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Agent Recommendations (17)

Apr 17, 2016

Bill kerry recommends JR Poulsen

Owner of a Condo @ The Bluff's Condo Assoc.

JR Poulsen is AWESOME!! JR was referenced to me by one of the owners at The Bluff's Condo Assoc. for renting my fully furnished condo. I made contact with JR a week before signing up for a vacancy I was to have on April 1, 2016. We met a week before the vacancy was to occur and set a date for taking pictures and advertising it.

We met on Saturday, April 2, 2016 at 9:30am at the vacant condo as planned. JR brought a nice lady with him and we rented the condo the same morning to the same lady. I only lost one days rent because of JR's attention to detail.

I call JR "The MIracle Man". I have never had anyone provide such fast and courteous service.

Bill Kerry
A very satisfied client
Nov 7, 2015

Margie Stoltenberg recommends JR Poulsen

JR is a great guy and good to work with. He has great knowledge that will benefit you.
Nov 3, 2015

Ron Means recommends JR Poulsen

As an out-of-town, executor of an estate needing to sell a house, I was very fortunate to meet JR Poulson. He helped me decide what was needed to get the house ready to sell. Once listed, very good offers came quickly. The transaction went quite smoothly. I enjoyed working with JR and was very pleased with results. I highly recommend JR.
Nov 3, 2015

Seon Smith recommends JR Poulsen

Just sold my house . JR Poulsen is the best he rockstar easy to work with take Time to listen to you help you and all your needs you want to get the job done used Jr Poulsen
Oct 30, 2015

Mark Mahnkey recommends JR Poulsen

Retired-sort of

JR assisted us in selling Mom's house when she could no longer live there.

Reasonable fee, quality work. Have known him since high school, and he is an "honest merchant"
Oct 26, 2015

Michael Dougherty recommends JR Poulsen

Board Director, Shanghai Community International School

Over a period of two years, JR patiently showed my partners and me several Seattle properties we were considering for students attending U.W. We made bids which did not succeed, but JR continued to cheerfully show us properties. Later, JR helped me look for a condo in Tacoma. Again, a long search during which JR was patient and helpful. He steered me away from one that looked great because he learned through inside sources that the HOA had serious problems.

Eventually, I made a bid on a foreclosed condo near the Foss Waterway. While we waited and waited for clearance on this from the bank, JR noticed another good property nearby selling for LESS than the one I was waiting for. He brought it to my attention even though with the lower cost, his commission would be lower.

Since the other bid had expired, I bid on the alternate. JR advised I adjust my offer $20k lower than what I was thinking, lowering his potential commission. That low bid was accepted. JR's reputation as an agent who truly keeps his client's interests first was firmly established for me, and he is now handling my commercial property in University Place. JR is a good man with inside knowledge and expertise and I can recommend him without reservation.
Oct 26, 2015

Adel Drummond recommends JR Poulsen

Accurate Screening, Director of Sales/Owner

I have worked with and known JR for approximately 20 years. I have always been able to count on him to answer his calls, follow up with any information that was needed quickly, and to always be professional and courteous.
Oct 26, 2015

Jesus Lopez recommends JR Poulsen

Immigration paralegal

About 3 years ago, I was a first-time homebuyer and a novice, to say the least. I needed someone that would help guide me and assure that I knew what I was doing throughout this very complicated process. I was recommended JR by my loan officer as the man for the job and boy was I not disappointed!

Despite the many, many months (almost a year) it took me to find and buy the perfect house, JR never gave up. Toward the end, I almost lost hope thinking what I wanted was either out of my price range or I would have to settle for something I could afford but wouldn't be happy with. Anyone else without JR's enthusiasm and love for what he does would have probably let me go. But not JR!

Every house I threw at him as a possible dream home was considered (and often times I emailed dozens of MLS numbers for his review) and took me to see nearly all of them he thought would be a fit for me. He would also give me possible candidates for my review that stayed within the parameters of what I was looking for (he never deviated from what I wanted). Throughout the entire process, he was very knowledgeable and answered any and all questions I had. I soon realized that his name alone carried a lot of weight in the area and when we would finally submit an offer, we would usually hear back promptly (something I was told is abnormal as sellers usually sit until they have several offers to review, which of course makes the process nerve-wrackingly long). If there was any issues during the process, JR made it his mission to follow-up and contact the sellers and figure out what was wrong. It was comforting to know that there was someone there that wanted things to go even more perfectly than I did (and I'm a huge-time perfectionist). I appreciated everything he did for me.

JR's level of professionalism is second-to-none and I highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell. As much as I want to take all the credit, I know that if it wasn't for him, I would not have gotten the awesome house I now own or gotten the even sweeter offer the seller finally agreed to (a whopping $20k off their asking price!). I wish nothing but the best for him and know he's going to continue to do great work.
Oct 26, 2015

John S Hutmacher recommends JR Poulsen


Have worked with and for JR over many years. Always very much a gentleman and an astute businessman. Believe your time and consideration will be a worthwhile investment!
Oct 24, 2015

Peter and Kim Cacace recommend JR Poulsen

Parents of two first time home buyers

JR Poulsen is our family's broker. Within a year, two of our daughters were in the market for their first homes. His patience, knowledge and willingness to explain, guide and view endless properties at the entry point was amazing and much appreciated. His kind and professional demeanor made all of the difference helping first time home buyers reconcile their unrealistic expectations with what was possible. Each of our girls was able to buy a perfect fit home and continue to be happy and satisfied. We would only call JR if our family was in the market to buy and/or sell. We recommend him every chance we get! Thanks again, JR.
Oct 20, 2015

George Graham recommends Don Shane

Previous Client

My wife, Pat & I, would like to take a moment to reflect on our recent experience with Better Properties and Real Estate Agent Donald Shane.
I had interviewed several agents form other companies without much success. My wife was out of town and I had given thought to selling our home on my own. When she returned from New Mexico I had a For Sale sign on the house. She was surprised yet she knew that it was time to get serious about downsizing and make a move. Donald Shane had been referred to us through a friend and we decided to give him a chance.
Donald showed up at our home on time and ready to work. His energetic professionalism was what we were looking for in an agent. He gave us his plan, executed it with enthusiasm and completed every goal on time, every time. His marketing strategies exceeded our expectations. The proof was in the sale of our home not only once but twice. He walked us through a failed purchaser’s finance, a bidding war on a condominium and some other unusual circumstances that don’t typically happen in today’s market. All while reassuring us that our house would sell again. It did sell again within a week. We were on our way to another fast sale.
Our search for a condominium heated up. Donald’s keen vision of our needs provided us with listings of the exact size, location and price point that we desired. His efforts made a seamless transition from sale to purchase. Finding condominium in a single floor design with 1500 + sq.ft in our price range, was no small task. We were rewarded with a home that exceeded our expectations, beautifully maintained and gave us the freedom that meet or goals.
It is hard to say enough positive about Donald. But what we think is important to note is that an agent, such as Don, is representing Better Properties with integrity, honesty and exuberance for the betterment of your company and the client. Thanks for letting us share our experience with you.

Warmest Regards,
George & Pat Graham
Oct 18, 2015

Michael Dionne recommends JR Poulsen

Having known JR for over 25 years, I've learned that he is one of the most honest and trustworthy people I know.
His knowledge of marketing and real estate transactions have has made him my go to Realtor. I have referred him to several friends who have had outstanding results as well.
Oct 15, 2015

judith mahshi recommends JR Poulsen


Wlthin a few weeks, JR has been able to find long-term tenants interested in renting my furnished condo, His knowledge of computers, web marketing, business acumen and experience work together to give him an edge over other realtors/brokers.
Oct 14, 2015

Tony and Linda Buhr recommend JR Poulsen

JR Poulsen has become our family broker for all of our residential needs, facilitating buys and sells for us, our parents, our niece and nephew and most recently our brother and sister-in-law.

We would and do highly recommend JR as a knowledgeable and personable real estate broker that works for you.

Tony and Linda Buhr
Oct 1, 2015

Stacie Conkle recommends Tracey Lauren

Tracey is a fantastic agent!! She helped us find a new home and sell our existing one. She listens to her clients and has the knowledge, initiative, and contacts to make the sale or find your perfect home. Tracey is honest, trustworthy and so much fun to work with. We would recommend her to anyone serious about selling their home or finding a new one
Oct 1, 2015

Donald Campbell recommends Tracey Lauren

Landscape Architect


I can't tell you how pleased I am with the way you managed my home-buying process!

You have consistently been immediately responsive in every time-sensitive situation. Your advice was exactly what the situation required at every turn, and you have been completely committed to meeting my needs throughout the process, regardless of the challenges.

I especially appreciate your ability to stand firm and negotiate a positive and fair result on my behalf. I would not hesitate to recommend you, or to employ your services again!

Thank You!

Donald Campbell, RLA
Landscape Architect
Oct 1, 2015

Sean Werner recommends Tracey Lauren

Home Mortgage Consultant

Tracey, Has always been great and amazing Agent to work with. With my last transaction it pretty much went very smooth besides some property issues that needed to be resolved before funding. Seller tried to have the cost come from the seller paid closing costs and Tracey stood strong and got the seller to complete without inconveniencing the buyer. Great job Tracey and on to the next one. I would and all always will rave over your quality and how you strive and deliver to all your clients.

Our Team