fit our needs. Solar can be very affordable way to start saving on energy cost as soon as it is up and running.

A home energy audit was also included with our contract and it provided useful information on ways to save energy and make our home more energy efficient.

Barry Winchell recommends Bjorn Thorsland
Happy Solar Customer
Nov 20, 2012
I have really enjoyed working with Bjorn--he makes it easy to do business with Solar City. He stays in close touch throughout the process and was a pleasure to work with.

I have recommended him to six other potential customers--I don't do that lightly!

Charlie Randolph recommends SolarCity Colorado
Retired and enjoying it.
Nov 20, 2012
Cory really knows the Solar World. He is easy to talk to and, he work's with you so that there is no question what your getting into. He makes sure you are comfortable with the system you would be getting. The $500.00 you get when you sign up doesn't hurt eighter. If we sell this house I think this Solar system can only help with the Sell. Solar is clean, you are using the Sun to get your energy. We didn't buy the system so, if we have any trouble with it it's fixed by Solar City with no out pocket money from me. The nice thing about our system is it is out of sight so, without knowing we have solar we have to tell people it's on the house. Looking forward to years ou clean air energy.
Don Thomsen recommends Ed Dugan
Nov 19, 2012
Solar City has completed my installation. I am very satisfied with the service and its representatives. The installation was done quickly, without inconvenience to me. When the initial installation was complete, it became obvious that planning could have been better. The conduit was run around the perimeter of my family room door. One of the switch boxes was in a position that was obtrusive to the esthetics of the patio area. A crew was dispatched to cure the problem. Both converters and the switch box were moved to a discreet location on an unused side of my shop. The conduit was removed and also repositioned. In the process of the original mounting, the converters were mounted to the vinyl siding. When they were moved, the mounting holes remained. Solar City found replacement vinyl and resided the damaged side of my sun room. The shop rafters were reinforced to support the solar panels. Insulation between the rafters was pulled down, but was left hanging. Solar City rehung new insulation batting. My system is producing electricity. I monitor it constantly and am pleased with its output. Overall, Solar City has operated at a high rate of professionalism. I believe the quality of the system will mirror the quality of the service it offers. I am pleased and have referred my son and others. Thank you, Don Thomsen
Dave Seniw recommends SolarCity Colorado
Home owner
Nov 15, 2012
Cory was very clear on the options and realities of contracting with Solar City.
He was clear explaining the different choices going solar.
He anticipated most of our concerns, and answered all our our remaining questions.
The inspection, and install went just as he described.
He's been available whenever we had a question after the sale.
Working with him has been a pleasure
R. P. Stager recommends Cheril Willson
Nov 14, 2012
I am just getting started on the path to saving money through solar. Cheril Willson was out to our house and was a pleasure to work with. She took her time and was very knowledgeable about every aspect of the solar conversion process. She had an answer to just about every question that I posed to her. Cheril's approach as a solar consultant was leaps and bounds above several others that I had out to the house. Cheril was definitely a large part of why we decided to go with Solar City. I highly recommend having Cheril out to your home or business and see the difference that she and Solar City provide to get you started on your path to clean solar energy
Scott C. Thompson recommends SolarCity Colorado
Solar City Customer
Nov 13, 2012
Cory is a nice guy and easy to work with. Cory really knows Solar City's offering well. He has great listening skills and is attentive to customer needs. He is punctual and he does what he says will do. Cory is an asset to Solar City and could provide value to any sales organization.
karen in northglenn recommends SolarCity Colorado
Nov 12, 2012
Cory was friendly, communicated with us promptly and clearly, and very helpful in determining the feasability of a system that fit our needs.
Lynda Hoffman recommends David Sheridan
Nov 10, 2012
Thank you, Solar City for doing such a great job and providing outstanding customer service.

And special thanks to Dave Sheridan, my sales representative. He is not only knowledgeable about solar systems, but he was extremely patient, thorough and able to clearly and articulately answer my questions as well as explain the details and ramifications of the decision to put a solar system on my house. I appreciate this quality so much, because it can take me a while to understand the technical side and how all of this works with my utility company. Dave was there every step of the way, eased my concerns and I’m thrilled with the results. Thanks again.

Jeff Bain recommends Andrew Ehrnstein
Home owner, in an HOA
Nov 8, 2012
If you need something, he will get it done. If you have questions, he will find the answers. He is reliable and informative.
Doug Streed recommends Jim Doherty
Nov 8, 2012
Jim was very thorough and always reponded quickly with any questions and answered them to my satisfaction. He called with a follow up after the system was up and running. He also sent me additional infomation.
Dale K. recommends Andrew Ehrnstein
Nov 6, 2012
Andrew was professional, courteous and very patient. I engaged in a significant amount of research and took a lot of time to understand the Solar City value proposition and cost and he worked with me through the entire process. In addition, he provided me substantial documentation, research and reference information so that I made as an informed decision as possible. I sincerely appreciated his persistence and patience and am excited to go solar!
Wayne & Betty Harris recommends SolarCity Colorado
Nov 5, 2012
We enjoyed working with Cory. We were very sceptical but he was extremely polite, not pushy at all. Designed a solar system for our home and gave us all the details and we had plenty of time to make up our minds.
He was pleasant and very professional. He replies to emails in a timely manner and everything he told us would happen has happened.
We really enjoyed the process and have recommended him to our family and friends.
Mark G recommends Ed Dugan
Nov 3, 2012
When it comes to solar Ed is the man you want on your team.
Super smooth no hassle process and great customer service.
Scott Charles recommends David Sheridan
Solar Customer
Nov 1, 2012
David has been an integral part of our solar installation process. He is always available to answer questions and give advice. David is extremely knowledgeably, but above all, courteous and professional. I would recommend him and SolarCity to anyone. David is definitely the person to seek out for a solar consultation.
Berle Larned recommends Andrew Ehrnstein
Home owner
Oct 30, 2012
We were very impressed by Andrew's knowledge of SolarCity's products and services. His description of the features and benefits of solar energy systems was factual and easily understood. His follow up on questions and in scheduling everything from our site analysis to the finished installation were excellent.

Both he and SolarCity did an excellent job. They have our strong recommendation for anyone interested in the use of solar energy in a home environment.
Mike recommends Andrew Ehrnstein
Oct 26, 2012
Andrew was great with the whole process of getting Solar in my house! Very nice and helpful with everything.
Katherine Skaggs recommends David Sheridan
Oct 25, 2012
I love my energy consultant David Sheridan! He has been more than helpful and supportive in the process of getting my system in place. He is quite knowledgeable, and more importantly for me, he is personable and easy to talk to. Together this made a pleasant and easy process setting up my system.
Brad Johnson recommends Jim Doherty
Home Owner
Oct 25, 2012
Jim Doherty sold a Solar City home solar system toi my wife and I. During this process, Jim was very helpful answering all our questions and concerns. Jim's knowledge in the products he represents is second to none.
Pam Moore recommends Ed Dugan
Homeowner/business owner
Oct 18, 2012
To Whom it May Concern:

My husband and I had been looking into Solar energy for a couple of years. We had talked to several small companies but were never able to find the perfect 'fit' for us. Either they wanted large amount of money upfront or just didn't have the history that made us comfortable. We had even looked into installing them ourselves and purchasing them from a large hardware type store.

Finally one day while driving I saw a Solar City truck. I called and immediately set up a meeting. We were blessed that Ed Dugan was the salesman, and I use the word lightly, that came to our home. Ed is so knowledgeable and not pushy. By the time he left we felt that we had a new friend. The system does sell itself, but there was not a question that we had that was not answered by Ed.

In addition, Ed has been with Solar City for sometime and knows every step of the process. He has been available to us for questions and help throughout the whole installation.

I would highly recommend Solar City to anyone but even more I recommend using Ed Dugan for this improvement in your home.

If you have any questions, or wish to talk to us further, Ed has my permission to give you my phone number and/or email address.


Pam Moore
Tomas Wisniowski recommends SolarCity Colorado
home owner
Oct 17, 2012
Cory was very well prepered, for Solar City presentation, he answered many detailed questions paciently in profecional maner. Both of us, me and my wife,thanks to Cory are under impression that Solar City is honest and relible business. It was pleasure to work with Cory and in the future if I will need to ask for help I will not hesitate to do so. Good luck Cory keep on doing good job.
Chantel Patterson recommends Ed Dugan
Oct 14, 2012
Ed Dugan was a pleasure to do business with. He was patient & prompt in answering all my questions. He presented all the information and put no pressure to sign at all.
Michael Cothran recommends Jim Doherty
Brewer New Belgium Brewing Company
Oct 10, 2012
I would like to quickly wirte about my experience with Jim, and his role in helping me to fulfill my search for Solar.
Being involved in a science and technology related job as a brewer, I am no fool when it comes to learning and investigating systems and costs benefit. During my search for solar options, I did the math and quickly realized that there would be a lot involved in taking on such a project by myself or even with the help of others. It wasn't necessarily the idea of putting the system together, but also dealing with rebates both local and federal, local permitting and design, installation, inspections, and finally finding an option that saves me money without having an ROI of less than 15 years or more.

Working with Jim, I quickly realized that he had a knack for explaining things the way I needed to hear them. Using solar city's outline, he quickly made sense of the $, where the payback was, and how every step of the way, I would be contacted and helped out by the various staff working for the company. Though I am not an easy sell, he was able to make me feel comfortable in my decision to use solar city as my choice for solar. Why? First because he was able to simplify the process. Second, he explained how solar city would take care of everything without me having spend precious time to get the project rolling. Third, he was able to approach the deal from a buyers point of view, explaining what solar city's responsibilities would be, and what my role in it would be as well. This is critical to someone who is concerned about the details as I usually am. Finally, he is working for a company that has found a way to make solar more affordable than if we the consumer were to do it on our own. Sure, I don't own the system at the end of 20 years, but by that time, I feel as though this system will be light years behind what new technologies we will have for power. Not to mention that I will not be responsible for the maintenance of the system. In a world where time is money, my time is better spent doing what I do best. Why not let solar city do the same. And if a lease renewal is not looking like a solid option, I still will have saved a ton of money towards the next option moving forward. In the end, Jim and I were able to work well with one another, and I hope that others in my area will be offered the same great deal that I got.
Mike Cothran
Eric recommends Jim Doherty
Oct 9, 2012
With Solar City it was a no brainer. From beginning to end everything went very smoothly as planned. The best is that we are making electricity and helping the environment
Kathy Namura recommends SolarCity Colorado
Retired Principal
Oct 8, 2012
It was a pleasure working with Cory Close from Solar City! Cory provided us with information about solar and answered our questions without hesitation. He was reliable and followed through with his commitments while working with us. He is knowledgeable, kind, and caring. I know that I can continue to contact Cory with questions or concerns that we may have, and he would steer us in the right direction to have those questions answered. We very much appreciated working wirh Cory during our quest for information and our decision to install solar at our home.
Bill Morey recommends SolarCity Colorado
Oct 7, 2012
We've now had our system turned on for 5 months, and it has met or exceeded all of our expectations. Solar City, and in particular Cory Close, did a superb job in walking us through the process. The installation went without a hitch, and all of our inspections were completed ahead of schedule. Our first utility bill, post-implementation, was a mere $39, for gas. Cory did a very professional job at our solar party, and there are now 4 systems installed on our street, with several more scheduled. Making the decision to go solar was really a no brainer for me. One of the greatest benefits was knowing that this was a no-risk way to become more environmentally responsible, but also it was a simple decision that in a very tanglbie way supports more jobs and a stronger economy overall. I really love that fact, especially in the midst of all the divisiveness around negative political ads. Seeing neighbors from all backgrounds making the same decision is the best benefit of all.
Darren Bishop recommends Andrew Ehrnstein
Financial advisor
Oct 5, 2012
Andrew was terrific. After talking through what we were looking for he created a booklet that outlined our options. I really appreciated that he took the time to educate us and allow us to to choose both the system and the funding option with no pressure. He was very responsive and met me at work for my convenience.

I have recommended people use both Andrew and Solar City. It feels great "going solar"!
Dan Schwaninger recommends SolarCity Colorado
Home Owner
Oct 5, 2012
Cory was very knowledgeabke about all aspects of the solar installation, tax benefits, and process by which Solar City does things. It was very easy to work with him and he showed us all the details needed to make the decision to install our panels. I would highly recommend working with Cory to my friends and family and hope that everyone would consider putting panels on their home. Our solar panels have been up for over 2 months and everything is going great- our electric bill was lower than expected as well. Thanks
Betsy and Barry recommends SolarCity Colorado
Oct 4, 2012
We enjoyed working with Cory. He was professional, friendly and presented a plan that made sense. He was able to present a complete package in one visit which gave us confidence in the product and company.

When we hosted and informational party, Cory exhibited the right balance of friendliness and professionalism.

We would gladly recommend Cory to anyone who would like any more information on Solar electric.

Frank Newton recommends SolarCity Colorado
Happy home owner and Solar City client
Oct 2, 2012
Cory has been very personable and helpful getting us started on the path to becoming solar energy producers/users. He has been knowledgeable, helpful, and most courteous leading us through the process to getting started. We'er very thankful for his assistance.
Maureen Richard recommends SolarCity Colorado
Sep 29, 2012
Cory was very knowledgeable, polite, and efficient when he visited our home.
Robert Hill recommends SolarCity Colorado
Home owner
Sep 28, 2012
Cory was great to work with in explaining the benefits of solar, finance options, and the permitting and installation process. He is very knowledgeable and very responsive to my questions. A great asset for Solar City.

Pat W recommends SolarCity Colorado
Retired Bank Manger
Sep 28, 2012
When Cory came to my house to tell me about Solar electric, I found him to be very knowledgeable about all aspects of his product. He was also very cordial and polite. He answered all my quiestions, and when I decided to sign up to see if I qualified, all went fast and efficient. I would recommend Cory to anyone who is considering Solar electric.
Randall Bishop recommends SolarCity Colorado
Electronic Measurement Specialist
Sep 28, 2012
When I first met Cory, he came across as a professional who can "Get-er-Done". Most impressive, was his honesty during contract signing as there were no surprises on my part.

His knowledge of Solar Installations was detailed and accurate along with his explaination of benifits to my overall electric use with the solar system vs. without the system. Cory communicated my concerns to the installation crew very well, for when they showed up at the house, they followed my every instruction. Amazing.

I am now enjoying savings, as Cory Promised, that make me smile ear to ear every month when my electric bill shows up in the mail. Well done Cory, this ol' man is now a believer.

During the Summer my Solar panels produced 1700 KWh and I only purchased 500 KWH from the grid.
mike haynes recommends SolarCity Colorado
Sep 28, 2012
Cory really went the extra mile on this project of puting solar on a rental house and having the tenant reap the benefits. I don't know why more people are'nt seeing the sense
these new lease programs make.. Cory was great in every aspect and I have referred him to several people and I will always call Cory and Solar City first . yours truley Mike H.
James McGill recommends SolarCity Colorado
Arvada Home Owner
Sep 27, 2012
Cory was our salesman for Solar City solar systems. I found him to be honest and very helpful in that he took time to answer questions and there was no pressure in our decision for going solar.
We did go solar and are very satisfied with our decision. Cory was instrumental in that decision and told us the truth about all of it. We are currently banking (stored power on Excel grid) about 3 weeks worth of electricity and our energy bills don't shock us anymore. I highly recommend Cory.
Jerry Hackman recommends SolarCity Colorado
Home owner
Sep 27, 2012
I called SolarCity to inquire about having a solar system installed on my house. Cory Close contacted me shortly after and we met at my home. Cory was able to answer all of our questions so that we clearly understood all aspects of the installation, the costs, the number of panels, the energy we might expect to generate, and the savings we could expect.
We were told that if we had any questions that we could contact Cory, and when we did, our questions were answered quickly and satisfactorily. In the three months since we went active, we have banked over 500kWh, to carry us into winter's shorter generating days.
If you are thinking of going solar, we would recommend that you speak with Cory as he is knowledgeable about his product.
Cory was friendly, cordial and easy to talk with.
Steve & Terie recommends SolarCity Colorado
Sep 27, 2012
Cory was extremely knowledgeable about the solar industry. He was well informed and yet explained it so it was easy to understand. He answered all of our questions and once we started with the process he quickly returned phone calls and if he didn't know the answer he found it out and gave us the information. Cory was friendly but not pushy. He gave us the information on the system, cost, benefits and how it would work for us. Cory helped us through the entire process and made it a learning experience for both of us. Our system has been up and running for a few weeks and we are excited to see how well it works for us. Thanks to Cory we are saving money and helping the environment. I would certainly recommend Cory with Solar City to anyone considering a solar system.
Nancy Dutton recommends SolarCity Colorado
Home Owner
Sep 27, 2012
We liked Cory from the first time we heard his voice on the phone. His customer service, and Solar City's, is excellent, unparalleled. Cory and Solar City did everything on time, or sooner. Our system was installed quicker than they told us. Cory and Solar City designed a system just for our home, as we had a roof that was a challenge. They came up with a great solution that works well!
The friends we referred to Cory enjoyed his presentation and his professionalism (the best!) They felt no pressure. Cory clearly informed them and answered their questions.
My husband enjoys the online graphs that show how much power we're using and where we can consider being more energy efficient.
Thank you, Cory, for an outstanding job.
Karen Cassell recommends SolarCity Colorado
Sep 27, 2012
Cory was very knowledgable about the product. We saw him first at a party where he did a slide show and was able to answer every question asked.
While at our house he was very professional and also had a sense of humor. Everything was taken care of and each step since then has gone smooth.
Bob Moore recommends Kevin Galvin
Sep 27, 2012
Being an early joiner is never easy, to any technology or innovation. Mostly we get a lot sizzle and no steak. Kevin shows you the steak. Explains how the steak was made. And let's you decide if you want to have it or not.
Sometimes doing the right thing, even a little early, is the right thing to do.
Melanie Klein recommends Kevin Galvin
Former space solar power interrnational business development director
Sep 26, 2012
Kevin was able to clearly describe the Solar City model for providing solar power to households who want an alternative to fossil fuel based energy but are uninterested in a 20 year investment cycle. It all made good sense and I'm delighted to be on board. Kevin was also a pleasure to interact with and I look forward to hosting a "solar party" with him.
Marshall Gish recommends Andrew Ehrnstein
Retired, Satisfied Customer
Sep 26, 2012
Without a doubt, Andrew, you are a stiller salesperson. Having been previously in sales I should recognize one. You meet people well, your organized in your presentation and answer questions thoroughly. After your presentation, you follow up and make yourself available to the customers. Our relationship has me creating a new friend whom I deeply cherish. I know in my heart you will excell in life with all of your endeavors.
Doug Jisa recommends Kevin Galvin
Home owner
Sep 26, 2012
Kevin answered all of our questions with ease, and I could tell he is extremely passionate about solar energy. It made it real easy for us to make our decision to get solar panels installed. Thanks Kevin
Kathy Limm recommends Andrew Ehrnstein
Sep 24, 2012
Andrew was great to work with! I was very skeptical about the options that Solar City offered - it seemd too good to be true. But after Andrew answered all EIGHT of my questions, I was convinced that it was a sound investment! I'm very happy with Andrew as well as the crew that came out to my house. I am definitely recommending Andrew to my friends, family and neighbors!
Harvey Stein recommends Andrew Ehrnstein
Sep 20, 2012
Andrew was knowledgable, prompt, responsive, and very professional. He made the process from initial inquiry to final arrangements go very smoothly. From there to final installation things went easily and quickly. Everyone at Solar City proved great to work with.
Glenn Winn recommends Andrew Ehrnstein
Sep 17, 2012
Andrew was a pleasure to work with.
Alwyn V., Greenwood Village, CO 80111 recommends Andrew Ehrnstein
Sep 8, 2012
Mr. Andrew Ehrenstein represented Solar City with integrity and good cheer. It was a pleasure working with him. From the outset, Andrew lucidly explained how the solar system would function and what my financial obligations would be. Subsequently, he did everything possible to ensure that the installation of the system advanced on schedule. I highly recommend Andrew as a dependable facilitator between Solar City and any of this company's clients.

Lana Siglinger recommends Andrew Ehrnstein
home owner
Sep 7, 2012
Andrew was great. He was very informative, professional, and fantastic to work with.
Mary Cox recommends Andrew Ehrnstein
Aug 24, 2012
Working with Andrew was great! He wasn't a pushy salesman - he's very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the product. The whole installation and team at Solar City were great to work with. Andrew rocks!
John W. Kofel recommends Ed Dugan
Aug 22, 2012
We worked with Ed Dugan from start to finish in our selection and purchase of a Solar City system. In sum, Ed was outstanding, knowledgeable, informative, and extremely helpful and reliable. We could not have been more pleased with Ed and Solar City. I highly recommend Ed and Solar City.
Douglas edwards recommends David Sheridan
Aug 19, 2012
I am a new customer and would like to recommend everyone to David Sheridan. My neighbor this recent May had SolarCity install solar panels on her home. I expressed an interest this summer to my daughter who recommended me to David because she knew that he worked in the solar industry as a consultant.
David spent a lot of time with me, sent me resources and email information, and called and reviewed all of them with me. David was very professional, patient and very detailed in his explanations, about the company and industry, the process, how the system operates and the benefits and options available to me. He helped to gather the necessary background energy data on my home and called to followup to see how it was progressing.
David is very polite and respectful, and I learned a great deal speaking with him about the solar options available to me.
I would highly recommend anyone to speak with and work with David Sheridan if they are interested in exploring the solar option for themselves.
Justin and Heather Trelease recommends Andrew Ehrnstein
Aug 18, 2012
Andrew did a great job with the initial planning of our system. He evaluated our roof and made a recomendation of what size system we would need and how it would fit on the roof. He answered all of our questions with ease and patience. He explained all the lease options to us clearly and honestly. We had no difficulty communicating with him through email and telephone. Working with Andrew was a very positive experience.
Anonymous recommends Andrew Ehrnstein
Aug 17, 2012
Great experience working with Andrew!
E.C. Garthe recommends Andrew Ehrnstein
Aug 16, 2012
Working with Andrew was a good experience. He seemed forthright and is knowledgeable about solar in general and Solar City especially. I would happily work with him again.
barbie christenson recommends Andrew Ehrnstein
Aug 11, 2012
it was so easy. it makes sense. it didn't cost us a dime and it will save us $100's a year if not a month!!! I think its a no brainer with solar city!
Everett Major recommends Andrew Ehrnstein
G.M. Aaron Glass and Window inc.
Aug 11, 2012
Andrew is a very pleasant and knowedgable man who speaks from experience. He knows that customer service is worth alot and serves his clients. I have personally sent 4 potential clients to him, something I would not do with someone I did not trust. It too bad we can not clone Andrew for our own window business.
Everett Major
Matthew Mendenhall recommends David Sheridan
Potential Solarcity Customer
Aug 10, 2012
Dave Sheridan has been a terrific resource for me as I started the process of learning about solar energy options for my home. I have spend several hours in direct communication with him over the phone, and we have exchanged multiple emails back and forth discussing different options. He has been forthright and honest about what solar energy and Solar City can and cannot do. He has been very helpful in thinking through different financial options and different size systems. I have been extremely impressed by his knowledge, professionalism, communication, reliability, and perhaps most of all by his enthusiasm for his work and for solar energy in general. Ultimately, he is the reason I will be purchasing solar energy from Solar City.
Ed Swibas recommends Andrew Ehrnstein
Solar City customer
Aug 10, 2012
Andrew Ehrnstein was awesome to work with in identifying ways to conserve energy. Many of his suggestions could be done by the home owner, but he offered bids for Solar City to perform the work. He is very knowledgable and explained things in a clear manner. I would highly recommend Andrew.
Derek G. recommends Andrew Ehrnstein
Aug 10, 2012
Andrew came to our home and was a professional and delightful person to have demonstrate how much Solarcity could save us money. Andrew at one point even offered to hold our 1 year daugther while still typing on his computer and allowing me to sign the forms uninterupted. Andrew has consistently, but Not annoyingly kept up with us throughout the process of the installation and even after the project was completed and working. It is a good feeling to work with a company like Solarcity and Andrew at a time when customer service is all so lacking throughout the corporate world.
John Lopez recommends Andrew Ehrnstein
proud owner of solar
Aug 10, 2012
Andrew Ehrnstien is a very knowledgeable about solar. He is also people mined .
His knowledge of solar surpass any of his competitors. Any questions that he might not know at the moment he will get the answer for you as soon as he can.
Andrew won't leave you confused about solar energy. he does'nt rush into just trying to sell you solar he is patient about all your concerns.
I belive if solar isn't for you he wouldnot sell it to you.
I am very pleased with Andrew in Helping me go solar.
I highly recommend Him.
Mick Scheid recommends Andrew Ehrnstein
Aug 10, 2012
Meeting Andrew and learning about Solar City ranks as one of the best financial decisions I have made. Thank you Andrew for setting us up and thanks to Solar City for a quality system.
Tony recommends Paige Shiba
Aug 5, 2012
Paige has made the process from start to finish easy. She knows her stuff, has a positive attitude, and was encouraging working with her.
William Hoff recommends Paige Shiba
Denver homeowner
Aug 4, 2012
I enjoyed working with Paige to get set up with my contract. She was very professional and responsive. The process was very easy. Thanks!
Steven G. Lee recommends Paige Shiba
Aug 2, 2012
Paige Siba provided outstanding customer service designing our solar system. She worked tirelessly with me to explain the details of the system. I had a lot of questions over several weeks, and she answered every one patiently and knowledgeably. She was especially good at communicating details by email or phone. As my primary contact at Solar City, she has kept me informed at every step of the process, and she always had an extremely pleasant and positive demeanor with me at all times. Working with Paige was a perfect experience in customer service.
Chriss recommends Jacob Jenkins
Home Owner
Jun 25, 2012
Dear Jake

I wanted to let you know that the SolarCity Solar PV System that i leased from you has been working perfectly for the past 6 months! It has generated more power than i expected and am extremely satisfied! I also appreciate ALL the work you did before the sale! The survey crew and install crew were VERY professional and thourough!

Melissa recommends Cade Brodbeck
Jun 20, 2012
Cade has been a fantastic person to work with throughout our Solar City experience! He has been available when we've needed him, informative, genuine, and very kind. I would recommend working with Cade and Solar City to anyone!
Jim Conzelman recommends Jacob Jenkins
Jun 12, 2012
Despite my getting bids from multiple solar providers, Jake was absolutely and overtly determined to win our business. He accurately designed a system that suited our energy needs, provided the best explanations and current technical information, and fought for a lease that beat out all three competitors. He also happens to work for a company (Solar City) that provided an installer and customer service that are equally fantastic.
Jeremy Crow recommends David Sheridan
Home Owner
Jun 12, 2012
David Sheridan was exceptional to work with in setting up my account with Solar City. David explained everything thoroughly and was able to answer all of my questions. David's customer service and knowledge is outstanding and Solar City should feel privileged to have him as an asset.
Danny Lagage recommends Cade Brodbeck
Jun 7, 2012
I was SO impressed with SolarCity, I will be using them again for my new home. No money down, fast installation and Cade as my salesman...what an awesome experience. SolarCity all the way.
Vern Eiswerth recommends Jacob Jenkins
Rt. AT&T Sales&Marketing Director
Jun 7, 2012
Jake is a true professional: during the info gathering phase, he was very responsive (but not pushy) and he was disarmingly honest. Jake always returns phone calls promptly and is very knowledgeable regarding his product and service before and after the sale! After dealing with Jake, I count him as more than a business associate....I count him as a friend. If it had not been for Jacob, we would have gone with a different solar supplier.
Phil Heiser recommends David Sheridan
Jun 2, 2012
Outstanding attention to my concerns! David really listened to numerous issues I had regarding the solar installation. He was patient and took the time to make me feel comfortable with the decision to install the SolarCity system.
Wes Kruse recommends Cade Brodbeck
Denver homeowner
May 30, 2012
We were a little unsure about going solar, and had many questions. It seemed like a lengthy and complicated process. I had only a limited knowledge of solar power, but Cade Brodbeck answered all of our questions, and reviewed the options with us. Cade has a knack for explaining the science and the business involved in going solar in easy to understand terms. He is very personable, and understanding of his customer's needs.
Karen Thompson recommends Jacob Jenkins
An extremely satisfied customer
May 27, 2012
I contacted SolarCity for an estimate on a home solar system. I left a request for a call on their website and was contacted within an hour. Jake Jenkins followed up the same day and made an appointment to provide me a proposal. He arrived with a very appropriate proposal, and readily agreed to expand the system at my request. The new proposal was emailed to me the next day and completely met my needs. Jake answered all my questions and provided information I was not educated enough to ask about. He is extremely knowledgable and presents the information in a manner that anyone can understand. I found him to be very easy to work with, as was the entire SolarCity team, from sales to installation to follow-up. I have a wonderful system which will eliminate my power bills for many years, and I could not be more pleased. I HIGHLY recommend SolarCity and Jake Jenkins. You will not regret the investment!
Geoff King recommends Cade Brodbeck
Thornton homeowner
May 26, 2012
We have had a great experience working with Cade and the Solar City team. Every detail from start to finish on the installation of our PV solar system was completed to our satisfaction and per the contract we signed. Not only can you save money on your monthly electric bill but you are creating a clean energy for your home and the environment. We would highly recommend Solar City to anyone who is considering a System on their home.
Tim Schlichting recommends Jacob Jenkins
satisfied SolarCity customer
May 24, 2012
Jacob was very knowledgeable and thoughtful in walking me through the advantages of going solar and the pros and cons of the different plans offered by SolarCity. He was very objective and acted more as a consultant than a salesperson, so that by the time I decided to commit to going solar, I felt very confident in my decision. I'd recommend talking with Jacob to anyone even curious about going solar.
John Hite recommends Jacob Jenkins
Home owner
May 23, 2012
Jake was very knowledgeable and easy to work with.
I would recommend Jake and Solar City to anyone.
Jake DiRe recommends Jacob Jenkins
May 23, 2012
Jacob was my sales rep and was great to work with. I got all my questions answered, got a sweet deal on Solar, and couldn't be happier. In addition to Jacob, the whole SolarCity install crew and customer service was awesome, my system was up in two days! Great sales guy, and great company.
Alan recommends Jacob Jenkins
May 22, 2012
I found Jacob to a be an honest, reliable guide for getting me a solar power solution. He was prompt, forward, and answered every question I have. The one time I had a problem I contacted him, and he had it fixed within a matter of hours.
Steve recommends Jacob Jenkins
Solar Client
May 22, 2012
I had a solar system installed by Solar City last year. It was the easiest experience of my life for dealing with a contractor or installation of any kind. The quote was acurrate, they took care of all steps involved in the process and kept me up to date with regular email status messages. The system works as promised and I can see my system output online at any time. I would highly recommend that everyone should put in solar if possible and use Solar City to do so.
Janet Goodrum recommends Cade Brodbeck
May 22, 2012
Cade was impressive from the time he introduced himself at the door to each time my husband and I called with a question during the process. The questions may not have been something he was able to answer but each time he provided us the information so we could get a answer quickly. He was understanding and patient. No pressure. I am rather hesitate to jump into anything. I investiaged other companies and kept returning to Solar City after my inqueries. Cade is a real asset to your organization. Professional, knowledgable and respectful of questions (some of them were pretty naive). I will recommed Cade with all my referrals. Thanks Cade!
Durrell recommends Cade Brodbeck