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Chicago Title provides title insurance, escrow/closing services and related real estate services to homeowners and real estate professionals. For assistance with your real estate transaction or for more information contact one of our staff by email us or call our local office.

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Recommendations (43)

Jul 7, 2019

Joe Ulrickson recommends Darcy Bouchard

Darcy made our home buying and selling a breeze. She was very professional but also very personable, since we had owned our house for over thirty years and knew nothing about modern mortgages and all the paperwork involved with it. I would recommend Darcy and Chicago Title to everyone. Thank you, Darcy.
Oct 23, 2018

Chelsea Peitz recommends Genevieve Burhans

National Director of Social Sales

Genevieve is an innovate sales executive who is dedicated to not only her personal growth but that of her clients as well. She has shown a proven commitment to mastering the art of social selling and continues to push herself outside of the comfort zone. Any real estate professional that wants to increase their business and make more money doing what they love should connect with Genevieve.
Jul 26, 2018

Jill Endres recommends Jason Harman

Business owner

I dropped into Chicago Title hoping to get a few questions answered on a Buy/Sell. He came out of his office to assist me when he heard me asking for help. He even made a phone call for me. I went back to him a few days later to close on my 86 year old Dad's home. He was so patient and kind to 'the young gentleman'. Just such a good guy...I would highly recommend him!
Jul 16, 2018

John Pavek recommends Jason Harman


This was the first time we have sold a house. We could not have asked for a more helpful guide through the process than Jason! He is extremely knowledgeable and thorough. His manner over the phone put us at ease and helped give us confidence through the process. This man comes highly recommended!
Feb 26, 2018

Mikayla Kovash recommends Genevieve Burhans


As a life-long friend of Genevieve, I am thrilled to now get to interact with her on both a social level as well as a professional level. Genevieve is a genuine testament to dedication to the real estate industry. Her many years of prior experiences have provided her with a wealth of knowledge that spans far beyond title alone. She has been a constant and reliable resource to me. I am incredibly fortunate to have Genevieve as a part of my real estate team. I'm looking forward to continuing to have positive and seamless transactions with the help of Chicago Tile and Genevieve Burhans.
Feb 23, 2018

Lance Kouba recommends Genevieve Burhans

Broker/Owner of Heavenly Homes, Inc.

Miss Burhans is wonderful to work with. She exudes energy and proficiency and is great addition to the Chicago Title team. I use this company for almost all of my closing and she is just another reason why!!! Thank you for your service and hard work to help my company be successful and my fabulous clients to be well cared for.
Feb 21, 2018

Jennie Groshelle recommends Genevieve Burhans


Genevieve always has a friendly attitude and is willing to help with any of my real estate title needs. She is professional and thorough and I would recommend her to my closest colleagues and clients.
Feb 21, 2018

Madyson Preston Frick recommends Genevieve Burhans

Real Estate Broker

Genevieve is incredibly proficient in her position and has an uncommonly well-rounded knowledge of the real estate industry. She is always willing to assist others, taking the time out of her busy schedule to help others succeed. She maintains a professional presence but remains approachable.

Chicago Title is lucky to call Genevieve Burhans one of their own.
Feb 21, 2018

Penny Korte recommends Genevieve Burhans


Genevieve is very easy to get in contact with and very helpful. She has outstanding customer service skills and is always willing to help. She was able to introduce me to tools to grow my business and she showed me how to use them to make my job easier.
Feb 21, 2018

Janice Gill recommends Genevieve Burhans

Real Estate Agent

As a Real Estate Agent I am always looking to grow my business. When I found that there was a program that would give me the technology I needed for that I decided to try it. I called Chicago Title and made an appointment with Genevieve who they said could help me through the learning process. She not only called me right away to set up appointment but also came to my office which was so convenient. She was very knowledgeable and did a great job walking me through the program . She also let me know she would always be available to help if I had any questions. I would highly recommend giving Genevieve a call if you are interested in growing your business she was great to work with!
Feb 21, 2018

Korynne Edgington recommends Genevieve Burhans


Genevieve is wonderful to work with and a professional. She does an outstanding job of bridging any gaps in the Realtor/Title Company relationship and she's a great resource for business development.
Feb 21, 2018

Brian Williams recommends Genevieve Burhans

Commercial Loan Officer

Genevieve works diligently to ensure the customer's needs are not only met but exceeded. She's consistently available and is willing to go out of her way to make sure expectations are met. She's very personable and always greets you with a smile. You'll enjoy working with, and getting to know, Genny.
Feb 20, 2018

Dennis L. Cook recommends Genevieve Burhans


I have been working with Genevieve for the last three months and she has been very helpful in setting up systems that I can use in my Brokerage to attract more clients and keep in touch with those of whom I have done business with in the past. I would highly recommend her to any other Agent of Broker striving to grow their business.
Feb 20, 2018

Shelby Fossum recommends Genevieve Burhans

Shelby Fossum Realtor with Magic City Real Estate

Genevieve has been such an amazing support though my closing processes. She is extremely organized and is my go to gal for any questions I might have. If you want help setting monthly, quarterly, or yearly goals or just need help staying on track I suggest getting ahold of her!
Feb 20, 2018

Terrell Moore recommends Genevieve Burhans


Genevieve is excellent at what she does! Sales persons need to be warm, approachable, knowledgeable and outgoing, Genevieve lacks in none of these areas. She's a great connection point to all your title and escrow needs.
Feb 20, 2018

Lauren Bond recommends Genevieve Burhans


Genevieve is an incredible resource! She is responsive, proactive and extremely helpful dealing with clients and closing needs. She takes the time to find out how Chicago Title can better serve their clients, be it Realtors or buyers/sellers, and they support our industry 100%. I would highly recommend Genevieve and Chicago Title to anyone.
Feb 20, 2018

Catie Hanser recommends Genevieve Burhans

Real Estate Agent

Genevieve Burhans is a greatperson to be working with, she is very personable. Genevieve did an excellent job at being well prepared and organized. I am looking forward to any future interactions with her.
Feb 20, 2018

Nick Mauceri recommends Genevieve Burhans


Genevieve was so beyond helpful to myself and my team. We were getting systems set up as we started the team and she provided us with so much useful information as well as programs and resources we have found incredibly useful. 10/10 recommend utilizing the knowledge Genevieve brings to the table.
Jan 17, 2018

Kristina Hoitt recommends Laura O'Bleness

AVP FNTG Connect Team

Laura is extremely knowledgeable and leads her operation with the highest level of professionalism. She is very thorough and has built an astounding team that has genuine care for each one of their clients and treats them with the utmost level of respect. I highly recommended trusting Laura and her Chicago Title team with your next transaction!
Nov 9, 2017

Laura O'Bleness recommends Jason Harman

Chicago Title County Manager

I have had the fortunate pleasure to work with Jason Harman for 10 years. He is an outstanding leader in our operation and our community. Every member of our team trusts and wants to follow Jason. He has an exceptional work ethic and makes everyone feel important, respected and worth his time. This attitude towards our customers is contagious in the work place and it inspires our team to follow his example. Our customers feel that Jason and his team act as an important partner in their business!
Mar 18, 2016

Bruce McGee recommends Carmen Waters

Real Estate Broker

I really enjoy working with Carmen, for one simple reason she gets the job done on time and makes the difficult look simple.
Truly a professional in her profession.

Bruce McGee
ReMax of Billings
Mar 14, 2016

Ernie Dutton recommends Carmen Waters

Real Estate Broker

Carmen is the best. She has more experience in closing real estate deals than anyone in Billings. Especially when it comes to commercial or other complicated transaction, there is no substitute for business.

In addition, Carmen is very customer oriented and a real delight to work with. She is a pro's pro!!
Mar 10, 2016

Katie Dutton recommends Carmen Waters


Carmen always does an outstanding job! She is very patient and thorough: from my first-time homebuyers to my seasoned investors, Carmen personalizes each closing to make every client feel comfortable.
Feb 25, 2016

Patti Dundas recommends Carmen Waters

Broker at Landmark Realtors

Carmen is a Great Escrow Officer. She is so professional and knows her job.
I would recommend her, because she is prompt and always keeps me informed on the transaction.
Feb 24, 2016

Jon Ussin recommends Carmen Waters


Carmen Waters shows expert ability to handle all types of transactions and parties, she is a real gem AAA+

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