Lisa Nunes

Escrow Officer Chicago Title - Campbell
For over two decades, Lisa has served the local real estate community
as one of the top Escrow Officers in Silicon Valley. She was born and
raised in Santa Clara County which has proven to be a tremendous
asset to her clients and will blend well with Chicago Title’s formula
for success. Local knowledge and local relationships, combined with
Fortune 500 financial strength, make the perfect combination for Lisa’s
Lisa is well known for her quick response times, sparkling personality
and unwavering dedication to her clients. Her goal is to provide focused
and individualized service to all parties in EACH transaction.
Nov 18, 2020
I am glad to work with Lisa Nunes. She is a professional, communicative, available when needed, and provides clear recommendations and advice of each file and clients. It is important that my vendors we use provide the best service possible to make the client experience as smooth as possible, AND make me look good, which is no small feat! I also appreciate that her teammate Vickie and sales rep Marlene are responsive and colaborative and makes my job a little easier. I am grateful for this business partnership and service providers like Lisa and would recommend her to my colleagues.
Oct 16, 2020
Always know when Lisa is handling my escrow that I�m in the best of hands.
Oct 14, 2020
Home Mortgage Consultant
I had the pleasure with working with Lisa for the first time on a recently closed escrow. For anyone that is in the business knows, it takes MANY MANY pieces to cross the finish line when it comes to a purchase transaction. Lisa not only stayed professionally from day with all the agent, all 4 buyers, and of course working through stressful timelines with financing side to ensure we meet closing timelines for all. Communication is number 1 key in this business and Lisa has that in a time sensitive transaction. Not once was there blame on any parties the minute a possible delay was on the table. Was there ready to help and accommodate all the way through for everyone. Thank you Lisa, I look forward to many more transactions together. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Oct 5, 2020
When the buyers were delayed in closing escrow, my seller was put in a very big bind because she was supposed to simultaneously close on her new home. Lisa went way above and beyond with communicating, praying and helping to mitigate the stress and minimize the delays doing everything within her power. Lisa, Vickie and Rosalie are just absolutely the very best escrow team!
Oct 5, 2020
As I have stated before, this team is a perfectly tuned machine. They always seem to be one step ahead and can identify challenges or obstacles early on in an escrow, which means less stress for me! Their communication is always stellar and their proactive nature make them a great asset to any transaction. Excited that my colleague (and Cousin), has opened her first escrow with Lisa...I know it won�t be the last.
Sep 21, 2020
Lisa Nunes was an absolute joy to work with! I was updated on every step along the way. The escrow was smooth and I knew she was handling everything on the back end! I would highly recommend working with Lisa, her and her team are professional, kind, available, and organized!
Aug 24, 2020
I have been working with Lisa Nunes at least 10 years. I've always found her to be very knowledgable, responsive, and great with my clients. During these challenging times of COVID, I wasn't quite sure how this transaction would go with her and her team working remotely. I was very impressed throughout the process of how smooth it went. Lisa and the team didn't miss a beat, things went so well, we even closed a day early!

Thanks, Lisa for another smooth escrow!
Aug 17, 2020
Lisa continues to amaze me with her overall escrow related knowledge as well as her ability to relate and connect with different types of customers....her CRM management skills are second to none!

May 13, 2020
Lisa Nunes is an incredibly efficient escrow officer who's level of service is unmatched. She is extremely knowledgeable and personable and her ability to make clients feel at ease makes for a smooth and enjoyable transaction. Highly recommend Lisa Nunes for all of your escrow needs!
Feb 7, 2020
Marlene Calvello - she's great. There is always a visit from her and a follow through on my transactions. Professional and personable!
Jan 22, 2020
Lisa Nunes was very responsive and in control of the transaction. When I asked a question, her answer came back in less than 30 minutes, and always updated me on upcoming events and processes. She is a very pleasant person to have while signing off clients, as she goes over the documents page by page explaining the contents.
Jan 10, 2020
Lisa Nunes is a fabulous Escrow Officer and I would highly recommend her. She is professional, responsive and a pleasure to work with. Her team is top notch!
Dec 18, 2019
Lisa Nunes, Vickie Sweeny and Rosalie - all so wonderful, extremely responsive and I know my transaction is in fantastic hands with Lisa and her team!
Dec 6, 2019
I have worked with Lisa for 15 years. She is always responsive, friendly and easy to work with. My clients love her as she has a talent for connecting with everyone and I love her because she continually compliments me for the tasks I do including making sure my clients know that I go above and beyond! I really appreciate Lisa's supportive team approach.
Nov 23, 2019
Lisa Nunes has been great to work with. Over the last year I have had the pleasure of working with her on three different transactions. She does a great job and her and her Team are fantastic to work with.
Aug 29, 2019
Lisa Nunes was great! patient and very helpful! We had a difficult lender and our travels through getting Doc's to title to funding condition after funding conditions she was awesome and got us through it and closed! thank you Lisa!
Aug 13, 2019
I would not open my escrows with anyone other than Lisa Nunes. In every aspect... knowledge, dedication, commitment, problem solving, communication... she and her team exceed my expectations. Every. Single. Time. I literally could not ask for better service. My business runs better having her on my team.
Jul 2, 2019
Lisa and her team are amazing. They keep me and my clients in the loop at all times and are always going above and beyond the scope of work required. I love working with them.
Jul 2, 2019
This is my second time working with Lisa Nunes. She is always responsive and gets things done quickly. We do not have a Chicago Title in Merced, as it closed down several years ago. When I have any escrows up North, Lisa will be my first choice.
Jun 26, 2019
Thank you Lisa Nunes and team. You did it again! Another successful seamless closed transaction. Thank you for keeping us all informed throughout our escrow period. I look forward to our next closing.
May 20, 2019
I have worked with Lisa Nunes for many years and she always is a professional, great with my clients and takes care of everything! Lisa and her team are top notch!
May 8, 2019
Lisa Nunes and her team at Chicago Title Company has always provided Provident Real Estate Services with very highest level of customer service. She is outstanding in her professionalism, knowledge, and taking excellent care of my Buyers and Sellers. I recommend Lisa and her team without reservation.
Dec 17, 2018
Lisa was super great to work with and she gave my clients the attention they needed as well as supported me as a professional which gave them an extra secure feeling. Thank you Lisa!
Nov 12, 2018
Real Estate Agent
I'm very pleased with how Lisa and her team kept us updated through the process. Communication is very important to me along with paying attention to details and timelines. Lisa has been doing excellent job and I will be definitely use her expertise again and again! Thank you Lisa for a job well done!!!
Nov 12, 2018
Broker- Realtor
Lisa and her team did an excellent job with my buyers' transaction. They were professional and knowledgeable to answer buyers questions.
Thank you Lisa

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