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Throughout the years, Chicago Title Insurance Company has grown in stature with a solid reputation for integrity and standing the test of time. Much has changed in 160-plus years, but the fundamental principles upon which the Company was founded are steadfast. They are outstanding customer service, untarnished reputation for integrity and a rock solid, enduring identity that is synonymous with the necessary expertise to insure your most prized asset: your home.


Recommendations (397)

Jan 5, 2023

Weerachai Kangwannawakun recommends Caroline Cruz


Caroline is knowledgeable, reliable, responsive and kind. I'm so thankful to have Caroline and her team in my corner. She's definitely the best with extraordinary service!
Dec 24, 2022

Roxanne Adams recommends Caroline Cruz

Real Estate Broker

Caroline! A true professional. I've had the honor to meet her at the beginning of my career. She walked me through the escrow process with limitless patience. I haven't left her side since.
Her sweet but yet strong and confident personality is everything. She's been a teacher to me as well as an impeccable team player. We've been working together for over 15 years now and her dedication to my success has never wavered. She's handled my nicest client to my most difficult one with the same professionalism at all times.
An escrow officer is by far a vital part of any real estate transaction. I'm able to rest assure my clients as well as myself are in the best hands always!
Dec 14, 2022

mike briones recommends Caroline Cruz

Real Estate Agent

I've known Caroline for over 18 years
and have utilized her, whenever possible, for all my transactions.
My years with her should show how much confidence I have in her.
Can't speak enough good thing's about this person and her team.
Thank you very much Caroline for always making rough transactions into smooth ones ??
What a great addition to Chicago Title!
Dec 12, 2022

Jerry Beverly recommends Caroline Cruz

I've been working with Caroline for nearly a decade. With completing well over 200 transactions, I HIGHLY recommend Caroline. She takes the extra, but necessary steps to make a transaction run smoothly. A true professional in every sense of the word. I don't see how I would have made it this far in my Real Estate career without the help of Caroline. Thank you Caroline, you're the best!
Dec 11, 2022

Jason Bellevue recommends Caroline Cruz

President RAF Investment Services

Caroline is one of our preferred escrow officers in my office. We have been working with Caroline for a very long time and have brought our business to her wherever she has been and will always bring our business to her. Caroline is extremely knowledgeable and brings years of experience to the process. We use Caroline whenever possible for all aspects of our business and always feel comfortable knowing the transaction will be handled professionally and quickly.
Dec 10, 2022

Dave Rivera and Sheila Small recommend Caroline Cruz

Realtor/Broker Associate

We've worked with Caroline on numerous transactions over the past 19 years and no other Escrow Officer can compare. She is the ultimate professional, is always a pleasure to work with and is always our Escrow Officer of choice.

We wish all service providers were like Caroline!
Dec 9, 2022

Cynthia Marie Trujillo recommends Caroline Cruz


Caroline is extremely professional in every transaction we have had with her. She is quick to respond, knowledgeable, and most importantly, effective. I will continue to work with her in future transactions and highly recommend her. What a great asset to the Chicago Title Team!
Dec 9, 2022

Doris de Leon recommends Caroline Cruz

Real Estate/Mortgage broker

I have been working with Caroline Cruz for more than 10 years. She is knowledgeable and professional. I love working with her.
Nov 2, 2022

Bob Gibbs recommends Dione Majerus

We use Dione Majerus every chance we get because we know that things will be handled in a professional, timely, and friendly manner. I would highly recommend Dione and her team.
Oct 6, 2022

Jeff Nesselroad recommends Dione Majerus

Dione & JoAnn are so knowledgable and "on top of things" that I confess to being amazed by their competence.
Sep 10, 2022

Amin Zafari recommends Shelly Sutter


Shelly Sutter, always goes above and beyond to make sure everything is perfect. She has an excellent demeanour and is always kind, professional, and efficient. Thank you for always making my experience and my clients experience wonderful.
Jun 25, 2022

Isabelle Javier recommends Dione Majerus

Dione is super personable, professional, and quick to answer her phone and to respond to questions. Makes us real estate agents' lives so much easier. Thank you! =)
May 25, 2022

Ron Kooyman recommends Shelly Sutter

Agent with Christies - SERENO

She is always on top of her game. Quick to reply and a pleasure to work with - PLUS A GREAT SMILE! Thanks Shelly for all you do! Ron & Elaine Kooyman
Feb 9, 2022

Madeleine Fortich recommends Chicago Title Danville

Nancy Salas is the best example of a responsive escrow officer. She handles issues with professionalism and diplomacy. She offers solutions and has a great support team.
Jan 26, 2022

Mishanne recommends Caroline Cruz

I have had the opportunity to work with Caroline Cruz on six transactions over the last 7 years. Each experience has been nothing but phenomenal professionalism, expertise knowledge, but also friendly and personable. I will continue to work with Caroline any opportunity I get.
Dec 28, 2021

Sergio Sosa recommends Caroline Cruz

Caroline is the escrow officer I trust the most to handle my escrows. She is knowledgeable, experienced and knows how to navigate difficult situations. Whenever it is my choice I prefer that she handle the transaction over any other escrow officer or office.
Nov 15, 2021

Rebecca McCoy recommends Chicago Title Danville

We are very happy with our Escrow Services.
The PPR Team
Oct 26, 2021

Steve Mohseni recommends Dione Majerus

Dione Majerus is one of a kind. She and her team JoAnn Lopes are an excellent team.
Sep 1, 2021

James Dye recommends Dione Majerus

Amazing dedication. Came in on a Saturday to do the signing so that we could close on time.
Jul 14, 2021

Jeff Nesselroad recommends Dione Majerus

Dione Majerus is busy because she is good. She is smart and has a great memory so she can recall details from the numerous escrows she is running right off the top of her head.
Jun 28, 2021

Harshadkumar Bhimani recommends Chicago Title Danville

Ruth provided excellent guidance and support during transaction. Really appreciate all the help!
May 18, 2021

Bob Gibbs recommends Dione Majerus

The entire process went very well. As always Dione does an amazing job and handles client issues professionally.
Apr 23, 2021

Elton Behrens recommends Chicago Title Danville

I have known Ruth Pike for 25 years. Throughout that period of time we have closed several transactions. She is very knowledgeable in the field and stands out amongst anyone else I have ever used. She is an asset to Chicago title and is the only reason why I place all my escrows with Chicago title. Job well done !
Kind regards
Elton Behrens Broker
Mar 27, 2021

Mary Arnerich-King recommends Melinda Parra

Melinda Parra is our "back-pocket weapon ". Melinda is responsible for our Real Estate processing and finalizing our deals. Our relationship is paramount with her as we are all juggling a "million" items. She is our go to contact to ensure that documents are verified, property titles do not have "red flags" and to ensure she points out anything unusual to ensure we read our reports! It it possible in a single transactions that there are a minimum of 28 items to process throughout the transaction. Multiple that by 100 and then add late night calls and early morning calls by 50+ agents. Like anything, most escrows come together at the last minute, everything is urgent, everyone wanted it done yesterday. Melinda kindly responds to each call and issue and always returns my mobile calls to her. I honestly don't know how she does it all! Our team is so grateful to her, Stephanie and the Chicago Title Danville office. We could not do our job without them and we are very grateful for the years of trust built with our Title team.
Mar 25, 2021

Jeff Nesselroad recommends Dione Majerus

Dione is very knowledgeable and hard working. She never goes off duty. She is super smart and sets very high standards for herself. In +30 years of real estate, she is one of the best escrow officers I've ever worked with.

Our Team