Linh Dang

Account Executive Chicago Title - Downtown Residential, San Jose
Linh Dang is a hardworking and personable Sales Executive from the San Jose/Evergreen Chicago Team. Linh has gained invaluable experience in all facets of the Real Estate business over the last 20+ years, including Appraisal, Lending, and Real Estate Sales, giving her a deep understanding of this business. You will be happy to know that she has an excellent work ethic, commitment to clients, and willingness to go the extra mile for all clients. She prides herself on honesty, integrity and friendly service to all customers. It is her goal to deliver superior service and exceed expectations through her responsiveness, enthusiasm, and professionalism. She has built long lasting business relationships and friendships throughout her career, and intends to continue doing so for years to come. She has earned an impeccable reputation in the Real Estate industry with many awards and recognitions.
In her free time, she enjoys reading, ballroom dancing, traveling, and spending time with her family and friends.
Together with Chicago Title, Linh guarantees that you and your business will benefit from the tools, resources and escrow support that she and Chicago Title have to offer.
Contact Linh Dang today for anything and everything you need in Title and Escrow.
Our office (Astute Realty) has worked with Linh for several years. She has made herself readily available whenever we had a question, or wanted to open a new Escrow.
Even though we are a smaller Boutique office she has always been excited to bring us the latest new tools for farming and calculating client costs (Chicago Agent).
Linh is an asset to Chicago Title and Astute Realty!
Thank you Linh!
Linh is great: she's always coming to see us and update us on the latest app or giving us promotional items. When we need a farm, we just ask and voila...
Thank you Linh for your enthusiasm. Merry Christmas and Happy new Year!
Linh is amazingly helpful. She has always been there for me since the beginning when I was new. She is knowledgable, detail oriented and caring. I would love to be her lifetime client!
Broker Associate
Linh has taken great care of our whole office for years. She is always offering to help and educating us with the latest technology tools for realtors. Her efforts and have kept us loyal to Chicago Title's services.
Broker Associate
I have had the pleasure of working with Linh for past few years on different real estate transactions. Linh is an absolute pleasure to work with, she has exceptional expertise in her field and she's been always available to exceed my expectations. No matter how tense a transaction, Linh makes sure everyone leaves with a smile. As a satisfied client, Linh earns my highest recommendation. Thank you Linh!
Real Estate Professional
Linh is very professional. I am so glad she is a part of my team.
Broker in Record. American Distinguished Properties

I knew Linh a long time ago, and recently connected when she with Chicago Title. I have been channeled my business to her and very satisfied with her support.

Her professionalism and her willingness to go beyond her duty to help our office escrow transactions are exceptional.

Linh, keep up the good work and best wishes.

Best Regards.
Mortgage Loan Officer
I LOVE LINH!!! She's extremely knowledgeable and always eager to help. Furthermore, she's got an amazing team of escrow officers! Both her and her team are very easy to get a hold of, and they go above and beyond. Not only would I recommend Linh, but I constantly mention her to my clients and realtors.
We love working with Linh - she is the epitome of a customer service rep who cares and understands the value of building long term relationships and connecting people so her clients can build and accelerate their businesses. While we highly recommend her on a professional level because of her service and experience, she is also a person with unwavering integrity and always a joy to hang out with!
Loan Officer
Linh is AMAZING!!! She always goes above and beyond for her clients. She works with awesome escrow officers. Linh is also really knowledgeable about farming and helps with some of our marketing campaigns. She is super well connected and is just an overall wonderful person. The list goes on and on...

Our team feels lucky to have the opportunity to work with her!
Realtor, Alain Pinel Reators
Linh is a tireless advocate for Realtors. A wonderful resource, she is always willing to help with suggestions on how to grow one's business and has spent the time to show me new tools to do so. Linh is a maven and a connector with endless energy to meet with people and share her knowledge. More than just introducing me to super escrow officers, I have been able to ask her for help with title, marketing, and connections to other subject matter experts. Thank you Linh for all of your help and continual support!
Linh Dang is a Perfect 10. She always gives the extra mile service to all of her clients. Her experience and expertise is top notch. I highly recommend Linh because she is hard-working and always works to ensure a nice and smooth transaction for the clients.
Linh is a perfect 10. She is always there to help and support my business. She is very knowledgeable and hardworking in her field. I highly recommend her as my Escrow Officer going the extra mile for her clients.
Mortgage Banker
I have worked with Linh at my previous bank and have stuck with her since my transition. That's due to the astounding and responsive service I received from her and her team. She maintains an open phone line for any needs pertaining to our title transactions. Her open, timely communications and efficient facilitation of each transaction has been nothing less than awesome. If you are seeking for a great title rep and company I would highly recommend that you reach out to Linh Dang!
Property Manager
Linh was very helpful in getting me set up for the Chicago Premier Title Services. Also, she went out of her way when I forgot my password and got locked out of the system. Way to go Linh !!! You were a life saver when I needed the property profile asap.... Thanks.
Real Estate Agent
She is responsible, quick, good teamwork, good service.
Real Estate Agent
I have worked with Linh Dang about 20 years ago. She is very helpful , always help all people if needed help ,She is work very hard & smart, always excellent on all the jobs that she does. She is the best person that I never seen before
Linh Dang is fantastic at her work- she is attentive to detail and communicates very well throughout the process. She is incredible person of integrity. Her work ethic, passion, and service are unmatched. I love working with Linh Dang and highly recommend her!
Linh Dang, is very good at what she does. She's a people person, customer-centric, always ready to provide solutions. She also shares her positive outlook in life. She is very dedicated to helping brokers/agents to improve their marketing efforts by showing new ways to get more clients.
Branch Manager
I have known Linh for over 10 years and she is exceptional. She is a tireless rep that truly understands the market and how to navigate the real estate waters. Her breadth of experience allows her to foresee problems before they arise. Linh provides a calming presence to the real estate transaction. I don't like surprises during my transactions, and with Linh, I don't get any.
You will always be happy when using Linh. She has a wealth of information and knowledge. She joins our Company meetings with introducing new products we can use and anything new that may help simplify our business. She is always wanting to do more to help us and the agents. Be sure to give her a try.
Strategic Commercial Mortgage Broker
I have known and worked with Linh for several years. In some ways, title and escrow are just a commodity. There are many companies and good representatives available throughout the real estate community. With that said, the challenge for each of them is how to provide value added. Linh understands this challenge quite well. She is constantly looking for ways to help her clients succeed. One of Linh’s approaches is to connect her contacts to each other for the benefit of all involved.

This approach takes effort; and I appreciate that Linh constantly keeps her clients on the top of her mind to help facilitate their success.
Linh Dang is a responsive, caring AE and has a great interpersonal skill. She's wonderful & pleasant to work with. Thanks much for your hard work!
Broker Associate
Linh Dang is very good at what she does. She's a people person, customer-centric, always ready to provide solutions. She also shares her positive outlook in life. She is also dedicated to helping brokers like me improve our marketing efforts by showing us new ways to get more clients.
Realtor Of Intero SV
She's awesome to work with. Very Professional and responsive. Always ready to help agents share good alternatives on marketing. Love working with her. Her partner Fawn so great to work with in all transactions too.

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