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Throughout the years, Chicago Title Insurance Company has grown in stature with a solid reputation for integrity and standing the test of time. Much has changed in 160-plus years, but the fundamental principles upon which the Company was founded are steadfast. They are outstanding customer service, untarnished reputation for integrity and a rock solid, enduring identity that is synonymous with the necessary expertise to insure your most prized asset: your home.


Recommendations (951)

Jennifer McKay recommends Marlene Calvello


Marlene is super helpful. She's knowledgeable about the tools and very responsive to any inquiries. It's a great pleasure to work with her.

John Giorgianni recommends Marlene Calvello


Marlene is the best. Every time I need something she is there and takes care of it immediately. I cannot recommend her enough.

Boi Ngoc Tran recommends Marisela Rodriguez

Marisela was a great help . She was very consistent with the escrow process. She process documents in a timely manner and fast to keep the process moving. I highly recommend Marisela to those who need her help in escrow processing .

Marco Garcia recommends Marisela Rodriguez

Always available when in need of communication.

Estella Mix recommends Marlene Calvello


Thank you, Marlene,
You are always helping me every time I needed help and it's not forgotten.
You're doing a wonderful job. Again thank you.

Gary Morgan recommends Millie Espino

Millie Espino is great and always there when I have questions.

Kathy Ordonez recommends Marisela Rodriguez

Marisela Rodriguez was excellent. She was knowledgable and always accessible. She provided a very smooth escrow.

Cheryl Barcelona Singh recommends Millie Espino

Millie was very professional to work with. She had an answer for every question. This transaction went very smoothly from beginning to end.

Walt Mauldin recommends Marisela Rodriguez


***** 5-stars for Marisella!!!
We just sold a home in San Jose, that belonged to our sister's trust. We live in Seattle making everything just a little more complicated.
Marisela managed the escrow. A number of things were difficult and not getting done in time. Marisela was the driving force that got this done.
She was pleasant, easy to communicate with, nimble, when things went seemingly wrong, she got it back together.
I was very happy with her services and would happily do business with her again!!!!
Walt Mauldin

Alinor Willis recommends Marisela Rodriguez

Marisela Rodriguez is a wonderful communicator, easy to reach and extremely responsive. I look forward to working with her again.

Alice Siah recommends Marisela Rodriguez

Marisela jumps in and makes our closing steps seamless. It was smooth sailing once we have everything on her hands. Thank you Marisela and Karla!

Thomas Nixon Consulting Professional Corporation recommends Millie Espino

Thank you for another smooth and easy transaction, Millie Espino. I look forward to the next.

Anonymous recommends Millie Espino

My Escrow Person Millie Espino always brings her vast experience to every transaction I am involved with, I just sit back and know it's going to get done on time. I just closed one with her, have one pending with her, and one coming on the market in 2 weeks with her.

Madelyn Brown recommends Marlene Calvello


Marlene is amazing! Always super helpful and friendly. Quick and effective communication. Grateful to have her!

Rick Finamore recommends Kelly Shelgren-Paparotti

Kelly & Sherri are the best in my opinion as I have worked with these ladies for 20 years or more . They are very skilled and professional working with our clients.

Mona Devlaminck recommends Kelly Shelgren-Paparotti

Kelly Shelgren - Paparotti is wonderful, knowledgable and friendly. I am always amazed at the team at Chicago Title. It is a pleasure to work with Kelly, Marlene and Sherri.

Gary Morgan recommends Marlene Calvello


Marlene has always been available when I need her. She has given marketing ideas and kept me up to date on all things happening around Title issues in the market place. Big thumbs up to Marlene.

Best Regards
Gary Morgan

Surjit Kaur Grewal recommends Kelly Shelgren-Paparotti

I like working with Chicago title. Kelly was very good. She was on top of things. When she Kelly was out of the office Sherri did an excellent job too. I could not fee at all that Kelly is not in the office..
I enjoyed working with both of them.

Thomas Nixon recommends Millie Espino

Millie Espino always handles every transition efficiently and effectively. This most recent transaction could have troublesome had Millie not handled it so well. I represented a seller and we thought we accepted an all cash offer. The buyer lied and dropped off 39 separate cashier's check written by 39 people who were not on the contract. Millie and her team averted disaster and still closed the transaction in a reasonable time. My clients were very happy with the service Millie provided.

Sepehr Hemmati recommends Marisela Rodriguez


We are very happy working with Marisela. She helped us through both buying and selling process. She is very knowledgeable which eases our transaction process a lot.

Sofia Sood recommends Millie Espino

Tiana and Barbara all the time keep us with updates about the progress;

Stephanie Martin recommends Marlene Calvello


Marlene is absolutely spectacular. She goes above and beyond, always willing to help and she has some great marketing ideas, tips and tricks. She can turn a stressful situation around in a matter of minutes.
Will never use anyone else.
Stephanie Martin Compass

Yulia Kostina recommends Marlene Calvello

Real Estate Agent

Marlene Calvello is a Sales Executive at Chicago Title Company. She is a true team player, willing to collaborate and share insights to enhance overall performance, and demonstrates exceptional dedication to customer satisfaction.

Negar Fatemi recommends Marlene Calvello


Marlene is one of the nicest, and most patient person I ever worked with! She is such a pleasure to deal with and always ready and quick to solve and answer our questions. I feel so blessed having her and working with her! Her patience is incredible!
We went through a big list together over 10 times back and forth; each time all she gave me was a sweet kind smile! She is very helpful! Thank you for all your amazing support Marlene! Love, Negar

Mahnaz Zandkarimi recommends Marlene Calvello


I just want to say the Marlene has always been very helpful to me, also she responds to requests very quickly. I do appreciate her assistance.


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