Sophia Chan

Vice President/Corporate Marketing Director/Div II & III Chicago Title Division II & III Marketing Department
After successfully sold her business of 15 years in 2006, Sophia joined Chicago Title as one of their Marketing Managers in the Tri-Cities area in 2007. Sophia's mission was to develop and expand market share through effective sales and marketing strategies. Packed with strong entrepreneurship and extensive marketing background, Sophia rapidly created a following of loyal clients and took the company to a #1 position in Fremont. Her passion in helping clients to succeed in their business brings today's clients to a new level. Sophia is currently Chicago Title's Corporate Marketing Director for Div II & III covering over 5 States.
AVP, Sales Manager, Chicago Title Fresno
Sophia works tirelessly to create relevant, timely, and powerful content that helps my sales team and our clients stay on top of what matters most. The real estate industry is constantly changing and Sophia helps us to be the leader in communicating new information that has tremendous impact! We are blessed to have her talent and leadership.
AVP Sales Manager Chicago Title
I have had the pleasure of working with Sophia on a number of Projects for our Operation. She is always very helpful and provides superior customer service. Her assistance and products helps our Team daily. What can I say Sophia Rocks.. Thank you for all you do. You are a difference maker.
Sales Executive
Oh my gosh, where do I begin! I spent two days training with a Pro and the information I received was truly invaluable. Sophia is a wealth knowledge and I feel so grateful to have trained one on one with her.
Sales Manager - Monterey County

Thank you very much for the Reach150 e-mail marketing posts in the e-desk.
Last week I sent out an e-mail blast for 1 of our escrow officers here in the Carmel Office and she received multiple phone calls and e-mail messages.
She also was messaged to open 2 new orders from the e-mail marketing blast !!

AVP/ Branch Manager Escrow Officer
I've had the pleasure of working more closely with Sophia over the past few months. Sophia is AMAZING! Where would our offices be without her?
She listens, communicates and turns impeccable marketing pieces around within hours. Her ability to multitask and do it with a smile goes with out saying how much it is appreciated. She always goes above and beyond in any task she executes. Her response time is always lightening fast and with out a doubt I know we can always count on Sophia!! :-)
President/Northwest Region/Division 2
We are so blessed to have your creativity, follow thru and attention to detail, which have truly set us apart from the competition.
AVP/Business Development
Sophia provides Chicago Title with creative and "out of the box" marketing ideas for us to share with our clients. She is always responsive and willing to go the "extra mile".
Sales Manager
Sophia did a great job with coordinating the CAR Expo for Chicago Title. Not only did the booth look remarkable, but we were very well received with the materials we had to market with. The TRID wheel was instrumental in explaining the TRID changes and I personally saw so many agents “lights go on” when explaining it. Along with the other take-a-ways Sophia provided, we were told numerous times we had the best of the Expo, with agents telling other agents they need to come visit the Chicago Title booth. I can’t thank you enough Sophia, you were able to ensure we stood out. Our team as well as our clients felt that we really shinned above and beyond in a sea of other venders.
Sales Executive - Chicago Title Kern County

The Kern County Chicago Title newsletter was so well received and below is an email I received from one of our Tehachapi residents.

I also wanted to let you know how well the TRID Wheels have been received. EVERY single lender and agent that I have given one to has said that this is by far the best CFPB tool that they have received from any other company. Thank you so much for your insight! It definitely separates us from our competitors!

"Hi Jeannine,
I got the email about what’s happening in Kern Co. Thanks for talking to the ‘higher ups’ who put this out. Tehachapi’s Apple Festival was included for October. I hope they continue to include our wonderful town.
Thanks again.

Keep it Up and Thank You Sophia!
County Manager - Kern County
Sophia Chan’s efforts and continued hard work is setting us a part from our competition. Not just helping us externally in the market to compete with value added tools but internally with our Sales and Escrow people. They know, no other company has the tools and resources we do to make their jobs easier. From the edesk email campaigns, fliers, promotional branded items to the recent TRID Wheels she created. We definitely appreciate her here in Kern County!!!

Thanks Sophia!!!
VP San Joaquin/Stanislaus/Tuolumne Sales Manager
There should be two eras as far as Marketing...PS (Pre Sophia) and AS (After Sophia). Comparing the two is night and day. Sophia's promptness and creativity has saved me on numerous occasions. The client and consumer is very visual meaning it is one thing to have the knowledge to explain the complexities of escrow and title related questions, but an entirely different thing to present them with a piece that is both visually stunning and informational.

Cheers to you Sophia and thank you for adding to our continued success.
Rigional Marketing Director
Sophia is awesome. She has a great marketing mind and creates some of the greatest marketing pieces I’ve seen. I’m so glad she shares in what she has created. She makes us all look good. Thank you Sophia!
AVP-Sales Chicago Title
I just was on the conference call that Sophia Chan put together for the Chicago roll out of ChicagoAgent 3.0. I have to express to you how impressed I was with what she put together for us to promote this amazing product. Sophia Chan is such an amazing asset to Chicago Title! Whatever I need as a sales executive, she is eager to create. The cohesive marketing that she has put together has created a uniformity that we have never had as a company. What a difference it makes to all of us on the front lines presenting to our customers. We look united and professional. We have asked for this for years and the position created for Sophia has filled that need and far exceeded anything I could have imagined! I just had to pass along to you how amazing she is an I am truly blessed to have her in my corner. I do not take that for granted at all and I wanted to say Thank You for seeing what an asset she is and sharing her will all of us.
Sales Executive
Sophia makes my job so much easier- I wear many hats as the only Sales Exec in my County, so when I need a flier for any topic- I know that Sophia has one already waiting for me to use. Not only are they professional in appearance, but I know they have been approved by our Compliance team as well. Great Job Sophia!!!
Sales Executive
Sophia has done an excellent job of making our marketing pieces consistent for our brand. I have received many comments from both clients and the competition on the professionalism and quality of the work. Sophia makes me more productive in my job by having information available to give to my clients when they need it. Great job!
AVP / Sales Executive, Danville
Sophia Chan has been an unbelievable resource for me in the San Ramon Valley territory of Chicago Title. She prides herself on making sure we are always on the cutting edge of technology and having the marketing resources to have top-notch communication we can send out to our clients immediately upon the launch of a product - a huge step-ahead of the competition. Sophia's work makes Chicago Title Danville have a professional flair that other title companies in our area cant even begin to touch! Simply the best!
Account Executive
Sophia is an amazing asset to all of us. Not only does she make us all shine in our marketing campaigns, her level of responsiveness is incredible. I appreciate the value she brings to my business every day.
Sales Department Monterey County.
thank you for keeping us in the know!!!
Sales Manager
I have been with Chicago Title for 27 years. Ten years as a Sales Representative and 17 years as Sales Manager. Never, in that time, have I experienced the leadership and support that Sophia has given the Sales Team. We are able to represent ourselves and our company in the highest regard, on a continual basis by presenting excellent marketing material and continually addressing all our marketing needs.

Sophia Chan has done an excellent job for FNF! Looking forward to working with Sophia next year!
AVP, Sales Executive
Sophia has brought our marketing collateral to a Fortune 500 level! I do not know of ANY competitor that promotes their tools, products, and services in such a professional, up-to-the-moment way as Chicago Title. Sophia's creativity and talent is truly an asset to our winning team!
Sales Manager Madera County, California
Sophia Chan is OUTSTANDING!!! She has created the most professional look for Chicago Title. I appreciate all she does and she has taken a load from my shoulders so that I can spend more time in the field with the customers.
AVP, Sales & Marketing
I love having all the resources that we have available from Sophia... all are timely, they look current, and she gives us many ideas to help us look good with our clients...

Thank You Sophia for doing an amazing job for us!!!
AVP/Marketing Manager
Sohia is a great marketing expert! The marketing materials she produces are the best in the industry.

San Francisco Residential Sales Manager
Sophia has done an outstanding job pulling together a great resource library for our company. Her marketing materials are timely and up to date with our clients needs.

It really gives us a that fortune 500 company look !

Vp/ sales Chicago Title
Sophia Thank you for all your support. I compliment your consistant follow up, positive attitude and always having a great sense of urgency. Good News is we now have 44 PERCENT OF THE RESALE Market SHARE IN SALINAS. INFORMATION IS POWER. Thank you again for all your support. Paul

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