Melisa McRoberts

Escrow Officer Chicago Title - Downtown Residential, San Jose
Melisa carries more than 20 years of escrow experience and is recognized as a savvy veteran to resolving any obstacle in a transaction. Her children attend Leigh High School and will be the third generation to Graduate from Leigh High School. Melisa is seeking out opportunities to develop a rapport with her community and cultivate new business relationships, and is devoted to finding new avenues for possibilities. Her charismatic personality generates an exceptional quality as a service provider.
Melissa McRoberts is fantastic very lovable and thorough
Melisa McRoberts did a great job for us. Her office in out of our area and Chicago Title was chosen by the Seller. she was helpful, available and accommodating to our Buyers closing the transaction seamlessly. Great job. Tami Jo Undseth Assistant to Phillip Todd
Melisa was wonderful, I had 2 closing with her. Her level of reply time and service was above and beyond expectations, I had questions during weekends and she always replied to my questions off hours. I highly recommend CTT and Melisa for their services and helping me through out the transaction.
Melissa did a great handling our 14 day escrow and was professional throughout.
Transaction Coordinator
Melisa is the absolute best!! I LOVE when the agents I work with use her as an escrow officer. I know she's always on top of every file, sending disclosures before I even get a chance to request them. Incredibly knowledgable and personally my favorite escrow officer to work with.
Melisa is amazing! I never have to wait too long for an answer to a question or a request and she makes the process seem easy. True professional and easy to work with.
Broker Associate
Melisa is awesome. Always on top of the transaction. Friendly , courteous, effective and direct. Looking forward to work with her in the future.
Melisa is very knowledgable and proactive. It is very easy to work with her.
New Land Corp - Transaction Coordinator
Melisa's work was so fast and practical. Her personal character is so nice, warm and gentle. Excellent job, Melisa!
Linh Dang & Melissa McRoberts are the best.
Melisa was amazing.....she helped with my questions, got back to me quickly. Solar was involved, she tried her best to get me answers when the listing agent couldn't. She signed my clients on short notice without complaining. Love her!!!! Thanks Melisa xoxox
Real Estate broker
Melisa was an escrow officer on one of my transaction recently. She was knowledgeable, responsive and very helpful. I would definitely consider her on future transactions.

Best regards,
David Phan
Real Estate Broker
I would give Melisa a 10 out of 10 on all categories of Customer Service. I hope Chicago Title recognizes her for her outstanding work. Wishing Melisa Mc Roberts and you continued success.
Transaction Coordinator
I was the TC on a deal in San Jose and Melisa was the escrow officer. She did a great job staying on top of things all while providing excellent customer service.
Mortgage Sales Associate
Melisa was very responsive in all manners of communication and ensured a smooth closing for our mutual client.
Real Estate Broker
I have worked with Melisa the last several transactions. She is a professional and pleasant to work with. Melisa is responsive and details oriented. If there is an issue with a transaction, she notifies me right away so we can take care of the situation promptly. I highly recommend her.
Realtor, KW Silicon City
I've closed several transactions with Melisa and everything has always gone smoothly and most importantly my clients were happy with her service and professionalism. On one transaction we had a very serious issue come up at the last minute that I feel would have been impossible for most to resolve, but Melissa used her experience and knowledge to get the transaction closed on time. I highly recommend Melissa for all your escrow needs.


Joe Raya
This is my second home purchase and melisa was great to work with everything went right on schedule as planned.
Great job and thank you for all your help
Melisa did great job in my property transaction, quick response ,answer my phone call and solve problems immediately,
Did her job in a very professional manner , highly recommend to all my friend to work with her, it is a very nice experience working with her

Frank Liou
President and broke
Bayview Realty and Financial Corporation
Melisa McRoberts did a great job for my property transaction, quick response to my questions , answer the phone and solve problem immediately, did her job in a very professional manner, highly recommend to all my friend to work with her
Frank Liou
President and Broker
Bayview Realty and Financial Corporation
Great fast working officer. The best ever I have worked with
Melisa did a great job for us! She was kind for me even I asked the same stupid questions many times :). It was pleasure to work with her.
Stop looking for escrow service somewhere else - call Melisa!
Transaction Manager
Melisa is very efficient, kind and funny, she is a pleasure to work with and makes a great part of our team, It has been easy working with her and she does her job right and fast which makes my job easier, Thank you for all you do Melisa!!
Very professional and responsive, highly recommend
Melisa Roberts was an asset to our home purchase. She was very friendly, knowledgeable, and accommodated to the our needs she went above and beyond to make sure the transaction went smoothly and on time ! Always was available when I had questions . Once again Melisa Roberts was key and helpful though this process .

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