Glen Paisley

VP & Sales Leader Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Fox & Roach, Realtors Associate Broker
Glen comes to Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Fox Roach Realtors (Formally Prudential Patt, White Real Estate) with a wealth of management and community service experience. Consistently a peak performer, Glen understands the fundamental importance of credibility and honesty in fulfilling client needs, building success and delivering results. Glen is well versed in first time home buyers, new construction, resale property, farms and building lots. Glen has a commitment to providing excellent service to his clients and looks forward to introducing the Lehigh Valley to newcomers. Glen believes that his clients deserve nothing less than the best and from start to finish, you won't find another agent who works harder, or cares more - than the Glen Paisley!
May 31, 2018
Realtor, Sales Associate
BHHS Fox and Roach Easton office is a great place to work. Glen has built an experienced knowledgeable team that is supportive of new agents. BHHS Fox and Roach provides the training and tools necessary for success in real estate.
May 30, 2018
Glen has done a amazing job of training and leading the 35 plus sales associates in his Berkshire Hathaway Fox & Roach office that he manages. He is on top of all the new laws & procedures assoicated with real estate,
Not only that he encourages all to be the top in our field & not settle for less in an work enviroment that he creates to have fun & good fellowship.

I am proud to be associated with Glen in his leadership & to represent a company
which is number one rated in our industry.
May 29, 2018
I have been in the business world for over twenty years and Glen is an excellent leader. He knows how to foster a team environment, maintains an open door policy, and always ensures his agents have the proper tools and information to represent both the buyer and seller sides of a transaction. Glen makes everyone feel welcome in his office and you can tell he genuinely enjoys what he does. I am very happy to be part of the Easton team and work under Glen's leadership.
May 29, 2018
Associate Broker/ Realtor Emeritus
As a real full time real estate broker for over forty five years, owner of a real estate company, and now working for Berkshire Hathaway, I feel that I have an extensive background to critique both the
company and the manager for whom I work.

Every possible technology tool is in place as well as extensive training that supports agents and guarantees professional success if the agent applies what is provided.

Glen Paisley has created a supportive , "small family" environment while understanding and implimenting competitive big company policies that assure successful transactions. It is a pleasure to work for both this manager and the ethical company as I round out my career. I would highly recommend an agent who wants a successful career, align with this organization.

May 28, 2018
Glenn has done a wonderful job holding our hands and having our backs through a long period of difficult times. That said... he has created a “family” at BHHS Fox & Roach Easton that is always there for each and every person in our office. I can not recommend a better place and work environment for a new Realtor or for an experienced Realtor who is missing out on a true family atmosphere! It’s not just a’s all about people....hang your license with someone who really values your time and efforts
May 28, 2018
Real Estate Agent
Three very key points Glen brings to the office and beyond every day. His level demeanor and personality , his wealth of knowledge of PA real estate and when you need help of any kind he is on your side. It is all there.
Jul 24, 2016
BHHS Fox & Roach, Realtors is dedicated to its agents by providing excellent tools, training programs, and outstanding managers. Glen Paisley is professional with whom I have great respect for. He keeps his agents well-informed, is available when you need him, and has created a comfortable and enjoyable office environment to work at.
Jul 22, 2016
I’ve been in real estate, in PA, since 1998 and have worked at other Real Estate companies. I really enjoy working with Glen, he is a fantastic manager and I have a great deal of respect for him. His door is always open to you, he’ll help you anyway he can, he wants you to succeed. He feels that no question is a stupid question, ask him anything, and I have, no matter what you ask he’ll answer. You can walk in his office or call him, he will always respond to you no matter how busy he is, he will take time out for you. Our Easton office is unique because unlike other offices throughout the Valley, we help each other. We’re there to offer suggestions to one another, we don’t ignore our fellow agents, we get along and truly are a family. Glen promotes the family unity that we all feel working with him. Glen’s knowledgeable, professional, comfortable to be around, plus he makes work enjoyable. I don’t think there’s an agent in our office that doesn’t hold Glen in high regard. Glen earns everyone’s respect because he’s respectful of all his agents, he’s great, he’s wonderful, he’s magnificent and I wouldn’t want to work with any other manager.
Jul 18, 2016
Realtor/Sales Associate
Glen made it easy for me when deciding to change Brokers. He is very honest, answered my questions in detail, and made me feel confident in choosing Berkshire Hathaway Fox & Roach Easton as my new Broker. He has an open door policy which allows me to feel comfortable reaching out to him with anything that may arise with my real estate dealings. Glen also makes a point to keep us updated and informed on what is going on in the real estate world, charitable functions and events, and with our office piers such as accomplishments and or awards etc... He is a great coach , has a positive attitude, and encourages friendly competition which is motivating and creates a desire for success!
Jul 13, 2016
Glen Paisley has created a culture to be proud of. We all respect Glen enormously. He has maintained a cohesiveness that continues to inspire all of his agents to support each other to grow our company in a successful direction. All of his agents work hard for him. Our office is truly a team. He leads by a positive example. It's a joy to work with such a competent, professional leader!!!
Jul 12, 2016
He is excellent in training and helping out with new person. He will always ready to help every little detail.
Jul 12, 2016
Glen is a very dedicated manager and realtor. His concern for his agents success and well-being, both professionally and personally, is evident. I know that whenever I need his help or advice, if he's not available at the time I reach out to him, he will get back to me as soon as he can. I am grateful to have a manager whose leadership promotes office inclusion and team spirit.
Jul 7, 2016
I am happy to let everyone know that I have been a Realtor for 15 plus years. I have worked for other companies in the past and I can only say that It has been my pleasure to work for this agency and for Glen Paisley. I know of no other company out there who is more dedicated to their agents than Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Fox and Roach. As a Real Estate Agent we all know that weekends are our busiest times.... however my Broker, Glenn Paisley has always been there for a quick phone call or email.....that is unbelievable in this day and time....I can always trust that he is my "backup" and my "go to" guy when I have a question or issue that I'm not quite sure how to handle, he's always there to guide me.
I can't imagine working any where else or for anyone else.
Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to call me at 610-597-5517. I would be happy to speak with you.

Kathy Pilgrim, Realtor for the best company and Broker out there...
Jul 7, 2016
Glenn has a very loyal following at BHHS Foc and Roach, and for good reason. His unwavering support for us in all aspects of our work is second to none. With an open door policy and a uncanny ability to always be available it is easy to recommend Glenn to anyone as a realtor and as a broker.
Jul 7, 2016
Real Estate Agent
Glen has been great to work for and with him at Berkshire Hathaway. Yes he is knowledgeable in real estate plus he is always available to help regardless how busy he is at the time. But what is really nice about working with Glen is the level attitude he brings to the office every day, every day! Also think we are making a little bit of money.

Oh yeah we do laugh with one another when the time is right.

Jul 7, 2016
Associate Broker
August of 2016,I will have an anniversary of 44 years as a real estate broker licensed in NJ, Pa. and Florida. Many of those years I owned a company of my own.
After trying and not liking, retirement, I returned to work for what was the Patt White Company, known for outstanding ethics. Subsequently, the company was
bought by Berkshire Hathaway Fox Roach. During the ten years I have been with this company, I have had four managers.

Glen Paisley is outstanding as he knows the business intimately having been a top producer with his own team of many years. He's been "in the trenches".
Glen has served on various committees and is well versed in the Multi-List systems which are an absolute necessity to work in real estate.

As the industry has transitioned from a one on one sales to cyber sales, Glen knows the world of computerization well and can help and guide agents who may not be as proficient.

Very important is the fact that while leading the office and encouraging high level sales, Glen knows how to create a fun environment. He takes an interest in each agent personally and is very supportive when one has an illness or family issue by making personal visits and calls. He has built "a family" in which the members trust and support each other under his leadership.

In a very challenging business with plenty of stress, Glen is an ideal captain to steer the ship into the new waters and I greatly enjoy working for and with him.
I have been around long enough to see many managers and hear plenty of war stories, thus I feel qualified to heartily endorse him and know anyone coming on bard will feel likewise.