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Ticor Title offers clients the most comprehensive real estate services in the nation. From title and escrow services to mandatory disclosure, you can count on Ticor Title for your important real estate needs. Ticor Title has a solid track record of serving its clients with accuracy and efficiency, and has unrivaled financial strength to back you and your client's policy.

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May 7, 2018

Jill Marlar recommends Kelly Lobeck

Land Acquisition Western Trades

Kelly Lobeck has been a pleasure to work with. We have done multiple transactions with her, and each one has been a pleasure. She keeps everyone in the loop and goes above and beyond in making sure we are taken care of.
Thank you so much!
May 7, 2018

Laurelle Timms recommends Ashley Hunter


I highly recommend Ashley. Ashley is always quick to respond to requests for information and help. She is very knowledgeable, patient and willing to help you grow your business!
May 6, 2018

Terri Castro Gobbo recommends Lawanda Alston

Realtor @ Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Universal

I have known Lawanda for about 4 years now and she has become a close friend. Not only is she extremely KNOWLEDGEABLE and PROFESSIONAL, but she has the uncanny ability to make ANY serious situation light and airy, almost comical. We've worked together on several projects and about to embark on another. She's the BEST at what she does.
May 3, 2018

Kathy Racine recommends Nicole Yuhos


Nicole is a pleasure to work with. She goes above and beyond in everything she does. I highly recommend her.
May 2, 2018

Alex Vazquez recommends Nicole Yuhos


Nicole is excellent to work with. She has great communication skills and our clients were very pleased with the transaction. Thank you!
Apr 27, 2018

Jacqulin Mattos recommends Ashley Hunter


When I first called Ashley I had to leave a message. Her response was very prompt and she was very helpful. When I went in for my appointment with her I was amazed at all that she was able to do to help me get started with my real estate career. She got me everything I needed in one day! I would recommend anyone that needs help or ideas to get going in there business contact
Apr 15, 2018

Bobbie Camacho recommends Nicole Yuhos


I would highly recommend Nicole. The reason why I like her is because she responds so quickly to my questions and is very polite. I know its hard working with realtors and she is very professional with them. Quick response it hard to find. I am in escrow right now and could not wait until it closed to write this recommendation.
Mar 29, 2018

Zach Hills recommends Julie Sorrels


Over the years, I have done business with many title companies. Without any question, Julie's professionalism surpasses all I have come across. She oversees an engaged team that truly understands the needs of their clients. They answer questions in a personal and expedited fashion. Her fee schedules are simple and reasonable, without hidden agendas. I would recommend Julie to anyone, including, but not limited to seasoned professionals, 1st time home buyer, 1st time home seller, FSBO transactions, etc.
Mar 23, 2018

Larry Roeder, Urban Nest Realty, Roeder&Associates recommends Julie Sorrels

Realtor, Business Owner.

I have engaged Ticor Title, Julie Sorrels, over the years for property closes as well as a host of Title information. She (they) are always on their game. Quick responses. Suggestions for most efficient processes of marketing and lead generation. Always respectful of time management for myself and our buyers or sellers. I highly recommend using all of their services in the Real Estate community.
Mar 21, 2018

Craig Gordon recommends Nicole Yuhos


I have closed on several refinance loans and sales of properties within the last year. I used many different Title companies and Escrow Officers.

Nichole Yuhos was by far the best. She communicates well and understands what needs to be done on a very professional level. I highly recommend her.

Craig Gordon
Mar 17, 2018

Glenn W Starkey recommends Jenny Leslie

So far so good we have just started the process, but boy does she ever respond quickly I think this is going to be a very fast and smooth transaction.
Mar 1, 2018

Bruce A Erlin recommends Caleen Chamberlain

Seller, Residential Home

Caleen provided very efficient & quick services. Thanx!
Feb 21, 2018

John Zicari recommends Jenny Leslie

Home Owner

Jenny was great! I would highly recommend.
Feb 20, 2018

Diane Millonzi recommends Jenny Leslie

Realtor Associate Broker

I could not have been more pleased working not only with Ticor but Jenny and her Team. Everything was completed on time...as well as many of you know trying to close 2 home relatively at the same time can be very trying. They made my day!
Feb 15, 2018

Essie Taylor recommends Sandra Jauregui


Sandra has been an invaluable asset in helping me with my marketing and social media. She is incredibly creative and with her help I have been able to increase my business and build my brand. I'm grateful to have her as a partner.
Thank you Sandra!
Feb 7, 2018

Steve Grunewald recommends Sandra Jauregui


It's always a pleasure working with Sandra Jauregui she is very hands on to help you with what your working on. Sandra is a high energy person with creative ideas to help you achieve your goals in the real estate business.
Feb 7, 2018

Randy Laub recommends Jenny Leslie


Very professional, things were handled in a timely manner and I would highly recommend Jenny.
Feb 6, 2018

Susan Lane recommends Sandra Jauregui


Sandra is an amazing asset to Ticor!! Her hard work and dedication to to her clients is outstanding. Sandra's infectious personality makes her a joy to work with, and I have always had nothing but positive experiences with her :)
Feb 6, 2018

Jane Kissner recommends Sandra Jauregui


Sandra Jauregui, wow, where do I start. I've never experienced such positive energy and enthusiasm towards people and our real estate business. She's amazing, energetic, and professional. If you want something done go to Sandra!
Feb 6, 2018

Manal Cannon recommends Sandra Jauregui


I have had the pleasure of working with Sandra Jaurgui as soon as I started working in the Real Estate industry. She helped me understand the paths I needed to pursue to start generating leads. She was always very informative and available. Sandra is a pleasure to work and collaborate with.
Feb 6, 2018

Nina Castellanos recommends Sandra Jauregui


Sandra’s always on top of her game & always ready to help. And always so enthusiastic about her work she’s a sheer joy to work with. I recommend Sandra to any Realtor looking to grow there business!
Feb 6, 2018

Nona Haynes recommends Sandra Jauregui


Sandra is amazing! The first time I met with her she gave me so much helpful information to help me grow my business. She took her time to explain everything and answered all of my questions. When I did my first open house she provided me with everything I needed! Sandra emails me on farming areas and other helpful tools that I can use to help me succeed. She is very sweet and a pleasure to work with. Thank you Sandra!
Feb 6, 2018

Twila Thielman recommends Sandra Jauregui


Sandra is always helpful and quick to respond.
Feb 6, 2018

Rick Hammel recommends Sandra Jauregui


Sandra is a great resource for marketing ideas and assistance in building up my business. I would recommend working with her and her Title and Escrow company.
Feb 6, 2018

Gloria Lopez recommends Sandra Jauregui


Sandra Jauregui has always been very professional. Sandra makes sure to be up to date with the latest technology and trends her knowledge helps real estates agents advance their business.

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