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Throughout the years, Chicago Title Insurance Company has grown in stature with a solid reputation for integrity and standing the test of time.

Much has changed in 160-plus years, but the fundamental principles upon which the Company was founded are steadfast. They are outstanding customer service, untarnished reputation for integrity and a rock solid, enduring identity that is synonymous with the necessary expertise to insure your most prized asset: your home.


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Feb 28, 2023

Dan Mitchell recommends Vicky Guo

property owner/seller

This was a challenging home to sell, an as-is property that hadn't been updated or maintained in 40 years. The realtor had a tough task but performed wonderfully.

It was also a challenging task on the Title side of things. The property was owned by two trusts, both of which had been modified in the past 3 months, both of which had had two successor trustees named. LOTS of verification required! My brother and I are the trustees; he doesn't have internet access and I don't have a car, so even "normal" interactions had certain limiters.

Escrow was extremely short, only 10 days! We had challenges providing a certified copy of a court modification of one of the trusts, and trouble with target accounts when our financial firm's Compliance Department froze our account at the last minute because the trust was so old and yet its modification was so new! This one job was like a perfect storm of problems.

Through all these challenges and more, Vicky was always responsive (via email, phone, or text), persistent in her efforts, patient and good humored in her interactions with us. She was personable and professional and fantastic to work with!

Super convenient to sign, me at a local community center in Los Altos, my brother at his home in Santa Cruz. Super convenient for me to update wire transfer instructions by delivering them to Chicago Title's nearby Los Altos office (also staffed with friendly, capable people).

It was a great experience working with Vicky!

I can't imagine anyone doing a better job!
Jan 28, 2023

Steve Pierce recommends Venetia Johnson

Venetia is a very experienced escrow officer who knows how to timely solve issues and avoid unnecessary closing delays.
Jan 13, 2023

Pamela Tran recommends Venetia Johnson

I love working with Venetia?s team. My clients are happy with the service the team provides and professionalism.
Thank you and looking forward to another escrow.
Oct 22, 2022

Dustin Ventura recommends Venetia Johnson

Venetia and her team are the best escrow team I've ever worked with. Nothing falls through the cracks, they are responsive, fast, and accurate in all they do. I would highly recommend them for your escrow services needs.
Sep 27, 2022

Tinus Masbrata recommends Josie Rich

Josie, Viki and Lin were all very responsive and helpful. Transaction was easy.
Sep 10, 2022

Amin Zafari recommends Shelly Sutter


Shelly Sutter, always goes above and beyond to make sure everything is perfect. She has an excellent demeanour and is always kind, professional, and efficient. Thank you for always making my experience and my clients experience wonderful.
Aug 9, 2022

Lou Faught recommends Venetia Johnson

Venetia is the top escrow officer in the business
Jul 29, 2022

Lubna Sheikh recommends Josie Rich

Josie is the most reliable and accessible escrow officer I?ve ever had. She always responds to emails and phone calls almost immediately.
Jul 29, 2022

Michael Tran recommends Josie Rich

Very professional and Responsible.
May 25, 2022

Ron Kooyman recommends Shelly Sutter

Agent with Christies - SERENO

She is always on top of her game. Quick to reply and a pleasure to work with - PLUS A GREAT SMILE! Thanks Shelly for all you do! Ron & Elaine Kooyman
Apr 28, 2022

Andreas Anderson recommends Josie Rich

Professional, service minded and very friendly.
Apr 15, 2022

Cindy O Leary recommends Venetia Johnson

Venetia is very knowledgeable and instills confidence in me that all the details will be handled. Support staff on top of the details and communicate frequently.
Apr 4, 2022

Eva recommends Vicky Guo

Vicky and team goes over and beyond to get the job done! Very satisfied with her teams dedication and thoroughness in escrow.
Mar 20, 2022

Rashmi Mansabdar recommends Vicky Guo

We had an excellent experience working with Vicky Guo with Chicago Title Company to sell our condo in West San Jose. We found Vicky thorough in her work, very knowledgeable, with great attitude to help her clients and solution specialist when things do go as expected – which happens many times during an escrow. It was very important for us to have a patient Escrow officer who is capable to navigating through all challenges that come alone the way, while keeping everyone informed, getting things done on time and we felt Vicky went above and beyond in her role as our Escrow officer.
Mar 16, 2022

Lou Faught recommends Venetia Johnson

You can always count on Venetia
To complete your escrow in aptifessionsl manner
Mar 15, 2022

Pamela Tran recommends Venetia Johnson

Venetia Vogel-Ross, Dee Francisco, Maria Perez did a great job every time we open escrow. Always available and answer all our questions. Things I love about this team, always picking up our phone calls. Venetia has many years of experience and she is also a very kind person. Thank you so much for all your hard work and your help.
Pamela Tran, Redfin
Mar 11, 2022

Rehman Farishta recommends Josie Rich

She is one of the best escrow officer. That is why I am working with her for past 10 years. She is my number one escrow officer. I love to have on my side when I need. Josie and Team is out of this world.
Mar 9, 2022

Sherri Stoneberger recommends Venetia Johnson

Venetia is always ready and on top of the transaction!... Excellent!!
Feb 24, 2022

Lisa Wu recommends Venetia Johnson

Thank you Venetia, Maria & Dee.
Feb 15, 2022

Rosa Chang recommends Josie Rich

She is very efficient and on top of the transaction.
Feb 15, 2022

Dustin Ventura recommends Venetia Johnson

Venetia & team are the best! Their communication, knowledge and attention to detail are what set them apart. I would highly recommend using them if your looking for a 5 star escrow experience.
Jan 14, 2022

Martin Villanueva recommends Josie Rich

Josie Rich, escrow officer at Chicago exceeded my expectations, sellers, and buyers. She did completed a task that was very Challenging..
Thank you Josie!!
Dec 24, 2021

Pamela Tran recommends Venetia Johnson

Venetia VogelRoss, Maria Perez, Dee Franciso and the team went extra miles closing this escrow before Christmas for the buyers. We really appreciated all your hard work Venetia.
Thank you.
Pamela Tran
Dec 9, 2021

Jo-Ann Hutchinson recommends Josie Rich

Josie Rich has always been very professional and efficient in handling my escrows. Highly recommended.
Nov 16, 2021

Robert Ring recommends Vicky Guo

Mortgage Loan Officer

Vicky and her team are the best escrow team I've ever worked with. Nothing falls through the cracks, they are responsive, fast, and very helpful in closing transactions in a timeline manner. A few things I value about Vicky and her team, are speed, professionalism, and good work ethic. I recommend them to all the agents I work with.

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