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Escrow Officer Ticor Title Las Vegas
As an Escrow Officer with 30 years of title and escrow experience, Darlene Albrecht has the knowledge and experience necessary for a smooth and successful closing. She is dedicated to providing superior customer service and is committed to exceed your expectations. She has experience in closing Residential, Investor, Short Sale, Refinance, Builder and REO transactions. Please don’t forget to write Darlene Albrecht on your next transaction and allow her the opportunity to earn your business.


Jul 27, 2017
Home Seller
So Far So Good!! Darlene takes swift appropriate action to resolve any problems she may encounter. She is a dedicated employee and a great asset to Ticor Title.
Could not believe she was still working on my escrow at around 7:30pm.
Thank you Darlene for your service.
Tom & Dot OBrien
Dec 9, 2016
I have worked with Darlene for the past 14 years and not once were we late on a close. She is the most efficient escrow Officer I have worked with. I have actually had problems with other officers in the past to the point where we had to switch escrow companies and Darlene has taken over and closed on time.
Dec 6, 2016
Darlene has been handling escrows for me since 2008 and does a fantastic job on each one. I can't say enough about her knowledge, professionalism and customer service. I and my clients can count on Darlene to go the extra mile to get the job done right ! Thank you Darlene for all your help through the years.
Nov 10, 2016
Darlene has been my preferred title agent for years - she's professional, knowledgeable & always available for my never ending questions & updates! For my buyers, her title fees are extremely competitive & she goes above & beyond to make the buyers feel at ease with the intimidating amount of paperwork there is to sign! I work with a lot of first time military buyers as well as retirees who truly appreciate her patience & expertise!
Oct 28, 2015
Darlene Has done a great job every time I have used her. I would recommend her to anyone.
Apr 13, 2015
Love isn't a strong enough word when describing my affinity for Darlene. She is every thing a REALTOR could want and need in a title rep. She has always been a consistent contributor to my transactions. From her patience to her knowledge of the escrow process, Darlene is my #1 choice throughout the valley when it comes to the service she and Ticor provide. I simply couldn't be happier!
Apr 3, 2015
Working with Darlene is an absolute pleasure. Not only is she very thorough, she is great at communicating with all parties involved in the escrow process. I would absolutely recommend Darlene with complete confidence.
Apr 3, 2015
I highly recommend Darlene Albretch. If only I could work with her on all of my transactions! She is willing to go the extra mile and do what it takes to get the deal done! She is always on top of her files and I never have to worry about title not getting something done while Darlene is the Escrow holder. I really cant say enough about her and Ticor Title as a whole. They really are the most resourceful people in town!
Mar 17, 2014
Darlene is always the Escrow Officer I use when given a choice. Darlene is quick to respond to all my request. She works in the clients' best interest and has never let me down. Often when the Listing is an REO or Short Sale, I am representing the Buyer I am not given a choice. This is unfortunate since most of the Title Companies and Escrow Officers they use are incompetent.
Mar 7, 2014
Darlene Albrecht is a fantastic escrow officer. She is knowledgeable, professional, courteous, and very helpful. I can always count on Darlene to go the extra mile for clients and be very accomodating for signing appointments. In my opinion, Darlene is one of the best escrow officers in town, any type sale.
Mar 7, 2014
Realtor, REO Agent, Investor
If outstanding service means anything to you, Darlene Albrecht should be your escrow officer of choice. I have been using Ticor Title for 14 years and Darlene for over 5 years. I highly recommend them. As a Realtor, REO agent and Investor, quick and accurate service are very important. Darlene has always been helpful when it comes to getting my title issues and closing questions answered. Darlene is also quick to answer her voice mail messages. If your new in the business and want a helpful escrow officer or if your a veteran looking to make a change, pick Darlene Albrecht and Ticor Title, you won't be disappointed.
Feb 27, 2014
Darlene is a seasoned Escrow officer. I have worked with Darlene on many numerous occasions. She is professional even during difficult times. We have had difficulty files and she does not falter. If she foresees an issue she will research it and communicate it and help us resolve it before it becomes an issue. I highly recommend working with Darlene. She has not made any mistakes on any of my escrow files during my last 10 years of working with her. I can be further reached at 702-318-1882. Yvonne Khoo, RPME REALTOR
Feb 26, 2014
Real Estate Specialist - Premier Real Estate
Darlene is very fast and really knows her numbers! I bring my clients to her because I work hard to provide the best service for my customers and that includes the companies we work with. I can rely on Darlene for her professionalism, accuracy and almost immediate responses! If you are working with me, you are working with great teams like Darlene and Ticor.
Feb 26, 2014
Darlene is a very experienced Escrow Officer. I have done several transactions with her, and would not hesitate working with her again. As a Real Estate Professional, I want to surround myself with experienced individuals. You are only as good as the "team" you create. Darlene is that Escrow Professional that I want to do business with. I highly recommend her.
Feb 26, 2014
Broker/Salesperson Since 1978
I moved to Las Vegas 13 years ago after selling real estate in Los Angeles for 22 years. One of the most difficult parts of the transition was finding the right escrow officer. The first escrow officer I used was a total disaster. Then my title rep at Ticor suggested I let Darlene do my next escrow. She thought we were a perfect match and she was right. Darlene has all of the qualities one would look for in a business transaction. She is calm, very pleasant, smart and detailed. Darlene gets back to me very quickly with the answers to all my questions. She definitely goes beyond what one would expect when giving service. I trust and respect her. When she handles my escrows, I never have to worry. She is the best!
Feb 26, 2014
I would recommend Darlene Albrecht as superior escrow officer to anyone who needs
an excellent officer. I have done business with Darlene for over 15 years and have not been disappointed. She is very good at what she does.

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