Shawna Hovis-Mayer

Business Development Manager Chicago Title Agency Maricopa
Aug 27, 2020
I have worked with Shawna for 7 + years and I've ONLY had wonderful experiences with her. She has an incredible work ethic, with a gift of teaching. She is loyal, consistent and only seeks the best in people. Among her many talents, she is an incredible note taker and has a knack for writing. She always delivers what ever task is at hand and she CARES! She is genuine and I think that is one of her greatest qualities. I highly recommend Shawna Hovis-Mayer!
May 6, 2020
Account Executive
I have had the great pleasure of working alongside Shawna and not only is she a true professional but a great resource for those in the real estate business. She takes pride in her relationships and takes extreme care with her clients. Anyone is lucky to have Shawna in their corner!
May 6, 2020
What can I say...I don't think I have enough space. She is nothing short of Awesome! Innovative, and Creative. Its comforting to have someone like here that puts a plan of action together and follows through. Always available to give creative insight to this ever changing market here in Arizona.

Incredible personality and a true joy to work with!!!
Apr 7, 2020
I have been working with Shawna for over 5 years now. She has always been more then willing to help with grow my business. Here creativity assisting with ideas to share with my data base has been impeccable. From pop-bys to monthly mailings, I can always rely on Shawna to help me out. Working with Chicago Title has been a game changer for me and my business!
Mar 26, 2020
Shawna, is awesome and a huge help! She has a service mindset and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her. If you're looking for somebody who can help you don't hesitate to contact Shawna now!

Oct 23, 2018
National Director of Social Sales
Shawna is an outstanding example of a true consultative sales professional who is dedicated to personal development that enhances the end value that is felt by our customers. I’ve consistently experienced high quality, high value performance with a “can do” attitude working with her and continue to be inspired by the work that she does.
Mar 28, 2018
Super appreciate the efficient and comprehensive info regarding Home Tours on SEVRAR. I look forward to using this resource in my business plan!

Thanks Shawna!
Oct 13, 2017
When I was a new agent, Shawna and Chicago Title were the first title entities that I was introduced to. How fortunate for me! 4 years and many title experiences later, they are still at the top of my list. Shawna has been invaluable in helping me to build my referral business. Her marketing expertise, combined with her previous experience as a Realtor and working for ARMLS has helped me implement systems that have improved my efficiency and effectiveness. She is readily available to brainstorm and I consider her an important component in my on-going success. The fact that she is bright, funny, compassionate and a critical thinker makes the time I've spent with her not only productive, but incredibly enjoyable.
Jun 22, 2017
Associate Broker
Shawna is incredible. She's always willing to help and even sends me tools she thinks might be useful. When I ask for help - she's always ready and willing to assist!
Jun 13, 2017
Client relations Specialist
Shawna is an asset everyday! Such a joy to work with and a great resource!!!
Jun 6, 2017
Shawna is such a great support to my business. She has great ideas for marketing, and helps me implement them so I have the best bang for my buck! She is amazing.
Feb 9, 2017
Shawna is always on top of everything and super quick in responding and handling my inquiries. Great asset to Chicago Title and great help to me!!
Jul 28, 2016
Shawna, you have always been so kind to me and your helpfulness is incomparable. There are a lot of things you do for me that I either don't know how to do or don't have the needed programs on my laptop to accomplish them. Thank you for always being quick to respond and take me by the hand to make sure the task is done right.
Jul 14, 2016
Real Estate sales agent
Shawana really presented this app in such a manner that made me understand how it works and function.
Shawana's made me want to use it since it is so easy to use.

Thank you
Jun 24, 2016
Mortgage Loan Officer
Shawna is excellent and is a great business partner. I would recommend Shawna to anyone to my business partners.

Thank You Shawna. You are awesome!!
Jun 14, 2016
Working with Shawna and her team has been absolutely wonderful! She has been a tremendous asset to our team's business by making herself available, being incredibly responsive and by providing us with great tools, information and ideas to help us grow our business. She is great at working with experienced agents and with brand new agents. We highly recommend Shawna for anyone looking for a fantastic business partner!
Jun 10, 2016
Shawna did a great job showing me why Chicago Title will be a great member of my Real Estate Team.
May 12, 2016
As a new Realtor, Shawna has taught me so much and has helped my business grow! I truly appreciate her assistance and ongoing support! Her positive attitude and approach are all super bonuses! Thanks Shawna for everything!
Mar 1, 2016
Real Estate Agent
It is always a pleasure to know and work with Shawna, along with her team at Chicago Title. They work very hard to take excellent care of the clients I work with. Shawna pays very close attention to detail to see that agents are taken care of and that we have everything and anything we need to help our buyers and sellers.
Feb 2, 2016
Residential Sales
Shawna has a great smile, and great attitude. We consider Shawna a wonderful asset to our business. She is knowledgeable about real estate, she was a realtor herself, and she has worked for armless. Shawna offers a multitude of ideas and is very helpful in staying on track to help us achieve the task, great followup and follow-through. We really enjoy working with her. Cathy and Mike Caywood
Sep 28, 2015
Broker/Owner New Traditions Realty
Thank you Shawna for arranging a TRID class for our office - Your instructor was very professional and stayed on topic to give us all the information we needed in a very short period of time. Your communication has been excellent too -
Sep 21, 2015
Realtors - The Stahl & Liu Realty Group at West USA Realty Revelation
Shawna is an awesome to work with. Always on top of everything and quick respond every single time. She is always on our side when we started this business and walked with us along the way. Biggest thanks to her patience and knowledge!!! Thank you Shawna!!!
Aug 20, 2015
Shawna is very knowledgeable and helpful. She is the best title person with the best tools for anyone in the real estate industry that wants to build their business.
Jul 23, 2015
Shawna value can have a different meaning to each and every person. It could be all about the money, how much did you help me make and so on. You have added dollars to my pocket by assisting me with listing information, you have found people and properties I couldn't, but most of all you take an genuine interest in the success of business. That in it self is the biggest value to me. You call, you come by and always want to know if there is something you can do to boost my business. So writing this is easy for me because in the end I know I have found a friend that has a heart. Thanks for all you do and have done for me.
Jul 15, 2015
Broker-Owner 2020 Realty Advisors, LLC
Yes, she was a great help in promoting a new listing for me, I needed to have the home on the SEVRAR home tour & it is priced over 800K
It will be on the Realtor caravan the 21st
I thank her!!

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