Jaima Johnson

Sales Executive- builder services Chicago Title & Fidelity National Title Vancouver
Jaima coordinates the final platting and recording of subdivisions and commercial sites in the Clark and Cowlitz County areas. This includes working with all municipalities through both counties and knowing which specific requirements need to be addressed for each jurisdiction. Her career is based on the relationships that she creates with city/county employees, surveyors, engineers, developers, builders, realtors and her internal staff at Chicago and Fidelity Title. She enjoys being involved in local government to keep up on the ever-changing state, federal and local policies that affect her client's projects and the ability to provide the best customer service that she can.
Oct 29, 2013

Recommendation for Jaima Johnson

I have had the personal opportunity to work with Ms. Johnson on a number of residential subdivision projects. The process of finalizing a subdivision plat is not easy by any stretch of the imagination - nor are my comments an over dramatization of the process. It takes a team with professionalism, energy and tenacity - that's just reality. Time is money in both a holding cost perspective and window of sale opportunity. The delivery of a final recorded plat that is late to the market game can be costly and subjective to a number of volatile factors. I highly recommend Ms. Johnson. She understands and balances the governmental relationship part of the final platting equation with keeping the goals of pushy developers like me at top of mind. There are many moving parts to developing a subdivision project and after all the infrastructure is completed with finished lots you don't have anything until the final plat is recorded. As such, you better have a Jaima Johnson on your team that has the experience to get it through the uprights.
Oct 28, 2013

Recommendation for Jaima Johnson

I've known Jaima for years and she does a wonderful job. She has great knowledge of our area and works hard to help all her clients.
Oct 24, 2013

Recommendation for Jaima Johnson

I have worked with Jaima for almost 15 years in the real estate industry. Jaima has always gone the extra mile to make sure I receive the best title services possible. In addition, she always shares with me any new technology and marketing that will help me be more productive in my business. I am treated like a VIP!

I can always count on Jaima's experience and expertise in the builder developer arena to get any questions answered in that regard.

I highly recommend calling Jaima first when it comes to builder/developer and title services in the SW Washington area.

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