Lisa Nunes

Escrow Officer Chicago Title - Campbell
For over two decades, Lisa has served the local real estate community
as one of the top Escrow Officers in Silicon Valley. She was born and
raised in Santa Clara County which has proven to be a tremendous
asset to her clients and will blend well with Chicago Title’s formula
for success. Local knowledge and local relationships, combined with
Fortune 500 financial strength, make the perfect combination for Lisa’s
Lisa is well known for her quick response times, sparkling personality
and unwavering dedication to her clients. Her goal is to provide focused
and individualized service to all parties in EACH transaction.
Mar 30, 2021
Lisa Nunes was fantastic to work with. This was a difficult escrow and she managed all of the details seamlessly and was able to close on time even when the seller signed off one just day before COE.
Mar 21, 2021
While it may sound a bit redundant, I once again want to thank Lisa Nunes and her team for providing exceptional escrow services for my listings. This was one of those deals where we had to deal with a few headaches from the other side of the transaction, but Lisa was there the whole time staying in close communication with me and ensuring that she helped keep the Buyers and Buyers Agent on track.
Mar 21, 2021
Lisa Nunes and team are very efficient and get the job done!
Mar 2, 2021
While this transaction was one on the smaller ones from a sales price perspective, it came with an abundance of challenges. Trust sales always involve a lot of moving parts, but they become even more complicated when the property is located in a 55+ Community (The Villages) and has a buyer barely qualifying for FHA Financing. Vickie proactively started off the escrow by having the Seller's Trust reviewed and ensuring that he had all of the applicable documents necessary to carry out the sale. As the Successor Trustee, there were still some steps he needed to take to ensure this all went off without a hitch, and Vickie played a bit role in that. Lisa really helped us overcome some of the difficulties in the transaction by being extra consultative and attentive, the same way she would on a $3M deal.
Feb 26, 2021
Lisa was very good throughout the sale.
Feb 23, 2021
I am sure by now I sound like a broken record, but just want to take a moment again recognize Lisa Nunes and her team for their consistent work handling my escrows. This was one of those escrows you dream about and that was in large part due to a really professional agent on the other side of the deal. Lisa is constantly one step ahead of everything. Sometimes I will plan to call her or email her to check on something, but I already have an email in my inbox. They always have great communication, and consistently make my life a lot easier! Great team to work with.
Feb 18, 2021
Lisa Nunes is a delight to work with. She responds quickly to any questions that have come up and she will pick up the phone to answer your call. I have found her easy to communicate with throughout our transactions. I appreciate her dedication to her responsibilities.
Feb 17, 2021
She is always pleasant and gets jobs done. She give me updates with facts and never heard any complains or brags about what she had to do or blaming someone and she tries to get things resolved without knowing me when problems occur. I know I was able to close my escrows on time because she took care of all the issues that could delay out escrow. I never have to worry about her work because she is reliable and has extensive experience to overcome obstacles during escrow. I have used her service over the last 20 years and it's always nice to work with her.
Feb 8, 2021
Lisa Nunes is absolutely amazing. She is in complete control of the transaction, always a step ahead & always responds. We couldn't ask for better service! Lisa & Bill Thompson
Jan 14, 2021
Lisa Nunes and her team "get it" and they are ahead of the curve. I don't need to ask them to take action on various things in the process, because they are already on it.
Jan 11, 2021
I really don't want to because then other agents will want to work with "my team!!!" Nothing against the competition but this is probably the best team I have been associated with in my 33+ year career. Keep it coming team Chicago Title!
Dec 9, 2020
Thank you Lisa Nunes & Team! You did a fantastic job once again. Your communication and help with the out of town seller was much appreciated. Your knowledge & professionalism is truly the best.
Dec 5, 2020
Lisa Nunes and team did another amazing job for my client and I. They truly are the best in this industry. Thank you for another great transaction together.
Nov 18, 2020
I am glad to work with Lisa Nunes. She is a professional, communicative, available when needed, and provides clear recommendations and advice of each file and clients. It is important that my vendors we use provide the best service possible to make the client experience as smooth as possible, AND make me look good, which is no small feat! I also appreciate that her teammate Vickie and sales rep Marlene are responsive and colaborative and makes my job a little easier. I am grateful for this business partnership and service providers like Lisa and would recommend her to my colleagues.
Nov 6, 2020
Lisa and her team are the ultimate pros! We had a 6-day close (including the weekend), and her team mobilized like nobody's business. They answer the phone, respond promptly to vm/emails, and are always courteous and pleasant. Thank you for keeping on my fast-paced transaction. It was a wild ride-- let's do it again soon!
Oct 16, 2020
Always know when Lisa is handling my escrow that I�m in the best of hands.
Oct 14, 2020
Home Mortgage Consultant
I had the pleasure with working with Lisa for the first time on a recently closed escrow. For anyone that is in the business knows, it takes MANY MANY pieces to cross the finish line when it comes to a purchase transaction. Lisa not only stayed professionally from day with all the agent, all 4 buyers, and of course working through stressful timelines with financing side to ensure we meet closing timelines for all. Communication is number 1 key in this business and Lisa has that in a time sensitive transaction. Not once was there blame on any parties the minute a possible delay was on the table. Was there ready to help and accommodate all the way through for everyone. Thank you Lisa, I look forward to many more transactions together. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Oct 5, 2020
When the buyers were delayed in closing escrow, my seller was put in a very big bind because she was supposed to simultaneously close on her new home. Lisa went way above and beyond with communicating, praying and helping to mitigate the stress and minimize the delays doing everything within her power. Lisa, Vickie and Rosalie are just absolutely the very best escrow team!
Oct 5, 2020
As I have stated before, this team is a perfectly tuned machine. They always seem to be one step ahead and can identify challenges or obstacles early on in an escrow, which means less stress for me! Their communication is always stellar and their proactive nature make them a great asset to any transaction. Excited that my colleague (and Cousin), has opened her first escrow with Lisa...I know it won�t be the last.
Sep 21, 2020
Lisa Nunes was an absolute joy to work with! I was updated on every step along the way. The escrow was smooth and I knew she was handling everything on the back end! I would highly recommend working with Lisa, her and her team are professional, kind, available, and organized!
Aug 24, 2020
I have been working with Lisa Nunes at least 10 years. I've always found her to be very knowledgable, responsive, and great with my clients. During these challenging times of COVID, I wasn't quite sure how this transaction would go with her and her team working remotely. I was very impressed throughout the process of how smooth it went. Lisa and the team didn't miss a beat, things went so well, we even closed a day early!

Thanks, Lisa for another smooth escrow!
Aug 17, 2020
Lisa continues to amaze me with her overall escrow related knowledge as well as her ability to relate and connect with different types of customers....her CRM management skills are second to none!

May 13, 2020
Lisa Nunes is an incredibly efficient escrow officer who's level of service is unmatched. She is extremely knowledgeable and personable and her ability to make clients feel at ease makes for a smooth and enjoyable transaction. Highly recommend Lisa Nunes for all of your escrow needs!
Feb 7, 2020
Marlene Calvello - she's great. There is always a visit from her and a follow through on my transactions. Professional and personable!
Jan 22, 2020
Lisa Nunes was very responsive and in control of the transaction. When I asked a question, her answer came back in less than 30 minutes, and always updated me on upcoming events and processes. She is a very pleasant person to have while signing off clients, as she goes over the documents page by page explaining the contents.

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