Carter Alexander Short

Loan Officer American Pacific Mortgage San Diego NMLS# 1005967/1850 | Equal Housing Opportunity
Carter Short was recently named one of the Best Military Originators in the country by National Mortgage Professionals Magazine for the second year in a row! Additionally, for 2019, he was named a Top 1% Mortgage Originator in America by Mortgage Executive Magazine as well as a Top Originator by Scotsman Guide. Carter has been with American Pacific Mortgage for 5 years and has funded a total of $145 million in loan volume, with over 50% of that volume helping clients use their VA home loan benefit. He prides himself on attention to detail, great communication and a clear process because of his time in service, he is a Navy veteran as well. His overall goal is provide the smoothest transaction possible.

Please contact me for any of your home lending needs at 619-517-0336
Oct 20, 2021
Mr. Carter and his team are extremely efficient in their processes with V.A. Refinancing. I’ve been buying, selling & renting homes for over 30 years and had the overall “BEST” refinancing & closing experience with them! Very professional & Highly recommended!
Oct 11, 2021
Carter and his team go above and beyond for their clients. He truly is the best broker and will get you approved for the most money possible with the lowest rates, you can't beat that. He works with your schedule no matter what the situation is and is there with you through the whole loan process. I would recommend him to anyone trying to buy a home.
Oct 7, 2021
Owner, Broker of Harmony Realty Inc.
I have been assisting clients in the Real Estate industry since 2002 and have worked with various loan officers throughout the years. I have to say I truly appreciate the opportunity to have Carter Short on my team. His attention to detail and to client's wants and needs is impressive. He strives to ensure he is providing quality service with each and every transaction he assists with. His communication is consistent and that aspect is crucial in an ever changing real estate market. I have told my clients over and over again that Carter is the best individual to speak with hands down whenever I am asked for a referral. He takes wonderful care of my clients and has even assisted clients who were not mine to help them obtain financing when other loan officers had faltered and let them down. I look forward to a long standing relationship with Carter and having him by my side to take excellent care of future clientele.
Sep 24, 2021
Technical Specialist
Carter and his team come highly recommended by one of my best friend and I am happy to have experienced the why. Carter and team are professionals that will be with you every step of the way. They are experienced subject matter experts of their trade. No questions are left unanswered...even on weekends!
I am impressed with the ease and expeditious way they handle processes. For example, we were only a few days in Escrow and we had a VA appraisal completed that Saturday and reports to us by Monday. Our loan docs were already with the lender shortly after. Our realtors and Escrow company were impressed as well. I can not speak enough praises for Carter and Team and will continue to lean on them for future endeavors. Thank you Carter, Grant and Team! I never once have to worry because I was entrusted in the hands of you and your team.
Sep 22, 2021
Our family was so blessed to have had Carter and his team help us in a crunch!! Our escrow was falling apart with our first lender and Carter and his team saved our dream and helped us buy our home!! They were on it all hours of the days and weekends to help us close in 2 weeks!! Couldn’t have done it without how much he and his team care to help people!! Thank you!!
Sep 22, 2021
A huge thank you to Carter Short and his team for all of the hard work, effort, and patience that was put into making me and Patrick's first home purchase a dream come true. Carter was forthcoming, kind and real so we had to trust him. During our very first conversation we knew that Carter had our best interest at heart. He and his team will fight for you and will get it done you will not regret it!
Sep 17, 2021
We have worked with Carter and has team twice and could not be happier with both experiences. He is the best and we have referred him to multiple friends who have loved him as much as we do. His knowledge, professionalism, attention to detail and service is second to none. He is there every step of the way and takes the time to answer every question you have during the process. I just wish I was as good at my job as Carter is his : ) We can't thank him enough for what he has done for us!
Aug 31, 2021
So very grateful to Carter Short and his team. His professionalism, guidance, and clear explanation of the process made everything so much easier for me. If you’re looking for a professional team who will guide you every step of the way, contact Carter and his team. You’ll be glad you did!
Aug 31, 2021
So very grateful to Carter Short and his team. His professionalism, guidance, and clear explanation of the process made everything so much easier for me. If you’re looking for a professional team who will guide you every step of the way, contact Carter and his team. You’ll be glad you did!
Aug 31, 2021
Operation Director
I will start my review with a Big BANG!!! Carter and Grant is a very professional individual. Grant is a person that holds your hand (not literally) and making sure that you don't fall if you missed your steps. Carter is a guy that does whatever it takes to get your loan funded. The team of Carter and Grant is like a well-oiled machine. They work simultaneously. I don't feel the stress like other people saying when they are buying a house. Carter is very prolific in what he does. I have a great experience with them with flying colors. I am highly recommending them to anyone!
Aug 19, 2021
Real Estate Broker
Are you looking for a Lender that will take care of all your mortgage needs, and answer any questions regarding the loan process? Call Carter. He is your number One VA Specialist that will help and guide you every step of the way. You will be so grateful to have Carter take care of your loan! He is professional, knowledgeable and always available to talk. I highly recommend Carter!
Aug 17, 2021
I can't thank Carter enough for being professional, and attentive. Whether it was an email, text, or a phone call, Carter was always quick to respond. He answered every question we had and made this an easy and smooth process.
Aug 17, 2021
Team Leader - The Martin Group at Big Block Realty
Carter is a great communicator and sincerely cared about his clients while being amazingly professional and communicative with all of the other people involved (escrow, title, realtors, etc.).
Aug 14, 2021
Im glad the my friend recommended me to Carter and his team who helped us with our refinance process. From the start to the end you guys make it smooth. He will make sure that you guys are in the same page, willing to give you some scenario for you to understand everything and willing to answer all your questions thru phone calls or email. I recommend Carter S. And his Team
Aug 11, 2021
Joyce & I cannot not say enough about you and what have done for us.
This was our first home. You kept us up to date. Buying a home for the first time
can be very confusing. Carter you did well. Cyd was right about you! We will do our best to refer you.

Aug 3, 2021
Carter and his team made buying our first home a breeze. He was very attentive and answered any questions we had right away. We are forever grateful for how smooth and easy he made the buying process for us!
Jul 30, 2021
We dealt with Carter while overseas, getting ready to move back to the states. We communicated through emails and WhatsApp in order to get our loan through. Dealing with different time zones and all they did an amazing job getting us to where we needed to be. Carter makes it look to easy, absolutely recommend him!!!

For the rest of the team, very professional and understanding of all the different changes happening and our frustrations where handled very well...recommend for your loan needs!
Jul 27, 2021
I’m so grateful for Carter and Grant who cared for us doing our refinance process. The process for us was seamless and not stressful. From start to finish, the process was literally smooth sailing. A request would come in, we would answer, and the next step began. Carter and Grant’s professionalism is impeccable, second to none, and made working with them on a potentially stressful project, an absolute pleasure. Listen, I have worked with this team on multiple projects, and I can assure you, choosing Carter and this team of highly qualified professionals would be the best thing you could ever do. If you’re in the market to purchase, refinance, or you simply have a question, do yourself a favor, pick up the phone and call this team. You will not be disappointed!

Jul 26, 2021
We can't recommend Carter Short and his team enough! From start to finish Carter made a normally stressful process run as smoothly as possible. He explained what was going on, and what to expect every step of the way. Any questions we had he answered quickly and thoroughly in a way that was easy to understand. If you're looking for a new mortgage or a refi and want to have an easy stress-free experience get a hold of Carter. He will take great care of all your mortgage needs.
Jul 21, 2021
Carter and his team were very supportive and patient while I was deciding whether purchase a home or get refi to remodel with current property.
I never felt pressure. Carter answers any question in a timely manner always made me feel comfortable while making a big decision. His weekly newsletter sent me was also helpful to understand the current movement.
I highly recommend Carter Short and his team for any mortgage need. I have no doubt that they will find solutions to fit your need as best as they can.
Jul 13, 2021
American Pacific Mortgage through the leadership of Carter Short saved me from $900.00 plus to $1,000.00 on my monthly mortgage, a yearly saving of $10,800.00 to $12,000.00. This is a life transformation. Through the leadership of Carter Short and his team, they made this to happen. I have two brilliant things to share about the excellency of their service. First, they are absolutely very professional and friendly: they know exactly how to treat their clients effectively and efficiently. Secondly, the team is "go get it" team. Typically refinancing takes 30 - 45 days. I was surprisingly impressed and blew my mind! They did it in 16 working days! I started consulting with them about refinancing on June 21, 2021 and took care of the business and have it done on July 13, 2021 and the rest is history. This is a fact and is not a sale pitch. Therefore, if you are looking for refinancing or for a residential mortgage loan, you should take the advantage of the incredible service of Carter Short and his team could offer you. It will transform your life!
Jul 9, 2021
Carter and his team helped walk me through every stage of the process. They were incredibly responsive to questions no matter how small. I'd definitely recommend them for friends or family looking to buy a home.
Jul 9, 2021
Great experience working with Carter and his team. It was a long process with our purchase but Carter and his team were able to walk us through it and get us to the finish line with a great purchase with the numbers we were asking for.Carter was always available to answer questions and took the time to explain whatever you may not understand. He and his team were great and easy to work with. I will recommend him and his team to anyone I know looking to purchase.
Jul 9, 2021
Great experience working with Carter and his team. Carter was always available to answer questions and took the time to explain whatever you may not understand. He and his team were great and easy to work with. I will recommend him and his team to anyone I know looking to purchase.
Jun 3, 2021
Titles are overrated
Carter - rhymes with smarter.

I could go on and on about how wonderful a lender Carter is and how our relationship has bloomed over the past three loans we have done with him.

But that’s who you are dealing with when it comes to all your mortgage lending needs. Carter is one of the most genuine and knowledgable lenders out there.

Go with him, you won’t regret it.