Lisa Miller

Sales Manager Chicago Title & Fidelity National Title Vancouver
With Lisa's 14 years of sales and marketing experience she focus on creating long lasting mutually beneficial business partnerships. She has the knowledge and real estate tools necessary to produce results for her business partners. She is always looking for new cutting edge products and the best ways to save her clients time and money. Lisa has a work hard and have fun attitude that she brings to every project she approaches. She is proud to represent Chicago Title and Fidelity National Title in the Southwest Washington area.
May 22, 2018

Recommendation for Lisa Miller

Lisa Miller is a wealth of knowledge and encouragement! She approaches her career like she approaches her life - with an "all in" go for the home run attitude. She is always there when I need her and truly cares. If you are looking for a sales and marketing rep to work with you, and not just ask you for business contact Lisa Miller or her partner in crime, Justin Coffee!!

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