Laura Selverian

VP & Sales Leader Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Fox & Roach, Realtors
I'm so honored to be in such amazing office and have Laura Selverian as my broker. I've never met someone that is so organized and willing to help you with whatever problem that may occur. I love that she is always available for me, no matter what time of the day or weekend it is. She has made our office successful in the few years she has been here. She is always full of ideas !
As a new agent ,I didn't even know where to start . I remember so vividly the night before my first walk-through , I was desperately insecure about what I was supposed to do .
To my enormous relief and gratitude , Laura , with her calm and in control air , explained to me not just every step of the process , but even what and how I have to speak with the client .
In that night I knew I came to the right place.
I sometimes called in the weekends ( to my despair) and Laura would call me back or text me back. She is reliable, knowledgeable , friendly and has sense of humor.
So , to all new agents ( and not just ) , don't choose a broker until you didn't have an interview with Laura Selverian.
I just have to add that all the agents and staff in Collegeville office are very friendly , supportive and very helpful.
Associate Broker
Having once owned my own real estate office, it was extremely difficult to make the decision to work for someone else. However, once the decision was made, my team was welcomed into BHHS Fox & Roach in Collegeville with open arms. The agents and manager in this office were amazing. I immediately loved Barry, who managed both Collegeville and Malvern, his home office. Then came Laura! I immediately loved Laura and appreciate her enthusiasm, dedication and knowledge! Her "people" personality is one of the greatest assets in our business. It is a joy to work with Laura and the agents in Collegeville for BHHS Fox & Roach, REALTORS!
Realtor/Team Leader
When I started in my real estate career, many, many, years ago, I was searching for a company that was very visible, had good training, and was there to support me in time of need. As years went by I was satisfied with my production, as well as the training that I have received. Many agents had left that company years ago to go on to other companies. I wondered, “is the grass really greener on the other side“? Then I was contacted by Joan Doctor of Prudential Fox and Roach. At the first meeting that I met her, I knew something was different. After our second meeting, I was ready to start with the Fox and Roach family immediately. When I first arrived at the new Collegeville office, I thought I had died and went to real estate heaven. All the tools that I didn’t even know existed, supplies, and support, were at my fingertips. Because we were all experienced agents, we only had a part-time office manager. Fast forward to most recently, and today, we now belong to the Berkshire Hathaway network. At first I was skeptical and thought, “how could it get any better than what we currently have”? Boy was I wrong. Not only was Berkshire Hathaway a smooth and seamless transition, but has become the dominant leader in the industry, and more importantly, in our tri-state area. To add icing on the cake, or a cherry on the top, we then were blessed with a full-time office manager name Laura Selverian. Laura brought energy, wisdom, training, enthusiasm, competitiveness, and most of all, overwhelming support to our office, as well as personal help and support to any agent that reaches out to her. If there is a real estate heaven on earth, I am in it and living the dream!
I am fortunate enough to have been a Realtor for the past 28 years. The past 8 at the Collegeville office of the now Berkshire Hathaway Home Sales, Fox & Roach, & the Trident group. While this office for many years was regarded as a cut-above all other local offices, the changes afforded in this past year are astounding!
Laura is a manager who appears to be tireless, her ideas and energy unbounded. She is at all times professional, available for any and all questions, has incredible insight and respects each and every agent in the office, as we do her.
Laura feeds our every need! Office meetings full of good, timely information, motivational speakers, continuing education made available locally (great!),
Seminars on healthy eating, exercise, book club, etc. She keeps putting wonderful ideas and opportunities on our "plate" - all we need to do is pick what works for us! She has truly endeavored and is succeeding in drawing out the very best in each of us.
I am truly so happy to be a member of this incredible office . The camaraderie
loyalty, and professionalism are second to none.
We all know that being a Realtor can be challenging, and most often is! Having the best tools in the business, the best support staff, and the best Manager absolutely works!
I moved to the Collegville office one year ago from another brokerage and It has turned out to be a really great move! As the VP and Sales Leader, Laura Selverian leads by example. She has created a high energy office where her door is always open to provide assistance in any way. The Realtors in the office were extremely welcoming and willing to lend a hand in the transition to the new company. The training resources are excellent, whether it be formal classroom training, small group sessions or using the resources online. The marketing tools have been carefully developed to provide amazing opportunities to grow you business!
As an individual agent it's so awesome to have a strong manager to turn to.
During the past year that Laura has been here at BHHS I have learned that, not only can I turn to her for advise but that I can trust in her guidance.
Our office here at BHHS Fox & Roach Collegeville is a great place to do business. The office was recently renovated adding more space. When we need to bring our clients here we can do so and be proud of our office. 2 conference rooms and a separate meeting room allow for plenty of space to meet clients with different needs.
Our office culture is an important factor as well. Knowledgeable agents always willing to offer help, share contractors or ideas.
Most important the integrity of the agents here is admirable.
This is my 6th year here at BHHS Fox & Roach.
A great place to do business.
I am a new agent, the help and education offered me by Laura was wonderful.
Laura is a Born leader, knowledgeable, patient, and always there to help.
I could have went with another broker ,but Laura's professional personality made my decision easy.
I would recommend this to any Realtor, especially new agents

Joseph Giangreco
The Collegeville Office of BHHS has always been a terrific place to work and build a career. The addition of Laura Selverian as our office manager has taken us from good to great. Building the quality and knowledge of agents while also developing an office that enjoys a spirit of co-operation and collaboration but also an atmosphere of FUN are the aspects that I most appreciate. Laura continually works to make our agents better through educational opportunities as well as her own experience. When challenges arise you will always feel you have someone on your 'team' if you're part of the Collegeville office.
After 1 year at BHHS and working with Laura in the Collegeville office, I am so happy that I made the switch. The energy and camaraderie in the office provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere. BHHS and Laura do everything they can to ensure your success. The office meetings are informative and always provide ways to grow and improve my business. The tools that BHHS provide are plentiful and robust and provide me with a professional and easy way to market myself. The training provided is available on a very regular basis. One of the best things I have done for my business was to make the move to BHHS Collegeville!
Realtor/Sales Associate
Laura is a very good manager. She listens and gives great advice and consult. I appreciate her help. She is always easy to speak with and available when agents need her. Highly recommend.
Team Leader
Laura is an excellent manager! She is ALWAYS available to listen to your questions or concerns and gives valuable advice. She is very knowledgeable and has been so helpful whenever I have had any questions regarding a transaction or whenever I just wanted a second set of eyes. Her office meetings are always interesting and she works hard to bring pertinent and helpful information, making the meetings really worthwhile. She truly goes above and beyond for her agents and it is a pleasure working in this office lead by her! If you are looking to join a BHHS office, there are many great reasons to come to our Collegeville location, and Laura is one of the biggest ones!
I started working at the Collegeville Fox & Roach office in January 2011. Our whole team came over from a small independent office and though we had a little trepidation in joining a large office we were happily welcomed into our new work environment. At this time we didn't have a full time manager in the office. Our boss worked out of Malvern. We liked him a lot but we seldom saw him, which was just fine. I didn't realize how much of a difference one person could make to an office until Laura Selverian took over as our full time manager in January, 2017. We really didn't know how much we needed her until she was here, fully engaged and fully committed to making us the best darn office in PA! Laura brings true commitment, organization, great meetings, in-house training and office events and really makes it a joy to work here. She also brings humor and fun to our office and that's a rare and very good thing to have! Thanks Laura.
Sales associate
I've been at the office for about 3 yrs now. Laura does a fantastic job at letting us do our job and be us, but is always there if we need her. She has added many new opportunities for us to increase our knowledge in the business and does everything she can and more to help us succeed. After talking to many different brokerages before I settled in here, I knew that this office was the right place. It has a great atmosphere and everyone is always willing to help. The addition of Laura has just made my decision even more positive.
Laura Selverian is by far the best manager a salesperson could have, she is

supportive in every way , and she has state of the art tools to help with

with every transaction. The company is the best in the area which really

means so much when you work in sales.
Associate Broker
Laura has been great to work with at BHHS Collegeville. She is a problem solver and also is a pro at bringing us the latest updates in the business. She is enthusiastic about real estate and knowledgeable as well.
I have been selling real estate for more than 30 years and have had the opportunity to work at quite a few offices. BHHS Fox & Roach has been my home now for the last few years. The support Laura provides to her agents is extraordinary. Her knowledge and experience is vast and she shares it readily. Laura goes to bat for her agents and constantly searches for ways to improve our business and potential. Our office has become a close knit family of motivated agents and I can say without a doubt, I have found my "forever" office.
I just had the pleasure of celebrating my 25th year with Berkshire Hathaway Fox and Roach. There have been numerous names but still the same wonderful company. This company has provide me with the opportunity to grow my business with an outstanding support system, from a professional and upbeat manager to Trident Mortgage and Trident Land Transfer. My co- workers/agents are professional first class and willing to help each other. An added bonus is the company is ranked #1 with Berkshire Hathaway.
When I got my real estate license I was unsure about which company was the best choice for me. I received several phone calls right away and met with a few companies. While they all seemed pretty much the same as far as what they offered in training, tools/resources and services, etc., one office stood out for me, the Collegeville Fox & Roach office. Now at the time it was still Prudential but it was not the name that made me choose the Collegeville office. It was the people. I was welcomed in immediately and became part of a team of amazing women. I had a mentor and an awesome team leader who were there when I needed them. The other people in the office were warm and inviting and offered me advice. Let’s face it, as a new agent you feel lost and overwhelmed and I got plenty of support here at Collegeville. Once I got started in my real estate career I took classes and learned all the tools and resources which are great. So many things are available to use to help grow your business and anything I didn’t know how to do or needed a refresher on was available as a video or in print. So easy! Within a few months of joining the office the company became Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Fox & Roach Realtors. Now who could be a better business mentor to follow than Warren Buffet! Not only is he hugely successful but he is generous and has pledged along with Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg to give away at least half his wealth to charity. This is something that I care deeply about and there are plenty of opportunities to give back at our office whether it’s through volunteering your time or donating a few dollars with each transaction. After all we are in business to provide a service and be helpful and this business is about working with people and providing them with GREAT service. The Collegeville office with our manager Laura Selverian and BHHS Fox & Roach are here to help us be the best real estate agents we can be and that is why I am so grateful that I chose wisely.
Laura Selverian is doing an amazing job as VP & Sales Leader of the marvelous Berkshire Hathaway Fox & Roach Collegeville office. I highly recommend meeting her and discussing your needs and goals if you are looking to start or advance your career in this extremely diverse business. When I met Laura I was very interested in being mentored and coached by someone who could take my career to the next level while focusing on growing my business laterally with other top producing agents in the company. Before I decided to join BHHS Fox & Roach this last year I formally sat down with many brokers and leaders of multiple real estate offices but by far Laura impressed me so much I knew that her office would be where I could blossom into the Realtor I pan to be. Laura Selverian is what you look for in a leader!!
I'll try not to embellish how great you've been for the company!!
I think the proof of how good the atmosphere is in our office can actually be
measured by how many and how often agents come to our office from surrounding offices!

The level of support, and the absolute feeling of positive vibes emanate from the management to the O A's and is just palpable in the office attitude, that we are in full support of each other, all starting at the very top!
During my interview, Laura was well prepared with information on BHHS from company SOP to market share information. The interview started on time and did not feel rushed in the interview. She took the time to answer all my questions and make sure I was satisfied. She gave me a tour and introduced me others and showed me all important aspects of the office.

Laura is a very professional manager and always available to answer questions and give guidance. She also looks for classes or training to put together for new agents to help achieve their goals. She creates an office environment that is enjoyable to work in.
Realtor/Associate Broker
I have worked at the Collegeville office of Fox & Roach for over 10 years. For the past 3+ years we have been Berkshire Hathaway Fox & Roach. The strength of the brand Berkshire Hathaway is worth its weight in gold. It is a highly respected brand that affords me, as an agent, to feel extremely confident in presenting our digital home marketing program to sellers in a listing appointment as well as innovative tools to use with buyers. Last year Laura Selverian came to our Collegeville office as our new manager. An entirely new culture was brought to our office with Laura. Laura could not be more supportive in giving of her time, knowledge, and endless energy to every single agent in the office who takes advantage of her generosity of spirit. She has a true open door policy! Having been a top producing agent herself for many years, she has a keen sense of what makes a successful agent and she has a real desire to see each and every one of us be the best that we can be. There is a remarkable spirit of comaderie within the Collegeville office, and that can be directly attributed to Laura's strong influence. Events such as baseball outings, office olympics, contests, game nights, and more give us the opportunity to have fun together as co-workers. Our office is truly like family! The icing on the cake is Trident Mortgage, Trident Insurance, and Trident Land Transfer. All of the support staff is beyond amazing and it allows for a truly seamless transaction every time! Countless brokers have tried to recruit me over the years, and I quickly nip the conversation in the bud by saying that I have no intention of going anywhere...I am extremely happy at Berkshire Hathaway, Fox & Roach. I have not only grown my business to beyond what I ever thought was possible, but I've also grown as a person. If you're looking for an office where you will feel supported in every way possible, look no farther!