Sara Eastes

Escrow Officer - Branch Manager Chicago Title Kern County
My name is Sara Eastes, I have been working in the escrow industry for over 22 years. I work in a community where my customer are my friends and neighbors so I take pride in handling transactions with the upmost care. I rely on my character as a good person to make sure transactions go smoothly for all involved. I specialize in Mobile Homes, residential, commercial properties, along with refinances.

When I am not working I enjoy spending time with my growing family (6 grandchildren "SO FAR"). I enjoy spending time in Baja Mexico, scuba diving, kayaking, and driving off road vehicles.
Nov 3, 2015
Sara is a God Send!!!
Nov 3, 2015
We have really noticed a great change at Chicago Title. They all work together so well! And Kelsey has been a Fantastic addition. She's smart, driven and a quick learner. We love her!
Nov 3, 2015
They all work so hard in that office. They all put in so much effort and I know sometimes we're a pain!
Nov 3, 2015
I have been so impressed with how much better the office is running. The Customer Service has been EXCELLENT! And in fact, Amy really went above and beyond to help get my escrow closed. I'm really happy with Chicago Title!
Jul 11, 2014
Building Contractor
There is no escrow officer anywhere who does a better job than Sara. She's one of the Best!
Nov 25, 2013
If you want a knowledgable escrow officer, please contact Sara Eastes at Chicago Title. She has been in the business for many years and knows our more unusual sales in the valley where we live. Never have I had an issue that she could not get thru and answered. Very professional in her dealings with my clients and with me. Don't hesitate to contact Sara for any questions or for handling your escrows.
Nov 21, 2013
owner, broker, Pat Turnham Realty
I am extremely satisfied with your customer service and your knowledge.
Your company helps me do my job better. You are a great assest to the lake Isabella real estate market.
Nov 8, 2013
I have been in the real estate business for over 30 years I have owned 2 RE companies & an escrow Co
Working with Sara is a pleasure she and her staff are very helpful and professional I would recommend them any one.
Nov 5, 2013
I have been using Chicago Title (formerly Fidelity Title) since I started in Real Estate. Since the name change Sara has been in charge and makes every effort to close the deals in a very professional manner. She goes beyond what is required to service the agents and the clients. I try not to use anyone else. It's very reassuring to be able to call and talk to someone immediately when there is a question or problem to be solved. The entire office works well together and all seem to admire Sara as their leader.
Nov 4, 2013
Sara Eastes is a Jewel. !!!!!! have had the pleasure of working with her for the last 6 years. She is extremely knowledgeable in her profession, and is very efficient. I can't tell you how many times she has helped me in my career as a Realtor, and when I come to her with any questions that I need to have answered, is prompt with her responses. If she cannot help me, she will find the answer as swiftly as possible, and get back to me. When I ask for assistance with my clients questions, she is quick to help. She is a joy to work with, and never seems to be bothered by the number of questions I am sure she is asked in the course of a day. I believe it takes a special person to work in the title business these days, and she is perfect for what she does.
Nov 4, 2013
Realtor (Since 1989)
Even though I am a Realtor from another area I felt like family in dealing with Ms. Eastes which is unfortunately not the culture of the community she serves. The file she worked on for me was complicated and required experience with rural property boundaries another with only urban experience may have found challenging.

I anticipate working with her again in the near future.

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