Linda Overdevest

Certified Senior Escrow Officer Chicago Title Kern County
Linda Overdevest is a Certified Senior Escrow Officer domiciled in Bakersfield, California at Chicago Title Company. She specializes in closing Commercial, Industrial, and Agricultural escrows as well as working closely with Attorneys, CPA’s, and Land Developers. Her unsurpassed level of experience in commercial real estate transactions includes extensive knowledge of the 1031 Exchange Process and closing on multi-million dollar properties.

Linda works efficiently with all parties involved in the transaction, providing a calm demeanor when high dollar transactions are on the line!
Dec 2, 2013
Principal, Maximus III Company
I am writing this letter of recommendation on behalf of Miss Linda Overdevest, Senior Escrow Officer for Chicago Title. I have worked with Linda for over 15 years when she first started at Fidelity National Title before she moved to Chicago Title. She has handled multiple escrow transactions at the same time for my company and the public and private sector clients I represent. Linda has always been a true professional and an informed escrow officer. I always appreciate her hard work, her courteous deposition even in difficult situations, and her steadfast demeanor in moving these transactions to a successful close. The total transaction amount of the escrows that Linda has handled for my company and all her clients have been in the 10s of millions of dollars. I have always placed a high value on the integrity, professionalism, and excellent customer service that I have received from Linda ever since she was at Fidelity National Title and now at Chicago Title.

Because of Linda's courteous and upbeat personality, I always feel comfortable utilizing the services of Linda in referring others to her for their escrow needs. She is without a doubt one of the most qualified and most outstanding escrow officers in the industry. I will continue to utilize the services of Linda Overdevest for my escrow needs and the needs of my clients. I have enjoyed working with Linda, as she is able to get us to the finish line each and every time. If you should have any questions regarding this recommendation letter, feel free to contact me at (661) 900-0483 or by email at
Nov 19, 2013
Senior Vice President, Industrial Services Group, Newmark Grubb ASU & Associates
I have worked with Linda Overdevest on many of my escrows. one of the first escrows involved the sale of multiple parcels to different buyers. While there were a few issues that came up during the process, Linda was always on top of them and handled them as quickly as possible. Always keeping myself and the Seller informed on what was happening and how it was gong to be resolved.

We just completed a very difficult escrow that involved a sale of an investment property. She was always on top of things as they came up. It looked as if this transaction was going to become a legal battle between the Buyer and the Seller. Once again with Linda's assistance we were able to close the escrow and move on.

What I am trying to say is that Linda does an excellent job and is very responsive to communication whether it be phone or e-mail. I would recommend her to any of my clients without hesitation. If she is unavailable her assistant, Julie Webb is also very capable of getting you the answers to any questions you may have.

While I enjoy working with many of the escrow officers in our area, when push comes to shove, I would have to choose Linda
Nov 18, 2013
Commercial Real Estate/Morgan Corporation
Linda Overdevest of Chicago Title is the best escrow officer in Bakersfield for handling commercial properties. She not only gets things done, she enables the escrows to close in a timely and efficient manner. I have worked with Linda for years and she is exceptional and Chicago Title is a great company to work with.
Nov 18, 2013
NAI Central Cal, Commercial Real Estate Services, Vice President
To whom this may concern,

Linda Overdevest has been my choice escrow officer for the eight years I have worked as a commercial real estate agent. She is a wonderful person and a true professional that I recommend to each of my clients for every escrow. She a professional that solves problems before they arise, provides excellent customer service, and delivers the needed documentation in a timely manner. I feel very fortunate to know and work with Linda, and I accredit her to some of the success I have had, because she has successfully closed many transactions for my clients. I know that the clients that have worked with her in the past, will work with her in the future do to the personal relationships she builds based on hard work and trust.


Mark Alexander

Nov 18, 2013
I have worked with Linda on several occasions and I have experienced, on every occasion, her to be extremely professional, courteous and timely. Most of the escrows I have I review to Linda because of these qualities I have found her to possess. I believe she is one of the best at what she does and I have worked with many escrow officers. I have and continue to recommend Linda to a variety of sources, including colleagues, clients and other professionals.
Nov 18, 2013
Partner/Director, Cushman & Wakefield | Pacific
Linda earned my business 20-something years ago. She manages to always know the status of my deals, she's been a terrific resource for me when I've had questions, and she's surrounded by good help, providing her with the capacity she needs. And her mood is always appropriate to the situation. She gets it done!
Nov 18, 2013
Vice President / Principal - Colliers International, Inc.
To Whom It May Concern,

I have used Linda on approximately fifty (50) escrows and we have successfully closed almost everyone of them. Linda is very attentive to detail and will put ease to any concerns from the Buyer or Seller. I have found that Linda returns phone calls to all parties involved in the transaction within the same day, which is not common with other escrow officers and she is a pleasure to work with. By utilizing Linda, you can rest assured that your clients will be informed every step of the way and you will never have to take the panic call wondering what is going on. I would recommend Linda to anyone in the business, whether they are seasoned or a rookie, as Linda will make sure every last detail is covered from beginning to end.
Nov 18, 2013
Commercial Real Estate
Linda Overdevest has been an integral part of our business for a number of years. She is a very knowledgeable and capable individual. She has proved to be a very positive asset to our company and is a pleasure to work with. I can't say enough good things about Linda. Thank you again for your support.
Nov 18, 2013
Senior Vice President - Colliers Tingy Intl., Inc.
I have used several escrow officers throughout Bakersfield and Linda is one of the best. I would highly reccommend her to anyone looking for escrow and title help.
Nov 16, 2013
I would highly recommend Ms.Overdevest to do your escrow needs. I have been very pleased with her performance. I am also very suprised to see how attentive she has been with my files despite the volume of files I am sure she has. She provides all of my clients with the most utmost important attention. She always makes time in her busy schedule to assist my clients.

There is no doubt beyond expectations that Ms. Overdevest will be a great and valuable asset to your office; nonetheless, a great example of a what a dedicated and hard worker should consist of.

Nov 6, 2013
Real Estate Broker/Owner

Those are a few of the adjectives which come to mind in describing Linda as Senior Certified Escrow Officer. I have worked with Linda, on and off, since 1987. She has always handled the transactions in a most professional manner and would have no hesitation in recommending her professional services.
Nov 4, 2013
Real Estate Broker
Linda and her staff are always on top of everything and they do not mind to perform any multitasks that are sometimes beyond their working limits.

They are very knowledgeable with rules and regulations and are very efficient with their work.

As a result, I am always delighted to work with them and will always go with her team for an new escrow transactions.

I have opportunities to work with other escrow companies but I chose not to switch since I can total trust Linda and her team for everything being involved with a closing.
Nov 4, 2013
real Estate broker
She is the best escrow officer I have worked with and I have been selling real estate for 24 years!
She is prompt and courteous and a joy to work with for my transactions.
Aug 1, 2013
Community Development Director
I have known Linda for years to be an excellent escrow and a great technician in her field. She offers great technical skills and a friendly demeanor when assisting in the closing of advanced real estate transactions. You can count on her expertise in not only handling the transaction but also in being a calming presence during the sometimes stressful process of transferring a piece of property or land.

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