Kathy Gamch

AVP-Sales and Marketing, Top 2% Nationwide Chicago Title - Cupertino
I am proud and honored to say I am going on my 30th year at Chicago Title. I feel that the longevity and loyalty speaks volumes about who I am, my work ethic and the company I work for! I work hard each and every day and strive to do my best by constantly staying up to date on the industry and the needs of my clients. I continue to evolve and grow with the times and that has allowed me to thrive no matter what the market brings. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my husband, children, grandchildren, family, hiking, volunteering and supporting causes dear to my heart. Trust me and Chicago Title with your next escrow, you will be glad you did!
Kathy is absolutely amazing! She is so on top of any request I send her and always goes above and beyond to make sure I have what I need. She's incredibly responsive and communicative and beyond knowledgable in her field. I view Kathy as a true teammate and someone I can always depend on when I need help marketing to a neighborhood or preparing for a listing. Kathy is the best!
Kathy has been a major asset to my business. She is very knowledgeable and attentive to my needs as a client. Kathy listens and wants you to succeed. When my favorite Escrow Officer retired, Kathy connected me with the perfect person to take her place and I couldn't be happier. I am thankful for all Kathy and she does. Chicago Title would be at a loss without her.
Kathy is great! She always responds quickly when I need her help!
Transaction Coordinator
Kathy is hands downs the best title person I've ever worked with. She is kind, very responsive and always fills our needs with the highest quality work. I would, and do, recommend her to everyone I know. She has a knowledge base that is unmatched in this industry and I've been working in real Estate for 16 years, so I should know. On a scale of 1 to 10, she's a 12!
VP IT Hewlett Packard
I was having difficulty tracking my property into my trust account.My sister put me in touch with Kathy. I reached out to her couple of times in 2018 and recently this week to get help on my 3 properties. She is very responsive and and helpful. Her attitude is customer focused and and results oriented. She could have brushed me off but she always comes back the information mostly within the hour. Her approach reminds me of the older days when we helped each other out. Sad to say but do not find many people like Kathy now days in the Title business.
Kathy is the BEST !! She is knowledgeable, prompt and extremely helpful. Any time you request something from her, she is prompt to return your call and can get you whatever it is that you ask for. Kathy and her team are the BEST!! I would not hesitate to recommend Kathy and Chicago Title !!
Kathy is just wonderful! In this super competitive Real Estate business, timing is everything. Kathy has been helping to secure numerous listings in the most critical moments. When sellers were still thinking which Realtor to go, Kathy jumped in to provide the information which the sellers most needed. Needless to say, that gave us a niche to win the listings and opened the escrow with Chicago Title of course.

Kathy, I can't say enough about you. You are a true professional and a pleasure to work with. You quick response demonstrates your commitment and world class customer services, even during the weekend and week night really pay off. Bravo to you...
Realtor, Realty One Group Infinity
I have worked with Kathy Gamch for about 4 years, but have been in the real estate industry for over 20 years. I first met Kathy when searching for a title company that could provide first class service for my investor client who purchases/sells several homes throughout the year. Other title companies have disappointed me in the past with their lack of customer service and professionalism. Kathy and the Chicago Title team have provided the first class service that I was looking for. I know no matter what situation my clients are in, Kathy is there to assist. Not only is Kathy knowledgeable about the rules and regulations in the real estate industry, she also keeps current on the local real estate market trends. I feel confident that my escrows will run smoothly with Kathy and her team. They are an integral part of my real estate business.
Senior Loan Originator
Kathy has done more than I can say and it will be a long list for me to write about her super great work and services. You can always count on Kathy on anything or ???? that needs answers. Best and Excellent REP. :-)
I have known Kathy and done business with her at Chicago Title for more than 25 years. She works hard to support her team at Chicago but also to support me in my real estate business. Kathy is always adding value for me whether it be a class they're putting on, new information, tools for our trade or upcoming community events.

I can't recommend Kathy enough. Thank you
real estate agent
She followed through to provide property information very quickly and it was very complete. Very pleasant manner, showed sincere interest in my request. Her staff who helped gather the info is also appreciated by me. Thanks very much!
Kathy and her team at Chicago Title have completely changed my escrow experience in the last several months! I was using another escrow company for a few years prior and when we switched our escrow business over to Kathy and her team, we finally saw what it was like to have smooth escrows with no last minute surprises!! No matter what we need, we're always taken care of -- and with the utmost care! Recently, some old issues came up from a transaction from about 18 months ago -- i turned to my husband and told him that no one could pay me enough to switch escrow teams. Everything has been seamless, I trust Kathy & her team to take care of my clients even when sometimes I am not able to be present... i know my clients are in wonderful hands! Kathy, Thank you for being a life changer for our team, we honestly adore you and appreciate you so much!!
I have known and worked with Kathy for many years. She is always professional, accessible, helpful and joyful. Kathy is always available to answer questions or provide information. She is Great to work with and a True professional. Chicago Title is lucky to have her and we, in the Real Estate industry, are Blessed to know her.
Realtor/ EB5 land buyer agent
***** Kathy is wonderful to work with from the get go. I met her in one of the KW events. She is always on top of things. Kathy always return my phone calls promptly (90% of the time within 1 or 2 hr). When I need an answer, she is able to respond much faster than any other title reps I have ever encounter/ work with. She will check in with me from time to offer help. I just wish you have an office in Santa Cruz. In short, she is very professional, personal and responsible.

I also appreciate the Chinese Buyer/ Sellers guides that she gave me, it's been very helpful since I work with many Chinese clients.

Kathy, you are Great! Thank you for your service !!!!!!!!

Real Estate Agent
Kathy is a very energetic and responsible lady. She is spinning here and there in such a high speed that you imagine that she will never be tired. She has great service for her lambs, us. She has many seminard held from time to time that I have many thanks to her. I still have to say , "Kathy, take care and I love you."
Managing Broker, Pacific Century Realty
Kathy has been an invaluable resource, someone who is also always pleasant, energetic and reliable. A workshop she recently organized, for example, was highly informative and also fun to attend. We greatly appreciate the opportunity to have Kathy in our network and look forward to working with her for years to come.
Managing Broker
Kathy knows who can close your escrow, she is always very supportive and there to fulfill your needs to grow your business. Although we often do not think much about escrow company but we realize the fact after we open the escrow with some other companies, so has been number one choice for me since 1992.

Ken Kabir
I have been working with Kathy Gamch for the past 6 years and my experience with Kathy is great!. She is friendly and helping me with all my new listings and recommending the best escrow officers at Chicago Title. She is also helping me with my marketing needs by giving me farm packages and ideas that grow my business. I wish her all the best and I strongly recommend her.
Realtor with Grant, Griffith and Jones of Intero Real Estate Services
Kathy Gamach is such a great asset to Chicago Title. I have known Kathy for over 20 years and she is always professional. She will do anything she can to help me, and support me in my efforts to become more sucessful. If there is something I need, or there is a problem she is on it. I feel that Kathy is actually part of our team, and you really couldn't ask for more.
Broker, Intero Real Estate
Kathy Gamch has been helping my real estate team for many years. She fully understands the business, and is willing to do anything within her power to help us. She truly has a giving attitude, and cares that we do well. She's wonderful!
real estate agent
Kathy did a very informational present at our office meeting. She shared her experience of some title issue when she handled the escrow. It is helpful.
I was first licensed as a real estate broker in 1978. Between then and now, opened escrows as Mason Realty,Financial Resources, C-21, and maybe All State Homes. Kathy has always, without exception, been available when help/advice was needed. In retrospect I wonder if Kathy has ever taken a day off from responsibilities - if I ever phoned Kathy on a weekend (I can't remember & if I did it would have had to be important) - she must have responded. Over so many years I've met many positive associates in the industry but some continue to stand out-that's Kathy. If I ever win a major lottery and with diminished cognitive capacity choose business rather than retirement - I'll match and exceed whatever is necessary to offer Kathy a key management position. Thanks!
Broker - Gen One Real Estate, Inc.
In the past 23 years, I have used a few title rep, Kathy is the BEST, she is taking good care of my business, not matter when and how I need her service, she responds back to me real quick, in term of the information I request, farming and all others, I will continue to have her as long as I still in business ( NO ONE CAN REPLACE HER )
I have been selling real estate for 10 years, and I must say, Kathy is courteous, knowledgeable, responsive, and provides excellent customer service just to name a few. She always finds the time to answer any questions we may have, and is a pleasure to work with. I look forward to continuing to work with Kathy, and highly recommend her.
Sr. Loan Consultant, Infoloan Inc
For years, I have used Chicago Title. Kathy has been a wonderful rep there. Not only is she professional but also personal. She always does her best to make sure that I (and my clients) get the best service possible even when she's off the clock. It's been a great and pleasant pleasure to work with her and Chicago Title.

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