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Branch Manager, AVP,Senior Certified Escrow Officer Chicago Title Los Gatos
I was born and raised in San Jose and have watched the valley evolve from a sleepy agricultural environment to vibrant Silicon Valley. Home ownership is still the goal for most families and I pride myself on helping people make their dreams come true. I strive to make the buying and selling process stress free and my biggest compliment is “you made it so easy”.

I began my escrow career over 30 (boy, it’s hard to say that) years ago and have been very active in the Escrow Association of Santa Clara Valley for many years.
Joette is the best. She is and will always be my escrow officer as long as I practice Real Estate.
Thank you for the excellent service you provided!

Best regards,
elementary educator
Joette Joseph's hair could be on fire 🔥, yet she'll drop any and everything to meet your immediate need! Financing, refinancing, etc. 💰 are complicated processes that we laypeople don't understand the ins and outs of (at least I don't). She and her amazing, exacting, explicit, efficient team are the epitome of calm, patience, and kindness as they handhold you (well, maybe not right now during Covid! 😉) every step of the way! You will have NOTHING to worry or wonder about when using Joette Joseph and team Chicago Title! Unparalleled expertise, and I've done more than a few loans/refis in my day! Run, don't walk to Chicago Title Los Gatos!
Joette and her team worked on escrow for our home purchase in Los Altos CA between Feb and May 2020.
Joette was super responsiveness and always calm, making it so easy to work with. Thank you for your great help.
Joette went above and beyond by preparing docs outside of regular business hours to move my buyers loan process along. She deserves highest praise. Thank you Joette.
Our group has worked with Joette for the past few years on our projects, and we will continue to work with Joette on all of our future projects as Joette is not only a very nice person her degree of professional excellence is outstanding and Joette always keeps me out of my own way by doing what she does best. We strongly recommend working with Joette to get your project done properly and on time!!
Joette and her team knocked their socks off on closing the escrow on my step-mother's home! I signed an offer on August 1st and we closed on August 6th! Highly recommend her!
Joette was simply outstanding to work with. Joette and her team helped us on three refinancing transactions totaling over $3 million, and they handled each closing perfectly. Joette was unfailingly skilled, polite, smart, and kind, and was simply a pleasure to work with in every way.

CTI's notary, John, also handled all three closings, and he was outstanding as well.

You have a great team!
just a homeowner
My accolades were expressed in a joint e-mail to all the TechCU mortgage and Chicago Title staff, responsible for making my refi a low stress process.
In addition, I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation for the promptness in Joette's responses to my questions; clarifications; concerns; verification of documents sent to her and the coordination with TechCU, appraiser and notary.
She was extremely professional; efficient and effective in making this process very complete and timely.
She's a "keeper"!
Once again, Joette has exceeded my expectations! She Is always a delight to talk to and quick to respond to my every request for info or action.
I appreciate this everyday but during this crazy Covid time we are especially grateful. My clients and I Thank you Joette!
Joette was wonderful to work with! She was smart, skilled, responsive, kind, and a complete pleasure to work with in every aspect of the closing. I would recommend her for any title transaction without question. Thanks for asking for my input.
Excellent Job - Keep up the good work - Thank You.
Joette is always available. She is quick to answer questions and takes time to explain things that aren't as familiar to me. She has a great attitude and doesn't get frustrated with what must seem like endless requests for information.

Thank you Joette!
Joette has done a wonderful job for me actually two great jobs. Fist when I had to change title on my home. I needed to do it years ago when my husband died. It was complicated by the fact that the town needed this info and anything dealing with Los Gatos is not clear cut or simple. In the most recent case I’ve sold the property and the virus complicated things Joette stepped forward and made everything easier for me.
elementary educator
Joette continues to do a thorough, EXCELLENT, detailed, patient job with everything. In an unknown, confusing, somewhat stressful circumstance (the loan process) Joette Joseph gracefully and very calmly leads you through, with nary an error, dotting every /i/ and crossing every /t/, along with her terrific team! You couldn't be in better, more efficient hands, so, go for it!
Real Estate Broker/Loan Originator
I have worked on transactions with Joette for over 20 years and she has always been extremely helpful, knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. She gets everything done in a timely manner and never fails to deliver.
Simply the best.
Broker- Century Medallion of Los Gatos
We have been blessed to have Joette on our team of closing escrows for the past 10+ years. We just closed an escrow for my daughter that was supposed to be easy, cookie cutter escrow. These days you have to constantly double check lenders, uploads documents that are time sensitive . When we have Joette as the escrow officer, we have no worries. She has patience and poise and her knowledge is comforting off the charts. She was very persistent in obtaining a payoff demand that was so necessary to reflect current information. She knows the current guidelines and will push hard to obtain what is needed to close our escrows on time. I have been a broker for 50 years, and I have seen a lot of escrow officers come & go . I am grateful that we have Joette on our team.
Loan Processor
Joette and her team were great to work with. Very responsive and handled everything very quickly for a smooth tranaction!
Joette did a fantastic job of keeping things going forward during the closing of our property.
She also communicated with us every step.
A true professional!!
Joette is the best, confident kind and so caring! She will go out of her way to help and always succeeds
Estate Administrator
Joette and her team handled an escrow related to real property at the center of an estate administration that involved our firm. Everything was handled quickly, effortlessly, and accurately. Full service all the way. Can't ask for anything else.
Project Manager
Joette stepped in and helped myself and my siblings pay off a Reverse Mortgage with an extremely unscrupulous lender (Champion Mortgage - stay away!) who had been doing nothing but give me the run around and accumulate charges. I can't thank her enough for getting us out of a pre-forclosure with a home we were trying to sell. She brought sanity to insanity,
Joette Joseph is the best professional escrow partner I have worked with on my 20-plus year as a Realtor. Her knowledge and her client-oriented attitude have been determinant factor on keeping my buyers and sellers satisfied and recurring my services. She makes escrow transactions headache free, and I totally trust her on dealing with my clients.
Commercial Real Estate Broker
Once again Joette saved the day. Not only is she immediate in helping me but she goes the extra mile to be sure everything gets done. She will always be my go to person. Love to Her!

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