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Fortune 500 credentials with local, helpful service. 160 years of stability. Need we say more?

Chicago Title is a brand that is recognized and respected. But what our brand and logo do not reflect is the personality and core values of our people. Our managers, assistants, customer service, title examiners all have a say in how we run our business. They have the ability to be entrepreneurial in their approach to our clients and business. What that means for you is specialized service and the sense of ownership that supports your goals. What that means is performance. Closing your escrow on time!


Recommendations (2499)

May 11, 2024

Kevin Cash recommends Stacy Heintz

Stacy was quick with her replies by email. Always accessible by phone. She did in wonderful job with the entire process. We had some moving parts on this one and she stayed fluid and accommodating. Thank you Stacy!!!
May 11, 2024

Paula Rosentreter recommends Jeanne Murphy

Jeanne Murphy is amazing at Chicago Title�s Princess office. She is calm, cool, and collected�and on top of every detail!
May 11, 2024

Mark Chaney recommends Jeanne Murphy

Jeanne was great, a true professional
May 10, 2024

Peter Ross recommends Stacy Heintz

Stacy and her staff did an excellent job to ensure a smooth transaction was achieved. I appreciate her and the other staff for making an easy transaction.
May 7, 2024

Scott Thompson recommends Tanya Daly

As always, Tanya and her team did a great job with our closing file. They are always punctual and meet the timelines to ensure a smooth closing. My client was very pleased with their commitment to their clients.
May 1, 2024

Christopher Warrington recommends Dawn Woods

Personal Representative for the Estate of Candy L. Fuzzell

Dawn Woods and her team were very professional and a great help during this difficult and emotional transaction. Thank you to you and your team.
Apr 28, 2024

Kathy Massey recommends Stacy Heintz

Stacy Heintz and her staff were amazing to work with on our closing! Very competent, knowledgeable, easy to work with and great communication. Made for a smooth and easy closing!
Apr 26, 2024

Yuriy recommends Angel Haas

She did best professional job . Fast , Quietly , Beautiful
Apr 26, 2024

Kristina Swift recommends Angel Haas

We had an excellent experience with Angel.
She acted with a high sense of urgency and was very communicative.
We highly recommend her to anyone buying or selling a house.
Apr 23, 2024

Debra Lopez recommends Shannon Cusimano

Shannon was our title rep and kept us in the loop the entire time. Her communication skills are over the top. She also picks up her phone, which is a plus in itself. We will certain be returning customers of Chicago Title.
Apr 20, 2024

Breona Baridon recommends Dawn Woods

Dawn Woods and her team have exceeded my expectations by going above and beyond and providing exceedingly exceptional service. Her team has executed tasks and answered every question promptly and accurately. Her team does what it takes to get the deal closed. I highly recommend her team and look forward to working with them in the future!
Apr 18, 2024

Sandra Montoya recommends Angel Haas

Angela's work is exceptional, her experience, knowledge and speed in each step of the process are evident, but more than being outstanding in her work. Angel as a person was warm, kind, transparent throughout my interaction with her. Without a doubt, Angel makes a difference for me as a client.
Apr 17, 2024

Mehran Parsai PLLC recommends Jeanne Murphy

Jeanne Murphy is the best. She is always on top of every file and keeps me informed.
Apr 9, 2024

Marilyn Olsen recommends Tanya Daly

Tanya is the shining light that arose from a crappy transaction. I had never used her before although I've been a long time Chicago client. She is my "go to" now for sure. Her office is tough to get to though.
Apr 9, 2024

Marilyn Olsen recommends Tanya Daly

I think this was the easiest transaction I have ever had. Tanya is knowledgeable and is "on it" for every detail. I am very impressed and grateful to have found her.
Apr 3, 2024

Tammra Heron recommends Angel Haas

Angel was quick and professional. She helped make it a seamless transaction!
Apr 2, 2024

Christian Corbett recommends Jeanne Murphy

Jeanne Murphy is an amazing escrow officer. She is thorough and extremely communicative throughout the transaction. She is a true problem solver and always has solutions. It is a pleasure working with her!!
Apr 1, 2024

Danielle Zampino recommends Sheree Martinez


I have had the privilege of working with Sheree Martinez for over three years, and it's clear she stands out in the title and escrow field. Sheree's expertise and in-depth knowledge in title and escrow are simply unmatched. Her communication skills are exemplary, ensuring that all parties are well-informed throughout the entire escrow process.

What truly sets Sheree apart is her consistent ability to navigate the complexities of escrow with ease and professionalism. Her proactive approach to addressing potential issues before they escalate demonstrates her commitment to ensuring a smooth and successful transaction for everyone involved.

I have utmost confidence in Sheree's capabilities, which is why I recommend her to all my clients without hesitation. Whether you're a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned investor, Sheree's dedication and expertise make her an invaluable asset to any real estate transaction.
Apr 1, 2024

Danielle Zampino recommends Lindsey Sanchez


First of all, If you haven't taken a class from Lindsey Sanchez, are you even in real estate?! I don't recommend skipping out on any of her teachings! Lindsey has significantly boosted my online visibility and marketing strategies in ways no one else has. She conducted an in-depth digital brand audit and personally examined my online brand presence! This insightful review pinpointed the weaker aspects of my digital marketing, enabling me to concentrate precisely on the areas requiring improvement.
Apr 1, 2024

Danielle Zampino recommends Jill Bright


Absolutely the top title representative in the industry! Jill's dedication to the success of her real estate partners is remarkable. She has supplied invaluable resources for my business, such as educational materials, marketing tools, and more. For anyone in need of a dependable partner in the Escrow/Title sector, Jill Bright is the person to turn to!
Mar 30, 2024

Anonymous recommends Angel Haas

Angel is the best in the business. Would not use anyone else.
Mar 30, 2024

Anonymous recommends Shannon Cusimano

Shannon Cusimano is amazing! Friendly and knowledgeable and great with follow-up. She is proactive with her communication and always available for any questions I may have during a transaction. My No. 1 choice for a title agent!!!
Mar 30, 2024

Anonymous recommends Jeanne Murphy

I always use Chicago Title when possible. Jeanne Murphy is my go to escrow officer. She is the most experienced, knowledgeable, reliable, and helpful in my opinion. Closings have always been smooth. Jeanne takes my clients through the signings with patience and explains the documents carefully. They always comment on how easy the process was. It’s great having her and her team part of my toolbox!
Mar 29, 2024

Lindsey Sanchez recommends Brian Peitz

Director of Marketing & Social Media

Brian Peitz is so amazing at supporting me and the team I cannot even imagine another person being so amazing to us. Brian is the best!!!
Mar 29, 2024

Anonymous recommends Stacy Heintz

We've been working with Stacey for 20 years. She's the best, very knowledgeable, always puts her clients first. We always strive to put Chicago and Stacey in our Transactions.

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