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Throughout the years, Chicago Title Insurance Company has grown in stature with a solid reputation for integrity and standing the test of time. Much has changed in 160-plus years, but the fundamental principles upon which the Company was founded are steadfast. They are outstanding customer service, untarnished reputation for integrity and a rock solid, enduring identity that is synonymous with the necessary expertise to insure your most prized asset: your home.


Recommendations (739)

Carine Davery recommends Linh Dang


Linh is great: she's always coming to see us and update us on the latest app or giving us promotional items. When we need a farm, we just ask and voila...
Thank you Linh for your enthusiasm. Merry Christmas and Happy new Year!

Stuart Campbell recommends Linh Dang

Broker Associate

Linh has taken great care of our whole office for years. She is always offering to help and educating us with the latest technology tools for realtors. Her efforts and have kept us loyal to Chicago Title's services.

Truman Nhu recommends Fawn Vinh

Fawn Vinh is our office escrow officer for many years. She is experienced and professional. Almost of real estate agents in my office depend on her for all real estate transactions. We highly recommend Fawn Vinh for all escrows.

Phil Todd recommends Melisa McRoberts

Melisa McRoberts did a great job for us. Her office in out of our area and Chicago Title was chosen by the Seller. she was helpful, available and accommodating to our Buyers closing the transaction seamlessly. Great job. Tami Jo Undseth Assistant to Phillip Todd

Tony Sayad recommends Donna Ziakas

Donna Ziakas is my escrow officer and Phuong Nguyen is her assistant. The reason I work with Donna is because she is the most calm person I have ever met in this business. I have seen Donna and Phuong deal with irrational requests, demanding agents, arrogant investors and they never get flustered. They always deliver on time, they will go beyond and above to make sure things get done. They have come in on a weekend to sign off a client of mine as a courtesy is a small example. They have been in this industry for a great amount of time and their knowledge is second to none. Very often when title is confused about something on the report, Donna will step in and explain what needs to happen or why its there and how it can be removed. Whom ever I have referred to Donna has agreed with me that they are a fantastic team and working with Donna and her team is a joy, most importantly its a piece of mind because you always know she has everything covered. Donna and her team are second to none.

Shaista Aftab recommends Melisa McRoberts


Melisa was wonderful, I had 2 closing with her. Her level of reply time and service was above and beyond expectations, I had questions during weekends and she always replied to my questions off hours. I highly recommend CTT and Melisa for their services and helping me through out the transaction.

John DuBois recommends Melisa McRoberts


Melissa did a great handling our 14 day escrow and was professional throughout.

Jamie Rodriguez recommends Melisa McRoberts

Transaction Coordinator

Melisa is the absolute best!! I LOVE when the agents I work with use her as an escrow officer. I know she's always on top of every file, sending disclosures before I even get a chance to request them. Incredibly knowledgable and personally my favorite escrow officer to work with.

Yadi Valdez recommends Melisa McRoberts


Melisa is amazing! I never have to wait too long for an answer to a question or a request and she makes the process seem easy. True professional and easy to work with.

Ronny Budiutama recommends Melisa McRoberts

Broker Associate

Melisa is awesome. Always on top of the transaction. Friendly , courteous, effective and direct. Looking forward to work with her in the future.

Lannie Chen recommends Melisa McRoberts


Melisa is very knowledgable and proactive. It is very easy to work with her.

Anonymous recommends Melisa McRoberts

New Land Corp - Transaction Coordinator

Melisa's work was so fast and practical. Her personal character is so nice, warm and gentle. Excellent job, Melisa!

Randy Rullamas recommends Michelle Manaois

Michelle Manaois and her team were amazing! Prompt communication and continuous follow up are key attributes with an escrow officer. Michelle has that and more. Highly recommended.

Mary Jo Rodrigues recommends Michelle Manaois

Michelle Manois and her Admin were terrific throughout the escrow process. The entire thing was smooth and my client is on cloud 9. Thank you team!

Dennis Delisle recommends Melisa McRoberts

Linh Dang & Melissa McRoberts are the best.

Vicky Pasalo recommends Donna Ziakas

Donna Ziakas has been my escrow officers for years, and she never disappoint me at all! Thank you Donna for all your hard work!

Alex Banuelos recommends Fawn Vinh

We want Fawn Vinh, at the First St . San Jose office, to be recognized. Fawn and I have been working together for approximately 25 years. As a Realtor and Lender, I have dealt with hundreds of escrow officers in my career. I can honestly say that Fawn's consistent level of excellent service, knowledge, and professionalism, sets he apart from the rest. Fawn is an integral part of our team's success. We are all in a business where relationships can determine one's level of continued success. This is why we have had Fawn as part of our team despite what company she's employed with.

Vicky Pasalo recommends Donna Ziakas

Donna Ziakas and Phuong Nguyen's team is solid! Satisfaction guaranteed!

Debbie Giordano recommends Donna Ziakas

I have been in the real estate industry for over 40+ years...I have worked with Donna Ziakas for the past 20+ years!! She is extremely knowledgeable and works well with all my clients!! She even came to a Sunday sign off appointment at my clients home! She goes up and beyond the call of duty! I highly recommend Donna!!! Debbie Indihar Giordano, Master Brokers

Susan LaRagione recommends Melisa McRoberts

Melisa was amazing.....she helped with my questions, got back to me quickly. Solar was involved, she tried her best to get me answers when the listing agent couldn't. She signed my clients on short notice without complaining. Love her!!!! Thanks Melisa xoxox

Valeri Huxley recommends Kevin Barrett

V.P. - Operations

I've worked with KB for about ten years now and he is, by far, one of the hardest working sales managers in the industry. He knows everyone and truly works hard every day to make both his Sales Executives and his clients more successful. Anything you ask for - he simply says "DONE". He is a true asset to Chicago Title!

Ali Nikfarjam recommends Michelle Manaois

she is very organized and responsible.

Christine Moore recommends Kevin Barrett

AVP/Account Manager

I have had the privilege to work for Kevin Barrett for the last 8 years on his sales team. Kevin is wonderful manager, always there to encourage, motivate and share his wealth of knowledge. He has a positive can do attitude and always goes above and beyond for his clients and team. He is a true professional and leader, I am very fortunate to have Kevin Barrett as my Sales Manager.

Alex Banuelos recommends Fawn Vinh

I have worked with Fawn Vinh for over 25 years and am very grateful for her contributions to our team's continued success. I've been in Real Estate and Mortgage Loans for over 32 years. If I've learned one thing, its that this business is built on relationships and results. Our team, at Intero Real Estate Services, is committed to providing the highest level of quality service for our clients. We could not possibly do this without Fawn's knowledge, professionalism, and courteous communication skills she has provided over the years! Its an honor and a privilege to work with her. On behalf of our team and clients, Thank you Fawn!

Michelle Taylor recommends Kevin Barrett

Marketing Executive

Kevin Barrett is a tremendous asset to our company and has my highest recommendation. I have had to the pleasure of working with KB for the past 10 + years. As my sales manager he is always there with advice, encouragement and optimism. He has a strong understanding that leaders only succeed when their team does. I consider myself fortunate to work with KB and look forward to many years to come.

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