Holly Wilson

Sales Executive Chicago Title Agency Maricopa
Feb 22, 2019
I have been in client service professions my entire life. Watching my Mom serve Real Estate Clients with unparalleled dedication & professionalism as a Residential Realtor (Broker/Appraiser) in Delaware for the last 39 years set the bar really high. I have also worked professionally in partnership & business development (Sales) for the last 22 years & have experienced the whole gamut of service delivery.

Deanna Lee & Holly Wilson stand out in the sea of sameness our industry is experiencing right now as true strategic partners & trusted Realtor support resources both in deed & word!!

Since meeting Holly & Deanna in late November 2018, They have been an incredible brand ambassadors for Chicago Title. I talk about the importance of partnership support, stand out service, communication, displayed competency, & timely resource sharing regularly (at least weekly) with clients, colleagues, & young real estate agents I mentor. And specifically, I mention the traits Holly
Wilson & Deanna Lee exhibit: Attitude, Communication, Consistency, Above & Beyond with Everything, Be Big in the Small Things, Over Deliver, Friendliness, Mastery of Product/Process, Accessibility, Gratitude, Efficiency, Hustle, & How to Earn Trust!!!

My service experience with Chicago Title has been off the charts great because of Deanna & Holly. When I call in to discuss a tough escrow (the first two I sent to Chicago Title) or to discuss resources/best practices, it's like reaching out to old family friends. Deanna answering time sensitive title questions early on a Sunday morning or Holly responding to give me an update on new marketing materials at 11pm on week night or the immediate response I get from Deanna & team when I call in or email. That creates #RavingFans!!

I always hope these are givens in the Real Estate industry, yet the delivery for most title companies is inconsistent. Not with Chicago Title & Deanna/Holly. In a short time of partnering with Holly & Deanna, I can think of SO many instances where they've both gone above & beyond, made my life easier, kept me grounded, helped with a tricky client transaction, & just stood out as a partners who were willing to do whatever needed to be done to help Me.

Please share this with all senior management. Holly Wilson & Deanna Lee (and Team) deserve the highest recognition & acknowledgment for the work they does in support of this new Realtor partner. You have earned a customer & brand advocate in Me...And it is 100% a result of the excellent service & support I have received from Holly & Deanna!

You have a special asset with these amazing ladies...Please acknowledge their excellence, They deserve it!

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