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Throughout the years, Chicago Title Insurance Company has grown in stature with a solid reputation for integrity and standing the test of time. Much has changed in 160-plus years, but the fundamental principles upon which the Company was founded are steadfast. They are outstanding customer service, untarnished reputation for integrity and a rock solid, enduring identity that is synonymous with the necessary expertise to insure your most prized asset: your home.


Recommendations (573)

Lawrence Browne recommends Joette Joseph

Project Manager

Joette stepped in and helped myself and my siblings pay off a Reverse Mortgage with an extremely unscrupulous lender (Champion Mortgage - stay away!) who had been doing nothing but give me the run around and accumulate charges. I can't thank her enough for getting us out of a pre-forclosure with a home we were trying to sell. She brought sanity to insanity,

phyllis stollenwerk recommends Stephanie Evans


Stephane explained the escrow process so it was easy and now stressful.

Carol Payne recommends Michelle Santiago

Michelle has been handling difficult escrows on mountain properties for me for years. She is pleasant, responsive, and always professional. I highly recommend her.

Virginia "Ginny" Fiorentino recommends Joette Joseph

Commercial Real Estate Broker

Once again Joette saved the day. Not only is she immediate in helping me but she goes the extra mile to be sure everything gets done. She will always be my go to person. Love to Her!

Ginny Fiorentino

Virginia "Ginny" Fiorentino recommends Joette Joseph

Coldwell Banker Commercial NRT Broker Associate

Joette is one in a million. Not only will I want to have he on my own properties but on any properties where I represent my clients. She is absolutely wonderful. She is calm and leads her clients to feel successful and to know what they need to do. Don't ever use anyone else.

Amanda Newlove recommends Julie Raak

Julie is fantastic. She is patient and takes the time to answer any questions I may have when something strange comes up. She is super knowledgeable on every aspect of her job. She is always very professional and has a great attitude with my clients. She communicates updates along the way and everything tends to go very smoothly when she is handling our escrows! Highly recommended.

Doug Goss recommends Julie Raak

Already have! Julie is the best!

Emilie Highley recommends Joette Joseph

Joette rises above the rest in her knowledge and professionalism. Not only is she available to answer questions for the sellers or buyers, but she has helped me better understand Preliminary Title Reports (sometimes there is something noted in the report that I am not familiar with). Thank you Joette for 'partnering' with me - I truly enjoy working with you.

Jim Myrick recommends Julie Raak

Julie is awesome! She is professional and responds quickly to email, text, or phone call. We have been working with her for a while now and have successfully closed several challenging escrows without any problem. A pleasure to work with!

Joe Politi recommends Joette Joseph

Joette is always helpful, professional and quick to reply to any questions I might have!

Deborah Monroe recommends Joette Joseph

Deborah Monroe

Joette is fast and very clear on what needs to be done with your paperwork. I was very happy to do business with her and recommend her to anyone that appreciates excellent service skills.

Stormy Moloney recommends Joette Joseph


Working with Joette is such a pleasure! Her professionalism, responsiveness, knowledge and attention to detail keep transactions moving smoothly and on time.

Mark Stevensen recommends Joette Joseph

Joette is timely and accurate with her work. When lenders make new requirements, such as expense reimbursements, she is quick to make sure the Buyer's lender is informed so that I am fully reimbursed in escrow. She even rounds it up a little to allow for some last minute changes. This service is vital to my work as I always help my sellers improve their property before sale and in most cases lend the money to complete the work. I highly recommend Joette to any Broker that wants to provide excellent real estate service to their clients!

Bernard Galvan recommends Stephanie Evans

I have been using Stephanie Evans as my EO for about 10 years. I always choose to work with her. I have been on the other side of transactions and am not as satisfied as I am when Steph is involved. CT is lucky to have her. Fantastic asset!!!

Mark Miano recommends Joette Joseph

Joette Joseph is excellent to work with. She's always accessible and prepared to help. Joette's escrows go very smoothly and she relaxes our clients with her calm professionalism.

Janee Medved recommends Linda Ancar

Linda Ancar is fantastic!

Ron Minearo recommends Joette Joseph

Joette Joseph has done an outstanding job of conducting escrows on my listings. She's always available to answer questions or me

Mark Miano recommends Joette Joseph

Real Estate Broker

Joette is fantastic to work with! She's always on top of the details and deadlines of our transactions and makes our clients feel very comfortable as well.

Mark Stevensen recommends Joette Joseph

Joette is one of the best Escrow Officers I have had the pleasure to work with and I have been in the business for 33 years. She starts early in the day and has answered emails in the evening and on weekends! When she gets asked to change things for difficult clients or situations, she has no hesitation and does it with charm, I am very pleased.

Walter Regan recommends Michelle Santiago

Love the dream team: Kim Cotton, Ricci Rios, and the wonderful Michelle Santiago that keeps us in the fine lines.

Michael Scherer recommends Linda Ancar

Linda Ancar is an excellent Escrow Officer. She communicates with us quickly and clearly. She goes the extra mile to expedite the title and escrow concerns for both buyers and sellers as well as the agents involved in the transaction. I would highly recommend her.

Doug Goss recommends Julie Raak

Julie Raak is the best. She is responsive, knowledgeable and always pleasant to work with. My clients love her!

Mark Miano recommends Joette Joseph

Working with Joette Joseph is fantastic! She's an excellent communicator and always on top off the paperwork, schedules and important milestones in the escrow. Joette makes our clients feel very comfortable and well represented.

Ameer Tantawy recommends Stephanie Evans

Stephanie is the absolute best. Period.

Dolores Marquez recommends Michelle Santiago

It was great working with Michelle and the staff my buyer was very pleased.

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