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For four generations, integrity, trust, performance and service have formed our foundation. Our market dominance and resources give us an unmatched ability to perform for you. Our deep family roots will give you something even more important: peace of mind. We are one of the nation’s oldest providers of real estate services. Since 1886, we have been permanently woven into the fabric of the communities we serve.


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andrew hocker recommends Kaitlin Schneider


Selfishly, I hesitate to draw attention to Kaitlin, for fear everyone will realize what an incredible resource she is! But when someone is this amazing, everyone should know. The reality is that no matter how busy she is, Kaitlin always makes time to patiently and effectively help with a variety of marketing ideas. She's so easy to work with, communicates clearly, offers creative solutions and her pricing is an absolute bargain! If you haven't contacted her yet, you should.

Perry Epstein recommends D. Brad Patt

Brad Patt has exhibited true dedication and is an industry thought leader here at BHHS Fox and Roach Realtors. Through his leadership and unwavering guidance, Brad help us re-structure our team of already successful sales professionals, which has propelled us to new heights � all in the midst of a most difficult and challenging year due to Covid-19. His vision for the future of our ever-changing industry is inspiring. I have seen him nurture younger agents, is always diplomatic and responsive to experienced agents, and gather the full force of all of the tools and advantages that our market leading company has to offer our agents, clients and customers alike. And finally, on the personal side, Brad is a kind, caring individual who truly is the ultimate family man. It is my distinct honor to know and work with him.

Lisa Wright recommends D. Brad Patt

Realtor/Team Leader The Lisa Wright Team

I've been in the real estate business since 1997 and I have worked with several managers through the years. Brad is not a manager, he is a leader. We have worked together for over a decade and I have always found him to be available, responsive, and supportive. The way we practice real estate has changed and evolved so much and I am proud to say that Brad is one of the reasons we are at the forefront and top of our game! Thank you Brad for your leadership!

David Deuschle recommends Kaitlin Schneider


Kaitlin helped us finally get our email marketing campaign off the ground. We had been putting it off for over a year and she made what we thought would be a difficult process unbelievably simple. She is highly skilled and creative and a great asset for our company.

Erica L Deuschle recommends Kaitlin Schneider


Kait is simply the best! She brings a knowledge to projects that nobody else can because of her inner creativity! You can't train someone to have that, she just has it. She is pleasant, prompt and professional. I can't recommend her enough! xo Erica

Nancy Slick recommends Christina Acerra


It has been a pleasure working for Christina Acerra.
In the early days of my career, she was incredibly helpful, not only in answering my never-ending list of questions, but also in setting aside time on a regular basis to help me build my business. She has great marketing savvy!
Now that I'm "up and running," she continues to be available and checks in with me often to make sure all is well. Every real estate transaction is different, and I've encountered some challenging ones. With Christina's keen knowledge of contracts (and so many other aspects of real estate), I have always been thankful that she is at the "helm" when I need advice!
On another note, and equally as important, Christina has been great at fostering the camaraderie at our office!
I'd highly recommend Christina Acerra at BHHS Fox & Roach, Coopersburg!!

Diane Krause recommends Kaitlin Schneider


Kaitlin always does a wonderful job in helping me market my listings across various platforms. She is responsive, creative and her turnaround time is terrific. So glad to have Kaitlin on our team!

Barbara Cranford recommends Kaitlin Schneider


Kaitlin Schneider did a great job for me with marketing pieces for a listing in the city. She saved me countless hours of learning time by taking the projects upon herself and completing them in a timely way. I wholeheartedly recommend her for any projects. She knows how to get them done!

Esther Cohen -Eskin recommends Kaitlin Schneider

Real Estate Agent

Kaitlin has been an amazing source of calm for me. When ever I’m lost in the sea of tech, I know Kaitlin is there to quickly and easily solve my marketing problems. She is quick to respond no matter the time or day, and even if the answer isn’t something she’s immediately familiar with, she will find it out and the job gets done!
Thank you, Kaitlin, for all the hard work you do, and always with a smile.

Carol Saam Thacher recommends Kaitlin Schneider


Kaitlin has been extremely helpful to us...especially in creating our team’s website...we highly recommend her!

Deborah-Jo Essrog recommends Kaitlin Schneider


Kaitlin is the best! She is kind, responsive, professional, and timely. It is always a pleasure to work with her. I'm looking forward to working with Kaitlin on many more marketing endeavors in the future.

Lori GRESSEL recommends Suzy Hoyle


Suzy is a most valuable source of knowledge, experience, perspective and common sense! I have worked with Suzy on a transaction – one of the most seamless and successful I have participated in – and also have been on the receiving end of great mentoring and advice in difficult situations. She is available, sensible, calming – everything that is needed when facing a challenge in the Real Estate world. Suzy has a great sense of humor, always helpful when stressed, and the combination of the knowledge and experience she brings to the table is a powerful resource. Thank you, Suzy! We love having you on our team and appreciate everything you do for us.

Luisa Ramondo recommends Kaitlin Schneider


Kailin Schneider is a fabulous marketing resource that I have used many times. She is quick, very responsive and does a great job on the materials She's easy to work with and always has fresh ideas and suggestions. I highly recommend working with her if you get the chance!

Lisa Burns recommends Kaitlin Schneider


Kaitlin has helped me with all of my marketing needs for the past several months. She has been great to work with. Not only is she quick to turn around work, all of the pieces including flyers, website and Facebook ads have been fabulous. She is professional and creative. Kaitlin is a wonderful asset.

Carol Aaron recommends Kaitlin Schneider

Sales Agent

I love to market my listings. That’s my favorite creative opportunity!! However, since I have had a back problem, it’t hard to concentrate on this. My happy time was finding Kaitlin to do my marketing. She is thoughtful, creative and gets the info out on time. Kaitlin is a great teacher as well.
Thank you Kaitlin for being there for me.

Sandy Hoban recommends Suzy Hoyle


Suzy is an invaluable asset to our office. She is responsive, supportive and knowledgeable. She has excellent organizational skills as well and provides our staff with the latest information In our industry. I consider myself very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Suzy.

ella harvey recommends Suzy Hoyle


Suzy is a very knowledgeable Asst Manager
who is very helpful to the agents, especially in understanding the new programs and directing us through electronic problems we may have.

Sally Neuspiel recommends Suzy Hoyle

Sales Associate

Suzy is a consummate progressional.
She is very knowledgeable about the real estate industry and willingly shares her knowledge with others.

Jeanne recommends Suzy Hoyle


Suzy is wonderful. Very technically proficient. And, she is ALWAYS ready to help agents in the office in any way she can. Experienced, smart, kind.

Donna Wheaton recommends Suzy Hoyle


Suzy is an amazing Assistant Manager! She is extremely knowledgable and accessible. She conducts all in-office classes/training in a very thorough and professional manner. She
never fails to remain calm and poised during a crisis and is always ready to jump in and help, when needed. Suzy is a great asset to our large, busy and very successful office! Last but not least, she is a technology guru second to none!

Beth Meyers recommends Suzy Hoyle

Associate Broker

Suzy is consistently helpful, fair and timely with any questions or availability. She's an absolute asset to our office and is cherished by all!

Chrissy Higgins recommends Suzy Hoyle

Sales Agent

Suzy is the kindest, most intelligent mentor I have ever had. She is always available and willing to help. And her wealth of knowledge is second to none. I’m so grateful to have her as a manager in my office.

Claire Barone recommends Suzy Hoyle

Suzy is never to busy to help me. As a new agent I go to her often to look over my transaction. I leave with knowledge and a sense of pride because she will say " You are doing a great."

Mike Contino recommends Suzy Hoyle

Sales Agent, Realtor

Suzy does a fantastic job running and managing the Media PA BHHS office. She's extremely knowledgeable and is always available and accessible to answer any questions we have. She's kind, caring, understanding, and easy to work with.

saundra shepard C shepard recommends Suzy Hoyle

Real Estate agent with BHHSFoxandRoach

A fabulous agent who is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of the real estate industry and whether she is working with Sellers or Buyers rest assured all aspects of the transaction will go efficiently, effectively and the end result will be a happy Seller and a happy Buyer.

A delightful professional agent to work with.

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