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I provide property profiles, farms, labels, ownership requests, copies of documents, (Grant Deeds, Deeds of Trust, Notice of Default and Notice of Trustee Sale), and locating properties are just a few of the simple requests I oversee daily. In addition, I have the knowledge and expertise to help investors research and identify potential investment opportunities. No request is too difficult, so if you are unsure, please contact me with the request.

My goal is to provide our clients with accurate information in a reasonable time frame with the proper tools available to enable them to be successful!
Aug 5, 2015
Real Estate Agent (Pat Turnham Realty)
I am so happy with the service I receive from Jana, I have never had to wait for a request or had issues with service. She is just a pleasure to work with every time.
May 28, 2015
I have been in the real estate and development field in Kern County for over 25 years. I have had many different customer service reps. over those years...I have never had one that is as responsive and as complete as Jana Furman. She is the best and I am sure that Gary H. is as happy to have her as I am happy to be able to call on her whenever necessary.
Apr 15, 2015
Chicago title,escrow and Reps are the best!
Mar 23, 2015
Benmar Realty Broker
Thank you Jana Furman on such great customer service I've been in the Business since the 1970's and you are the most caring , efficient, and professional person when it comes to helping us in the Real Estate Business ,I thank God for people like you!
Mar 13, 2015
Loan Officer
Jana is simply THE BEST, does a fantastic job!
Mar 3, 2015
Asked for some recorded docs and got them in record time! Great job!
Feb 20, 2015
I highly recommend Jana for anything you need from customer service at Chicago Title. I have found her to be organized, knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile to facilitate my needs.
Feb 15, 2015
Thank you Jana Furman on such great customer service.
Feb 11, 2015
Jan 26, 2015
Green Pastures Realty, Broker/Owner
I requested several Property Profiles, Jana, was on top of it and got them to me in a few minutes. Way to go Jana.
Jan 15, 2015
Jana responds so quickly and is willing to do the extra work it takes to get me the information I need!!! Jana is the only one I call on for my Title questions!!
Jan 13, 2015
quick response, accurate information, attention to detail
Dec 12, 2014
Jana is the best. Always willing to go the extra mile to help the customer.
Sep 23, 2014
Property Owner
Jana is fantastic! Jana went well above and beyond the call of duty when helping me with a title problem. This problem was something I couldn't address myself. Jana's knowledge and dedication were clearly evident and I'll forever be grateful to her.
Sep 23, 2014
Jana is GREAT! She gets me everything I need and in a timely manner!!
Sep 17, 2014
I have used Jana for many years...and have always been pleased with her attentiveness and response to my request. I highly recommend her.
Sep 2, 2014
I'm in Monterey County and requested a Kern County deed from Jana. Not only did she get a response to me immediately, but she sent me all the contextual background information that helped me understand the deed I requested. Exceptional service!
Aug 26, 2014
Jana is prompt and professional . I appreciate her hard work.
Aug 19, 2014
Customer Service San Joaquin and Stanislaus Counties
Jana is my counterpart but in Kern County and is Truly One of the Best! She always takes care of my clients whenever I need information in her neck of the woods! She makes me look like a Superstar! Thanks Again Jana!
Jun 27, 2014
no matter what the request - I get the information in most cases instantly. It is a pleasure working with Jana and know if I can't locate something she definitely can and that is so much appreciated.
Jun 26, 2014
Realtor / Sales Manager
Jana was great sending me an offer for labels and creating a farm after my listing sold. There is so much to do sometimes things can be overlooked but her email was just what I needed to keep on track. She was fast and very helpful..just one more thing to love about Chicago Title.
Jun 6, 2014
If you want someone reliable with quick results, call or email Jana at Chicago Title. I usually email part of what I want and she figures out the rest. ie: I need a PP on Black street owned by the Jones. Zap I have it. Thank you Jana
Jun 3, 2014
Escrow Officer
best service in town,
May 21, 2014
Legal Field
Jana assisted me with a last-minute request to obtain information for a client on several properties and liens. She went way above and beyond to help me. I am forever in her debt! Thank you, Jana.
May 1, 2014
Property Supervisor
Jana is the best! The turn around time is incredible! This is one person that will go out of her way to help you find needle in a hay stack! She always finds it!

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